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 Chijogo [FIN]

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Kamiko Kago

Kamiko Kago

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PostSubject: Chijogo [FIN]   Chijogo [FIN] Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2014 9:20 pm

General information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Chijogo (血漏斗|Blood Funnel)

Family: Melee/Reishi


Inner World:  Her inner world is divided into two sides. The mainland is an infinite forest plunged in darkness under a night time sky without stars or a moon. Connected to the mainland by a bridge is a small island. The island has a great slope and a spiral staircase wraps around the forest covering the land until it reaches the empty courtyard encircled by large white walls. While there are several rooms built into the back wall, there is also a large tower standing above this wall that is accessible by a retractable staircase beginning from the middle of the courtyard. Chijogo can summon a battlefield on a pillar from the middle of the courtyard while the stairs are away. If she does, she can summon another retractable staircase from the battlefield to the tower. While this pillar is up, the sky turns red instead of blue.

The Island:

The Courtyard:

The Back Wall and Tower:

The Battlefield and Red Sky:

Appearance:  Chijogo looks like an older version of her wielder. While Kamiko's body is still developing, Chijogo's body is plentiful in curves made readily apparent by her outfit. Made of a purple-red material highlighted with yellow stripes that seems to connected to her skin as if it were painted on and very well may be, her outfit is quite revealing as the only parts of her body that it completely covers are her neck, arms and legs from the mid-thigh down. Thin strands of color connect her thong and thigh high boots to her chest and then to the material on her neck leaving everything else uncovered. Large yellow fang like shapes made out of the same material as her clothing float around her hips and are arranged in a formation resembling an animals bared fangs. These can rearrange into a skirt allowing Chijogo flight. On top of her head is a hair decoration resembling bunny ears though Chijogo prefers to think of them as demon horns. On her back is a vent like structure that is part of the costume. Chijogo can propel herself forward by shooting reiatsu out of this opening. Under her shoulder and at her wrist, a protrusion resembling the guard of her sealed form appear. Chijogo can summon her shikai form from one of her fang constructs. Her version of shikai matches her color scheme. While Kamiko and her Zanpakuto spirit are quite different, they still have their similarities. They share similar skin tones and share a similar eye color though Chijogo's is blue while Kamiko's has a purple tint. Much to her Zanpakuto spirit's pleasure, Kamiko has recently cut her hair, making it resemble her spirit's hair. That said, Chijogo's hair is more saturated and is spiked upwards in a gravity defying manner with her bangs only kept down by her rabbit ears. Chijogo constantly sparkles and when she focuses she can glow intensely bright.


Personality:  Chijogo is very possessive of her wielder. Because of this, she doesn't trust most other people and doesn't hesitate to let Kamiko know this. While Kamiko believes she needs someone strong in order to be safe, Chijogo believes that she can help Kamiko become strong enough to protect herself from any threat. Unlike her wielder, she loves to fight and loves being covered in blood. Chijogo's has absolutely no fear and believes that Kamiko can defeat any foe with enough effort and thus encourages her to never back down from a fight, even if she is obviously and hopelessly outmatched. When Kamiko is defeated, she often makes excuses for her. Outside of her suicidal battle tendencies, she places Kamiko before any other person and believes that she should do the same.


Other people

To gain a stronger relationship with her wielder and have greater influence over her decisions.

That Kamiko will never love her as much as she loves Kamiko.

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Appearance: While most Zanpakuto are sealed in katana forms, Kamiko's blade takes the form of the foreign rapier. The sword's design allows for slashes, but its long blade prefers thrusts. Like a katana, this blade is only sharpened on one side though the other side is partially sharpened towards the end. Chijogo's plain guard is the only part of the weapon resembling a katana. Stark black in contrast with the metallic color of the blade, the sides of the guard are marked by a purple-red stripe. The hilt is circular and is curved to fit Kamiko's fingers. At the end of the hilt is another guard as strange as it might be. This weapon, due to it's length which is four feet, is sheathed on Kamiko's back rather than at her side with a purple sash held together by a heart shaped clip. The sheath is pure white and has a flat surface that matches the rectangular guard.

Type: Rapier


release phrase:  Drink

Appearance:  Chijogo's shikai is a black spear with a double oblong pyramidal blade. Similar to its previous form, while it is capable of slashing with its four bladed edges, it is most suitable for thrusting since it is a spear. It still has the same guard under the blade and the end of the handle. While the handle is no longer grooved, it is accented with two vertical purple-red stripes along its length. It is about 5 feet long.

Ability:  The very tip of Chijogo has a powerful suction ability. While the weapon has no openings, both the tip and the back end are semipermeable and the weapon is hollow. This allows Kamiko to deal aggravated damage with her Zanpakuto, similar to the comparison in damage between an arrow wound and pulling the arrow the same way it went in or hooking a hook into something and then ripping the hook out. When she strikes an object or a living thing, first Chijogo begins to suck away a thin strand of matter from the body of the target that remains connected to it. Then, it sucks a chunk out of the object leaving nothing touching the tip. While she always takes about a square foot of material out of objects like the ground or walls, the damage she deals to an opponent is dependent on how much damage she originally did. When Kamiko strikes a heavy blow and the spear head is fully sunken into an opponent, Chijogo will take 1/4 of a cubic foot out of the victim. A major blow with about half of the spearhead stabbed in will take 1/8 of a cubic foot and small scratches that barely dig into flesh take 1/16 of a cubic foot. Chijogo must at least break the skin of living beings to damage them. Chijogo does not necessarily steal matter from the first thing it strikes, but will take matter if it strikes something. This effect has no power over a combatant's weapon. Normally, anything sucked into Chijogo is converted into steam that flows from the back of the spear, but Kamiko can alter the output of this ability to instead take advantage of the matter absorbed and the propulsion of the matter. This ability works on objects and people made of atoms or reishi, but does not work on reiryoku or reiatsu. Whenever she strikes a living thing instead of an object, the steam is tinted the color of blood.


Name: Senjin (閃刃|Blade Flash)
Description: Kamiko uses the material absorbed by Chijogo to create a black spike at the other end of her weapon anywhere from 2-5 feet long. The size is determined by how long she feels is appropriate. Kamiko can choose to release this technique, turning the spike into steam. She must create this spike in the earliest post available once she pierces something with Chijogo to use this technique. Otherwise, the material will be forced out of the Zanpakuto as steam. Likewise, if she successfully pierces a target with the spear end of her Zanpakuto, it will dissipate into steam. This spike can be broken through with an Average level attack and Hado up to Level 40.
Preparation Time: N/A
Duration: 3 Turns or until she pierces an object with her Zanpakuto tip again
Cooldown: 1 Turn

Name: Shippu (疾風|Gale)
Description: Kamiko propels matter out of her Zanpakuto at a higher pressure than normal, which can propel her a meter forward. This technique has many applications. Its basic use it to increase the power of her attack by taking advantage of the extra force. She can also use this technique on the air, allowing her to fly by continually flowing the particulate in the air through her Zanpakuto whether airborne dirt and sand or reishi. Even when used this way, it requires the jump start of piercing something first.
Preparation Time: N/A
Duration: 1 Turn when used for a small distance or to increase strike power. 3 turns of continuous flight during which Kago cannot successfully attack using her Zanpakuto without going into cooldown (other methods of attack are allowed).
Cooldown: 2 Turns

Name: Senjin Shippu (刃疾風|Blade Gale)
Description: Combining the principles of Senjin and Shippu, Kamiko uses the material absorbed by Chijogo to shoot a black spike at an opponent at high speed from the back end of her weapon as a projectile. She must aim this projectile in the earliest post available once she pierces something with Chijogo to use this technique or the steam will be evacuated from the Zanpakuto instead. This has the power of a Level 40 Kido. Naturally, after its momentum is lost, it dissolves into steam.
Preparation Time: N/A
Duration: 1 Turn
Cooldown: 1 Turn

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PostSubject: Re: Chijogo [FIN]   Chijogo [FIN] Icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2014 9:29 am

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Chijogo [FIN]

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