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 De Kaiser, Niklaus/Quincy(FInished)

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PostSubject: De Kaiser, Niklaus/Quincy(FInished)   Tue Apr 15, 2014 4:29 am


Name: Niklaus  ( Victory for the people) De Keizer ( Emperor )

Alias: Nik, Klaus.


Visual Age: 25


Reiatsu Color: White

Affiliation: Vanderiech

Rank: Captain Class

Quincy Epithet: O,Ω; Standing for Omega. Having a body count higher than any other Quincy garnered Niklaus the letter O, marking him as the end of days. To enter combat is to seek death, to witness the visage of death. It is said that simply witnessing Niklaus is combat is like watching the world come to an end.


Appearance:When walking amongst a crowd, Niklaus does a fair job of blending in. However, there is a small handful of things that set him apart from the general populace, and that tend to get him recognized immediately as a Quincy. The first of these things is the miniscule sized star beneath his right eye; less than half an inch wide or tall. If asked why he got the tattoo, or why the location, Niklaus simply wouldn't answer. Mainly because even he himself can't remember; though it's likely he was in a drunken stupor and wanted a memoir of his Mentor every time he looked in a mirror. ( This isn't confirmed. )

Next would be the Netherlanders eyes; the oddity of all oddities. To the general public Niklaus chalks up his irregular, and completely alien eye color, to a birth defect. However, in truth, the young man was born blind. He lived in a shroud of darkness for some twelve years; throughout all of his childhood and more than half of his Quincy Training years. His age of darkness came to an end when his Mentor and friend used an experimental Ginto to restore the young mans eye sight. As a result of this Ginto, his eyes became the hue that they are today.
As for attire, Niklaus dress' however he feels that day; he hasn't a norm. Though what would be considered normal for him is his taste in clothes; they're almost always made of a fine material whether it be silk or some synthetic fabric. Niklaus is also known for frequently going without a shirt, or wearing a shirt that exposes vast amounts of his torso. Within the Dutch Council, Niklaus was often the symbolic representation of what a Quincy's body should be like. He doesn't work out yet somehow still manages to keep his body in an area of fit that rivals the most experienced of athletes. Over his chiseled stone muscles, stretched tauntly resides skin that could one day steal the moon of its glory; as it bares a similar pale glow.

Niklaus walks with reason; his strides long and powerful, grace oozing from every rippling muscle. Each movement is methodical and fluid, yet at the same time appears lazy. His back is nearly always straight regardless if he's standing or sitting, or even bent over a table examining something; he bends at the waist, always mindful to keep his spine as straight as an arrow.

Personality:The Strengths of My Mind

Relentless~ The first thing that comes to mind when one mentions Niklaus around his fellow Quincy, is his unrelenting heart and determination to protect all of Mankind; from both worldly and otherworldly happenings. The man puts the world and its inhabitants before himself. For him, continued peace and tranquility for the people of the Living World is worth putting his life on the line.
Crafty~ Witty, Charming, Sly. Any of these words could be used to describe the ivory haired Netherlander, but none serve him justice near as much as crafty. The middle aged male simply has a way of thinking that bewilders and befuddles the average thinker. From simply negotiating a better price on a car to wiggling his way out of trouble with the law, Niklaus has proven time and time again there isn't much one can't do with the sole power of their mind.
Astute~ This Netherlanders mind works in fashions that allows him to easily understand, and discern peoples points and thoughts. From reading their body language, to noticing the faintest of pauses or shakes of their voice, Niklaus has an incredibly high ability to judge and understand.
Eruditely~ Niklaus isn't a man that's spent much time behind a desk reading books. In fact, so far as 'book smarts' goes, he's quite lacking. He simply knows enough to run his business, and achieve success in his daily ( and normal ) happenings. However, he's spent countless time out in the field and has witnessed both the miracles and horrors of the world. As a result, he's grown wise beyond his years and was commonly sought after by a few of the Seated Council members for advice.
Precocious~ As its been told, Niklaus is well beyond his years. Some say age is but a number; a saying that has long since been found true by those that know the middle aged Quincy. Through his life's hardships and tribulations Niklaus has grown, both in mind and body, at an alarming rate.
The Links That Are Weak

Cynical~ Blood begets blood. Betrayal begets betrayal. Fairly simple to understand for most, but a law Niklaus holds at the forefront of his mind on a daily basis. He's unable to trust the majority of people around him. Why exactly he's never really understood. He simply finds himself unable to relate to the common populace and firmly believes that nearly every living individual us out only for themselves.
Cacophonous~ The ability to gently let someone down, or to sugar coat ones words. Most people have this ability, unwilling to harm or hurt others face to face. Niklaus is no such man, finding it to be rude and disgraceful to do such a thing. He speaks his mind freely and openly, caring little if it hurts another's feelings or not. His tongue lacks any silver or fork on the end.
Dreary~ Niklaus is far from the life of a party. In fact, the Dutch Quincy is pretty bleak in both appearance and tone. This is likely one of the traits he's least interested in correcting, primarily because he prefers it that way. Since times long since past, his life has become easier to accept. The deaths of loved ones, and those most cherished chipping away at his heart less and less.
Apathetic~ Though not overly so, Niklaus is known for his streaks of apathy; primarily directed towards himself. The man finds his life to hold little stock, and likely wouldn't mind if it ended. After all, what is there to live for other than saving those that wont notice?
Eccentric~ Niklaus has a way about him that is far from normal. He doesn't believe the older, ancestral ways of the Quincy to unconventional. He strikes hard and fast, both in and out of combat, to his opponents back or face. Doesn't matter when, how, or where. For him, his way is the best of ways.

Temples~ Probably one of the few places Niklaus finds peace in his ever hectic and chaotic world. His love for temples originated from his Meester's love for them; in fact the pair even spent the vast majority of their time living and training in one high within the Carpathian Mountains.
Cigarettes~ Niklaus' go to for nearly every situation; even battles. He finds that the nicotine within these death sticks helps calm his nerves and sharpen his minds ability to focus and prioritize.
Chess or other games of wit~ From games like chess, pai sho, crossword puzzles, and even tic-tact-toe, Niklaus loves a good duel of wits. He often uses playing these games as a way to get to know and observe people; analyzing and dissecting their moves and responses in the process.
Tinkering~ Niklaus' dream job, and personal favorite hobby. The man simply enjoys tinkering with technology. From figuring out why things work the way they do, to altering the way they work to produce completely different outcomes. He hopes one day to find another that shares his passion; a hope that maybe for once he'll have something in common with another.
Ruckus~ Loud noises. They irritate the Netherlander to no end, and are the number one way to cause the male to lose interest in something.
Banter~ Talking in itself is usually pointless. It's noise that could be replaced by simply writing or learning sign-language; something the male knows himself. Though what he dislikes even more than simply talking is pointless banter. He doesn't care for how someone's day went.
Hollows/Shinigami/Humans that mix the species~ The ultimate atrocity. He finds it bad enough that some of the breeds are willing to befriend their natural born enemies, but to intermingle the species is an offense to whatever higher being, and not to mention oneself, may be out there.
Foul Language~ In some situations you can't help but to speak. Sometimes you can't even control yourself enough to omit the needless information from your mouth, but when you fail to bite your tongue rather than spewing such bitter words.... The thought alone is enough to make the male want to shoot someone.
Catholicism~ Probably the largest hypocritical organization in the world, Niklaus has a special place reserved in Hueco Mundo for Catholics. This distaste for Catholics even spans on into the other religions of the world; though he hates none nearly as much as Catholicism.
Remaining Quiet~ At times when Niklaus knows he should respond or answer someone, he instead remains deathly silent; a look of disdain typically splashed across his face.
Blanking Out~ Often when others begin to ramble Niklaus spaces out, his gaze staring off into Never Never Land. During these times he dreams of his toys back at home, or where his next assignment will take him.
Drinking~ Sweet, sweet alcohol. How many a great men have fallen to seductive flavor and effect. Niklaus, too, is one of its victims. After a long day of listening to people blab, or dealing with the constant infestation of Hollow, Niklaus finds nothing to be more relaxing than a stout glass of wine whilst he toys around with his latest project.
Donating~ If there ever was something other than himself that Niklaus could care less about, it would be money. As a result, Niklaus has frequently dropped large amounts of cash on random events such as, though not limited to; Charity Balls, Blood Drives, Medical Research, and much much more. Once a year he even gathers together a variety of medical experts and heads to Africa, South America or Australia to travel from one tribe to another.


History:A Trusted Warriors Past

This story belongs not just to Niklaus, but the entire De Keizer line; a renowned and respected family of the Frisii Tribe. Some would argue that the De Keizer bloodline was as important, if not more so, to the survival of their people as much as the Chieftain's bloodline. According to the history books, the De Keizer's were a completely inbred family of Shamans; that practiced ancient magical arts to vanquish demons. To a degree this is true; as they did practice inbreeding and they did vanquish a sort of demon. The truth behind the matter is; the De Keizer bloodline was the only, and now longest, living Quincy bloodline. They protected their people, and the surrounding areas inhabitants, from the vile Spirit Beings as well as the Romans during their occupation of Frisia.

What history doesn't have right is how the De Kiezer line ended. It didn't, as Niklaus is proof of. After they were forcibly resettled as laeti, it was believed the Bloodline had been crucified and judged before God, to atone for their sinful 'magic'. Rather than having his entire bloodline whipped from the existence, Aaltje and Nikolaas (Whom Niklaus was named after), hid their two most promising and of age children. Sword to secrecy, and held to honor that oath by the darkest of magic, the Naaktgeboren family took in the children and raised them as their own. However, the Naaktgeboren bloodline didn't believe the same as the De Keizers and believed that incestial breeding to be a direct act against nature, and thus forbid the children to ever procreate with one another. They even went so far as to geld the young boy; a means to ensure their word was obeyed.

It was then that the De Keizer bloodline lost its purity....

~1700 Years Later~

On the eve of the summer solstice a young woman by the name of Heleen laid sprawled upon a bed; sweat beading upon her forehead. Her teeth clenched tightly around a small wooden twig she grunted, strained, and pushed with all her might. The room itself was unusually quiet, tension filling the small space so tightly that it threatened to consume the lot of them. Beside the bed, upon one knee and grasping his wifes hand, Adriaan spoke words of encouragement and praise; urging his wife to continue doing her very best. The small towns doctor and spiritualist spoke of a bad omen moments prior, which had created the tension that now had only gotten worse as he continued to shake his head and sigh. Adriaan broke focus from his wife only to yell at the middle aged gentlemen, threatening him with life and limb should anything happen to his wife or unborn child.

The sudden burst of a child wailing caused the tension to dissipate, both mother and father smiling from ear to ear. Even the old doctor had a smile upon his face as the child was held high above mothers bent knee; for both  mother and father to behold the gift they'd  given the world. After allowing the young woman to hold her child for a moment the doctor proceeded with the examinations, as to be certain the child was healthy and without disorder. Upon first look over the doctor couldn't find a single abnormality. The young boy was able to breath just fine, limbs seemed securely attached and in all the right places, and he even showed an acute sense of hearing that was uncanny for such a newborn. It wasn't until the doctor pried open the newborns lids, that had been to securely clenched over its eyes, that he saw it. The boy was blind; he'd seen such disfigurements before.

Neither parent wanted to believe that their child could be born blind. Even in this day and age where such a handicap was common and easily dealt with, they refused to believe that they had brought such a disfigured child into the world. They became infuriated, words of hate and accusation flying from one anothers mouth. The doctor had hoped that by having the mother or father hold the child that they'd calm a bit and see that even with such a commonplace disability that the child was still theirs and that they were the ones responsible for his well being. His hopes were immediately shut down and , in fact, ended up causing the exact opposite outcome as the mother turned her nose up from the child and nearly dropped him upon the floor; had it not been for the doctor standing close by Niklaus' life surely would have ended there. She proceeded to scream and rage at the doctor, telling him to take the 'abomination' from her sight and to never bring it back. When asked as to what he should do with the child, she responded with 'Kill it. Leave it in a garbage can. Feed it to a starving dog. ' She didn't care.

Surprisingly, the doctor had been placed in similar circumstances before. So he did what he always did, he took the young boy to the local orphanage to be raised with the rest of the unwanted and abandoned children.

Niklaus spent ten years of his life alone...Shrouded in darkness.

~Ten Years Later~
The outside and inside of the orphanage was impeccably clean. Even the children had been scrubbed from head to toe and dressed in clothes that certainly didn't belong to them. It was visitor day; a day that only came roughly once every three months. It was the day that the owner and operator of the orphanage, whom went by the name Miss Ophilia, opened the doors to every hopeful parent seeking to adopt a child. She only did this when she had absolutely no choice, which was usually when she had taken in far more children than she could have and refused to feed them all. As the first round of guests entered the practically desolate orphanage, Ophilia began taking count of the children to ensure each and every one of the little bastards was present. At the end of her count she found all but one was accounted for. She needn't even think of who that one could be..

Niklaus sat upon a small, wicker rocking chair before a table that held only a makeshift chess board and pieces; the board itself made from a sheet of cardboard that had been squared off with a sharpy, and the pieces being a mixture of soda bottle caps. His fingers delicately danced across the tops of each one, 'reading' its surface to figure out which piece was what. The old mistress hated it when he did that; sat there all feeling sorry for himself. She did everything in her power to make him understand exactly how much she hated it, and him by refusing him meals, baths, or even sleep. She hated that boy nearly as much as she hated losing money.

One couple after the next passed by the ivory haired boy. Some whispered between themselves though Niklaus could very well hear what they were saying. They asked themselves what was wrong with him? Why didn't he act normal? Isn't he only  blind? That's something you can easily live with. Each word grated  at the young boys nerves to the point that he felt like a volcano; ready to erupt at any moment, engulfing everything in his path in a raging dance of flames.

It was in that moment, that moment where his anger and rage began to manifest itself, that an elderly gentleman placed a cool, calming hand upon his head. Niklaus remembers the very words that passed from that moist cavern that day as though it had happened only seconds ago.

" He's a fine lad, with many talents yet to be discovered. " Niklaus never did get to tell the man what exactly those words did to him that day.

~ 8 Years Later ~

Niklaus never got the name of the man that had adopted him. In fact, he never got much of anything out of him. Yet after eight years of eating with, sleeping with, and training with his Mentor, Niklaus feels as though he knows every thing there is to know about him. He had later explained that he'd grown lonely in his old age, and knew that he'd need to seek out a pupil if he wanted his art to be passed down. He further explained that he'd been searching for someone of the De Keizer line, a line long since though gone. He had shown Niklaus an old piece of parchment, far older than anything Niklaus had ever seen before. Upon it was a list of names and locations; though each and every one was deceased. All but he. Niklaus never learned of where that strip of parchment came from. The old man also noted that he'd nearly given up seeing as Niklaus' parents too had passed, and had left no indication that they'd bore a child. Hadn't it been for the old doctor passing by and seeing his Mentor over the graves, Niklaus likely never would have been found.

And so, his Mentor had taken him in. He'd given him a home, adequate shelter, and plenty of food for a growing boy to eat. More importantly he'd given a blind boy with no hope for a future just that; hope. He had restored his vision, he trained him in an art that truly belonged to him, and showed the growing boy what exactly it felt like to be loved and cared for. Why it all had to be taken away, Niklaus never knew.

The night remains fresh on his mind. He and his mentor had begun their nightly climb down the mountain trial towards the temple they called home. Niklaus had proven himself faster than his master, reaching the golden ribbon upon the highest peak well before his sensei. Niklaus remembers the feeling well; having accomplished such a feat in just eight years. He was over joyed, and his eyes were ablaze with triumph. As fast as a strike of lightning those eyes lost their gleaming, joyful luster only to be replaced by a flooding rush of fear and tears.

His mentor gurgled in his own blood as it seeped past his craggy lips, running down his chin before dripping upon a blade; that too was soaked in blood. The blade glistened a dull crimson as it protruded from the frail abdomen of his Mentor. Niklaus could see his lips moving, his tongue rolling in his mouth. He could hear the whisp of air passing through his vocal cords and agape mouth. Was he trying to say something? Niklaus could see the look of fear in his Mentors eyes; a fear not for himself but for his beloved pupil that had given him a meaning to live.

" Aren't you going to run...Boy? " The shadowed figure enunciated the final word boy, the only thing visible to Niklaus being the assailants pearly whites and oriental black robe.

A mixture of instinct and rage took hold of him in a grip so fierce and fiery that Niklaus wasn't sure if he'd ever break free again. He flew at the man, the penacle upon his wrist already drawing in the needed reishi to construct his bow. He intended to place an arrow directly between the assailants eyes; the small gap between each brow his bulls eye. His left hand rose, drawing at the invisible string. His bow responded in unison, a thin shafted, broad headed arrow forming. In its light he lost sight before feeling the cold pummel of a blade across the nape of his neck. Once again his world was turned to black...

~An Uncounted Amount of Time Later~

A cold drizzle brought the boy to light; though in a fog so thick he couldn't tell which way was up or down. His face was planted firmly into the ground, mouth ajar, half submerged within a puddle. It had taken him a moment to remember what had happened. Brilliant white teeth. Menacing, nightmare inducing smile. Black, oriental clothing. His teacher! Adrenaline and fear gripped him once more, as his body sprang to life. His iridescent orbs scanned the immediate area, though they needn't look far. A streak of red had been drawn some ten yards away. It grew closer and closer to where he lie within the puddle. The closer he followed the crimson trail, the shakier his body and eyes became. They fell upon simple sandaled feet. His eyes clenched shut in response, his lips pursing together in an attempt to stifle a cry of sorrow.

" T-t-teach.." The words that had graced his ears at that moment felt as though an angel itself had placed its hand upon his shoulder. He cried out to his teacher, eyes opening, arms outstretched to cradle the frail, old body against his chest. He spoke hastily, attempting to reassure his beloved and cherished mentor that he'd be okay. Niklaus told him that he'd do anything for him, anything at all. Watery, wrinkled hands grasped at Niklaus' right one. One hand of the elderly males cradled Niklaus' as the other pried open his digits. Within his palm the Mentor placed his pentacle, a weary smile upon his face. " Teach them... " Even though the words hurt him to speak, even though he was in pain as the last ounce of life slipped away from his aged form, he maintained that weary smile.

~  Nine Years Later ~

Upon the death of his Mentor and father figure, Niklaus left the temple that he'd come to call home for over eight years. He set the building ablaze, with a vow to find his friends murderer and to do exactly as he was asked; to teach him. He'd teach the treacherous dog what pain was. What suffering and agony were. Niklaus would insure that the lowly fiend would learn what every possible agonizing feeling would be like. He just had to find somewhere to start.

His journey began to Germany, where he visited the German Council. He sought to join their ranks, even if it meant being some lowly peon that would never be trusted. However he didn't receive the welcoming or response he expected. Rather than take a Quincy of such young age and promise, they turned him away; their reason unknown to Niklaus. He stormed from their place of refuge, cursing them and their deceased ways.

Upon returning to the hotel, he was informed of a letter awaiting him in his room. Shock struck him like a lead brick. Was it the Germans retracting their rejection? Where they going to take him in after all? He rushed to his room on the eleventh floor, his hands shaking as they grasped the handle to open it. Inside he saw it; a letter in a pale, small envelope with a red seal upon the back. He reached for it, hesitant to read the contents within. His fingers fumbled with the seal, prying the loose paper from the melted wax. What he found written upon the paper wasn't nearly what he had thought it would be. The letter was written in Dutch; his native tongue. The letter spoke of the Dutch Council and how they had heard that one of their Kin had sought to join the Germans before them. The letter further went on to insult him, before requesting that he return home and meet them at the desired location. Without question Niklaus packed his belongings once more, and headed back to his country.

It was there, under a towering mass of people that Niklaus became a part of something bigger; though with many conditions. He wanted to work alone; no partners, no parties. Just he and he alone. Secondly, he wanted a business of his own. One that they would provide him with, though he'd repay every dime plus a heft some of interest. Finally, they'd relay to him any and every bit of information regarding Soul Society and Hueco Mundo and their deals with the World of the Living immediately upon learning of it. However in return they asked a price of which Niklaus hadn't thought of before. If he ever had children, he'd , without question, hand them over to the Council. Not that he minded; children were something he'd swore to never have.

And so the years passed, and Niklaus became a pawn of the Council. He performed jobs both of the Spiritual, and non-Spiritual sort. He slew Hollows, Shinigami, and even other mortals if the order so called for it, and he performed each task without question. He was relentless in his loyalties to the Council, even if holding loyalty to them meant forsaking his own morals; and those of his Mentors.

~ One Year Ago ~

The job had called for Niklaus to travel to Africa where he'd meet a local Magistrate and perform whatever task it was that he so ordained. He remembers the stifling heat and wretched dryness of the climate; the stench of dung that hung in the air. Despite how much he hated places like this, he always ended up coming back. His conscience refused to let him ignore the peoples desperate need for civilization.

He knew when he'd reached the magistrates building as it was the cleanest, and easily largest building in the surrounding area. It was also the only one that didn't have a tin roof riddled with holes and it sported in door plumping; which was obvious due to the fountain just on the inside of the gates. Niklaus strode silently down the cobble stoned pathway, remarking to himself about the beautiful stones surrounded by loose, gold dirt. He didn't reach the front doors before they opened, revealing a rather rotund man with a balding spot smack dab upon the crown of his head.

Even from a yard away Niklaus could smell his wretched body odor. He had handed a map to a location to a servant by him, whom then ran it out of the door and too the ivory haired Dutchman. His orders were simple. Go to the spot marked on the map, kill everything and anything in his location. Level the building, and return once he was done. Simple enough.

He rode within a rickety jeep, positive that the tires would burst at any moment or that the engine would burst into flames and consume them all. Yet it didn't, and before long they had reached just outside the location. Niklaus continued on from foot, adjusting his gear and making sure it was all accounted for.  He didn't know what to expect. Would it be locals? Trained soldiers? Perhaps hollows? Not that any of it mattered. It never did. A job was a job, and he was going to see it done.

He didn't waste any time in beginning his mission, loosing a volley of arrows upon the small wall that encompassed the camp. He flashed from one side to the other, slashing, stabbing and piercing everything he saw. Man, woman, child, even house hold pets. His orders were clear. Destroy everything; leave nothing alive. He continued to loose arrows in all directions, tossing the occasional Ginto tube into a building before watching it explode into a mass of brilliant blue particles.

Out of the corner of his eye he spotted something moving, and quick. Its black robes flickered in the wind as it dashed towards him, gleaming sword reflecting the light from the sun directly into his eyes. He couldn't see, but began firing anyway in the direction of his unknown attacker. His body suddenly stiffened in fear as he heard the all too familiar voice upon his ear, the man so close that he could feel the warmth of his breath upon his flesh.

" Still helpless I see... Boy. " His words were like nails upon a chalk board to Niklaus, the tone of it like a terrible nightmare he had tried to forget. Even the word boy was enunciated like before. " Perhaps I didn't hit you hard enough last time. " With those final words, Niklaus' world faded into a veil of darkness that he may never climb back out of.

~ One Month Ago ~

Psychedelic hues fluttered open. Pupils of the darkest night shrank in response to the bright lighting above him. Where was he? Wait... He shifted upwards, bending at the waist, so he could sit upright. A hand rose, thin yet strong fingers hovering mere inches from his eyes. Who am I? He questioned only to himself, attempting to reach into his mind for answers. His only response was the dull thud of of hitting a wall, and the loud clink of a lock slipping into place. " Ugh. " His chest heaved in sigh, head shaking in an attempt to clear the fog. Ivory locks dangled helplessly along his pectoral muscles, and even tickled at the flesh above his shoulder blades. Why couldn't he remember anything? Nothing. Not even smaller pieces to the puzzle were revealed to him in his attempt to once more breach the iron clad gates within his mind.

The rustling of the sheets had disturbed the man across the room within a chair. He jarred awake, bowlers hat slipping off of his head and into his lap. " Huh?! " He exclaimed, head snapping from the door to the window and back again. Is he guarding me? Niklaus questioned to himself once more in silence, his eyes locked solely on the well groomed gentleman before him. " Ah! " Some how the man had failed to notice the only other person in the room. How he failed to notice someone that had been sleeping for nearly a month, Niklaus would fail to ever know. " I'm glad you're awake, Sir! " The brown haired male had hopped to his feet, hastily shuffling to the bedside; a banana envelope tucked beneath the pit of his right arm. " Can I get you anything? Water? Wine? Perhaps food? " His rambling had began to annoy Niklaus on the word 'Can', as the vein just over his temple began to show. " Oops. Sorry Sir, I forgot. " His shoulders rose high, hiding the short stumpy neck that supported his overly large, bowling ball shaped head. " I'll just give you this, and go get the doctors. " He placed the envelope upon Niklaus' lap, just over the thin white sheet that covered his lower half before shuffling away from the bed side and out the door.

Anxiety began to grip the Dutchman as his hand extended out to grasp at the envelope. Slowly he pried at the prongs that held it shut, succeeding after a brief moment of struggle. He tilted the envelope at an angle downwards, its mouth spewing out its contents into the palm of his awaiting hand. He found that for such an absurdly large envelope, the contents within were a bit lack luster. Only a single piece of paper had slid free. Niklaus couldn't believe someone would place such a small, insignificant piece of parchment within such a large container. He reached further into the envelope, adamantly searching for the contents that just had to be within. After, and only after, he was positive nothing else lie within the envelope did he turn back to the letter.

" Niklaus,
We've been informed as to the condition of which you would awaken.
We humbly request that you take this time to find yourself before returning to us.
We'd suggest starting in Karakura, Japan.
The Council "

He blinked once. Then twice, before flipping the paper over to see if anything was upon the back of it. Nothing. Who was ' The Council'? And what was in Japan that might help him find himself? His hand rose once more, palm cradling the weight of his head within its callus free cushion. What's going on? That question repeated itself repeatedly in his head, but nothing dared offer him an answer.

The tiny gleam of something to his right caught his attention. His forehead rolled within his palm, eyes focusing upon the table to his right. What small amounts of light from the sun that managed to slip in was reflecting off of a small bracelet that held two pentacles. Something tugged at his heart. Something about that bracelet had caused a reaction within him that not even his most persistent prying could do. It meant something to him. Something more than he could ever understand.

With a sense of hope he snatched up the bracelet and slid it upon his right wrist. Whatever this bracelet meant to him, he'd find out in Japan.

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De Kaiser, Niklaus/Quincy(FInished)

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