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 Seidenki Tsunami

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PostSubject: Seidenki Tsunami   Fri Mar 15, 2013 11:49 pm

General information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Seidenki tsunami
Family: Water/Electricity


Inner World: His inner world has three main forms, constantly shifting from one to the other. Usually starting off as a lightning storm in a barren land which slowly starts to shift into an ocean with a flood of water, then the world resembles more of a lightning storm over the ocean till eventually the clouds clear into a beautiful ocean, which is later changed back into a barren wasteland as the water slowly disappears and the thunderstorm returns, they constantly change but if it is of the will of the zanpakuto spirits within his sword, they can hold on too, or lock a certain landscape.

Appearance: takes the form of two short children. One is a boy and the other is a girl. They both wear masks, the boy has a white one, while the girl has purple one. These are traditional European theater masks. Similar to the ones you see in the opera. The faces change expression unexpectedly, depending on their moods. They both wear long robes that match the colour of their masks. Their hair and eye colours constantly change with the landscape, usually matching each other, creating a sort of harmony.

Personality: The two children represent a more playful, but at the same time, mysterious side. Their intentions are almost impossible to read. They appear as naive and present child like qualities that you would expect from them, but in reality, the are far smarter then they let on to be. They are actually quite manipulative, but in a mischievous way, never actually planning to cause harm, but rather help Yasuo. They have been shown to change constantly, not in just background, but moods, and facial expressions. The male is quite electrifying and is slightly more energetic then the girl who is far more graceful and chillax/

Soul Connection: His childish and naive self

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Appearance:His weapons take the form of dual ninjato with a blade length of around 75 cm in length, a little longer then the usual ninjato length length. The Tsubas of both takes the shape of a sharp spiral shape which turn in opposite directions, while both handles are a dark purple with white diamond shapes throughout them.
Type:Twin Ninjato


Release Phrase:

Appearance: His shikai takes the shape of two katanas around 82 cm in length, larger then usual katana, not quite a nodachi.

Ability: Sidenki Tsunami has the ability to generate and then manipulate ionized and electrically charged water through his swords and reiatsu, this also means he cannot be electrocuted by the lightning for it is made out of his own reiatsu, but he can drown in the water. He is able to electrify any other water in the area by combining his own generated water with the other water. The acidity(pH) of the water can also be changed(Ionized). The water also creates a sort of crackling sound, just like the electricity creating a sort of vibrating noise. Sidenki Tsunami can also split its elements, allowing for electricity generation and water generation/manipulation able to split the powers through his blades. Range for manipulation is 450 meters.



Appearance: Classified

*Character Change: Classified

Ability: Classified

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Seidenki Tsunami

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