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 Carpophorus Fera's Ressureccion [DONE]

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Carpophorus Fera's Ressureccion [DONE] Empty
PostSubject: Carpophorus Fera's Ressureccion [DONE]   Carpophorus Fera's Ressureccion [DONE] Icon_minitimeFri Feb 28, 2014 10:01 am

General information--------------------------------------------------

Name: Almidón

Representation: Unstoppable Force

Family: Melee

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------

Appearance: In its sealed state, Almidón takes on the appearance of two pairs of gauntlets on the forearms and shins of Carpophorus. They are white and take on the same appearance as the usual Arrancar bone, though generally separate elements and not parts of Carpophorus' body. The gauntlets on his arms cover the length of his radius bone from a bit over the elbow down to the backside of his hands. From there, extensions that cover his fingers and parts of his palms to prevent injury there cover up most of his upper extremities to the tip of his fingers, where his retractable claws reside and have enough space to be considered a dangerous weapon. On his legs, the gauntlets cover his knees, shins right down to his ankle where they stop to leave maximum range of movement.

This form of his sealed weapon allows Carpophorus to step into battle, solely relying on his hand-to-hand capabilities without having to be afraid of injury. His proficiency with unarmed combat is so great that he can rival anyone on equal terms with a weapon to him. His ability to parry, counter and strike ferociously is great and his fighting with the gauntlets has become second nature to him. They are just as hard as any natural Zanpakuto or Spirit Weapon out there and enable maximum protection when defending with his limbs.

Type: Melee


Release Phrase: Bullir, Almidón! (Move, Power!)

Appearance: After shouting the release command, his gauntlets will engulf Carpophorus in a white light that can be seen over hundreds of meters. A few seconds later it will have faded and he will stand in his resurrected form. The appearance of the form isn't particularly unique, but does give a somewhat intimidating aura. The totality of Carpophorus' body gets covered in an armor. Face, limbs, legs, torso, groin. Everything gets covered in a material that largely resembles the usual bone extensions of the Hollow and Arrancar. This material is layered in several padded, connected plates that conceal the entirety of his large figure. Whilst there will small protrusions for both nose, eyes and ears to still function properly.

What's unique about this armor though is that despite its covering of literally every corner and edge of the body, its flexibility is its greatest weapon. The armor is neither heavy for Carpophorus, nor does it limit his movement. In one sense, this white armor is the manifestation of his will to completely protect himself during fighting without losing speed. His long hair extends from a small opening at the back of his head outwards. This opening is hardly enough for an opponent to hit though. Overall, the manifestation of this resurreccion stays quite plain and bland. The coverage of his body is nearly 100% though. In a sense, this armor doesn't function exactly like an armor anyway, but is more of a second skin that is pulled over his body, flexible and light in nature, yet wielding immense properties.


The Boulder:

First of all, his skin-like armor shall be assessed. It functions like a second skin, but is connected to his tissue in supportive ways that enhance muscular structure to the point that it gives him a boost in strength and speed as well as enhanced endurance. Additionally, this skin is insanely hard and bares a high amount of protection. Meaning this skin-like armor is insanely hard to protrude and bears the capabilities of three of Carpophorus' Hierros. Additionally, the fluctuation of Reiatsu around the extremities is so immense that the armor become nigh indestructible around his shins and feet as well as his arms and hands. The rest of his body is protected from the following:

- Around 30 Untrained Physical Hits or Level 10 Kido
- Around 15 Beginner Physical Hits or Level 25 Kido
- Around 7 Average Physical Hits or Level 50 Kido
- Around 3 Expert Physical Hits or Level 75 Kido
- Around 2 Master Physical Hits or Level 90+ Kido
- 1 Sensei or equivalent augment

So overall, this armor makes him a sturdy opponent to fight. Should someone manage to break his armor, his original Hierro is of course still in place, giving him another layer of defense. All of these add up to his extremely high defensive capabilities. But if one would think that he is someone who is just sturdy and has to take hits in a fight, then he would be wrong.

*NOTE: First of all, he's a fist fighter, this is an armor. It is not an extension of his Hierro but indeed an armor. A special one, but it acts as an armor, meaning it is certainly hard. It bares the qualities of thrice his Hierro, but is NOT his Hierro multiplied times three. I just tried using Hierro as a measurement of hardness. I can tone it down to once or twice, but as this is an armor, it should have a certain amount of sturdiness. Second of all and lastly, the boost in Strength, Speed and Endurance are small. They are nowhere near doubling or multiplying his physical capabilities. But the way this armor is adjusted around his body, it supports his weight, muscles and bone structure causing his physical capabilities to be enhanced. Think of an exo-skeleton that supports the user's body weight and enhances his capacities and such. That's what this is. There is a general boost, but it's not that great. The major aspect about this armor is its sturdiness which I definitely need as I'm not gaming for physical capabilities here.

The Juggernaut:

What his true ability allows is for infinite growth of momentum as well as the manipulation of movement. Carpophorus' Armor primarily gains the ability to infinitely gain momentum. This manifests as one major ability, making him the potentially fastest being alive: In his Resurreccion, Carpophorus doesn't stop once starting to move. His momentum is multiplied infinitely, meaning once he starts moving, there is nothing next to himself, that can bring him to a total halt. This ability is great enough to allow him to run and break through whole buildings without ever slowing down because the momentum isn't lost as he cracks through stone. Even meter-thick steel can be rushed through by running at high speeds and not losing momentum.

He can even use Sonido to create instant charges that are able to break through tanks and extremely dense and thick steel doors. If he uses techniques that enable him to move faster than Sonido speed, he will rise to those heights. If he uses circular motion to heighten his momentum and increase his velocity, he will be able to move at that speed. Generally, he will be constantly able to move at whatever top speed he has. His permanent moving speed is whatever his maximum potential acceleration enables him to move at.

To mathematically visualize this: If the variable X were his speed, then X would be 0 < X < Lightspeed. He would only ever get close to zero velocity if slowed down, and only ever accelerate towards lightspeed once started moving. To increase momentum, he must either accelerate or gain it through movement. The gain of momentum by simply moving raises his movement speed 10% each post. This general boost in momentum also makes his Sonidos slightly faster. Should something impair his ability to physically accelerate it will probably not affect him once actually moving through the air, but will likely affect his ability to accelerate and reach faster movement.

He will never lose this acceleration unless he wants to. Meaning the only power he needs to bring up for movement is acceleration, but never the upkeep of velocity. Thus acceleration only ever adds up on him, making him the potentially fastest being alive, as he can increase his velocity by either running faster and faster or chaining Sonidos without ever having to stop. But as he can infinitely increase his momentum and velocity during his Resurreccion, he also has the ability to come to a halt. The so called “Alto” (stop) means that no matter how fast he is going, he will come to a full stop.

He is the only existence that can truly stop him in his tracks with this technique. Although there are certainly things that can slow him down. But to truly stop him, he has to erase all velocity to a complete zero. He can do this instantly, meaning he can potentially full stop himself while moving at the speed of sound without any drawbacks applying to himself. However, the effect of "Juggernaut" can not be caused in the same post as "Alto". Meaning if he makes a full stop, he will not be able to take up the effect of "Juggernaut" in the same post.

The usage of techniques during the gain of velocity and momentum functions according to Carpophorus' own abilities. If he is moving too fast for a precise hit, then he won't be able to do so. He is also not able to fire Ceros whilst moving at high speeds. The general technique he relies on during the extreme movement is one of simply ramming his opponents into oblivion should the situation call for it. The general utilization of this ability is also optional. He does not NEED to make it so he gains infinite momentum. It is merely the innate ability of his Ressureccion that allows him to do so.

Next to an infinite increase in velocity and momentum through the generation of movement and the innate removal of said movement, Carpophorus can also manipulate his own momentum. Meaning he can change the course of his momentum in the midst of moving. He can sidestep many times without losing speed by simply changing his momentum. He can also change the direction of attacks, although this ability is barely applicable in close combat as that happens much too fast for him to closely apply the ability to change momentum. He can alter the form of his momentum in any way he pleases and becomes a dangerous foe to oppose in close combat.

In Summary:

- Strength, Speed and Endurance Boost as well as hard armor
- Infinite gain of velocity
- Manipulation of momentum
- Removal of own velocity

Techs: (only a total of 7 techs allowed upon creation, unless a tech pack has been purchased. Please use template below.)

Name: Percepción (perception)
Description: This ability allows Carpophorus to sense any sort of movement within the time limit. Any flick of the finger, bash of an eyelash, swaying of the wind can be sensed by the user during the time he activates this ability. It enhances the feeling of movement all around him to extreme extent for a short period of time. The longer he uses this ability however, the weaker it gets. In the first post, he can sense in a 100 m radius, in the second in only a 50 m radius and the third in a 20 m radius. After the third post of activation it will need to rest one post until this technique can be activated again. Sensory overload is possible within the last post. If too many, great movements are taking place then Carpophorus' Reiatsu sensory will be jumbled for the next post. It will be all over the place so that he won't be able to pinpoint anything relying on his Reiatsu sensory. His hearing will also be slightly impaired due to a tinnitus that will last for the post in which his sensory was overloaded as well as the next post. A premature break off of this ability is possible.
Preparation Time: N/A
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 1 post

Name: Punto (point)
Description: A fairly simple yet effective technique as there is absolutely no physical strain involved in this. It is a purely Reiatsu-based technique. Functioning similar to the Kido spell “Sho”, Punto focuses Carpophorus' Reiatsu into his finger and allows him to generate movement and transfer it onto something else by simply touching it with his finger. He can fling anything physical away from him automatically. Be it a person or a rock. This ability feels like someone pulled the whole body in one direction from behind, despite it looking like the user simply touched someone with his finger and then his opponent flew. It musters about the same force as a full on punch of him against a ragdoll.
Preparation Time: N/A
Duration: Instant (1 post)
Cooldown: 1 post

Name: Volverse (to turn around)
Description: This ability can revert the momentum of anything physical instantly through physical contact. It happens at a speed that even if an arrow were to fly towards him at several hundred kmh, he could still revert its momentum if he would be able to touch it only an inch before his head. This ability is triggered by channeling Reiatsu through either of his extremities and physically touching something that consists of matter. Be it a fist or a rock flying at him, he can instantaneously manipulate its pure momentum to even make it fly in the directly opposite direction at the same velocity as before.
Preparation Time: N/A
Duration: Instant (1 post)
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Fijo (hard; immovable)
Description: This ability utilizes the complete surface of Carpophorus' armor. By pushing a lot of his Reiatsu into his armor and utilizing his ability of erasing movement, he can cause any kinetic energy hitting it to disperse. Be it originating from Reiatsu or physical matter, his armor will completely disperse all kinetic energy for a short period of time, thus making most direct attacks potentially useless. The downside to this technique is that Carpophorus can not move during this ability. He must stand still while applying this ability.
Preparation Time: N/A
Duration: Instant (1 post)
Cooldown: 3 post

Name: Mamada (to blow bubbles)
Description: With this technique, Carpophorus releases the stored velocity in form of bubbles. He can  release up to 30 bubbles within the time limit, that all store some kind of momentum. If someone or something were to touch a bubble, then it would receive the momentum and velocity stored inside the bubble and instantly be accelerated in the direction the bubble dictated at whatever speed the  energy/Reiatsu/physical object or mass was moving at. It is quite an effective defensive technique as attacks can easily be deflected by this because of a ranged manipulation of momentum. Once released out of the body, they stay in place until either Carpophorus physically moves them or Reiatsu, energy or direct hits, thus changing its course of movement. This technique is usable even when moving at high speeds by simply exerting the bubbles from the armor and placing them in the streak of movement.
Preparation Time: N/A
Duration: 4 posts
Cooldown: 4 posts

Name: Gran Pompa (great bubble)
Description: This ability is a variation of the ability “Mamada”. Carpophorus spawns a gigantic bubble around him that is incorporeal. With a radius of around 40 meters, anything caught within the bubble will begin to slow down exponentially for every 5 meters it moves. Any person, Reiatsu, energy or other matter will have its velocity decreased by half for 5 meters it travels. The only method to regain the lost velocity is at the expense of heavy Reiatsu to compensate for the lost movement. Taxation on the body to escape the effect of this ability is high. For Master-Ranked Reiatsu users, it is generally straining, as if walking with additional, heavy weights, meaning their speed will suffer either way, though not nearly as much as through the effect. Other attacks launched during the prevention of this ability's effect will lose effectiveness and strength. For Expert-Ranked Reiatsu users it is genuinely hard to keep on walking. For Average-Ranked the expense of Reiatsu is so high that it is all they will be able to concentrate on should they want to escape the ability's effect. For Beginner-Ranked Reiatsu users, the expense of Reiatsu to prevent the effect is so high that they are likely to pass out after a couple of moments. Untrained-Ranked Reiatsu users are unable to prevent this ability's effect. The Quincy Augment Ransontengai is exempt from this effect.
Preparation Time: N/A
Duration: 6 posts
Cooldown: 6 posts

Name: Dirrección del Movimiento (movement's direction)
Description: This technique is only applicably when “Gran Pompa” is active. When Gran Pompa is active, the user is able to completely dominate any movement taking place within the active space of Gran Pompa for a split second, being able to alter any movement taking place in the bubble to his whim. Any Reiatsu, mass or person moving within the confines of Gran Pompa are subject to this effect. It is potentially not negateable by normal means and since even Reiatsu movement can be controlled to such an intricate extent, not even Ransontengai is exempt from this effect. Within a 40 meter radius, for a split second, Carpophorus will have complete dominance over any movement. He is unable to generate movement however. This ability allows for the pure manipulation without influencing it in any other way than from itself. This technique is unable to perform intricate reversions of movement on for example the biology of a being. It sees living beings as a whole and moves them according to such.
Preparation Time: n/a
Duration: 1 usage
Cooldown: Until reactivation of “Gran Pompa”

Segunda Etapa-------------------------------------------------
*note: This release is only available to Arrancar who possess the augment "Segunda Etapa".

Appearance: (must be a drastic change from the primary form)

Ability: (either an enhancement of the primary release or a new ability within the same family, both are not acceptable)

Techs: (can only have up to 5 techs unless a tech pack has been purchased. Please use template below.)

Preparation Time: (Put N/A if there is none)

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PostSubject: Re: Carpophorus Fera's Ressureccion [DONE]   Carpophorus Fera's Ressureccion [DONE] Icon_minitimeFri Apr 04, 2014 12:03 pm

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Carpophorus Fera's Ressureccion [DONE]

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