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Name: Xiuhcoatl

Alias: N/A

Age: 1,589

Visual Age: Late Teens - Early Twenties

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Smoky Grey

Hollow Hole Location: Sternum [Centralized]

Affiliation: Espada

Rank: Tercera

Aspect of Death: Diligence



General Appearance and Posture:
Regal Walk:
Location of Espada Number:
Appearance of Espada Number:
Hollow Hole:
Original Hollow Mask:

The skin tone of Xiuhcoatl is located somewhere along a scale between tanned and lightly dark, in human terms indicating a natural darkening of the skin from long periods of time being spent in the sun.  In contrast to this, his hair is a bright grey that typically takes on the coloration of the environment around him if there is enough ambient lighting.  The hairstyle that Xiuhcoatl adopts is one that is eternally neat, being nearly immaculate at virtually all times.  This suits the personality of the man whom the hair belongs to, considering the fact that he exudes a regal air that can be perceived by those who come into his presence.  His hair is kept at a rather moderate length, reaching just past ears on the sides and just to the nape of the neck at the back.  This is done in maintenance of the regal appearance that he ensures is present at all times.  In the front, this hair is kept at a certain length that ensures that it does not reach into Xiuhcoatl's eyes.  Whereas most individuals possess white sclera with pupils of varying colors, Xiuhcoatl possesses an eye color scheme that is essentially the inverse.  The color of Xiuhcoatl's sclera is pitch black, being the precise color of his pupils, a phenomenon that draws attention to the color of his irises.  His eyes are almost the color of molten gold, being just a few shades darker but still forming much contrast with the color of his sclera.  This produces a piercing stare of much intensity, as the coloration of Xiuhcoatl's eyes typically cause others much pause.  

The body of Xiuhcoatl can at virtually all times be seen to be standing with excellent posture, with spinal cord straightened, chest out slightly, and shoulders squared to militaristic standards.  This suits the body frame that he possesses, and the frame that he possesses suits the way that he presents himself.  The Tercera is approximately five feet tall, with an additional ten inches into his frame.  Though slightly on the tall side, this height allows him to be regal without appearing to be imposing, and allows others to occasionally underestimate him to their regret later.  Along with his height, Xiuhcoatl has a slender frame, though it is corded through with an impressive musculature befitting an Olympic human athlete conditioned for endurance sports.  This overall appearance contributes to his noblesque posture, which he constantly displays, even during movement.  

Xiuhcoatl typically wears clothing that best displays the frame that he possesses, with his choice of attire typically being as near to form-fitting as is appropriate for clothing of their specific type.  He also holds a particular favor for things that flow while he wears them, and for cloaks that billow when wind is present.  These forms of typically extraneous decorative clothing he wears over the more form-fitting outfits that are his true attire.  Articles of clothing that flow are generally considered to be items such as scarves, and other such items made of lighter cloths.  Along the subject of clothing, in terms of appearance, Xiuhcoatl tends to favor clothing that can be ornate and yet functional at the same time.  He highly favors patterns to be in evidence on his clothing, finding himself with a particular liking for swirls and other such circular designs.  The coloration of clothing that he prefers happens to be monotone in nature, as he can typically be seen wearing such colors as black, white, and the varying shades of grey.  In terms of embellishments, Xiuhcoatl is typically not seen with an overly large amount of jewelry on his person.  He believes in the phrase 'less is more' in this regard, and so typically chooses to wear simple things, such as a single necklace.  Fitting when one considers his monotone dress coloration, Xiuhcoatl prefers wear silver items, though on occasion will wear gold to match his eye color.  

The shattered mask that is Xiuhcoatl's version of what all Arrancar possess takes the form of the uppermost portion of his original Hollow Mask.  The 'uppermost' portion is assumed to be everything that was above the eyes of the original Hollow mask, though in relation to the picture, the 'ears' are much smaller. The estigma (the pattern along the faces of the Arrancar that were originally part of their mask) that Xiuhcoatl bears are the red marks along the eyes of his original Hollow Mask.  His Hollow hole is located in the center of his sternum, and is of relatively average circumference for a Hollow Hole.  Xiuhcoatl's Zanpakuto takes the form of a singular katana that he keeps on the left side of his body, held at the hip by a grey sash.  Finally, his Espada tattoo is located along the upper half of his back and shoulders, a large centralized number 3.


An Arrancar born from the highest level of Hollow evolution, Xiuhcoatl has inherited great power and can expect to only grow in power for the remainder of his presumably long life. This has fueled two aspects of his personality which are important to understand as far as understanding him as an individual is concerned. His pride is the first of these aspects, and his calm is the second. Being that he is the Tercera Espada simply by virtue of power and the fact that he slew the previous holder of the title, Xiuhcoatl understandable shows great amounts of self-confidence, but he paradoxically displays little vainglory. Instead of manifesting itself as visible arrogance, which the Tercera considers to be an exploitable weakness, his pride manifests itself in the fact that he is seemingly always calm and stoic.  Even in combat, Xiuhcoatl seems to only rarely display passionate emotions, with fury or extreme excitement being so rare to occur to his facial features that some do not believe that he is capable of expressing such emotions.  

When speaking, regardless of whom he is speaking to, Xiuhcoatl chooses to utilize a tone of voice that could be best described as 'formal.'  He is considered to be polite, even by his enemies, and generally shows at least some measure of common courtesy, regardless of the relationship between himself and the person to whom he is speaking.  Even in combat, Xiuhcoatl typically addresses his opponent by rank in precedence to name, and speaks in such a manner that voices at least a modicum of respect.  This is not to be taken for submissive weakness however, for when given directive to slay, the respectful tones are still present, but the orders will be obeyed without hesitation or mercy.  Similarly to his voice, Xiuhcoatl typically approaches combat situations with a detached seeming persona, viewing combat as something that is required of him rather than something that he personally desires to indulge himself in.  Along with this detachment concerning combat exists a similar emotion concerning rank and position.  Xiuhcoatl does not particularly care about status, seeing it as simply a subjective indication of something that is not subjective; the power that he wields as an Arrancar who was once a Vasto Lorde.  This makes him rather 'unattached' to the position, and also results in him not flaunting his power as much as other being might in his position.

Xiuhcoatl would explain himself to be possessed of a certain 'professionalism.'  He does not typically react to petty taunts, and will not often rise to verbal barbs against his person.  This 'professionalism' also extends into his relations with other Espada and the remainder of the Hollow forces.  He will obey the word of whomever he sees as worthy to direct him to the letter.  This stems more from a deep personal respect than true 'loyalty.'  It is the result of the fact that Xiuhcoatl considers his word to be his bond.  When he gives a promise that something will be accomplished, that thing will be accomplished if possible if the Espada must make multiple attempts to see it done.  This trait is what earned Xiuhcoatl the 'Diligence' aspect of death, as he would press himself to near-death in order to see a goal completed.  The reason for this diligence stems from a lack of purpose that Xiuhcoatl perceives for himself without someone whom he can recognize as a worthy leader to grant him direction.  When he finds someone who he can consider to be a worthy leader, he typically pledges himself to follow their directions so long as they are not obviously malicious towards his own person.  

Xiuhcoatl has a rather strange view of the other races, both mortal and immortal.  When he was a Hollow, he did not encounter any Shinigami and thus never learned to despise the sting of their Zanpakuto.  Rather than hate or fear Shinigami, the Tercera admires their ferocity in battle and generally respects them as a race.  He would be more likely to engage one in conversation than to engage one in combat, if the other would indulge him and he had no orders to eliminate them.  Concerning the Living races of Quincy, Fullbringers, and Bounts, Xiuhcoatl finds them to be a curiosity,
an anomaly in the grand scheme that the Shinigami and Arrancar seemed to have forged for themselves.  They do not hold a loyalty to the Soul Society, and stay removed from the wars of the Shinigami and Arrancar, simply residing in their plane of existence and advancing themselves.  Vizards are considered to be even more of an anomaly, beings who stand in the exact center of the Shinigami/Arrancar scale.  Similarly to Shinigami, Xiuhcoatl desires to have a converse with a Vizard if he should get the chance, to question what existence must be like for someone so similar and yet so different in comparison to both Shinigami and Arrancar.



The Voice of the Gods:

Lost and Masked:

The Many or the One?:

The Evolution of Clarity:

Lord of the Hollows:

King's Shadow:

The Day the Black Sun Set:

A New Voice:
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