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 Carpophorus Fera [DONE]

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PostSubject: Carpophorus Fera [DONE]   Carpophorus Fera [DONE] Icon_minitimeFri Feb 28, 2014 10:03 am


Name: Carpophorus Fera (Pronunciation: Car poh fo ruhs Feh rah)

Alias: Juggernaut, Gatekeeper; casually goes by Fera, not Carpophorus

Age: 2045

Visual Age: 8 (A lion's lifespan spans 15 years. So counting in dogs' years, which also live around 15 , the visual age would be around 50)

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: White; Colorless

Hollow Hole Location: Central on the area where the belly button would be. Around 20 cm in diameter.

Affiliation: Espada

Rank: Segunda

Aspect of Death: Stupor


Appearance: Carpophorus' appearance is quite unusual for a Hollow, not to mention for an Arrancar. His body is that of a bipedal anthropomorphic lion with glistening white-gold fur. From top to bottom, he makes for quite the fierce image of an Espada. He is an imposing 9 ft / 2.75 m in height and weighs around 660 lbs / 300 kg. He is an extremely heavy and sturdy being that is composed of almost complete muscle. His beast-like features don't end with appearance alone. Whilst his extremely sharp fangs and bone-crushing claws look quite fierce, it is also his eyes, ears and nose that bare feline quality. Whilst his eyesight is below that of normal humanoid Hollows, his nose is several times better than that of any normal Arrancar. It goes to such lengths that he can smell those approaching him without having to rely on the sensing of Reiatsu. Furthermore, his ears are even better than that of any worldly feline creature. It is said that there is nothing in Las Noches that can escape his hearing. Anything that goes down within the halls of the castle of Hueco Mundo is at least heard by him should it emit sound. Furthermore, his eyes work especially good in the dark. While in light they are worse than that of any normal Hollow or Arrancar.

Starting from the top, his head is quite large and bulky. From it, white dread-like hair extends to form a mane that goes down to his shoulders. His two comparably small, yet extremely functional ears stick out from his mane diagonally towards the sky. They can be moved independently and allow for directional hearing. A small and stern-looking forehead, covered by Carpophorus' mask fragment, a small v-structured diadem, leads down to intricate markings that encase his eyes. Whilst they are relatively small in relation to his head size, his pupils make up for that fact as they are extremely large and shine in a fluorescent blue. His snout is somewhat short for a lion. It is one of the few completely egg-white areas of his body. His brown, broad rhinarium (the leathery part of the nose one sees on felines) is one of his less conspicuous parts, yet one of his most important ones, as his sense of smell is several times that of any normal Arrancar. In fact, he can discern the Espada through their sense of smell extremely well. From there, the black-outlined jaws are somewhat small, but likely the most lethal part of his anatomy. His claws don't even compare to his fangs. Whilst he doesn't like attacking with them, should anyone or anything get between them, Carpophorus could easily maul it to oblivion. Even steel is not a problem for these teeth. Because his fangs are aligned as a scissor-like structure, Carpophorus can effectively shear anything to nothingness. His roundabout mane covers his chin and neck for the largest part.

From his significantly broad shoulders, his thick and muscular arms extend, that he is not afraid to proudly present. They tell a lot about his physical strength that is top-ranked among the Espada. At the end are his big paws, from which the right bares the number 2, signifying his rank and strength. Supported by his underarm strength, his grip is able to crush bone and crush rock and tether most any sort of flesh. It is hard to find a Hierro that can withstand his grip. At the tip of his fingers lie his retractable claws that are able to crush rock under them. They are extremely dangerous and as a hand-to-hand combatant, one must watch out for them. His defined and densely packed muscles show even under the jungle of fur that hides their true nature. It is said that his chest can take any amount of punches and come out unscathed. Below that, his belly reveals an abdomen that has been trained for countless years and is packed to near explosion. His back is also bulky and toned and would probably take several tons of force to break under the piles of flesh and muscle. His upper body and its strength is only able to reach its heights because it is supported by his hips, groin and highly sturdy legs.

Usually the only section that is concealed with clothes, half of his Hollow hole can normally still be seen as it appears as a half circle just above his pelvis. His lower body still packs insane strength. His hips are slightly slimmer than his shoulders and densely packed with fur and muscle like the rest of his body. Carpophorus usually uses the typical Arrancar black-white attire to cover his groin and part of his legs with skirt-like trousers that run down to his knees as well as loose pants that have the same length as the trousers. His thick legs resemble trunks that he uses for jumping power way above that of any normal being. They are aligned similarly to a real lion's hind legs and pack force way above average due to the concertina of the bones and muscle. Because of his feline leg structure, the dangerous hits coming from him are the kicks. Whilst his punches are surely under the strongest among the Espada, the instantaneous force he can produce with his legs is highly destructive. At the end of his legs are his feet. Carpophorus has kept the trait of walking directly on his toes which allows him to leap further, to walk without leaving significant tracks and move around making almost no sound. His Sonido is extremely quiet due to this fact. He is also able to navigate through rough terrain thanks to the structure of his feet.

Overall, Carpophorus' physiognomy is also similar to that of a real feline. One can read his mood by analyzing the way he points his ears, how wide his eyes are opened or if he shows his teeth or not. He can even purr at times of extreme relaxation. But whilst his appearance and anatomy is similar to that of a feline, his intelligence has recovered to that of a human from that of a stump beast. He is no one to take lightly and can appear extremely fearsome. It is even told that his roar can heighten the morale of his companions and release waves that shatter their surroundings. One should definitely not be thrown off by his unorthodox and un-Hollow-like appearance when confronting him, be it conversational or combative. He is the Segunda Espada for a reason. The title of the second strongest Arrancar is not something he has received lightly or carries without being aware of its meaning. Additionally, Carpophorus rarely wears clothes. Next to covering his lower area, he will maybe wear a large white coat that he strips over his arms and hangs open and loosely from his shoulders.


The Warrior

First and foremost stands Carpophorus' sense as a warrior. It is the sole thing that has governed his life for 1600 years before gaining the ability of true intelligence and reason and it has carried on through his soul. The spirit of a warrior, fighting for survival has never died out. He can still vaguely remember the feeling of standing in the Colosseum during his human life, and in honesty he would have to admit that it is the most natural feeling to him. To be in battle, to fight is like second-nature to him. The mindset of survival of the fittest, kill or be killed, hunter and hunted is something prevalent that will never ultimately die out. Whilst he has started to dislike the fact that he can't get rid of that mindset since he came an Arrancar, it is an attitude that proves itself useful in times of calamity. Ultimately, Carpophorus is a fighter in his core and that is something that no amount of knowledge and enlightenment can change.

It is a behavior that makes itself especially noticeable during battle. Once engaged in a fight, there is very little that can halt him. He is extremely ferocious and strong-willed in battle. As soon as he enters combat, there is a switch that turns. It enables him to cast away rationality without a second thought. For a part, it brings him back to the state of Stupor that he had snapped out of ever since becoming an Arrancar. Over the years, he has learned to control his ferocity and it proves itself as his most basic weapon during war, as he can simply turn off reason and activate his indombinable will at his whim. It is next to impossible to dominate both his mind and body during that phase.

The Gatekeeper

Probably the part of him that he deems the most important. Ever since his moment of illumination when he snapped out of his stupor, Carpophorus has been eternally thankful to the previous Segunda Espada for sparing his life and working so hard to make him enrich Las Noches and the King of Hollows. And because of his gratitude, the fact that he must stand tall for the castle will never change, as well as the fact that he has become sterner and more obstinate than before. There is next to nothing that can make him question his morale deeply enough for him to be moved about it. Of course he thinks a lot, but generally, he is someone who looks straight-ahead without care what lies on the side of the path. Generally, the only one that can convince him of something that he thought differently before is himself. He is an obelisk of Las Noches that will fall when Las Noches falls.

It makes itself noticeable in his behavior, as there is literally no one and no amount of persuasion that could make him give up the position as gatekeeper of Las Noches. Being the one who had rebuilt Las Noches stone by stone after its destruction, he knows every corner and every little pathway within the gargantuan structure. He pays extreme to everything that takes place within the castle. Should there be internal fights between the Arrancar, even among the Espada he is the one that will set them into the White Desert before starting to destroy the castle. Taking extreme care of the limestone walls, his stubbornness has manifested itself in the will to keep Las Noches safe for both the previous Segunda Espada, his own race and for the benefit of the Hollow King. He is something like bouncer of Las Noches and he has made it his primary to keep strife out of the castle.

The Student

Another trait that is distinctive for Carpophorus is his curiosity. Even though he is extremely stubborn and somewhat of a brute, he is thirsty for knowledge. Ever since he had realized that his life as a Hollow and Menos Hollow had been run on the basis of brutality and survival he decided that the gap of knowledge of 1600 years needed to be closed. There were many things that had run past him. Both in the human world as well as in the evolution of Hollows. In truth, his knowledge and wisdom after 400 years is very limited because the only real contact he had was with Jericho, who despite wise and knowledgeable had to admit that to be truly intelligent one had to have multiple sources of information. Ever since then, he had decided to strive for knowledge, even more than fighting. Whilst it is his second value in life, coming straight after protecting Las Noches, it is one of the few that makes itself noticeable in his general behavior, even outside of battle.

Carpophorus will think aloud most of the time. Wondering and asking questions everywhere. He has never made it his goal to ask anyone specifically. He enjoys conversation just as much as anything. Interested in what all the Espada have to say, he is interested in their wisdom and knowledge. Whilst all of them being somewhat apathetic among each other, there were several Arrancar that he found, albeit weaker than Espada, to be intelligent and having a lot of potential. He constantly seeks answers to questions. But it is not a restlessness within him, it is simply a thirst for knowledge that Carpophorus is very much at peace with. After having rationally experienced the pain Hollows have to go through, he accepted the fact that most Arrancar stay very close to their personality from days as a Hollow. Even though he contradicts this, as he as a Hollow could barely articulate and manhandled conversation like a savage, he has acknowledged the individuality within every Hollow. Nevertheless is he happy about anyone engaging into conversation with him.

The Loyal

Carpophorus' sense of affection is almost non-existant. He does not keep friends, he keeps companions for battle. He does not keep relationships, he keeps subordinates and is led by those stronger than him. It is an attitude that stems from the warrior-esque mindset he possesses. But it doesn't end there. It ends in loyalty to those that have proven themselves worthy to him by caring even the slightest bit for him, or being generally respectable people. He will follow those respected by most and those that were gentle to him. He is someone who repays favors and will not step down from his word. Carpophorus is an Arrancar that has cast away the Hollow ways of solitude, bestiality and violence. He stands loyal to himself and those above him or worthy to him. A quite peculiar way in which he combines his loyalty is that of war. He will leave everyone to die a prideful death. He does not believe in survival if oneself can't take responsibility for it. He will certainly leave someone to die if he should have lost a battle. Whilst not every battle is a battle of life and death, he will not interfere in fights that are not his, and that is something he also expects from his fellow Espada. Should someone obstruct this rule, he will be the one to at least lay in word. If it should happen within the confines of Las Noches, then he will act rigorously without restraint.

A general way in which his loyalty also makes itself noticeable is that of obedience. He believes in the intelligence of others, especially that of the Hollow King. He believes those that have power are wiser and smarter than him. Especially those older than 400 years are people he deems to be more intelligent than him, as his self-awareness has only happened after 1600 years from his 2000 year old life. Overall, he is not exactly a leader either. Should he be one to pass on the teachings he himself had become, he would pass on the fact that those with more wisdom than oneself are the ones that any person, be it Hollow, Shinigami or Human must respect regardless of their opinion of such a person. Respect for those who have gathered knowledge far above yours is the basis of becoming stronger. Overall, he likes to preach respect for the King of Hollows as well as the Espada to others. Though at times, he openly questions this respect.

The Prideful

Lastly, Carpophorus is no humble or timid creature. He is proud of his entire being. Proud of his strength, of his will, of the knowledge he has gathered and will gather in the future, of the fact that he had survived so long without any sort of real intelligence to cling to. He was the one that had survived many of those smarter than him, and despite that he sticks to laying low when it comes to talking to them. He is proud of Las Noches and of the Arrancar as a whole. There are very few things that can make him waver or question his pride. One of them was the destruction of Las Noches and the reverting of the Espada to the old ways of striving around the White Desert like nomads who are looking for the deepest pit of despair. But his will wasn't crushed. In fact, he came out stronger than before. Deciding to stay and rebuild Las Noches, Carpophorus realized that one of his greatest strengths was the fact that emotionally he had no loopholes. There was only pride and strength of will at the end of the line to him. Something he was proud of.

The fact that he is so extremely proud makes itself noticeable in the times he will simply walk around Las Noches making sure everything is safe. He also likes to call out the strength of the other Arrancar as well as his own. He admires strength and is prideful of it, even if it isn't his own. He likes the strong, be that in will, in body or in mind. If someone is strong in something, he will stand atop others naturally. And he is one of those people. Sticking to those that excel in specific qualities, Carpophorus also spends a lot of time trying to assess what sort of strengths Arrancars have. He also constantly tries to assess his own weaknesses. Less to be prepared for combat, but more to know what his advantages and beneficial traits are.

Ultimately, he is a quite unique Arrancar and a certainly great fit for the Segunda Espada. He takes the world around him seriously and never strays from his path. He will fight for survival and has his personal sense of loyalty for those around him. Carpophorus Fera is a man that stands for himself, not needing anyone beside him to talk about him. He will be there to do it himself.



Part 1 – Human life:

The Gladiator Carpophorus was born into the Roman Empire around 30 BC as an illicit son of a gladiator and a wife of a famous Quaestor. He was able to be kept and raised in secret, something which he payed a dear price for. His freedom and future. Carpophorus was shipped to Rome under the name of a slave worker together with his father, who had listed him as an orphan after a fellow gladiator had fallen in the ring. Naturally, he was then kept hidden under his father's name, who managed to create a reputation for himself.

As a weak link in the gladiator's stalls, Carpophorus was often beaten and scrutinized. The additional training was extremely straining on a young body such as his. But it would all shape a beast in the making. Often he would watch the famed Bestiarii fight wild animals in the ring. The most imposing ones for his young eyes were the graceful and strong lions, that stomped their human opponents into the ground over half of the time. It was then that Carpophorus found his resolve. He would become a lion and crush his opponents just like the real ones did.

It all started when his unshaped mind started to shape itself. Tracing the movements, behavior and demeanor of lions, Carpophorus quickly became a feral kid. It was then that his existence was taken note of. And after Curators did research, it was imminent that his father, as well as Carpophorus and his mother had to die. While he of course had no account of ever having parents, having been raised inside the Colosseum itself, he never noticed his father's sudden disappearance from his side. His mother was too far away for him to have even known about her, let alone notice that she was killed. And while he was supposed to be beheaded in front of his mother's husband, it was decided that he should be put to display in the ring.

And soon enough, he was pitted against a lion for the first time. Everybody had expected the procedure to be quick, brutal and hard. But against everyone's expectations, the boy who had traced the lions' movements and behavioral patterns, managed to survive through evasion long enough to be considered an enrichment for the Colosseum. At that day, his future was carved into stone.

He would go on to become one of the most famed Bestiarii ever. Daily training was put onto the feral boy. And by the age of 16, he had already killed many wild animals in fights. He was famed, prized and called for from then on. There were no animals he couldn't kill. Bisons, Lions, snakes, tigers, panthers and even once a ferocious gorilla. It all came to the sufficient sacrifice though. Carpophorus was losing his sanity. Day by day, fight after fight, slowly but surely, Carpophorus' mind was turning less and less human in nature. He started to lose all sense of reality. Because he had numbed himself down to become one of the very beings he had to kill, he was losing his sanity. The only thing he started to live for was survival in the ring. To stay alive, even if it meant to kill. Just like the lions.

Slowly but surely, his spirit turned into that of a lion. His mind warped into an animal-like state, completely degenerated of humane rationality . But his will grew day by day, it started to influence him strong enough for him to push his limits further every time he stood in the ring. He knew he had to go on. His strength was his indominable will. He wanted to survive and with fights getting only ever harder, he pushed himself past his limits again and again. Deadly injuries were not permitted anymore. It got to a point where Carpophorus' most famous achievement happened, around the age of 23. Barehanded, he slayed 20 lions in the ring at once. 20 of these wild, aggressive beasts that were all ready to claw his eyes out lied dead on the arena floor on that day and he was crowned the best Bestiarius by the emperor himself. He received the surname of “Fera” because of his reckless and ruthless fighting style and his inhuman behavior.

But the day on which he would fall became imminently closer. As his mind slowly decayed, Carpophorus was no longer viewed as an actual fighter. More and more, his battles against other animals didn't seem like the struggles of a human against the beasts. It didn't seem like a human triumphing over animals. It looked more like an animal was simply fighting another animal. And because of Carpophorus' stupor, it was decided that he was no longer listed as a gladiator, but an animal in combat. He was now no longer competitor to the gladiators. No longer was he kept alongside the other fighters, but with the animals in cages, ripping for the remains of food that they received to keep them hungry for prey.

And then one day, the famed and rumored Carpophorus stood no longer as the hunter in the ring, but as the hunted. The purpose of his existence was not to survive, but to fall as a prize for someone else. But he prevailed against gladiators. Even barehanded, was no one a match for him. But in a grand, battle royal of 20 on the single man known as Carpophorus Fera, he was utterly outnumbered and died, slaughtered on the very battlefield he lived for. That was his final languor. Dying as he lived. A wild animal, simply trying to survive.

Part 2 – Plus Life: The Lion

The shortest episode of his lifespan. Carpophorus, the boy barely turned man had died, and naturally his spirit was restless. His death had been abrupt and - to him - completely illogical. His spirit was still there. But it had changed. He felt his instincts more than ever. His senses had warped, and his ears and nose were so much better than before, albeit his eyesight was suffering. His body had been covered in fur and his face felt rougher than usual. He had deduced, that his appearance had drastically changed.

And in fact, he now seemed like a humanoid lion, walking on two legs, fangs and piercing blue eyes marking his face. He took that as a sign, that in truth he had never been a human, but was actually a lion all along. Just like all those he had killed, he was a lion. And what he now craved was revenge. Revenge for abusing those of his kind and even himself. But what could a mere spirit do? Nothing, was the answer. Slowly, but surely, Carpophorus succumbed to a deep hatred of humans and their ways of entertainment. His mind degenerated further, and his heart was filled with a lavishing  desire to slaughter humans. What started to crave now was not mere survival, but killing.

His increasingly dulled mind and heart reduced his ability to think clearly day by day. And the chain, that he had originally found in the spot of the fated wound that had caused his death, somewhere around his lower left abdomen, was slowly corroding away. After a while, he lost the ability to count the days. Then he lost the ability to speak properly. And soon, he found himself lurking on humans and desperately trying to hurt them in some way or the other. He could trace their smell, he could hear their steps so much clearer in the state that he was. And he detested those sounds, those scents of humans he picked up. Craving to beat them down more and more, he lost himself in insanity. He craved the power to hurt humans.

He was clinging to the hope that one day, he may find the power to finally devour humans the way he wanted to. To show them how it felt to be hunted like some lesser being. How to be treated like a savage being that didn't deserve anything but a fight for survival. And that hope was soon fulfilled. The chain that connected him to his living body rotted away. But to his own surprise, the pain he felt wasn't as much as he had expected it to be. It felt dampened by his own hatred and desire, his own strength of will seemed to suppress the writhing agony he expected to feel while his Chain of Fate died away and his life as a Plus ended.

Part 3 – Hollow Life: The Restless

It happened around 20 years after his death, that Carpophorus turned into a hollow. Only later would he realize what exactly he was. In his constantly degenerating state, he was unable to properly speak, let alone come to the thought of having a name. A quite large one at that. He was walking on all fours, a hard bone armor had covered his body. He would not yet know the extent of its utility and capabilities. At first, his mind was in state of rage. It took him around a month to finally realize what new capabilities he had. He was able to devour souls and attack humans. Living or dead didn't matter to him at that point anymore. Not like he was able to consciously make a difference between the two anyway. They would only prove as potent fodder for his desires. But the more he devoured and stilled his anger and hatred, the more he started to enjoy overpowering the humans and slaughtering their fragile bodies.

The will for revenge was being erased. In its place, the will for the devouring to never end was planted. For the sake of going on, to enjoy and bathe in the feeling of growing stronger, of being stronger than all the other, puny human souls that walked right before him, his savagery grew. Over the course of 10 years he continuously devoured human souls. On and on, without fail. there was nothing that was able to make him meet his end. In Rome, he wasn't alone. He was just one of many Hollows as he found out over time. He could go on unnoticed. Not yet did he have the strength to be realized by others. But that time would come, and so it did.

It happened that the first Shinigami made an appearance before him. Without halt, he slaughtered this new and undiscovered being. And instantly, his soul craved the taste of this being's soul. It was a wonder how easily it was squashed by him. And then, the feeling of the strength of existences similar to the tasteful soul fulfilled him. Carpophorus had discovered the strong presences. He had inspected the feeling and impression they left behind. And at that moment, his powers exploded. Around 10 years after becoming a Hollow, his innate abilities surfaced.

His legs started running. They didn't stop. His mind wouldn't rest until he found all of these presences. Until he devoured all of these presences. He was being drawn to them, and just like during all the times in the arena, he just drove himself. He wanted more, he wanted to be faster, better and stronger. He wanted to reach these beings, pound them into the ground, feel the rush of instincts and satisfaction. And as a wonder to him, this time his body didn't stop. Without pouring much energy into running, Carpophorus just kept on moving. For days at a time, getting faster by the minute. Without the need to rest or pause, his body seemed to carry itself, faster and faster, stronger and stronger. There was nothing to hold him, not even nature was able to stop him. No weather, no rocks, no trees or seas halted him.

He ran across the fields in days, reaching all across continents in an equivalent matter of seconds. And thus, he was able to satisfy his hunger. Again and again. He found these existences. Sweeping them off their feet, breaking them and feasting on their soul, Carpophorus never stopped running, never stopped getting faster, only gaining strength and speed. His feet swept across the land, never did he stay in the same place. He ran all the way from the Roman Empire to the Chinese Kingdom in a week's time. And he came back in only 2 days. His steady gain in speed and power was immense. The more he feasted, the faster he got. The faster he got, the more he could feast. But then one of these beings came to stop him in his tracks.

It was a strong version of one of these tasty souls. Carpophorus noticed its strength instantly. His instincts screamed to run away, to turn away. But it had been too late. He had been squatted to the ground. The only thing that had saved him from destruction was his armor that had surrounded him. At that moment however, they were surrounded by many of his kind. All, heavy presences that seemed to be around his level. Some a bit stronger, some weaker. And thus, the being that had attacked him stood no chance. Able to flee however, what was left was a weakened Carpophorus who had experienced the feeling of standing no chance for the first time. But his spirit experienced not the need to back down. No, it wanted to move on. To move to higher levels of power. And all of these powerful presences around him were a start.

There were around 300 of his kind assembled because they had felt his strong presence. What followed was a slaughter. What remained once more, was a strengthened Carpophorus, who's will had exploded. Returning to staying in motion, he now didn't focus on these satisfactory souls from before anymore, now he wanted to taste the blood of his own kind. He wanted to be the strongest of his kind. The fastest, the strongest, the hardest. And he kept running once more. Spending years on running around, devouring his kind, and also the occasional human soul or one of those more tasty souls, it didn't take long until he felt himself be stronger than most anything that stood in his way. Carpophorus pillaged through entire cities without backing down. What followed, was the final stage of his life as a normal hollow.

It was an assembly of around 10.000 hollows on a wide plane near the The Great Depression of the Balkan area. Of them, Carpophorus was one of the strongest. He was a reason so many had been attracted to this position. And then, a new slaughter started. Hours upon hours of bloodshed continued over the span of a week. The result, was the loss of his self. Carpophorus didn't feel himself anymore. He couldn't follow his own instincts anymore. It seemed black where he was. Even though he had just been slaughtering, devouring so many of his own kind, there was nothing left of all that. Just darkness, and the restlessness inside his body. The need to move onwards, to grow even more. To devour even more. There was no hope, nor was there the thought of what would come. It felt as if there was nothing.

Part 4 – Gillian Life: The Faceless

The unsettling will to grow, to move on resided in Carpophorus nevertheless. Yet somehow, he had lost his ability to move further, faster and better than anyone else, something that carved itself deep into his mind. And while he was striving on the restless planes, destroying cities and all attackers that came his way for several years, it happened one day that the same being that had nearly killed him as a regular hollow appeared before him. Without the ability to react properly or even register who he was, Carpophorus was once again overpowered. But this time, it didn't happen that someone came to his rescue. The will to move on, to not die was great enough in Carpophorus that he summoned his way to the hollow Mecca subconsciously.

To him, it had appeared as if he had blacked out during the fight. Sure that he was now dead, Carpophorus found himself inside a gigantic forest. The trees reached higher than anything he had ever seen before. It seemed to him as if he had finally passed on into the afterlife. It unsettled him even further. It caused to rampage even more. After seeing others of his kind inside the forest, without really knowing what they were, he was sure that this place was hell. Going on a rampage, completely tearing his brethren to shreds, in desperation and need to grow stronger, he consumed nearly all of his kind that dared to come before him. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, up to ten decades were spent trying to find a way out of this forest. Ever consuming and destroying anything that came his way. There was no rest.

The creeping feeling of souls inside him were burning up again and again. While there were no means to grasp them or understand them inside his degenerated mind, Carpophorus clearly felt them. They existed. Individuals, beings different from him. Beings that knew who they were. Different from him. The only way to fight them down was through sheer force. It was the only usable means Carpophorus had. It was the only means that he was able to use. And successfully, in craving for more power, he kept the sensation of minds, thoughts and rationality overtaking him suppressed by consuming more and more, by crawling through the forsaken labyrinth of a forest that he learned to despise after spending so much time inside it. Slowly but surely, he felt like there was something building up inside the nothingness of his mind. It wasn't exactly filling, but it was a spark. A spark of hope, perhaps? To finally end this deathly cycle? Not exactly, but somewhat close to it.

The spark that was lighting up Carpophorus' mind was a glimmer of reason. Something that had been completely vacant for the couple dozen decades that had past in his time of degenerate intellect. It somehow felt good. Because it gave him power, it gave his will substance, albeit small. Slowly but surely, there was a sense of self returning to Carpophorus. A sense that had never been there. There was something very precise starting to become his drive. The will to know more about himself. It wasn't exactly a harmonic existence, both his slow and tiny sense of reason together with his indominable, gigantic will weren't an exactly stable combination. But they were his means of becoming something much greater than he had been up until then. More than hate, anger and barbaric violence, he would continue towards a future that was filled with more than just senseless rampage and slaughter.

Part 5 – Adjuchas Life: The Greedy

It was a truly unique feeling. Neither good nor bad. It didn't feel exactly secure or especially uneasy. It was simply something new. Something more than before. Just a bit stronger than before. Carpophorus was standing on two legs, white armor almost completely covering his body. His complete face nearly covered, he had regained the ability to articulate, to think and actually grasp the emptiness inside him. Deciding that there was only one way to gradually use this new found feeling. By acquiring knowledge.

And this thirst for knowledge created a new drive for him. After nearly four centuries of devouring without substance or reason, this would be a new chapter in his life. A chapter that would make him stronger than he had been. And so Carpophorus started to ask questions. Not only to others, but also to himself. About his nature, about reason, about rationality, about power and about his own identity. The start was made, that Carpophorus, after more than four centuries of an aimless existence came to wrap his mind around the feeling that he had. The emptiness in which the spark of reason had grown into an ember. That feeling carried the name of his own kind. “Hollow”. It described perfectly what exactly he felt.

And the first questions that appeared followed soon: Were others the same as he was? Did they feel the same things he felt? Were they living for the same reasons he had lived? Was their purpose for living similar to his? At first, the conclusion to which he came was that yes, all Hollows carried this hollow feeling inside them that drove them near the brink of insanity just to give them back the power of reason right after standing before the edge of falling into nothingness. He was someone that had survived the hardships. Was this a trial? The only concept he could wrap his arms around was that of a trial. That his whole life had been one big trial. That there were no favors or excuses, a battle of life and death. The winners gained powers, those who lost suffered and died in the dirt. It was one big story of survival of the fittest. The conductor was life itself.

It was the only thing Carpophorus could imagine. Delving deeper into the nature of Hollows, he discovered the powers they carried with them. Individual, dependent on the manifestation of their own will, their own drive. So not all Hollows were the same? Those who made it as far as he did weren't all the same but different, now that they regained reason? Furthermore, the ability to walk between hell and the human world seemed like a joke to him. It brought heaps of questions with it. Was he not damned? Was being a human simply a preparatory stage for the inferno that was called hell? There seemed to be only one way to find out, continuing the trial of life and death.

And his indominable will hadn't died out. In fact, it became stronger with reason. The more reason he had to move on, to win the trial, which he called the “Stronger Movement” trial by now because of the fact that whoever was able to move forward stronger would win, the more his power grew. Devouring more and more of his own kind, Carpophorus deemed it to be the only way to find answers. And with the aware usage of his powers, the powers to control this movement he supposed that his spirit was strong enough to grasp the nature of this trial, albeit others of his kind having a great variety of different abilities. His impenetrable armor and ability to control the power of movement were his tools on the way to supremacy. But were the short conversations he held with others really all that he could produce with his level of intellect?

All that he ever did was ask questions, then kill regardless of answers. Perhaps something more was possible. Something else next to killing was able to be produced out of this Stronger Movement. After realizing that his intellect was steadily increasing, Carpophorus searched for something next to slaughter now. After finding out however that he would regress back into the degenerate state of before if he stopped devouring others, Carpophorus' was caught in a predicament. But knowing that survival was more important than thought, he continued his rampages whilst trying to think about something next to killing in his mind.

It took a couple dozen years until it finally happened that Carpophorus found what he was looking for. Vasto Lordes. A higher state of intellect and power. Endlessly above the pool of struggle in which he and others were desperately trying to get out of. In comparison to the answer of becoming a Vasto Lordes, his situation seemed like quick sand whilst this new stage of power was an unreachable branch above him that might just save him. And he experienced this unreachable branch in the form of Herrit. A Vasto Lorde with capabilities far above all else. Exceeding his strength by several hundred times, he met him whilst trying to find a way out of the Forest he had resided all of his aware life up until now. Herrit was under-average in height, not to say tiny. Around a fifth of Carpophorus' size, he could defeat him with a flick of his finger. He knew that. But what had he come for? To feast? No. Why would a Hollow even bother to come back to this hellish place after getting out of it once. Soon enough he would find out. Herrit, the Messenger of Service as others called him, came to this Forest to create something others called the “Split Genocide”.

A test. Many of the people that were weaker in rank than him gathered to fight before him. Those who won would be led out of the Forest of Menos. What happened after that, nobody knew. Only rumors of Hollows who had been outside of the Forest once already but returned after realizing there was no one out there. No one that could appease their need for nourishment. This was also the first time Carpophorus heard the name “Hueco Mundo”. The name “Split Genocide” came from the fact that Herrit would only come every 200 or 300 years. All of the -until then- strengthened Hollows came. They would all gather over the course of several days. Then, in a span of two to three weeks, a genocide of Hollows in the forest would ensue. More than half of all Hollows assembled would be devoured. A large amount fled. Another large amount didn't bother to participate. The rest was an extremely small number of those, that had survived. They would be the ones that had changed. The ones that were worthy, strong enough to be led out of the forest. Was this a next step in Carpophorus' Stronger Movement?

Part 6 – Vasto Lorde Life: The Juggernaut

Taller, a greater coverage of his body from the big, white armor and a face completely amalgamated with this bone-colored protective hide, indistinguishable and unreadable. Thus, he and around 8 others were led to a place that Herrit called sacred. Las Noches. Somehow, the path out of the gigantic Forest seemed so much clearer and simpler when Herrit lead them. It was an unsettling feeling and Herrit was surely one of the most disturbing people he had ever met. But the time for satisfaction had come.

Because Carpophorus finally heard a lot of things he had constantly wondered about between slaughter and carnage. Hollows were one thing, and Menos were another. A greater form. Divided into three parts. Gillian, Adjuchas and Vasto Lorde. He learned about the Hollows in their entirety, that Gillians didn't have intelligence. That normal Hollows rarely have significant amounts of intelligence and that Adjuchas and Vasto Lorde usually are the kind of Hollows that are capable of rational thought. And what he then heard shocked him to the utmost extent.

Vasto Lordes are the end of the evolutionary line for Hollows. Extreme disappointment engulfed Carpophorus' very soul. Was that truly supposed to be the end? Surely, he felt stronger but was this really supposed to be the end? Was there nowhere left to go? In his mind, this Stronger Movement was supposed to last an eternity. Constantly forward. But now, all that was left was this level of power. Vast, great, overpowering and stronger than anything he had ever felt up until now, but the end of the line? It was far too early. Wandering through Hueco Mundo around a month, Carpophorus, Herrit and a remaining 4 Vasto Lorde arrived at the castle Las Noches. It was a gargantuan construct of proportions that exceeded anything he would ever witness.

Unbeknownst to Carpophorus, it would prove the mere start of a new chapter of his life. Around a millennium had passed since his birth. And the final and most changing chapter of his life would begin when his foot hit the ground of the monstrous castle. Instantly, it had felt like the whole weight of the building collapsed onto his shoulders. The lips of Hierrit, their guide through the labyrinth of limestone, formed the word “Aion”. Carpophorus didn't know what it meant, but soon enough he would come to know. Being presented before this seemingly almighty being, he was sure. This entity had the greatest Stronger Movement. It could power through anything and anyone. In his mind, he had already given up on acquiring the same level of power as he had. But then he heard the words that would lift his spirits.

He could become the same as Aion. He could stand on the same plane of existence. Vasto Lorde wasn't the end for all Hollows, only for those who were too weak. Carpophorus was a dull mind, not knowledgeable about some things, but there was one thing he knew. He wasn't too weak. But it was then announced that the transformation would need time and come when everybody was individually ready. The longest span of Carpophorus' life began right there and then. He would wait the following 600 years to become one of the most powerful beings alive.

It was in that time that he would come to learn the most things about this world he lived in. Enough things to supply him with enough intellect to become one of the beings he looked up to now. He learned the term Arrancar and Espada. He would come to realize and respect what they meant. He was then assigned to the Second Sword of Las Noches, the Segunda Espada. A being who's intellect was said to surpass that of anything born in the human realm and Hueco Mundo. It was decided that he shall school and control Carpophorus, who at that time was deemed much too raw, aggressive and stump as to be an enrichment for Las Noches. Of course Carpophorus didn't know that. Despite him being able to speak and also capable of rational thought, it was only then that the small amount of intellect within him surfaced.

There was truly nothing he knew in comparison with most any kind of hollow, let alone Arrancar, albeit having lived a millennium at that time. The amount of stupor that the Segunda, who carried the name Jericho, had to face was inconceivable to most of the other Espada. Carpophorus had extreme force, easily matching that of Fraccion, but his level of intellect was not only below-average or beneficial to him. It wasn't so low as to turn him into a beast that could be used for extreme carnage if needed, nor was it enough for it to be capable of simple enough thoughts as that it could learn knowledge.

While he could follow orders and certainly fight, Carpophorus was simply too dull to be a contribution to Las Noches. And thus, Jericho attempted something extremely unconventional. He attempted to change Carpophorus' flow of Reiatsu to alter its path from his muscles and skin to his brain. This of course had Carpophorus suffer in terms of physical strength, to the point that he had gotten weaker than all of his fellow Vasto Lorde, but he would be able to think properly now. Enough to make a potentially strong Fraccion for Jericho in the future.

The day Carpophorus' mind was opened to a, for him, high (in comparison to a human, low) level of intellect was a day of enlightenment. It surpassed level of simply being able to think properly and articulate himself. It enabled him to logical thought, understanding and grasping the world surrounding him. It started with his name. Before, he could barely remember it. But after the change, he had never been so secure of his identity before. Carpophorus Fera. A Vasto Lorde level Menos, situated in the grand castle of Las Noches in midst of Hueco Mundo, the Hollow world. For the first time, he would also come to know the difference between Hollows and Humans. He would also for the first time hear the name Shinigami. He was able to recall memories from his time as a lower level Hollow. Shinigami, the almighty warriors. Without knowing much about him, he was able to recreate the face of the very Shinigami that had stomped him into the ground twice already.

And now he wanted to know more. Digging deeper, constantly asking the Segunda questions, wanting to have a bigger picture of everything, he inquired about a Hollow life further. The fact of the missing heart within Hollows was explained to him. The life of a Human soul after death was explained to him. As well as the fact that despite Carpophorus being such a dull and beast-like human, it had no exact relation to the feelings and behavior he had during the time as a low-level Hollow or Menos. Those were all independent patterns of behavior that affected all of his kind. He was told about the mask, the human realms and their powers as well as the fact about needing to feast on Hollows as well as the eternal war between Shinigami and Hollows. And after several dozens of years of inquiry, he was at peace with everything. Having acquired knowledge about everything, remembering his name and important aspects of life, Carpophorus felt ready to become stronger, to become an Arrancar.

The first step to that was assessing his innate abilities. The very ones he had donned before Jericho had redirected his flow of Reiatsu. It were powers of movement as he was being told. The power to absolutely control the flow of momentum and acceleration, ergo the ability to manipulate any kind of movement to his whim. Additionally, he was told to be one of the best barehanded fighters and that his Hierro had been the hardest that any Hollow had ever worn, nearly impenetrable even to those of his level. Whilst it was shown that his natural skills hadn't declined as a Hollow, Carpophorus would need to reinvigorate his Reiatsu to come back to the same power level as before without losing his newly gained intelligence.

The following few years he was trained in several different ways which Jericho had created for him to replenish the pressure of his Reiryoku and Carpophorus' control over it. It was surely taking a while, but the more he was gaining powers back, the more he consciously realized the extent of his abilities. He learned about Garganta, Pesquisa, Hierro, Sonido and several other things. It was then that his affinity for Hierro was discovered, as well as his vast profession in Hand to Hand combat. The more he trained, the more he could actively feel the power. Realizing, that up to that point all he had felt was a dull amount of his power, he started to find respect to the immense amount of force he was able to exert. Without losing his awareness, he was able to finally find true control over his powers. Because of his gathered control and the realization of his indominable power of will, he was nicknamed “The Juggernaut”.

Additionally, he was assigned to gain combat experience in his aware state. Within the scope of this, he was of course destined to encounter both Shinigami and other races. Experiencing struggles in both the human world and the Seireitei, a battle happened in the Human World. Between him and the very Shinigami that had defeated him twice already without effective results. It was fierce and the extent the fight took was vast, but in the end the much more savage Carpophorus was able to tilt favors to his side. Giving the Shinigami deadly wounds and resistance against opposing attacks for a very elongated period of time, Carpophorus' foe died in the course of the battle.

Soon enough, it was time for Carpophorus to become an Arrancar. His power level was equivalent to what it had been before, it not greater and his intelligence was sufficient. He was then properly introduced to the Hollow King Aion, who would explain to him how the process would look and why it was decided that Carpophorus and several other Vasto Lorde transform so late. Aion elaborated on the difference in power levels, depending on the amount of time spent on the different levels of Menos. Vasto Lordes were specifically drafted to become the strongest warriors for the Espada. But then what had happened to the other Vasto Lordes? Well, the 4 remaining had either died during the process of becoming an Arranar or left Las Noches out of free will. Aion was not one to force Hollows, all he wanted to do was gift them power. And thus, the procedure started.

The tearing of his mask was certainly no painless procedure. Different from the time in which he transmigrated into a Hollow from a simple Plus soul, this time he was aware of both pain and the emotional anguish he would be put through. It would change him. By breaking of the mask with both of his claws from his face, tearing open his face and even piercing his eyes, he broke open the mask. Tethering his skin and disfiguring his face, roars and cries of pain could be heard. Reverting him slowly back into his old mindset because of the mental and physical anguish, his will to survive started to resurface. Numbing down his mind and spirit to escape the pain and troubles of his awareness, he was able to tear his mask off. A new power awakened within him.

Part 7 – Arrancar Life: The Boulder

Power, that far exceeded that of the previous Carpophorus. It was done, his strength had evolved to heights far greater, exponentially greater than the Vasto Lorde he was before. But there was one problem, the rampage and numbed mentality he had pressured himself into to escape the pain and anguish from before hadn't vanished. Indeed, his strength was aligned with the greatest of Las Noches, but the very thing that Jericho and Aion had tried to steer away from had happened. Carpophorus was now not the actual greater beings that the Arrancar were, his strength exceeded many and even Jericho himself wasn't confident in being able to beat him. Thus it happened that Carpophorus went on a rampage within Las Noches. Causing conflict within the high ranking Espada whether to put him down or not. Jericho himself decided that he would take responsibility.

While Carpophorus had been caught in the palace of the Segunda, which was an underground kingdom located near the center of Las Noches, it was decided that Jericho, the one who had trained and educated him, would deal with Carpophorus in any way he sees fit. And he wanted to calm his rage at all costs because he could see the potential as well his actual emotional attachment to him. He went down and decided to firstly assess why it happened that the transformation produced an Arrancar that was the very opposite of the essence of the Arrancar, which was a human level of awareness and intelligence. Then he would do everything against it to turn him into what he was supposed to actually be. If that didn't succeed he would have to destroy him, no matter how hard that was. In the end the safety of Las Noches went above all else.

And so one of the greatest fights Las Noches had ever witnessed ensued in the underground castle of the Segunda. Despite Carpophorus' strength and powers being superior to Jericho, his absolute beast-like rage allowed Jericho to easily follow the flow of battle and predict where it would go. It raged on a few days until Jericho had finally found a solution. The key was to put Carpophorus into a state of unconsciousness. He would regenerate from the pain and emotional anguish caused by the tearing of the mask. After that, he would hopefully come out of his state of Stupor and be the full-fledged Arrancar he was anticipated to be and Jericho's honor would be restored. The amount of time and sweat invested into Carpophorus' training and building was more than anything else.

One of the main problems for Jericho was that he was called the “Gatekeeper of Las Noches” as the Segunda Espada, and right now his primary project over the last several decades was endangering the very thing Aion had assigned him to do. It was a predicament of hellish extent. As they fought however, Jericho was able to wound his subordinate seriously. As the fight dragged one, Carpophorus was growing more savage because of the heavier numbness he fell into the more he got injured. Jericho on the other hand was starting to get weary as this fight had raged on a couple of days. But the moment in which Carpophorus' rage took an end and he finally fell came. Falling into a deep sleep, the predicament had ended. All Jericho could do now was hope that his prediction was correct. He had lost an arm, an ear, several ribs and fingers, and a foot. Carpophorus on the other hand was relatively uninjured because of the purposefully non-lethal injuries Jericho constantly applied. What would follow was the need to wait until Carpophorus would wake up to see if he succeeded. If he didn't, he would need to kill him. And even if he did, Jericho would need to relinquish his position as an Espada because he would not be able to fight effectively anymore. The only pacification he found in this situation was that probably Carpophorus would be the one to claim the new Segunda spot. Without losing his strength, he would gain the intelligence needed.

And so it happened as Jericho had predicted. Carpophorus awoke once again. And this time, the light of intelligence had shown down on him completely, illuminating his mind with the grace of real reason and intelligence. All of the things that had happened in past 1600 years finally became clear to him. It was a gigantic epiphany that took place. The concept of randomness was experienced. The concept of fate. The concepts of belief, race, war and religion were finally understood. Fighting, bloodshed, good and evil finally made sense. And thus, Carpophorus decided that he would defend the legacy of Jericho, who had lost his efficiency for fighting in front of Aion and the rest of the Espada. Because not only has his way been long, but it had been full of lucky evasions of death. There was almost a sense of irony in the fact how many times Carpophorus had escaped death. It occurred to Jericho that the humans have a way of saying that some are able to escape death very handily. And that was the saying of “Cats have 9 lives”.

But after the end of this predicament, Aion had realized that Carpophorus was indeed one of the strongest Arrancar ever resulted from centuries of stupor, strife and search for knowledge. Thus it was arranged that Carpophorus took the spot of the Segunda Espada because of the proof that he indeed was one of the strongest Arrancar that would currently be in Las Noches. Carpophorus even started to see the radiance of Aion's guidance, as well as that of their kingdom and the other Espada. Over the next few years he started to grasp the notions of the universe he was in, as well as his position as an Arrancar and Segunda Espada.

The next decades and centuries, Carpophorus would spend as the gatekeeper and learn more about the ways of the world from Jericho, Aion and others. About Vizard, the Makers, their mother as well as their endless strife as lowly Hollows. About death, life and their purpose. Balance and chaos. About Ressureccion and Hollow powers. It all formed Carpophorus' ultimate world view. It was one of a dull movement. Every being inside this universe was moved along the tides. Those who couldn't keep up were swallowed. Those who were able to, were able to determine their own path. And his path was one of standing tall in front of the great castle, for he carried the legacy of Jericho and the burden of having lived a life of Stupor.

It took long until something new happened. Until there was another transformation in the lives of the Hollows and Hueco Mundo. The Blue Moon War. Some 400 years after Carpophorus' transformation as an Arrancar, and years of gaining the respect of the other Arrancar, the Blue Moon War ensued. While all of the Espada and even Aion headed out, he would stand tall as the gatekeeper of the steady fortress of Las Noches. There were several attempts to attack both the castle as well as lure him out of it. But with the guidance of Jericho, none of those attempts were successful. Every attack that came was fended off easily. But the defensive line crumbled when the offense was pushed back successfully.

A mountain of attacks hit the walls of Las Noches as the frontlines were pushed back into their castle. As the foundation of the Hollows' organization was destroyed, Jericho fell under the attacks of the Shinigami. Carpophorus made it his task to stand taller than everyone else and defend the castle until the last piece of rubble fell. This time, he wouldn't move. And so it came that the castle crumbled, the Espada left and Carpophorus was alone among the pieces of stone that he once called his pride. After the Shinigami's leave, he started picking it up all by himself. By himself, until a new being appeared. One that felt so similar to Aion. Building the throne of Las Noches back up, he would await the arrival of this new being and kept picking up rocks until Las Noches would stand again.

In Total:

Rounded and in about numbers.

Human Life:  25 years

Plus Life: 20 years

Hollow Life: 200 years

Gillian Life: 300 years

Adjuchas Life: 500 years

Vasto Lorde Life: 600 years

Arrancar Life: 400 years

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Granted. 4,800.
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Also awarding an extra 200, this app is amazing! Excellent work! So 4800 for the initial and a bonus 200 for the sheer quality.
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