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 Kratan Skor-Arrancar-FINISHED

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Kratan Skor

Kratan Skor

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PostSubject: Kratan Skor-Arrancar-FINISHED   Kratan Skor-Arrancar-FINISHED Icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2014 4:39 am


Name: Simon Krat was his name prior to death, after which he changed it to Kratan Skor

Alias: Throughout his childhood, people would refer to him as "Kratty" or "Simkrat", though he rarely refers to either of those names. His current alias is merely "The Clown"

Age: He was thirty-five years old prior to his death, and has been a Hollow for about 200 years.

Visual Age: Upon becoming an Arrancar, Kratan retained his old appearance of a thirty-five-year-old

Gender: Kratan is a male.

Reiatsu Color: His Reiatsu is of a turquoise color.

Hollow Hole Location: The black hole is located in the left side of Kratan's chest.

Affiliation: A member of the Espada

Rank: Novena Espada

Aspect of Death: Insanity.


Appearance: Overall, Kratan appears weak. Skinny, frail, and extremely scrawny, Kratan, however, thinks himself as average in body composition. He is rather tall, standing up to 6"6, something which he occasionally boasts about. His skin tone is extremely pale, and he has Emerald green eyes, matching his long, shoulder-length hair. His facial expression often changes at random times, and thus is hard to describe. However, his most notable facial feature is his never-ending, and quite eerie, smile.

As for his attire, Kratan most often wears dark green robes, pink gloves, lemon-yellow shoes and blue trousers, an attire which has earnt him the alias "The Clown" It should, however, be noted that he sometimes wears any clothes he finds laying around, even those not belonging to him.  Another one of Kratan's notable features is his many battle scars, specifically a large, thick scar stretching down his right eye, which was later healed upon becoming an arrancar, though not removing the scar. Other scars include a thin one on his left cheek, and a large scar which stretches across his entire left arm, though is usually concealed by his clothing.

His mask fragment is a set of teeth covering the right side of his mouth.

Personality: Kratan is unique in many ways. He is always seen smiling, thus leading one to believe he is always happy, or is always in some sense of enjoyment. This is shown to happen even during battle, especially when he sustains heavy damage, causing him to burst out laughing. His laughter is his most notable trait, as it can occur at any given time, no matter the situation. He is very talkative, even during silent moments, and on that note, he dislikes silence with a burning passion, always willing to break it if possible.

He lacks attentiveness, often not paying attention to long, dragged on speeches given by his foes. He finds them boring, useless, a waste of time! Because of this, he often can come across as rude to both friend (If what he has can be called friends) and foe. But in all honesty, he dosen't care what others think of him, and in fact enjoys causing others annoyance. His speech is often informal, even to those who are superior, and especially to those who remain inferior to the Espada.

His insanity also removes most of his fear, which means he fears almost nothing. Not pain, not his superiors, not even death can frighten him. He welcomes darkness, he enjoys pain, he laughs in the face of death. Because of this trait, he is willing to try new things, unafraid of the consequences. Though this does make others view him as a freak, as stated above, he really dosen't care.

His one true fear is nothingnesd. The end of all things. Everything would be gone, leaving no fun, no enjoyment, no nothing! He hates fear, and sees it as a curse
He holds a firm belief that those with fear are unable to evolve and become stronger, and are thus doomed to a life of weakness unless they rid themselves of fear.

It is almost impossible to maintain a proper conversation with him, as he will, without warning, instantly change the subject in the middle of talking, before swaying back to the original them moments later, then changing it again. In a similar fashion, his combat style is very random, focusing on a flurry of attacks to overwhelm the foe, and then randomly switching to a defensive stance. This, however is still efficient, or at least for Kratan it is.

Kratan is very fun-loving. He lived for it, and died for it. Because of this, he is willing to do almost anything for fun, except kill himself, because that would mean ending his fun. He isn't hesitant to kill, or at least try to kill, anyone he finds boring, and has done so on several occasions in his history. He is also known for having a bad memory, going as far as not remembering what he had said a minute ago, if anything.

Over the years as a hollow, Kratan has also developed a bloodlust, though not particularly enjoyment of feeding upon his victims, he enjoys killing things, and blood-red is one of the few colors he likes, gaining a spot just below green, his favorite color.



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Kratan Skor-Arrancar-FINISHED

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