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 Shinji Fukuda シンジ福田 The Fullbringer (FINISHED)

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Shinji Fukuda

Shinji Fukuda

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Shinji Fukuda シンジ福田 The Fullbringer (FINISHED) Empty
PostSubject: Shinji Fukuda シンジ福田 The Fullbringer (FINISHED)   Shinji Fukuda シンジ福田 The Fullbringer (FINISHED) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 22, 2014 1:20 am


Name: Shinji Fukuda, シンジ福田

Alias: Shinj, Fukuda, Shin-san

Age: 20 Years Old

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Black

Affiliation: Rogue

Rank: LT






Shinji's hair is long (To his shoulders) and black. His eyes are dark blue and some what smallish. He generally doesn't show his ears because his hair is in the way. He doesn't smile much either so his mouth is in a fixed position most of the time, unless hes in a good fight or something similar. His face is long and narrow. His nose is small, but not to small to look abnormal. He some times puts on his hood when jamming to music in public.

Off to his torso/arm area. Shinji has muscles but he is more or less skinny. He has a tattoo on his right arm saying "Nirvana". His arms reach down a little bit past his waist. he has a 6 pack that is visible when wearing tight clothing, which is never. His neck is longish, and his adam's apple doesn't show to much either. He wears a grey sweatshirt, a little old he as owned it for a couple of years. (Since his sophomore year.)

Shinji's legs are longish and he is 6 feet tall. His legs are pretty powerful because he use to run track when he was in High School. His shoe size is 11 inches, and normally wears generic shoes, but prefers the skate shoes Vans. His feet do not have any deformities either. He wears some basic dark blue jeans, or normally a pair of black sweat pants to keep him mobile.

Heres a description of his Fullbring. His first form of fullbring is thin black armour around him self covering most of himself besides his face and most of his hands so he can use his fingers. Underneath his black clad armour is a grey under shirt type thing. His armour sticks close to his body so its a bit tight, which he is not used to at all, normally he wears baggy atire. His sword sheath is a bit small because of the blade is also small. Its placed on his back pointing down for an easy fast draw. It clicks in and with enough force you can unsheath it. He has semi thick gauntlets on his hands, it softens the punch blows on his end, but definitely not his enemies end. If you look closely enough you can see the outline of his Nirvana tattoo.

In his final form of Fullbring, his clad armour is completly black, covering all of his body besides his face and most of his hands. In this form he has no blade or sheath at all. His gauntlets are much more noticeable because of its his main source of combat in this stage of Fullbring. When he uses a certain tech, it allows him to have his blade once more for 15 posts. With this, his sword is a bit bigger and has no sheath on his body, since it runs out some what quickly. His gauntlets are black and white colored and expell spirit pressure when he attacks and moves at high speeds.

Personality: Shinji is very easy going for most of the time. He really likes 90's rock music it chills him out when he is stressed. His favorite band is obviously Nirvana, hence the tattoo on his right arm. He isn't very social and doesn't like to talk to people unless needed, but it isn't to hard to spark a conversation when you talk to him about stuff he is interested. He enjoys playing Guitar, and playing classic rock tunes. He eating burgers because he can eat alot and still not gain anything due to his extremely fast metabolism. He has changed alot since the discovery of his power, he feels like he needs to protect the people who cant protect them selves. It also satisfies his anger when he attacks and kills hollows.

LIKES: Shinji likes to eat food obviously, and use to live off of Ramen Noodles when he was unemployed.

He likes to read manga, first started during his 7th grade year, when a friend lent him a volume of a monthly magazine.

He likes to make and spend money.

He likes to listen to some mainstream music and likes most Dubstep.

He likes to play PC games.

He likes women who aren't bitchy and enjoy hanging out and lounging and playing video games.

His favorite genre of video games are RPGs, it immerses him and tends to make him feel in the game and as if he wasn't in the world he is in.

He enjoys doing parkour. His Fullbring powers help him enjoy it much more, given he can jump extremely far distances and run at extreme speed.

He likes to run in track, and will race every once and a while in marathons, he doesn't use his power though he likes to win fair and square.

He skateboards sometimes during his freetime, but he isn't to good. He can drop in, ollie and kickflip with some grinds.

He enjoys smoking marijuana and jamming to tunes.

He likes cats.

DISLIKES: He doesn't like to read novels, only a few.

He doesn't like driving at all. But he does have his license just in case he needs to drive.

He hates eating vegetables at all.

He dislikes drinking orange juice.

He hates people who text with only a one word or sentence reply.

He doesn't like talking for very long periods of time.

He doesn't like going to bed early, but also hates the lack of sleep from staying up late.

He never liked studying during his highschool years.

He doesn't like dogs, a very unpopular opinion.

He dislikes being lazy for to long. As long as its in moderate amounts, hes ok with it but has the need to do stuff to keep going on instead of being a complete zombie.

He hates it when he gains the slightest amount of fat.

He hated lifting weights, but now its easy for him.


History: BEFORE BIRTH: During his father and mother's teenager years, they were both on a date with each other and were attacked by a viscous hollow attack, nearly killing them. His father, left with a left leg stump. And his mother, with scars on her back. Them being scarred, they didn't want to live in Japan anymore. A bit later on in life they got married, then moved to the USA. There son Shinji being born 3 months after they moved. The lived in Los Angelos California. Shinji, being born with this power didnt realize it until he was much older.

INFANT/TODDLER STAGE: During his toddler ages, he still wasn't very social. He just liked watching Anime DVD's that his parents bought him to watch. (They are Japanese) When he did play with the other kids he would always get into fights no matter the situation. Whether it was a toy, or food it always happened. Luckily it did strengthen him in to believing fight for what is yours. He ate alot, primarily snack foods and ramen. But his high metabolism and constant running around made it so he couldn't really get fat at all. He grew up speaking English and Japanese, being fluent in both. His accent is more western and American, but he still can speak Japanese fluently.

EARLY ELEMENTARY: When he started grade school, his grades were amazing. He was extremely smart getting A's on everything. He was really artistic and liked to draw alot when he was younger. Alot of random stuff people fighting ect. Shinji was also very athletic, he would always be the best player for what ever it was they would play during recess. He was the fastest of the kids, the strongest and smartest. Even though with all those perks, he was very unpopular. He wasn't made fun of, but ignored because of his quiet mean personality. But Shinji was ok with that, he realized at a young age that it really doesn't matter if he was popular or not.

LATE ELEMENTARY: Around 6th grade is when Shinji started getting into rock music. One of his friends from school gave him the Nirvana Album "Nevermind" as a birthday gift. He listened to it all the time. He had broken multiple CD players because of the over use and not taking care of it. Around the end of 6th grade his parents bought him an MP3 player, and let him use their computer to put all the music he wanted on to it. He had the MP3 player for a couple of years until it finally just broke, the small calculator like display wouldn't work or play anything, so he ended up throwing it away.

EARLY MIDDLESCHOOL: When Shinji entered Middle School he was still unpopular, but still didn't give a hell. He had his own little group of friends they would play videogames with and hangout whenever. But his grades started slipping drastically. From A's they sunk down to F's and D's. Even with bad grades, he still passed. During his 8th grade year, that was the first time he ever smoked cannabis (pot) he was hanging out with 2 friends Chris, and Shaun. His 2 friends came up to him during lunch and said, "Hey, want to hang out after school today?" Shinji agreed, then walked up to the office to call and tell his parents he wouldn't be home at 4 today, because he was going to hang out with his friends Chris and Shaun.

LATE MIDDLESCHOOL: The 3 of them got out of school around 3:30, and started walking around and then Chris told him "Look what I got! Its weed man!" Chris pulled out a small air tight bag out of his shoe with about a gram of pot in it. Shaun saying "Today is going to be pretty awesome!" Shinji was a bit uneasy because of all the slamming and hate weed gets and it being on the top "dangerous" drug list. Shinji replied "Well, I suppose I'll give it a go. But I'll only do bit, I don't want to come home really high." His friends assured him everything would be fine. The 3 of them walked around until they found a nice peaceful wooded area. They put down there bags and sat on a fairly large rock. Chris pulled out the pot, a zippo lighter and a small pipe. He loaded the bowl and handed it Shinji. Shinji said "Do I have to be first, I don't know how to use it man." Chris said "Alright, I'll do it first and show you. Look closely ok?" Chris put the pipe up to his lips and put his finger on the carb, and flicked the flint in the lighter sparking it and igniting the fumes, and placed it on the weed. He inhaled for a moment, let go of the pipe and handed it and gesturing Shinji to do the same. Chris exhaled and Shinji did the same as his friend then passed it to Shaun while coughing as he exhaled. Shinji said "Wow *cough* that's intense. I'll take a bit more but that's about it for me for today *cough*" Shinji and his friends finished off the gram and started walking home stoned.

While walking home Shinji started to feel the effects almost right after they got up. Everything felt as if there is a second delay from what things are happening and as he see's them. He starts tripping out, and then puts in his earbuds and starts to listen to "Come as you are" By Nirvana on his MP3. The walk to get home was only around 20 minutes, but felt like hours to him. He opened the door to his house and said "I'm home!" While he walked into the door he noticed a posted note on the counter saying "Be home later. Went to dinner, look in fridge for food, Love Mom and Dad" Shinji stoned out of his mind only read the words "Look in fridge for food" He walked on over and grabbed tons of food. By the time he was finished he had drunk a gallon and a half of milk, a pack of toaster waffles, and 3 packs of thick slice bacon. His parents came home an hour after, luckily Shinji cleared everything up by saying he had a bunch of friends over and they all decided to eat there. His parents had no idea he smoked weed that day.

EARLY HIGHSCHOOL: Later on in his first year of Highschool is when he started improving on his grades. In Middleschool he was getting D's and F's, but now since he had to pass them, he was trying his hardest to get C's or higher. He ended up passing all of his freshman classes and did not have to redo any of them. During the summer of 9th to 10th grade year, he continued to smoke weed with his friends all the time. He eventually got caught, but his parents were alright with it, as long as he wasn't do anything stupid with it or drinking alcohol.

MID HIGHSCHOOL: In his 10th grade year, he started actually sensing spirit energy. He started feeling it and molding it as his own. He was 15 when this had started happening. Shinji experimented with this new found power and messed around with it. Using his power he often would drink his beverages by lifting them into his mouth. He even got a little creative and would load his weed bong with his power and smoke like that. He kept using it everyday on his own. Rarely in public though. The first time he used this in public was when his friend Chris was getting picked on by a senior. The senior said to Chris "What are you gonna do about it you little bitch!?" While pushing him. Chris replied "Fuck off man, i didn't do shit to you!" The senior pushed Chris over and then Shinji was walking by then he had seen the confrontation. He walked over there and push the senior and said "Fuck off, or I'll beat this piss out of you!" He turned around to help up his friend when suddenly the bully threw his fist at him. With in milliseconds a large denting metal clang sound happened. Shinji used his power to move this large piece of sheet metal to block his punch. Shinji played along with it and acted like he had no idea what happened, everyone baffled, eventually walked off. With no one hurt besides the senior with a broken hand, the day was over.

LATE MID HIGHSCHOOL: In 11th grade he achieved his first form of Fullbring. He was walking home through his pot smoking area, when suddenly a huge hollow appeared out of no where. He had seen them before, but just ran and hid. He decided he would use his powers to defeat the Hollow. Shinji used his tricks to throw large rock debris at the Hollow, but it didn't do much but piss it off. "Fuck..!" Shinji ran and hid behind a tree and placed his palm on his sweatshirt "I gotta calm down..." He remembered when he protected his friend the year before, and suddenly a black light (His spirit pressure) started emerging from his chest, then he transformed into his first stage. He had a black sword, 2 gauntlets and black clad armour. Shinji smiled and though "Time to kick some ass!" He ran towards the hollow, but with immense speed and at first he didn't even realize it. He drew his sword and swung at the Hollows arm, chopping it off. He figured out that attacking its body wouldn't work. After some trial and error he got the hang of his power and sprinted towards his enemy yelling "AHHHHHHHH!!!" Slicing its mask into two. Shinji on one knee behind the beast stood up, and the Hollow turned to ash, and the wind blew its remains away. Shinji smiled and screamed "HELL YEAAAAH!!!!!" He dubbed his Fullbring, Black Lagoon.

Shinji eventually learned many new attacks with in the couple of months of his first release. When ever he wanted to transform he would put his hand over his sweatshirt saying "Black Lagoon." And he would transform into his Fullbring Form. His favorite and most recent attack, Konagona ni suraisu shi, took out the hollows he would fight with ease. He kept killing hollows and training harder and harder. He wanted to protect the ones who couldn't protect themselves. His attacks got better and stronger. His speed getting faster and faster each day. He eventually mastered the art of HSM. He eventually started using his fists in combat aswell. With that combination, no Hollow could pass his way and live to consume another Human Soul.

LATE HIGHSCHOOL: During his last year of Highschool, Shinji being extremely powerful, thought it was time to tell his two best friends, Chris and Shaun. At first they didn't believe him one bit. Shinji convinced them to follow and hear him out. They went to there general smoking spot and Shinji said "Alright are you ready?" Chris and Shaun said "I guess, use your 'power' haha." Shinji placed his palm on his chest then slowly said "Black.. Lagoon.." Instantly he transformed wielding his dark blade. His friends freaked out then Chris said "Thats badass man! What the hell is it??" Shaun said something similar and Shinji replied "I'm not sure, I've had this power for a long while now. I thought it was about time to tell you guys." Chris already thinking Shinji moved that metal plate into the seniors fist, didn't say anything, knowing Shinji already knew that Chris was thankful. Shaun said "Well, what can you do with it besides look like a badass?" Suddenly 4 Hollows appeared, and the spirit pressure froze the two friends in place. Chris managed to get out "What.. the hell is going.. on?!" Shinji said "They are attracted to my spirit energy, I'll take them out in a moment, just watch." As he said that a hollow had swung and hit both boys, making them fly back. Shinji surprised and very angry said "Don't YOU DARE HURT MY FRIENDS!!!" And used his move 10- Bai Ni, amplifying his swing and cut the Hollow into pieces. Still angry Shinji took out the other 3 Hollows then quickly ran to his friends, both unconscious. He carried them both to a hospital then reverted to his original state and carried them both in telling the doctors they had fallen out of a tree hitting branches on the way down. The boys were sent to the ER then released day later with both cracked ribs. After that happened the boys celebrated there release by smoking an ounce at Shinji's house. All of them having a great time, finished off their supply, and Shinji walked them both home.

AFTER GRADUATION:After all of that Shinji passed Highschool with a C'+ average. Shortly after his graduation, he went on a great hollow hunt. He went deep into an abandoned graveyard out in the country. He transformed, and that triggered a flood of Hollows. He killed one after another for hours. Swinging, slicing, eradicating for even more hours. He became tired after the many hours had passed. Even though it'd been over 7 hours, the flood of Hollows kept coming. He didn't know what was going on, but kept attacking. He was caught of guard, then bombarded with attacks from the Hollows. Shinji thinking it was the end, struggled, but eventually gave up. A couple of minutes had pasted, and he wasn't dead yet. He felt a surge of spiritual pressure, like some sort of energy had been given to him. He placed his hand over his chest and said "Black Lagoon" and a large black wave of spiritual pressure surrounded everything, then imploded back to its starting point revealing a standing and brand new Shinji. He had achieved the second stage of Fullbring. The Ascended Form.

He realized he had no blade to use. But he felt much energy surging through his fists, arms and legs. He felt incredible. He punched a Hollow square in the face, crushing its mask into hundreds of pieces. He did the same to the rest of the Hollows. They stopped coming. After that horde of hell, they suddenly stopped coming. Shinji had no idea what had happened besides he was more powerful. He transformed back and then said "Black Lagoon" Hoping he would get his blade back, with no luck he decided it would be a good idea to start training with his fists.

LIFE AFTER ASCENDED FORM:After about a year, he had reached his peaking point in his power. He didn't know he could be stronger, but no mattered how much he trained he wouldn't. The opponents weren't strong enough. With his new arsenal of attacks he moved out of his parents house, and moved back to his homeland Japan. He lived there defeating Hollows everyday, and still didn't become anymore stronger. He was happy though. He was protecting people. He was following through with is his original intent. Shinji still living there, heard about a group of people called Xtinction. He flew back to the USA to check what it was about. He didn't like what he saw. He felt like he was surrounded by a bunch of rich smart pricks. His stay didn't last long but a week. He flew back to Japan to live out his days as he used to. Shinji still lives there at this current point in time.

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Granted. 3,500.
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Shinji Fukuda シンジ福田 The Fullbringer (FINISHED)

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