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 Elizabeth Belanger [FIN]

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Elizabeth Belanger

Elizabeth Belanger

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PostSubject: Elizabeth Belanger [FIN]   Elizabeth Belanger [FIN] Icon_minitimeFri Mar 28, 2014 3:04 pm


       Name: Elizabeth Bélanger

       Alias: Eliza, Béla, Princess Eliza, or Princess Béla

       Age: 241

       Visual Age: 17

       Gender: Female

       Reiatsu Color: Black with ruffled white edges.

       Hollow Hole Location: On her stomach just to the right of her bellybutton.

       Affiliation: Espada

       Rank: Sexta

       Aspect of Death: Lust


       Appearance: Elizabeth Bélanger is a woman of fairly average height. Topping off at around 5 foot 7 inches, her height isn't anything really imposing, especially for her appearance age of 17. She has golden blonde hair that looks, and feels, like silk. She lets her hair stream down her back, with it ending just past her rear, but has short bangs that cover her forehead and a pair of long bangs that frame her elegant looking face. Atop her head she has a tiara with a red jewel, the tiara itself being her Hollow Remains.

Her skin is pure white, almost like snow. She has the face of an angel, other then her crimson red eyes with slit pupils, a trait she picked up while living as a Hollow. Her nose is slightly pointed, but just so that it gives her an elegant look. Her mouth is usually in a crooked smile, or a cute little pout, and seems to have a pair of 'fangs' somewhat visible. All together she has a very elegant looking face.

The body of this young looking woman is nothing to frown at. Despite not having the biggest bust around, Elizabeth knows how to flaunt what she has and will usually wear tight outfits that hug her chest and her flat stomach. Forgoing the usual Espada attire, Elizabeth can normally be found in a black and white dress, in the gothic lolita style, that hugs her body. Underneath the skirt of her dress she has a pair of black, thigh high boots that hide her Espada tattoo which is on her left inner thigh. Her hollow hole is usually hidden underneath her clothing, to the left of her belly button.

Apperance Picture:

       Personality: Elizabeth is an extremely vain person, always obsessed about beauty and appearance. She finds most of the arrancar to be ugly brutes compared to her beauty and elegance. She uses the tiara atop her head to boss around fraccion, regardless of who they belong to, and will have everyone, even those above her in rank, call her Princess.

When in battle, her personality takes a slight change. She is ruthless, but cautious as she doesn't want any scars on her flawless skin. Despite her weapon being close range, she tends to stay back in a fight and fire off cero after cero, hoping to make the battle end quickly, with her victory.

      Likes: Elizabeth has many likes.

  • She adores beauty and people who she sees as beautiful, though this is a rare occasion as she will generally only see herself beautiful.
  • Despite the fact she is an arrancar, she has a fascination with the shinigami and would rather study them than kill them. However her form of 'studying' would include seeing how sturdy they are when they are slowly cut to pieces.
  • Elizabeth loves beautiful women. She is a full on lesbian and is not afraid to show it.
  • She adores her nickname of Princess. She feels it fits someone as elegant and beautiful as her, especially since the other espada are ugly brutes.

      Dislikes: Elizabeth has a few dislikes.

  • She despises ugly things. She will usually attempt to kill things that she deems ugly. Only reason she allows the ugly espada to live is because she knows that she needs them, and if she were to attempt to kill them, her death would be guaranteed as all of Hueco Mundo would be after her head.
  • She hates men. Throughout her entire time as a Hollow and Arrancar, she has been sought after by many men. But all they ever wanted was to get inside her pants. Every male that has ever attempted this has either been eaten, or has met with a painful and slow death.
  • She hates her ressureccion as it makes her beauty meaningless.

      Motivations: Elizabeth's motivation are somewhat simple, and are very fitting for her vain nature. She wishes to make all of Hueco Mundo come under her control, with her at the throne as their queen. Her second motivation is to make Hueco Mundo beautiful and banish all men from stepping foot into the beauty that she would create.

      Fears: Her fears are simple ones for one such as herself. She fears that one day she will lose her youth along with her beauty. She fears becoming something ugly, something that will be shunned by society. She fears the world becoming an ugly place, filled with war and death.


Life and Death:

Life after Death:




Blue Moon War:


Alternate profile of Lanying Baozhai

Dom Eliza:

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Elizabeth Belanger [FIN]

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