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 Ayane Mai Hoshi

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Ayane Mai Hoshi

Ayane Mai Hoshi

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Ayane Mai Hoshi  Tumblr_mmyt702uio1rh0m1xo1_500_zpsb8c085bf
"Without cruelty there is no festival."


Name: Ayane Mai Hoshi
((Ayane - means Kimono Design, Mai - Dance, Hoshi - Star.))

Alias: Aya, Princess Kaguya, Ice Princess

Age: 1134

Visual Age: 18

Gender: Female

Reiatsu Color: White

Hollow Hole Location: Left Hip

Affiliation: Member of The Espada

Rank: Espada Number 4

Aspect of Death: Vanity



With skin the color of milky translucent porcelain, her ever so long deep mahogany hair accentuates her play complexion.  If in a upright position her hair would descend down to her knees, flowing down into corkscrew curls.  The hair that would to have framed her gentle face is fashion into loose braids that fall down both sides of her face.  Undisclosed to most persons if you were to lift up Ayane's hair and look at the nape of her neck a recognizable four is scrawled on her flesh.

Taking a general review of Ayane's body is rather petite standing stature of five foot six inches tall.  In regards to her chest size it is rather generous as it being cupped at a C.  Her appendages are fairly sylphlike in size even her fingers follow suit to this. ((Definition of sylphlike - slender and graceful)) Her waist appears to be dainty and her hips being voluptuous, upon her left hip a extensive circular gap can be found this in turn is her Hollow Hole.  Now upon looking at her face it appears to look almost like china being almost fragile to the touch.  Her lips soft and subtle the color of them is almost but isn't bleached out completely moving up we would find her nose which is both thin and acute.  Again moving upwards we approach her eyes first we see her eyelashes which are robust.  Finally we come to her eyes which shine like a vivid emerald with a flex of gold inside.

Now in regards to embellishments which Ayane embodies quite a few of.  One of which she favors greatly is a beaded tourmaline bracelet that lays around her right wrist the beads follow a pattern of large small large small, the reason she favors this bracelet is do its color which is a pale yet clear pink with specks of red in it.  Another embellishment that she wears is usually the first thing a mans eyes will go to, it is located just above her cleavage this embellishment is fastened to her chest.  It consists of a coral red five petal flower inside the flower directly in the center is a yellow tourmaline gemstone.  A short green tassel hangs down from underneath the coral flower gently resting between her breasts.  Her most recently received embellishment is a hair clip that is located on the crown of her head, the cheapest yet well liked piece is designed from amber.  The amber is shaped liked cherry blossoms, there is three of them placed next to each other the three flowers are cushioned on top of a bed of white feathers.  The last embellishment she wore was a permanent fixture upon her it was in the shape of a crescent moon laying horizontally with the pointed ends of the moon pointed upwards.  This moon was the color of ivory and is placed between her eyebrows on the bridge of her nose the tips of the moon itself were not ivory colored but golden.  This moon in every aspect was the very remains of her hollow mask.  

When it comes to clothing Ayane appears usually in her kimono but unlike the normal way a kimono is to be worn she wears it in a more sultry manor.  She only wears three part of the kimono when technically a kimono has a total of seventeen parts.  The parts that she wears consist of a nagajuban which is the under kimono which consists of the haneri collar that is normal sticking out and being seen when wearing a traditional kimono. Next part she wears is the kimono itself.  And finally a obiage which is normally a scarf wrap the goes over top a obi itself.

Ayane's nagajuban is of sheer lavender color with a white ornate haneri collar, normally no one would be able to see the kimono itself but only the haneri collar but since she casually wears her kimono down past her shoulders one could easily see this kimono without any trouble.  Over top of the nagajuban you see her favorite kimono which is both a pale baby blue and royal blue.  The royal blue would be found around what would her collar, ends of her sleeves, and the very bottom of her kimono.  Around the edges of the royal blue you see a piping of gold thread these same gold is present within the royal blue, inside of the blue there are small gold five petal flower designs.  Beside that part the rest of the overall kimono is a pale blue.  Keeping her kimono in place Ayane has a deep rich purple obiage wrapped around her waist multiple times and tied in the back with a giant bow.

The kimono is kept in a very casual manner showing a lot of Ayane's skin, firstly it is draped off her arms exposing a lot of skin from her shoulders, back, chest and arms.  Then near the bottom of the kimono she splits it open a inch above the knees showing off her bare legs.  With most kimonos one is to wear a special pair of socks and shoes known as zori and tabi, but Ayane disregards this and is usual found barefoot.  The reason as to why she wears this instead of that of a arrancars outfit is simply due to the fact of the class of beauty that of a arrancars outfit she finds it dull and unappealing being the aspect of vanity beauty always comes first.

Though barefoot most of the time Ayane barely places her feet down upon the ground but instead manipulates reishi underneath her in a form of a platform.  She sits upon this platform and floats around she in turn uses this reishi as her means of transportation.

Overall looking at Ayane and all aspects she herself looks almost as if she was a traditional ornate japanese doll.


Ayane is a very honest women when it comes to those she are close with but when around those she is unfamiliar with she seals herself up like a closed book not letting a word out to the other person.  She does not judge people for what they say but what they do, she can easily read others simply by their body language and can tell if they are a person she wish to occupy or not.  If my chance from reading the body language they appear hostile she won't hesitate to smite them with her powers to the point they put themselves out of their misery.

She can be rather ruthless when it comes to battle, she will show no remorse as one dies if even a friend of her were to die she wouldn't show much remorse the reason for this if they died on the battlefield they either die doing something they love or protecting something the wish to have protected.  This at times can be contradicted as she has the very caring side to her to those she is close to.  But this is not forced if she were to see someone being slaughtered on the battlefield she would not run up to them and drag them out of the battlefield and bandage them up.  They would need to have the common sense and step off the battlefield themselves before she would tend them.  In a manner of speaking this was how she came to care for Gabriel.

She also can be negative at times thinking why does one have to fight if they know very well they are gonna lose and die.  Why fight and die when you can live tomorrow.  This does not mean she will run away from a battle if challenged and she fears she might lose.  But she doesn't like the thought that people going into battle know they might just very die in battle and be okay with it.

Laziness is a major issue with Ayane, if she doesn't have to do anything she won't.  Plain and simple a example is she floats on a reishi platform as her means of movement instead of walking.  I guess this was psychologically implanted due to the fact she doesn't even need to lift a figure while using her ress to kill someone.

She can also be emotionally unattached in the aspects of love due to a past events she simply locked this feeling up thinking there is no such thing as love and never again touch the feeling.  Except a small amount of this feeling is leaking out of the dam she place up protecting this emotion when it comes to when she hangs out with Gabriel, we will have to wait and see how this comes to light.

And finally Ayane is vain, almost to vain for one single person.  She cares almost to much on material things and appearance that she can overlook certain things in her life.  When it comes to encountering another women Ayane would look her over and if she fells as if she might be a threat to Ayane's beautiful she would make the women swiftly kill themselves.



Human Life -
As a human Ayane was born into a family of kimono makers that personal made kimonos for the royal court of Japan.  She was raised rather well never missing a meal and being able to eat healthy, unlike many others.  She was born having both parents there and also having a older sister who she looked up to very much.  Her sister was only three years older then herself and she usually watched over and protected Ayane.  While growing up one could see that Ayane was rather popular amongst that of the neighborhood boys simply due to being very beautiful.  What set her apart from that of other girls in the neighbor was her almost flawless complex and vibrant emerald green eyes.

Her eyes even brought the attention to older men and even the royal court.  Men came to the family asking her parents if they were ever to want to sell her, of course the answer was no they loved Ayane very dearly.  By this time rumor was spreading of Ayane that it even reached the ears of her sister who was at the moment working within the royal court as a ladies maiden to the queen.  Thinking nothing of it at the time she wrote to Ayane that her name was appearing within the court in good favour and that when she was age she should head to the palace and ask for a place within the court.

Like her sister recommended she joined the court when she became of age having not seen her sister face to face in a total of three years she was finally resaw each other after so long.  To Ayane's sister surprise she had grpwn into a real women that three years she had changed from the little girl she once was.  Like when living at home her appearance drew alot attention to those of the men within the court.  Ayane would normally ignore this but the crown prince, the king and queen's only son started to fall for her as well.

Within a year she was engaged to the prince, her parents where ever so happy to marry their daughter off to the prince.  But this made Ayane's sister isanely jealous to see her younger sister to be married before her.  The part that annoyed her the most was the fact Ayane was only there for a year and she herself was there for now four years, working on the prince.  While Ayane did nothing and he came for her instead.   A week before the wedding Ayane and her sister went to one of their families cottages, this cottage was beside a beautiful river that the two of the used to play in when they were young.  Feeling nostagic Ayane stepped into the river and beckoned her sister to join her which she did.

As her sister came in she turned away looking into the clear river.  At this point a very sharp pain started radiating from her head and she found herself laying in the river.  This pain was caused by that of her sister though she didn't know that until rolling over and looking at her sister as she was holding a rock.  What happened next was to fast for that of Ayane to understand.  Her sister dropped the rock and came rushing towards Ayane pushing her down with a tackle.  She then mounted up ontop of Ayane chest pressing down onto Ayane's ribs knocking out Ayane's last breath, she took her hands and wrapped them around Ayane's neck pushing her head under the water.  Having no breath to hold she grasped for air but being underwater all she was taking in was water itself so within a minute died with water having completely filled her lungs, Ayane was only fourteen at the time of her death.

Early Spirit Life -
Having finally reopening her eyes she found herself laying down in a river.  Like any normal person she tried standing up but couldn't a sudden heaviness weighed on her.  She looked and saw chains wrapped up and down her body and located its origin which was her chest.  Her first instanct was to call for help but to no aww no one ever came to rescue.  The growing fear that was to drown in this river, for some reason something clicked in her that she had already done that having never knowing why she was here the fear that she had died finally hit her.

She had finally come to grips of her death within a weak of be stuck in the river but she be damned if she were to stay here.  She tried wiggling out of her chains after of endless wiggling after two weeks she got her arms out of the bondage of the chains.  She had to get out of the chains and the only thing she could think of was to go for the source, so she started tugging at the chain coming out of her chest.  She realized that doing this was gonna cause her great pain and she could feel it running all through her body but she could feel the chains start loosening up little did she know the chains weren't loosening up but disappearing and becoming shorter.

She did this for over three months none stop screaming the whole time by doing this once almost reaching for months she could finally move.  What was left of her chain as only that of three inches.  Thinking she could finally relax cause she could move she gets out of the river and sits on a rock on the riverside. After taking a few days to relax from all the pain she experienced it was to late the chain was gone and what appeared where the chain was? It was a gaping hole.  Once seeing the whole a rush of energy sparked up inside and outside of Ayane engulfing her in a bizarre light.

Newborn Hollow -
Once the engulfing light disappeared there Ayane stood as a small sprite like creature with a rose shape appendage and wing attached to her back.  She was in a daze she didn't know who or what she was but all she could regonize was a hunger brewing within her.  What she hungered she wasn't sure of but she knew she needed to satisfy it.  Using her newly made wings she takes off to look for food after hours of fly she came across a delicious smell she then followed this smell for a while and came across a young man.  The young man was a traveling swordsman not fully sure who to eat she sat upon his shoulder, after a few minutes something happened small like vine appendages came flying out of rose and entered the nape of the mans neck.  Unsure of what was going on the answers started to come forth the hunger she had been feeling was then starting to die down.  Put as soon as it started to die down she became even hungrier.  Soon within a hour the man collapse down on the ground dead from his soul being eaten, as Ayane  was off looking for her next victim.

This way of feeding keep going for twenty years, she had a few chance encounters some with fullbringers, Shinigami and other Hollows.  But thanks to her size was able to avoid being killed by any of them.  But one day the feeding of humans no longer help deal with Ayane's hunger so at this point she knew she needed to find large pray to feed on.  The only thing she could think of to eat was other hollows she knew if she wasn't careful that she would be easily eaten herself.  Being small came to her help when eating other hollows she could sneak up behind them and sit on their back and they would never notice.  Just like she thought this did help weaken her hunger.  She used this same tactic for five years until she was so full she started to transform into a menos, before becoming a menos Ayane could eat two or three hollows a week.

Gillian Arc  -
Ayane had then awaken to a new found hunger a hunger she herself had never had experienced with this hunger she was now taken form into a new being.  This being was the next step in the evolutionary chain of a hollow, she was reborn as a gillian or to some called a menos grande.  This part of her history is hard for Ayane of the present day to remember details as it being very vague.

When in this stage Ayane was not the size she was accustomed to being sprite size she was now a towering beast that only hungered for more.  Staying with the other Menos in the forest of menos you would be able to be noticed even with a swarm of other menos.  How she stood out was her mask unlike the others who had the same mask matching masks with the long pointed out nose hers was rather flat mask with small hints of gold designs upon it.  As a beast she took the opportunity to fill her hunger the best she could possibly do and by that she had resorted to cannibalism by eating her fellow menos grande and even at times taking the treat of a rare delicacy of freshly made Adjuchas who might be lurking within the menos forest.

Though hard to kill the Adjuchas within the menos forest is only targeted the one that freshly made, ones who were sure of what was going on.  Though in comparison in strength the Adjuchas were stronger then that of a Gillian using her overwhelming size she would try stepping on them as if they were bugs.  At times she might get lucky and be able to get them in one go but if they were to run off would disregard them and let them run off.  She knew though if she were to step on them they would be crushed under her foot if not to the point closest to death but one choose enough to paralysis them for a moment which gave her just enough time to grab them and throw them into her gaping mouth.

Though the process of killing the Adjuchas were hard she had only gotten two whole Adjuchas in her whole time as a menos.  Though spending at two hundred years as a menos that was all she could ever to get her hands on.  The rest of the time she spent hunting her fellow brother menos.

Adjuchas Arc -
After many years Ayane finally reached past of the Menos/Gillian level and entered the Adjuchas level, within this level she started to learn what her true power was.  But firstly when firstly being recreated as a Adjuchas was a new feeling for her.  She was no longer huge like when she was a Menos she took a more human like appearance, her golden tinted mask was located where it would be upon her face but her body color that was once black was now a dull gray and a large white rose grew from her shoulders up all the way to her neck.  Giving her a collar like look her hands took a wooden like branch appearance up to her elbows.

Again like before in the previous stage her hunger started to grew even more causing her to stay a cannibal eating her own kind.  Being elusive Ayane stayed within the Menos Forest as the prey was more aboundate having menos and freshly made adjuchas there.  In the beginning she mainly targeted menos taking bites of them here and there after a few years of doing this the Menos could no longer help the hunger she had.  It was like a pebble being dropped in a lake of water completely useless in the attempts of filling it.

So she needed a better prey and which she started going after newly made adjuchas, to her surprise the feeling of eating them greatly filled her hunger but once the hunger died down it came back twice as hard.  During this period of eating Adjuchas she noticed something when she would attack someone instead of them attacking her they would jump a few feet away and started attacking something but nothing being there, later she learned that she could inplant images into someones mine making them seeing things that were never there.

As time came when her hunger was getting harder to fill up she knew she could no longer stay within the Menos Forest why well because yes there were Menos by the hundreds in here but they wouldn't do the trick.  Adjuchas themselves were hardly seen within the forest unless they were freshly made but that only happens very rarely maybe once in a few years.  Adjuchas once coming to their senses usually head upwards to the desert of Hueco Mundo usually in groups of three or four. Ayane thought about it and decided to head upwards to Hueco Mundo thinking of the possible groups being three times the amount of what she was normally used to when it comes to meals.

When coming up topside she was surprised at how vast the land was and how open it was.  It was nothing like what the forest was like being a slightly used to the forest she knew she needed to quickly adjust to her surrounds if she were to live in this world.  After about twenty years she was able to be completely in tone with her surroundings though she didn't come across alot of prey when she did she happily devoured them.

The lands within the vast Hueco Mundo was dull not much happened, until one day she caught view of a battle between what she believed where called arrancars she only learned this word from a prey she kicked many years ago.  They were hollows but at the same time not hollows in a aspect as they didn't look like what a hollow would normally look like.  Amazed as the match she watch it from a careful distant from what they could tell they were fighting over a position, not sure what that meant she continued watching them.  How they fought made Ayane feel weak in comparison, they used moves that she had never seen before and before long the battle was over only one stood as victor a young man.  Not thinking she clapped her hand in applause of his fight.

Having heard the clapping the man appeared before Ayane and looked straight at her.  Scared at how the man looked at her she feared he was gonna kill her.  Using her ability at this point having mastered it escaped leaving the man in complete confusion.  Once getting a decent distance away from him she reviewed the battle within her mind and she decided she want to be strong just like him.  Admiring him she worked hard for about one hundred and fifty years.

During this time she worked hard on fighting other Adjuchas, she kept doing this to the point she learned to fight exhaustion even when presented with fighting a adjuchas that were far harder then her. After a fifty years into her training she learned that it was becoming harder and harder to find a worthy opponent and near the end of the the one hundred and fifty year she was finding it hard to find any adjucha opponents even worthy to fight.

Birth of the rare Vasto Lorde -
Skipping ahead after hundred and fifty years we see Ayane having come to a new level, no longer a adjuchas but that a vasto lorde.  This transformation came from her desire to be stronger. Taking the rank of Vasto Lorde came with a new look as well for Ayane.  She looked similar to shape of that of the arrancars looking like a human.  Firstly her hollow mask now formed fit upon her face unlike before her body which was once gray in appearance is now white the overall look gives her a more female appearance showing her curves.  The rose that was once place around her neck like a collar was no longer apparent instead a long opening front skirt connect to her waist wrapping around her back had become the most out standing feature.  The skirt still similar yet not to the collar had a flower based look to it, unlike before it looking like it rose it looked as though it was over whelming amount of flower petals that were connected together forming the skirt.  The final added which was show was her hair, which flowed down her back whimsically the hair color was the a glistening silver color.

Having fallen in love with her appearance she hoped that she would meet the arrancar once more in the attempts to show him she was so weak anymore.  That opportunity came and on that day she was amazed to see him again since it had been a long time since she had seen him she wasn't sure he was even still alive.  He recognized her and told her he was impressed on how she used her ability to escape him, she in turn told him after seeing his fight she was inspired to good stronger.  He nodded and stated he could see that but he also stated since they last met he had gotten stronger himself.  Back then he told her he was only rank as Espada ten and now he was espada four.

Amazed out how he had got stronger she asked if the two could spar together she wanted to know how much further she needed to train.  Not telling him it was so she could stand beside him on the battlefield.  He agreed to this and so they begun a sparring match between them the match was hardcore to the point that it could be seen for over a mile away.  The match was heated in a way that ceros were being set off ever three seconds.  Though Ayane knew she couldn't even compare to the arrancar she held her own for a little while against him using illusions to constantly confuse him which in turn made her exhausted as Ayane panted on her knees the man walked over to her.

Once finally appearing in front of her he asked if she would be his fraccion.  Confused she as to what means she asked him what it was, he told her that she would basically work beside him.  Surprised at his request though out of breathe still was able to scream out yes.  With a smile he told her she couldn't go there looking the way she did now and told her she would have to rip off her mask.  Scared off what might happened if she were to rip her mask took the word from the man that she would be alright.  Reaching upwards grabbing it my the jaw line she ripped it off in a upward movement leaving behind a small piece of it.

Life of Servitude -
Once removing the mask like the man said to do, everything changed first the pain of the mask hit her in they way that tears came rolling down her face.  But ultimately her appearance changed she no longer looked like what she need before as a vasto lorde firstly all the skirt she was fashioned in degenerated into what looked like a fine white powder, then her skin took a different look it was no longer white and firm but a very peachy color and soft in a way.  Finally her once sparkling white hair was now the the color of brown.  Completely confused she looks up at the man with tears still in her eyes.

The mans face completely puzzled her even more he was smiling, why was he smiling was he smiling because the pain she was feeling shortly she figured why he was smiling.  It was because she now had joined the race of arrancars.  He extended his hand to the naked Ayane and brought her up to her feet wrapping one arm behind her back, he told her that he was gonna take her to los noches to live in the castle with the other arrancars.

Like a lost puppy she followed him to the castle once there he handed her clothes and showed her to a room saying this was to be where she would live from now on.  Happy for being able to be with him she started living as if a maid for him always trying to make him happy, as she had fallen in love.  But though she tried to her hardest to make him happy he she could never do so he was always mad at her and showed it by hitting her and beating her to the point of deaths door.

She could never understand as to why when he was once so nice to her, and now so mean to her.  She started noticing things when she first arrived he told her that other arrancars live within the castle but to her understanding she never once saw any.  She loved the man and even a few times told him, even knowing that information he never showed her the kindness of saying it back.  It finally dawned on her after piecing it all together he was simply using her almost like a slave.

Rise of a Espada -
Once it all dawned on her Ayane was furious she couldn't understand as to how and why she respected him.  She was filled with the urge to kill him and nothing was ever gonna stop that. So took this drive and started training to learn how to expertly use her resurreccion, know full well not to show it to him. The reason as to why she wouldn't show him this simply cause she wished to surprise him with it as to his knowledge he didn't know that she even knew what a resurreccion was. The only reason that she knew what this was, was when she watched his battle back when she was a Adjuchas.

The one day after spending three years training herself he asked her to do something for him and she then quickly responded with do it yourself caught off guard he turned to her with anger in his face but as he turned to her she was already within her resurreccion.  He went to draw his blade but when looking down it was gone wondering what had happened to it he looks up and Ayane was holding it.  But truthfully it was always beside him this was merely a illusion.

This was the very first time she had ever used her resurreccion so both of them was not sure what to expect, her resurreccion was more or less a powering up of her original abilities but given it harder chances of breaking it.  She threw the sword back towards him this time unsheathed at this point he figured it was nothing but a illusion so he didn't dodge it.  As the sword came shooting at him it stabbed its way right through his shoulder in turn the man felt it as if it was really in him.  He would try to pull it out but no matter how hard he tried it wouldn't budge not even a inch.

The struggled kept going as Ayane watched him with a smile, with each time he would now pull the further it went into him, as if feeling all this pain he screams in agony.  At this point vines started to grow up his legs binding them together cause the man to fall forward onto his stomach hitting his head at the same time onto the ground.  The vines were but mere illusions but the falling was his own fault but not knowing what realty was anymore it was figured he would fall.  Upon impact of the ground he happened to crack his head open on the ground.  With blood rushing down his face and in agony he tries to push up off the ground at this point two giant thorns come down piercing both of his hands.  At this point his screams were ever so violent.

Having given up fight her he pleads to be released and that he will be nice to her from now on.  She said with a gentle smile if u wish to be released bite off your own tongue and drown in your blood.  At this point the man started coughing up blood why you may ask while he may be looking at Ayane he wasn't really looking at her at all, he was looking merely at a illusion using misdirection she really slipped behind and grabbed his sword and stabbed once into both lungs.  So the reason he was coughing up blood was cause his very lungs were filling up with blood.  He died within minutes in agonizing pain though if he could had seen passed the illusions he would have lived but being ignorant it spelled to his demise.  After dying Ayane took the liberty to devour his soul.  Shortly after having killed him Ayane was given the rank of Espada Four.[b]

Blue Moon War & Post War Time -
[b]By the time the war hit which would be called the Blue Moon War that mainly was between both the shinigami and arrancars Ayane was position as espada four many years.  The war itself was brutal having lost three espadas ranked sixth, seventh and tenth.  Ayane was worried that moral of the arrancars would soon drop and they would lose the war.  Just as she thought the moral of the overall espadas dropped and they were being pushed back to the point that the Shinigami won the war.

Though in the beginning it wasn't all that hard as Ayane dealt with waves of young shinigami with ease and without much effort at all.  The longer the war went it she would start to get exhausted as any person would.  Upon a battle with a captain and his lieutenant Ayane was easily being over powered but with clever illusions and misdirections took the moment to flee and head towards the ruins of los noches  till the end of the war.

Nearing the end of the war she came across a wounded arrancar, this in turn was the first espada named  Gabriel Zeil.  Gabriel was in very bad condition to the point he was closer to death then he was to living.  To most arrancar this would be the time to kill him and take his rank but Ayane could care less for his rank but more for his health, carefully caring for him Gabriel was brought back from the brink of death.

After he was healed Gabriel and Ayane both parted, this was not the end of the two after taking care of him Ayane started to fall for him not having felt this way since she first met the previous fourth espada it was odd to shake.  It didn't help when Gabriel popped in once in a while.  The two started to become what might call friends neither of the two really knowing what that might me.  One day though Gabriel came to visit her and gave her a present the present being a pink tourmaline bracelet.  Falling in love with the bracelet Ayane even to this day always wears it where ever she goes.

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