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 Azrial Takahashi

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PostSubject: Azrial Takahashi   Azrial Takahashi Icon_minitimeWed Feb 19, 2014 11:38 pm


Name: Azrial Takahashi

Alias: The Enigma

Age: 320

Visual Age: Early Twenties

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Dark Blue & Light Blue

Affiliation: The Gotei 13

Division: 10th Division

Rank: Captain

Azrial Takahashi Black_10


Appearance:  Azrial stands average height at 5'8 but has a slim tone to him that most people label him as "athletic". His hair is straight, short, and black as night. When staring at him during conversation, his left iris has a blue hue flame streaking across his face as he walks. His right eye is ordinary and blue tinted. Most people described his stare as uncomfortable and depressing but in reality his personality is more complexed than that. He usually wears his traditional long blue scarf and black jacket, with two white streaks going across both his arm sleeves with the number 10 stitched in blue across where his spine is located. He doesn’t wear a shirt since he doesn’t feel the need to. For his lower attire he wears his coded jet black pants since he wants to be different among his other squad captains and stand out from the pack to fit his "rebellious nature". Out of respect for his former mentor, and for everything he has done for him, he wears the traditional white captain kimono that his mentor used to wear but with both arm sleeves torn off. From a strangers perspective he looks, and acts, like the “black sheep’’ among the gotei 13 with his unorthodox ways of thinking, colorful vocabulary that he proudly displays for his fellow squad members in order to get his point across, never shy of what he wants to express himself in order to achieve anything for his team, even if its for selfish desires.

Personality:  Azrial loves to lead by example. Even if his fellow Shinigami don't agree to his questionable fighting methods, or his inexperience in the leadership role, he always stands true to what he believes in and that is equal opportunity for others, his job as a shinigami, and his endless loyalty to the soul society. His leadership has been called into question due to his "rebellious" nature to make decisions that require the entire gotei 13's blessing. He comes off as an arrogant, cocky, know it all but the true fact remains that he is a very kind hearted person that possessed the mind of a true strategist. He often masks his emotions from others to throw off his fellow squad members, and enemies, in order to keep his true intentions a mystery, He hates being predictable nor being the subject of “charity”. Because of this he is often watched by his fellow superiors since they feel that his arrogance may be his only downfall, not only for him, but for his squad in general. When it comes to brute strength, and physical prowess, he lacks from all sides but in the art of deception, and trickery, it’s his biggest asset during battle. Either it may be his silver tongue to get out of situations, manipulative tactics over others energy to throw them off their stance to mislead his fighting style or just to get in his opponents head. He has this bad, also good, habit of studying everyone he comes across just observing their true weakness's and disadvantages to gain an upper hand if there would be a situation that may be required to take action. So much in fact that he refuses to fight, or counter, back with any powers until he feels that he has gathered enough information to gain him a guaranteed victory. When not in battle with fierce enemies, or his fellow superiors, he comforts himself with alcohol to hide his loneliness and repeating thoughts of feeling like an outcast and never feeling equal within the soul society. Never knowing his true family or having any connection to anyone breaks him apart hence why his arrogance and conceited ways helps him feel confident that he’s the best there is, the best there was, and the best that ever will be. A legend in his own mind.


Early Years:

Arriving at Soul Society:

Dead Memories:
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Azrial Takahashi

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