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 Akuma Sakurai

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PostSubject: Akuma Sakurai   Akuma Sakurai Icon_minitimeMon Jun 30, 2014 7:40 am


Name: Akuma (means demon, used to be Tenshi ironically meaning angel) Sakurai

Alias: None

Age: 23

Visual Age: Just out of high school, 19?

Gender: Female (but hides gender and pretends to be male)

Reiatsu Color: Light Blue

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Division: Eleventh division

Rank: 6th Seat


Appearance: Is 196cm tall. Thin with moderately toned chest, long legs and small bust. Very occasionally thought of as a model figure. Has narrow eyes with thick lashes, left eye is blood red, right is ghost violet. Slightly long bangs, silver hair that goes down to waist. Has a blue flaming butterfly tattoo on the back of her neck and clawed finger nails as well as sharp and noticable canine teeth, but they don't stick out of her mouth. Refuses to wear the soul reaper uniform. Wears a blood red yakuta with short broken black chains attached to neck and wrists or a snow white kimono.
Personality: Is a little arrogant and is extremely prideful. Loves to tease people in all sorts of ways, mainly to see their reaction. Is moody at times and slightly unfriendly. One of Akuma's main prideful acts is she refuses to bow. Rarely ever shows soft side or girly side.


History: Lived in the slums of the Rukon district with seven other kids. Is a triplet. They all decided to become soul reapers to live a better life.
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Akuma Sakurai

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