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 Alexander R. Kazura [Finished]

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PostSubject: Alexander R. Kazura [Finished]   Alexander R. Kazura [Finished] Icon_minitimeSun Feb 23, 2014 5:00 am


Name: Alexander R. Kazura

Alias: Grand Kido Chief/Master of the Demon Arts

Age: 525

Visual Age: Early Twenties

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Silver w/Black Ribbons

Affiliation: The Gotei 13

Division: Division Five/Kido Corps

Rank: Captain of Squad Five/Kido Corps Commander




The Captain of the Kido Division has a relatively 'small' frame, being almost deceptively thin to the point where he is assumed to be frail.  Underneath the uniform however, much of that thinness is simply the tone of his muscles.  It would be a lie to say that he is necessarily physically powerful however, as Xander is much more the scholar than the fighter.  His frame lends itself most readily to high speed movements and dexterous actions designed to focus combat on speed rather than raw power.  Though he is not particularly short, Xander is not overly tall either, being only slightly taller than what is considered the 'average' among Shinigami at a height that could be considered complimentary to his thin frame.  In terms of skin tone, Xander possesses what most people would profess to be olive skin though it is slightly darker on his head, chest, and arms than the rest of his body.  His eyes are a deep grey that could only be compared to the darkest storm clouds, while his hair is the opposite shade being so light grey to be almost purely white.  

For uniform, Alexander wears the traditional uniform of the Shinigami, known as the Shihakusho, underneath his white short-sleeved Captain's haori.  The underside of the haori, as is traditional for Captains, is his Division's color which is a shade of pale turquoise.  On the back of his haori is the symbol of the Fifth Division, as is also traditional for a Captain of the Fifth Division.  For personal touches, Xander has emblazoned the symbol of the Kido Corps on both sides of the haori on the front at chest level.  Furthermore, a thin silver sash that runs from left shoulder to right hip connects his Zanpakuto to his back.  It is rare to see the Captain without this uniform, though when appropriate, he does have other garments that he can utilize with the majority of the selection being dark colors with varying degrees of silver or grey touches.  

In between appearance and personality lay the mannerisms and typical body language of individuals.  In these, Xander acts as something of a contradiction to his personality.  Though he is reserved and more of an introvert than an extrovert, his body language suggests confidence with every step and an assurance of power even in the way that he sits.  This is because for a long time, he 'conditioned' his mind and body to behave in certain ways in public.  When he is walking, he does so with a regal demeanor, walking with powerful strides with his head held high though not so much so as to be considered pompous or arrogant.  Similarly, Xander keeps an ever-present, semiconscious vigilance on the mannerisms of his body, ensuring that his image is ever one of the magisterial Captain of the Fifth Division.  Naturally, this demeanor wanes ever so slightly when Xander becomes comfortable in a certain environment or around people who he feels comfort around, however there is enough of this nature that is real and not performed that the shift is only slight.


The Stoic - There are two levels of common 'friendly' interaction with Alexander.  To those whom are considered to be acquaintances or allies who are not quite friends, Alexander displays a rather stoic personality.  His actions could be described as almost formal, especially in interactions with other Captains.  That is not to say that he does not act polite, however it could be said that he acts slightly stiff to those whom he is not completely familiar and comfortable with.  The second level of interaction with him occurs at the beginning of friendship.  Those who are within his Division are automatically treated to this aspect of his persona, as he considers them to be like a massive family.  Displaying stoicism to a much lesser degree, Xander acts much more laid-back around subordinates and with those whom he considers to be friends.  He is more talkative, and acts much less 'stiff.'  He typically addresses people by their first name instead of by their last, which is the inverse of the previous level of interaction and could be considered more 'pleasant' to be around when he becomes more comfortable with people.

The Neurotic - In modern terms, Xander could be considered to be slightly neurotic, though not in dangerous quantities.  Evident by the drive that he displayed to become 5th Division Captain, Alexander is highly success-driven.  He is also somewhat reserved, preferring the company of a select few to that of the many.  Over time, he has learned to suppress this quality when required, mostly doing so by teaching at the Shino Academy, though at his most 'base' level the reserved quality is still present.  Though his stoic nature would almost seem to be a contradiction to this, he has a tendency to desire to be seen in a positive light which is why he opens up and becomes more laid back when he becomes more comfortable around people.  It is this trait that leads him to perform generous actions and to take time out of his schedule to aid others when he can.  This trait also makes him incredibly diplomatic, and he prefers to settle disputes by negotiation rather than by the drawing of his blade when practical.  

The Studious - Alexander's greatest traits are his intellect and capability to learn.  His curiosity extends to a great number of subjects, and it does not take him long to understand topics that he truly sets his mind to.  That being said, he is also incredibly perceptive, being able to 'pick apart' minor details and test their significance to the matter at hand with relative ease.  The subject that Xander has placed the most focus into is naturally Kido, and as Captain of Squad Five and Kido Corps Commander, he has made it his personal duty to ensure that his knowledge of Kido is foremost in all of the Soul Society.  Even as much as he enjoys learning and studying everything around him, Xander also enjoys teaching and does so whenever he has down time from his duties.  This studious nature also has the impact of making him quite a curious individual even in situations wherein curiosity might not be appropriate.  As an example, in an interaction with a Vizard, Xander would be as likely to examine the mechanics of their masks as he would be to follow the designated 'protocol' of Soul Society.



Prologue - Arrival to Soul Society:

Ch. 1 - Rukongai Life:

Ch. 2 - The Academy:

Ch. 3 - The Kido Corps:

Ch. 4 - Division Four:

Ch. 5 - Division Thirteen:

Ch. 6 - Division Five/Kido Division:

Ch. 7 - The Blue Moon War:
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PostSubject: Re: Alexander R. Kazura [Finished]   Alexander R. Kazura [Finished] Icon_minitimeSun Feb 23, 2014 11:17 pm

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Alexander R. Kazura [Finished]

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