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 The Ultimate Bleach Race Soundtracks

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The Ultimate Bleach Race Soundtracks Empty
PostSubject: The Ultimate Bleach Race Soundtracks   The Ultimate Bleach Race Soundtracks Icon_minitimeTue Mar 25, 2014 3:23 pm

Alright, what kind of songs, soundtracks, music hits do you think summarize the races the best? Below you can see what I mean by that.

For example, I think that this track summarizes the nature of Arrancar the best. Their spanish touch, their hardcore and unforgiving nature, their fearlessness in battle. Here goes:

Hacride - Zambra


I've never heard a song (imo) that conveys Arrancar spirit so good. (which is also why I'm using as my character them).

Anyway, you have an idea?

You can of course also post what kind of soundtracks you think describe your individual character! I'd also like to hear some of those.
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The Ultimate Bleach Race Soundtracks

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