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 Osamerukami, Saenai

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PostSubject: Osamerukami, Saenai   Osamerukami, Saenai Icon_minitimeSun Feb 09, 2014 4:39 pm

Osamerukami, Saenai H6dT8Wg


Theme Song

Name: Osamerukami, Saenai

Alias: Lethargic Bastard; 死神の迅速な刃 (Shinigami no Jinsokuna Ha ~ Swift Blade of Death; 死をの転生 (Shi O no Tensei ~ Reincarnation of Death) Abr. Tensai (天才 ~ Genius/Prodigy)

Age: 85

Visual Age: Early-Mid Twenties

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Red with Black Outline

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Division: Squad Thirteen

Rank: Captain

What was my face? Who was I? Alas, there was a mirror, and I could see myself in truth.


Kamui from Gintama:

In brief words, Saenai's braided ponytail contrasts his deep blue eyes well, which both stand out from his fair skin; too the extent of looking unhealthily pale. Beneath his standard captain's White Haori (including long sleeves) lies clothes far different from the standard Shinigami uniform, instead consisting of a Hee Fu (Kung Fu Top) with sleeves rolled up to the midpoint of his forearms (contrary to his preferred fighting style however), and, shockingly, Hee Fu pants to match. Both have a light gray tone, and the jacket's inner fabric shows white.


In essence, Saenai is extremely... Obnoxious, one might say. His personality consists of several traits, such as Sarcastic tones, Condescending attitudes, and a lack of seriousness. Some who don't actually know him might regard him as unsuited for a Captain's position, however, paired with the sudden blow to the Gotei and his results, he achieved such status anyways.

Firstly, his more violent array of talents and quirks, such as his ruthlessness and overly rational choices. He provides targets, enemies and the likes no mercy. His actions, when involving the lives of others, are void of heart and emotion. For example, if there were hostages taken, and it would risk the lives of many others to rescue them, he would most likely allow them to die. Or if a comrade was put into a position where, if Saenai tried to kill the enemy then the comrade would die, the young Captain would most likely kill them both, as it provides emotional leverage for his other comrades, and risks danger. Thus, though he is heartless and bastardly in these situations, it proves his rational thought and, loosely, his perspective intellect.

One of his most hated traits is the sharpness of tongue. Saenai lacks full respect- he minimizes the respect required to his Senpais and those of higher rank, giving them sass and sarcasm. Though this can be a problem, when told something directly or given directions, he will carry them out extremely well, thus diminishing many's trust in him alone, but proving himself to be trustworthy in terms of what he can accomplish.

Of course, this alone can give one the idea of how detestable he is, but Saenai still carries out his responsibilities. Others think him to not implement enough effort and lethargically carry out tasks, however his results show that he accomplishes missions with minimal sloppiness and maximized efficiency and technique.

Seeing as how he's extremely young, especially considering his actual years in Soul Society, his immaturity is reflected through attitude and conduct. He's constantly acting without seriousness, even in the event of grave consequence and danger. Though, in certain situations, this can be seen as a lack of nervousness as well, which can be good, but certainly increases the number of people who despise him.

A man once asked me, "What's your story?"



Saenai had found himself in a field of pure white. And from his chest protruded a chain. Why had it been broken, or why had it been there for that matter, he couldn't gather. His mind was fuzzy as a whole, and his thoughts wandered, absent with memory. It was in this moment a person bathed in black had brought forth the bottom of a hilt and swung down. Shit knocked Saenai out cold.

With his consciousness returning, the young man found himself in a completely unfamiliar place, wholly different from the scene previously before him. There were people all around him, gazing in his direction. Buildings wreaked his vision, and his surroundings were full of life.

An unknown face walked towards him- just a child, glee filling her face which donned a smile.

Hiya mister! Are you new here? I've never seen your face around!"

Naturally, Saenai responded in turn, lacking subtly, yet being completely logical in his confused words.

"Where am I?"

"Why, you're in Soul Society mister!"

The child briefly paused, directed his attention to a being cloaked in black, and with the likeness of youth continued speaking with blatancy.

"After you died, one of those guys brought you in. Judging by how clueless you look, you just got here didn't you?"

It was in this moment Saenai's deep blue eyes were clear, and they glistened with desire. He knew what he wanted to be with the simple glance of what fell into vision.


After a few years adapting, Saenai became accustomed to life in Sole Society. He was now capable of going around even for a simple walk, talking with people around him familiarly, and recognizing the hierarchy and basic information of Soul Society's economy. But his goals did not stray far from his initial desire that formed on his first day here.

Being "adopted" by the family that had taken care of the little girl whom was the first to greet him, his original personality and way of thinking surfaced along with slowly submerging into the family and this new society. He was renown to the locals for his sassy attitude and sharp tongue, but had done and taken care of anything asked. Some people had called him a tsundere even, though he had no idea what it meant.

It was not too soon after his first two decades since arrival that Saenai's true interests became clearly known to his loved ones, rather than being a vague idea he had described. And with this new knowledge, said loved ones supported him. Inevitably, Saenai had left on his journey.


It had been 5 years since Saenai entered the academy. It was quickly found that he had mastered the teachings and could easily perform them with perfection and precision, being well adapted to the techniques and the dismissal of excessive performance. Though he had lacked in Kido and hand-to-hand combat when in comparison to his amazing speed and swordsmanship, he had still successfully reached the requirements. Though worried about how early he was set to graduate, as well as a lack of "proper manners", the results he had presented finalized the decision, placing him in the Eleventh Division, well suited to his swordsmanship, though lacking in brutal strength.


With knowledge of his early graduation from the academy, as well as the scores he had presented, the family of noble descent, the Osamerukamis, had received Saenai into their care.

Though it was apparent that Saenai had lacked motivation and was widely unwilling to obey his new family without silver retorts, his public actions did not shame the Osamerukamis entirely. Retaining his rotten attitude even in the presence of others, the young new shinigami would grasp the fundamental rules of his new division and complete given tasks to near perfection, shining over his numerous flaws.

Even when lacking respect and opposing those around him, whether they were his senpais or kouhais and even higher-up superiors, he would reluctantly do what he was told; and in the case of being challenged, as the 11 division did not seldom, Saenai would repeatedly come out on top, displaying his defiance to be steadfast by his talents.





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Osamerukami, Saenai

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