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 Mendoza Grant

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PostSubject: Mendoza Grant   Mendoza Grant Icon_minitimeSun Feb 16, 2014 3:38 am


Name:Mendoza Grant

Alias: The Hollow of Xtinction

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Blood Red

Affiliation: Xtinction

Rank: President



Mendoza Grant Mendoz10

Mendoza is a tall man standing a little over 6 feet tall, right under 6' 1". He is build strong and sturdy, thanks to countless hours of vigorous training. He often shows off his cut tanned chest by going without a shirt. However, if he is in a more formal situation, he will wear simple, dark colored shirts. Mendoza likes to keep his white hair short in a crew cut style due to the fact that if it ever grew out, it would be crazy and too thick to manage. His emerald green eyes are set deep into his head, giving them a distinct shadow cast over them most of the time to give off an aura of power. He has a square jaw, a fairly average nose, and cheek bones. He wears typical blue jeans with a black leather belt with a simple flat square buckle to hold them up, as he hates for them to sag with black military boots tucked behind the pant leg, to remain relatively hidden.

The most noticeable aspect of Mendoza's appearance is his arms. Due to a debilitating accident in his youth, he lost both his arms. Since then, they have been fully replaced with cybernetic arms at his shoulder. Made by top of the line science; these arms are fully functional and are extremely resistant at the exterior layer, which is an inch thick and is composed of molded tungsten. As well as almost constant reiatsu reinforcement from Mendoza, they are able to hold their own in a fight. The science used is so advanced, that they also offer no lag at all from commands, so not much has changed. They have a solid sleek look to them due to the tungsten cover so they do not look as "techy" as one would think.


Mendoza is a man who lives on the edge. He is always living life to the fullest, doing anything and everything he wants to do. This is not limited to any morality, as he doesn't have much of a moral compass. This does not mean the man is evil, just that nothing is below him. He parties when he wants, drinks when he wants, and fucks who he wants whenever he wants.

He is the poster child for the narcissism and acts as such. He is as arrogant as they come and shows little to no respect for anyone. This has labeled him an "asshole", "dick", "jackass" and other negative names yet he fails to even acknowledge them. His arrogance is also the seed for his fearlessness. The man simply doesn't feel fear. There is nothing he won't do, no one he won't fight, and nothing he won't say in fear of rejection of failure. Whatever bone people are born with that causes such actions, Mendoza was not born with one.

Due to this arrogance and fearlessness, Mendoza tends to run his mouth. More often then not, he will call people out on things all the time. Enticing them, threatening them, and being straight up rude. All this he does without even the slightest bit of remorse. This, more often then not, has got him into a bit of trouble over the years. Admittingly, he tries to hold himself back, but never does. As he will always burst in the heat of conversation.

A trait that Mendoza has that is not recognized well is his intellect. Aside from being a party animal and a brute, he is also extremely smart. Not in a " what is the square root of 129490213" kinda way, but in a "I know how shit works" kinda way. His cognitive skills are nearly unmatched, as he can understand and learn things at an incredible rate. This only seems to work on what he finds relevant however. Anything that has to do with mathematic equations and he loses interest at once. His intelligence is solely limited to practical uses, such as running Xtinction.

As a businessman, Mendoza is relentless. He hates to give anymore than is needed,  is unfazed by fancy proposals, and nonsense typically found in the meeting room. If anyone is even remotely dodgy, he will call them out on it. As such he has been labeled a very shrewd man. All in All, he runs Xtinction very effectively and does not accept anything less than perfect. If their is a kink or hiccup in the slightest, he jumps down the throats of those responsible. Failure is not an option for the man, and will often punish those who come to him with it, regardless of who's fault it was.



Mendoza was born to a simple family in Lower Florida. His Farther and Mother were both members of the Fullbringer Race, and thanks to their involvement with hollows, so was Mendoza. Due to his heritage, he was often referred to as a "Pure Blood Fullbringer" by his families friends. This was later confirmed when he started manipulating the souls of objects around him as early as two weeks old. Although this was purely random and spontaneous, it was still an achievement his parents couldn't ignore. The early years of Mendoza's life were the same as any other human, except with the random, and more frequent with the day, soul manipulation that came with having a fullbringer child. Thanks to his parents however, Mendoza was quickly taught how to manage his ability. Well one should say, as much as you can teach a 3 year old anything.

Things didn't get real interesting until Mendoza was 5 and was sent to preschool with the other kids. He was labeled an outcast, not because of his powers or anything like that however. The other kids simply just didn't like him. Not only that, but he was picked on quite a lot. As the bullying persisted, he started to get angry and want to push back. His parents however forbid him from it as they couldn't know what his fullbring power would do in that kind of situation. The only solace he had as a child was his his fullbring power; which became more and more advanced by the day. When he was six he was able to fully reveal his power and use fullbring for the first time. The object of his affinity was a rare coin he had found a few years prior and the fullbring was called "Chance".

With Chance, Menodza was able to manipulate certain outcomes if they had a poor chance of actually happening, but a low chance of manipulating them if they had a high chance of actually happening. This he used to his advantage. He used it to pass in school, get things he normally couldn't ever get, and make people like him. By the time he was 13; he was now quite popular, was a straight A student, and was never picked on again. He could have had a lot more, but his goals were pretty simple back then. Adolescence would bring a whole new kind of challenge for Mendoza, as it would be when he became known as The Hollow of Xtinction.

His teenage years brought about a whole new side of Mendoza that had not been seen before. The more aggressive side of him fully took bloom as he joined a local gym to help hone his fighting skills. Mendoza loved working out and quickly developed a fascination with boxing. Within 2 years, Mendoza was a powerhouse. He spend all his free time at the gym training and practicing Boxing and any other form of martial art that was available to him. He loved it with a passion and with his skills as a fullbringer he was unmatched by any his age. He quickly won every possible junior championship in his early teens and moved to higher championships in his later years. By the time he was 18, he was winning world class titles for his division. This finally made Xtinction notice him as an individual. The group quickly recruited him and sent him on numorous missions to test his skill. Mendoza may have been a powerful fighter, but his fullbring skills were unmatched. His ability to manipulate the field at such a micromanaged level that it surprised and surpassed even one or two council members. Although he had not reached the Ascended Form of Chance yet, he was still a deadly force.

Due to Mendoza's success in Xtinctions tests, they fully paid for his college studies after he graduated. Along with his strength, he was quite smart. He had quit using Chance so much in school during his highschool years and took a liking to the more practical applications of each class. This still didn't keep him from using Chance on the things he didn't care for however, making him in the top 10 of his class. In college, he stopped using Chance completely with his schoolwork. The classes Xtinction had set up for him covered all the practical aspects that Mendoza craved. He quickly soared in business management, which was what Xtinction had been pushing him towards, all while maintaining his Boxing titles. All this could quickly change however in one sudden act of fate.

It happened when Mendoza was 24, a year before he graduated College. He was on a jetliner from California after a title match, the last one of his college season. Over three quarters of the way into the flight in the dead of night; a massive storm caused the plane to go down. Mendoza, jarred awake by the sudden loss of altitude, did the best he could to use his fullbring powers to stabilize the plane. He was cut short however by a piece of the plane behind him snapping from the haul. The sharp, jagged piece of plane severed his left arm completely just below the shoulder. Had he not been taken by surprise, he could have protected himself. But the sudden occurrence and chaos of the plane overpowered him. In a fit of pain he grabbed at his now stub of an arm. Another piece of the plane broke free and slammed into his head, knocking him unconscious.

This was not the end to Mendoza's misery however. He awoke several minutes later, surrounded by a fiery crash site. As he came too, he tried to move but was unable. His right arm was pinned under a section of the haul while the wound from his left arm still gashed with blood. Knowing he would die if left untreated, Mendoza used his powers to left a burning piece of the wreckage and sear his own flesh with it to close the wound. He eventually passed out from the pain of closing the wound. When he next awoke, he would be changed forever.

Mendoza woke 3 weeks later in the hospital in the intensive care ward. He would later learn that the EMT's that arrived on the scene of his crash had pulled him free from the crashsite. However, they could not save his crushed arm that had been pinned under the haul. It had been amputated on site. Mendoza was overcome with anger, but a unique opportunity had come to him. Thanks to his involvement in Xtinction and their rather large investment in him and his power, they offered him a deal. If he were to train and study in hopes of one day replacing the President of the organization, who himself was nearly on his deathbed, they would provide him with arms.

When asked how such a thing was possible, they council member said they had a project which was dealing with advanced cybernetics. Mendoza accepted the offer right away. No sooner than his acceptance, he was taken into surgery to have his new "arms" applied to his body. They had anticipated his answer. When the surgery was complete, Mendoza had a nice new pair of arms, the most developed cybernetic arms ever created.  As promised, Mendoza dedicated his life to succeeding the President. He trained day in and day out with his new arms to make using them perfect. At first it was tough to command the metal arms, but he quickly grasped it once he started to treat them as his new Fullbring Affinity. He had lost the rare coin he had used for Chance, so a replacement was needed after all.

After 3 years, Mendoza was finally back to his old self with new tricks. He had mastered using fullbring with his new arms and even managed to bring them to their Ascended Form. Now at the apex of his recovery, he could finally take the mantle that had been reserved for him. The countless nights he had spend studying the inner workings of Xtinction after training his body paid off as well. In the three years time he had learned all there was to know about the company. Six weeks after he made his full recovery, the President passed away in his sleep. It was his turn to run the Fullbringers organization and he did so ruthlessly. He managed the company like one would in a boxing competition. Not giving anyone else anything; no room, no remorse, no profits, nothing. The company quickly dominated the corporate field all while boosting efforts to locate and shelter more of their kind. Things were going well for Mendoza as he partied and went wild on the weekends and nights off.

Mendoza's obsession with the Maker Terra grew one day when he was 30 years old. He had been going over some old files from the former president when he discovered a rather secretive file hidden among the data. When he brought it to his techs, they found information on the origins of the Fullbringers as a race. This excited Mendoza. He wanted to know where they came from as well and why they had been granted such power in a world that threatened to consume them. He spend countless hours digging through the old mans files. When something seemed missing, he ordered those under him to look into it, taking a more "full on" approach to the search than the former president had. Eventually he came up on clues to the Makers whereabouts. Apparently, Terra used a gateway to travel between her realm and the human world. Or rather, a gateway to another region of their own. He Eventually narrowed down the search to two most likely places. The discovery of the Gateway was one year ago. Now, Mendoza has been carefully preparing to search the two most likely places for this gateway. He has taken all precautions and waited patiently to continue his search, as he does not know what could possibly be guarding such a thing. But years of determination and courage have not turned Mendoza into a coward. So he presses on, with the full force of Xtinction behind him...
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Mendoza Grant

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