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Kyssandra 'Dubstep' Lisan

Kyssandra 'Dubstep' Lisan

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PostSubject: Kyssandra(W.I.P)   Kyssandra(W.I.P) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 07, 2014 10:52 pm

Name:(What is your name?) Kyssandra Lisan

Alias: (What names does your quincy go by?) Kysan, Dubsteper.

Age:(Tell us the age of your Quincy, they can only live to be a 1000 years of age at the most) 170

Visual Age: 17

Gender:(Male, Female, Transgender, Other? O-o) Female

Reiatsu Color: (any color or mix of two colors. no rainbows please.) Cyan

Affiliation: (Are you a rouge or a member of The Vandenreich) Vandenreich

Rank: (Rank within The Vandenreich. If rogue;Captain Class, Lieutenant Class, Officer Class) Stern Ritter

Quincy Epithet:(if you are a Stern Ritter please give us the Letter given to you and what it stands for and how it describes you in battle. Blank if rogue or other.)D

http://s1.wallls.com/preview/1/guitar-glasses-anime-girl-5568.jpg is her appearance.
Appearance:(Give us a description of how you dress and look, a picture may be added to better help you.)
She's around 5'7, and weighs around 110 pounds. She often wears a scarf around her neck, covering a scar she got a long, long time ago.
Personality:(Give a description on how your character acts, remember everyone is not perfect.)


History:(Tell us about your character and his/hers rise to power as well as the events that went on in their life until now. Plot history required.)
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Plot Director
Plot Director

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PostSubject: Re: Kyssandra(W.I.P)   Kyssandra(W.I.P) Icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2014 8:18 pm

This application has gone over 1 week without a reply or edit. If you are keeping this character, please respond saying you are still working on the application. Failure to post a reply within 3 days will result in the deletion of this topic and the rank associated with this character revoked.
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