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 Valintine La'Crow

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PostSubject: Valintine La'Crow   Valintine La'Crow Icon_minitimeWed Feb 12, 2014 10:51 pm


Name: Valintine La'Crow

Alias: Snake

Age: Mid-thirties

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Violet

Affiliation:  Xtinction

Rank: Council Member



He stands at a proud 6 feet tall. His skin is fair in all areas, clearly kept moisturized, and it's clear he takes very good care of himself. Looking at him, one can almost imagine the kind of condition he keeps his abode in. His brown hair is kept short, and his bangs are cared for with immense amounts of care to ensure they don't even subtract from his face. His left ear has a single piercing in it, a small crystalline structure that hangs from his earlobe, it's metallic look serves to add to the air about him. Valintine's eyes are blue. A bright, bright, blue that one could almost say is white. He also has central heterochromia in both eyes, and so surrounding the pupils of his eyes is a ring of gray.

The human's over all body type is athletic. He is lithe, but the muscles he does have tell those who see that he isn't to be taken lightly. He despises those of a bulky structure, and so he prides himself on the fact that he has managed to keep his body is such a condition. Just like his face, the rest of his body is smooth and there isn't a single scar on him. There are a few tattoos, however, placed on his chest and back.

On any given day Valintine can be found in a white suit with dark black Oakley shades adorning his eyes. As mentioned he also has a crystalline earring on his left ear. Every now and then he will have the piercing on his right brow in, but that isn't too often. His white suit jacket is laid neatly over a black undershirt with a white tie to finish it off. He can occasionally be seen with a watch on his wrist, but it's not that often (as time is a silly thing to him). His white slacks grace his lower body and it all comes together with a pair of white shoes. This style of dress is his most common form of dress. This is his business wear, and Valintine La'Crow is always on the hunt for business. When people are not making deals with the devil, he is dressed in a bit more...relaxed things. That is to say, he will go out wearing a white button down, open, with a black tee, and off-white jeans.

Personality: As you may have noticed. White is this man's color of choice. Why?

"Because white is the color of death..."

That is his saying. Those are the words he lives by. Valintine is the man who shows up to a funeral or a wake in white garbs. Honoring the purity of death. Personal beliefs aside, Valintine La'Crow is a man not to be taken lightly. His position on the Council was earned through a multitude of backdoor dealings with minimal combat really, but that isn't to be taken as he is a weakling. He simply finds combat brutish and boring. "Why fight, when we can unite?" Of course that hasn't stopped him from going on various Hollow Hunts out of sheer boredom (he is aware of the irony there). Dealing with Valintine is like dealing with the devil himself. He plays his cards very close to his hand, and when he speaks it's obvious that he has carefully picked his words.

Speaking of dealings, Valintine is a man of words. If he gives his word, it can be trusted. If he doesn't say something explicitly then he can and will run with it. Valintine, as has been stated, will drive a mac truck through a loophole in a heartbeat if he is given any sort of wiggle room. It is partially why he has been given the alias of Fox. Cunning, deceitful, manipulative. Valintine is a word weaver, never speaking unless he knows at least five responses his audience may give and then have five other responses for that, so on and so on. He cannot be bothered to deal in the world of "what if's" and "hypotheticals". Well...he can, and occasionally does, but he rarely has the time for such.

"A man who chooses money over power, is not a man I wish to deal with."

Not physical power. Not the power he wields, or that of the Quincy, the Bount, the Shinigamim, the Hollow. No. He means real power. The kind that binds someone to you. He will do a great many things if it gets him a favor. He enjoys them. Open favors to be called upon at any point in time. Those who make a deal with Valintine, more often than not, make open ended deals. Deals that end in owing him a favor. Of course, he isn't stupid. He can and does only make deals that he can revoke his portion at any point in time if his favor is refused. It's a lot easier to do than one would imagine.

With an unreadable poker face, and the mind of a man who has spent decades training his body to be aware of every and any minor or major details (to control them), Valintine is a fearsome person to stand before. Not because of his supernatural power, not because of his temper, and not because of his dress, but because even a half-brained moron can tell that he is more akin to an ocean than a raging storm. Under the calm surface of his exterior, lays a pack of sharks waiting for their next victim.



Life before training:

Training Years:

Leaving Xtinction:

The Return:
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Valintine La'Crow

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