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 Site Plot/Backstory

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PostSubject: Site Plot/Backstory   Site Plot/Backstory Icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2013 10:41 pm

To know the Future.
One must understand the Past.
In the beginning there were four beings.
Capable of creating life in the spiritual planes.
These beings were called Makers.
They were known as Terra, Lilith, The Soul King, and Achreios.
Terra created the humans and gave them the potential to become legends.
The Soul King created the shinigami next, to shepherd the souls of humans.
Then under the influence of Achreios, Lilith created the Hollows.
Whose purpose was to hunt down and kill Terra and the Soul King's creations.
Due to Achreios's interference, Terra and The Soul King banished him.
Bound to a dimensional prison he was unable to create his own race.
Unlike his brother and sisters.

Over the years, the Makers used up the majority of their powers.
Terra used the remainder of her power creating the Quincy and the Fullbringers.
Lilith used the remainder of her power creating the Bount and the Vizard Strain.
The Soul King preserved himself by only giving the shinigami kido.
He Then asserted himself as King and took his title for his own name.
Over the years, the bonds between the Makers became shaken.
While their children destroyed one another.
They turned on one another and went their own way.
Never to see one another again.
All this turmoil caused by Achreios.
The one who had yet to make a race of his own.
The one who waited patiently to break free from his prison.

As the centuries turned to millenniums.
The races steady forgot Their Makers.
Eventually their own origins were lost completely.
War had clouded their minds as the fight for dominance raged on.

Its now been ten thousand years since their creation.
The shinigami seemed to have finally won the ever long war.
The Blue Moon War as it came to be known, marks this Era.
Due to the death of Aion, the King of Hollows.
The King of Hollows, known as the oldest soul in existence.
Fell to the blade of the Captain Commander in a duel.
One that nearly destroyed both Hueco Mundo and Soul Society.
Upon his death, the arrancar retreated back to which they came.
Six months have past since the Hollow King's death.
Not a single arrancar has been sighted in that time.
What has been seen however is a large dimensional tear.
One overlooking the sky of the World of the Living.
Many are determined to figuring out what is causing such a disturbance.
Or who.
Only one who knows the past will understand.
What is to come.

The story so far...

Will you take the side of the shinigami?
Who are investigating the mysterious disturbance?

Or perhaps the Arrancar?
Who Fight one another for dominance over the Espada?

Maybe that of the human races?
Who struggle to find where they belong in this hectic world.
While only doing enough to save themselves?

Whatever your choice, you enter a world on the eve of a new Era.
An Era shaped by your choices.
your consequences.
your Allegiances.
Welcome to Eve of Eternity.

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Site Plot/Backstory

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