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 Alastair Knightfield

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PostSubject: Alastair Knightfield    Alastair Knightfield  Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2014 1:01 am


Name: Alastair Knightfield

Alias: Al

Age: 250

Visual Age: 25

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Red/Orange

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Division: 9th Division 1st Division

Rank: Lieutenant Class


Appearance: Alastair has the appearance of a young man in his early twenties. He  has a light caramel skin tone with midnight blue eyes with a purple tent. He has a blackish gray hair color dressed in spiky short tips. He has a slim swimmers build with a very visible six pack. His shoulders and arms  are a more fair caramel then the rest of his body. There also well toned and sculpted for his age.

His lower body consists of strong firm legs and well defined calf’s. Alastair weighs about 175 pounds of lean muscles. He height is 5’11 with a waist of 36 inches. While in battle he may seem shorter due to his zanpakuto being about to change its length.  Also in battle he may seem weak and naive teenager with the appearance of a waiter. But in actuality he is a strong warrior of the soul society.

Alastair has a beautiful seductive smile, which is complemented by his pearl white teeth and smooth light pink lips. His midnight blue eyes are surrounded by narrow eyelids and soft think eyebrows. His ears  are a fair size there also well sculpted. His hair is very rough yet manageable seeing as the longest strand only touched the back of his neck. He has a very small soft nose that complements his eyes and mouth giving him his sex appeal.

Personality: :Alastair’s a very relaxed person. He loved free time to himself and enjoys sleeping his days away. He usually ignores everything besides thing that help him reach his goals or whatever he’s doing. He focuses only on the positive thing and thing that makes things better for others. There’s are times were his ego gets the best of him and he reacts on impulse by wildly lunging at a person on yelling. Other then that he is a very passive person he intends to let peoples rude comments and attitudes be fuel to his goals and passions. He enjoys studying other people and learning human behavioral Patterns which makes his a curious person.

He comes off as a happy person around people also smiling and lifting up others. When he is sad or upset he tends to isolate himself from other to regroup. When alone he only has one goal to hone his abilities and skills which usually leaves him with a serious side. Towards his enemies he will present himself as a serious opponent but also he will as if he were trying to get into his opponents head. He often tries to replicate professor behavior.

He is very fascinated by fighting. He enjoys partaking in them but even more watching them. While fighting his personality changes the most . He takes serious to the next level by adding sadistic movements and hostile attacks. He at the start of the fight he will become an Analyst constantly blocking attack with his sword to adjust to his opponents current strength and fighting patterns.




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PostSubject: Re: Alastair Knightfield    Alastair Knightfield  Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2014 11:43 pm

Approved with 3500 EXP.

Have fun!
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Alastair Knightfield

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