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 Gabriel Zeil

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Gabriel Zeil

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Gabriel Zeil

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PostSubject: Gabriel Zeil   Gabriel Zeil Icon_minitimeMon Mar 24, 2014 9:03 pm


Name:Gabriel Zeil

Alias: Executioner

Age: 1200

Visual Age: 19

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Black

Hollow Hole Location: Lower Abdomen

Affiliation: Espada

Rank: Primera

Aspect of Death: Strife


Appearance: Gabriel Zeil Hitosh11

Personality: Gabriel thinks on instinct, often revered as ruthless and cold. He is quick to draw his blade on any who anger or threaten him. He is sadistic in every sense of the word, as well as egotistical. In battle he is relentless, known for his onslaught of assault and dirty tactics. Victory is gained at all costs, be it sand in the eyes, or manipulation of emotions with lies. Hard to get along with, he is often found by himself, seldom in the company of others. The rare few who do get along with him are close enough to see that beneath the thorns lies something softer. He will protect his comrades at all costs, fighting with a passion only seen in mad men. If ever his allies fall ill, one might see him nursing them back to health, but if asked he will deny all recollection of it. He prides himself in his heartlessness, finding gentle actions to be 'weak'.  


History: Gabriel lived a casual life, born and raised in the care of doctors for parents. He was one who believed deeply in second chances and helping those in need. This followed him into his school years, where he would take many a beatings for those to weak to do so. He had grown into a young adult with a full career ahead of him as a doctor like his parents. Although his life would be tragically cut short in a matter of months after his coming of age.

He was an intern at a local hospital, and there had been an incident in the ICU. As one of the nurses on staff, he rushed to the scene, taking care of the decontamination process as quickly as possible. He got in to find the patient seizing violently, eyes rolled back and tongue threatening to fall back in their throat. He was just about to begin administering medicine when the patient coughed up a large amount of blood. In his surprise, Gabriel had opened his mouth, and the patients blood landed in his mouth. Moments later the patient flat lined, and resuscitation proved fruitless.

Soon after that incident, he was quarantined in the ICU room, his health taking a drastic turn for the wort. It was only a month or so before his body began holding no reaction to the medication, proving immune to all the pain killers and sleep inducers. He could feel him mind slipping, as the disease was known to cause hysteria and deeply violent behavior in victims. He would fight the doctors and nurses at every visit, often spouting phrases or words that didn't seem to make much sense at all. He would curse them for his pain and suffering, screaming at the top of his lungs all night long.

It was in the middle of a rather cold night that he would fall silent, shortly after the loudest of crashes would come from his room. He had broken free of his restraints and slammed the bed against the ICU glass hard enough to completely shatter it. By the time they got to him, he had a broken metal pole that was once his medicine bag holder, waving it around in a fury. He had taken the lives of several patients in that wing as well as a half dozen nurses. He was read to strike yet another down when the sound of gunshots echoed throughout the hall, an officer standing behind him. He had a total of six shots fired into his chest before he stopped waving the pole around, his eyes dulling as he fell to his knees. He would reach out to his parents, eyes full dancing with the chaos of a dying young man who could barely grasp the reality of his situation. A single sentence would escape his lips as his head it the floor, his once ferocious body laying limp.
"Know strife as I did..."

He would wake up several days later, his body sore and his head reeling. He tried to move, by he found himself restrained to the floor by chains. His mind trying to focus when he felt the chain on his chest, feeling it connect to him. He would scream for help as people passed by, but nobody came for him. His mind would slowly begin to understand that he was a spirit, and he would fall silent then. Days turned to months, which progressed into years. As the chain on his chest finally began its decay into nothingness, he would beg for some sort of savior, with nothing to answer his plea's but the constant death of patients around him.

The night the chain fell off was the night he lost himself. He would lose all sense of self as he changed, morphing into a creature of the spiritual world. He had changed into a hollow, and he was starving for souls. He would hunt down souls endlessly, devouring them by the dozens before retreating into hueco mundo. He would do this for many a years before he hungered for something more, something stronger.

His transformation into menos grande was one that gave him a sense of self, if nothing else. He knew what he was, and what he wanted to become. From the moment of transformation, he would devour the menos around him in a need for power. He would consume them endlessly as his power surged within. with every one he ate, he would gain just a fraction more of what he used to be. He would constantly think of a single name in his head as he ate, struggling to find out what it meant and who it was. His time as a menos was short, only a century or so, but it was a lifetime for him.

His life as an adjuches was a couple of centuries long, his form being small yet strong. He would cling to the shadows as he fed on his own kind, finally knowing what his name was. Gabriel would consume every last one in sight, only ever retreating if he came across one that was too big for him or too strong. He would stand on two legs, his fingers ending in curved points. He would always drag his kills into the darkness, devouring them in silence. At one point he was confronted with a small group of adjuches who had been watching him. They wanted to ask him to join them, to follow their leader in their pursuit to become vasto lorde. He had returned their invitation with the murder of their leader. After that he continued to murder them as well, chasing them down and killing them off like a game of tag. As he devoured them as well, he would come to know what being a vasto lorde was.

His time as vasto lorde was one of search. He would scour the sand of hueco mundo for a rumor of Los Noches. He had heard whispers of the place, but never stumbled upon it himself. By now he was strong enough to devour almost anything that came his way, but he would often hide in the shadows if an arrancar of powerful vasto lorde would come within range. There was a method told to him by a dying vasto lorde, about how to in fact come to be an arrancar. He was saving that method for such a time as when he found the Los Noches. The night he found it, he would walk into its remains with a hand to his face, looking for any and all who might reside there. Once he was aware of the presence of somebody, he would rip the hollow mask from his face, roaring into a transformation.

As an arrancar he was ruthless, fighting anybody who challenged him. He would strike with the conviction of a man damned to hell, with only this fight left before descent. He would earn his keep in Los Noches, and he would back down to nobody. His passion and strength was noticed, and after a short battle with an espada, he was tossed into the sands with deep wounds. He did not back down though, after every hit he would hit back, even if he knew none of his attacks would do damage. It wasn't about winning for him, it was about proving himself. He had to show them he wasn't some weakling that couldn't survive, and if he had to die trying so be it.

After that fight he would constantly be attacked in groups, always defeating at least two of three before being tossed aside. He endured ever last punishment for his actions, only to be punished double fold for doing so. He would always retreat into the darkness when he wasn't fighting, seldom found by any who looked. It wasn't until he declined a fight with an espada that he was recognized as espada material. He knew he wouldn't win, the espada knew, they all knew. It was a test to see whether or not he could tell when he was beat. He was beaten half to death even after declining the fight, and he took each strike with a calmness never before seen.

It wasn't until the black sun set that he was given the Primera espada position. From the moment that war started, he gave his all for their victory. Every fight was fought with the conviction to die trying to win. Every strike done in the passion to survive to fight again. He would seldom speak of his battles, never talking unless others needed him too. The times he wasn't fighting, he was recovering as quickly as possible. He would eat, sleep, and breathe battle. Their defeat in that war came at a heavy price, and as he retreated to Los Noches, he knew thing would only get worse.

During the war he would pick off dozens of shinigami a day, often killing them in packs. He would dispatch several groups in one day, making pathways for his comrades to pass through to get to the captains. He knew they would take care of the rest as long as he kept the oncoming waves at bay. He would only ever become injured if a lieutenant or two would be mixed in with the groups, and even then he would be fighting the next day. Many a battles would come to an end withing minutes after his appearance, the longest battle being with two lieutenants. He had survived that battle with them retreating back, he didn't bother killing them for he needed medical treatment for his wounds. Shortly after his recovery they would come back with a strategy to defeat him, but when he entered his ressurection, that all changed. He walked away with nicks and scratched, while they didn't leave at all.

When they were pushed back to Los Noches, Gabriel was forced onto the defensive. With the constant bombardment of their fortress, and the moral drop from their leaders demise, he was struggling to do more than maybe one or two kills a day. He had little time to recover from his injuries, which lead to the eventual defeat in his last battle before the walls fell. He had been fighting the 11th division captain, and said captain had continually attacked at his wounds. Gabriel struggled to get a strike in edge wise due to the pain and constant assault, but it was useless. He would feel the blade drag down his chest twice, down either shoulder to his hips. The wounds were deep, and the amount of blood from them was enough to take him from the waking world. He would hear the captain leave before he even hit the ground, and as he lost consciousness, he thought that this might really be the end for him. Moments before he embraced slumber, he could hear the faintest of footsteps rushing towards him, and a voice he couldn't understand.

He would come to survive the fall of Los Noches, but with it came the disperse of the espada. He would take refugee in the ruins of Los Noches with Ayane Mai Hoshi‏    the fourth espada. She had looked over him after the battle in los noches, he had been severely injured in the struggle. He protects her if she needs it, often seen being softer to her than anybody else. She reminds him of a time when he once took care of people, but he can't recall when that might have been. Finding some sort of himself in her actions, he devotes much of his time to being around her and making sure she is safe. Although he is aware that he is being kind to her, which go against his principles, he disregards them. As time goes on, he waits for the time when he can fight again, longing for the taste of battle like the old days.    

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Gabriel Zeil

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