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 Eiji [Done]

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Eiji Nakamura

Eiji Nakamura

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PostSubject: Eiji [Done]   Eiji [Done] Icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2014 10:42 pm


Name: Eiji Nakamura

Alias: Shark

Age: 550

Visual Age: 15

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Black, with a blue tint

Hollow Hole Location: On the left side of his chest over his heart

Affiliation: Member of the Espada

Rank: Fraccion Leader for the Tercera Espada

Aspect of Death: N/A



Eiji is an effeminate- looking man with a very small build resembling that of a young teenager or someone that was just entering their teen years. However, for his small build it comes with a lot of muscle tone and great muscle tone. His physical stature resembles that of a young fourteen or fifteen year old male. Not really impressive or frightening but he tries to make up for his less frightening appearance by showing his dominance and power through his actions and trying never to let his words carry no weight when his name is spoken among the other fraction members and leaders and to work his way to have a reputation with even the espada for being someone of worth and not just another body for disposal.

In addition, he only stands at four feet and eight inches and only weighing in at ninety pounds. He is usually seen wearing black baggy pants, black and orange jacket that is accompanied by no shoes for he truly feels he doesn’t need them and loves the feeling of the hot pavement, sand, or cold stone on his feet. So his look doesn’t really scream that of fear minus the white straps with hooks at the ends of them with silver covering that usually are around his legs to make the pants look to have a white base. Though in battle he uses them to bind or even attack is enemies in close combat.

Furthermore, he is well known for his over cross twinkle eyes, dark blue spiky hair, and sharp fanged teeth that seem to resemble that of a growing shark looking for its next victim. However, for now that is all about his appearance and is the only thing that can be said other than that his hollow hole is over his broken heart and his mask fragment is over his right eye and forms something that looks like an eye patch so for his appearance that is truly all that is to be said.

Eiji has a very difficult personality to get around seeing as he has a rather dark side even though he has the looks of a teenager he has lived in los noches long enough to develop a rather dark and evil persona from his death by the hands of the man he sought out to kill. Though that is in his past for that is what caused him to become the arrancar that he is now and now he lives to serve his army and allies to the best of his ability while having his own sick twisted type of fun to keep himself entertained while he waits for the moment something interesting comes into play. Though he would never target his higher ups for he knows the danger that comes with going against those strong than you from his youth in the living world. He is ruthless, sadistic, and disdainful all for good reasons that have happened into his past to form the man, being, or soulless monster you wish/choice to call him though he truly doesn’t care what one may call him as long as he can have fun.

Though these all have different parts in his life where they came into play they all collectively now form the personality that is Eiji and forms the person have learned to hate or love. He choices to be ruthless for in life and the first few centuries in los noches he would learn that any other nature would truly get your life ended in an instant that it took someone with the trait to be ruthless to kill you for whatever their purpose may be whether it be self-greed or for their own sick entertainment. However, he can’t say much for now he is one of those monsters that will attack you if he feels any instinct of attack or feels an aura of danger from someone he can’t trust for he feels it is kill or be killed in the way the world is in whether it be living or the afterlife nothing truly changes it is rather the opposite they get even worse showing their true selves in the afterlife trying to survive their second personal hell or to help “save” someone’s personal paradise

In addition, he also has quite the sadistic streak for after reaching a certain power level in his life time he felt it was no longer needed to obtain an ultamite power and take down anyone in his way but rather now he would leave them just simply close to death or mutilated so that they would forever know his name and possible one day come back again to slay him and if that day would come he would show them the true nature of his being and wouldn’t have as much mercy the second time around ad would finish them with some of the most tortures methods simply playing the battle out until his perfect set up would happen and then he would execute yourself execution.

Furthermore, he is disdainful to all those other than his espada higher ups and their power for truly he feels they are like his brothers and sisters giving him a place to live, train, and people that understand or at least pretend to and put up with his sometimes distasteful acts that would only further cause problems for recruiting more people to the organization. However, he wasn’t always like this it was only after the first few years he lingered in his death after the fateful event would transpire that he would learn to not always respect everyone but truly disrespect everyone until they would give him a reason to show any form or respect or restrain to his actions and he feels the people he is under now have shown him those reasons.

Along with all of this he can be a rather nice and mellow person even though rare it is for anyone to see this for he would have to really enjoy your company and would have to have a deep level of trust and respect to you to show you his soft side for no one can truly be hard or evil all of the time there are the every few people they do care about and some people would do anything to find out who those are so he chooses who he shows this side to carefully an refuses to show it without a deep understanding of the person as well. So it is very rare even among the espada to know who he cares about and who he would kill to obtain a higher rank though he likes it that way so that he doesn’t go soft nor does the people he holds to such a high standard of actions and behavior.


The Rising Star Falls :

The Shark Arrives :

Finally Catches His Prize:

The Dawn Of A New Era:

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Granted. 2,000.
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Eiji [Done]

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