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 Just some questions i thought I'd ask for no reason.

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Shinji Fukuda

Shinji Fukuda

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PostSubject: Just some questions i thought I'd ask for no reason.   Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:11 am

I just wanted to ask some questions.

Is the Vandenreich completely canon like to the manga? As in, did all the unpure quincy die in this universe the same it did in the manga?

Is there such thing as making a shinigami like there was in the very first episode and first chapter of the manga?

Why did the site change suddenly from 9 different characters to only 2? I think 3 would be a fair medium, but thats just me.

Whats the best way to get started on this site Rp wise?

And lastly, When does the narwhal bacon?

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Plot Director
Plot Director

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PostSubject: Re: Just some questions i thought I'd ask for no reason.   Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:14 am

1. No, the vanderrich is noncannon. The vandenrich in our world has always been around in one form of another and is just recognized as the "quincy empire". The quincy take primary care of the human world surrounding europe with germany as their base of operations. Currently the shinigami and quincy relations are weak at best, but no kill order for either aide is in effect. However, the quincy hate the bount; their aisian rivals.

2. I assume you mean a sub shinigami. Yes it would be possible, but not very practical IMO. I would have them follow the same guidelines as a rogue as well as they may or may not have to have an already approved shini you would have powers given to for a mentor Depending on the situation. Mostly because it takes alot of know how to properly be a shinigami and thats something a human on their own cant do.

3. The character count was reduced due to too many people filling up elite position way too fast. We want some new members a chance at a high level position, especially since the new arc is just about to start. Also, we are currently discussing if we ahould raise it to 4 instead of 2 but with more stipulation involved as far as what you can make with those 4.

4. The best way to get started IMO is to post in the RP relations section (or ask in the CB) to get some friends, enemies, etc and then post a few past topics with them to start some character development. Alternatively, plot topics will be sprouting soon which are guarenteed to involve multiple people.

5.midnight bratha!
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Just some questions i thought I'd ask for no reason.

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