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 Sabaika "The Magnum" Rho

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Sabaika "The Magnum" Rho

”I gotta get em man, They talkin beef to me
They just a bunch of bitches, They talkin sweet to me
Pussy niggas, I guess i gotta eat pussy
Put a hole in em, Now thats a deep pussy”

Sabaika "The Magnum" Rho Reign_Of_Rho

“I have had to fight like hell and fighting like hell has made me what I am.”

Alias: The Magnum


"Tell it how it is .."

Visual Age: 30s

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Black with white streaks ...

Hollow Hole Location: In the middle of his left hand

Affiliation: Espada

Rank: King Of Hollows

Aspect of Death: N/A


Appearance:  HUGE, that about sums him up in one word. This hulking beast of a hollow stands well over 7 feet tall, though smaller in height than some of the bigger hollows ... he more than makes it up in bulk and condensed muscled. In fact, his muscles are so condensed that his true weight is almost impossible to fathom. Every muscle on his body is extremely large with a density to match, despite that he moves veyr light on his feet.

Sabaika's body is an unique oddity when it comes to those of his race, unlike other hollows at his level of evolution; he has more of an animal appearance ... even lacking an hollow mask on the majority of his face. His hands, claws, fur, facial features, surely make him stand out ... even in the world of hollows. The only remaining parts of what one would consider his mask lay upon over the back of his ears, barely visible.

His body is a marvel to behold to say the least, it is forever changing colors from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet and his most common form being that of a pitch black tint with white variations riddled across his body. For some odd reason it seems like the right side of his body gives off a lighter colors than the left side, though that would be the last thing you'd be concerned with in his presence. Sabaika's fangs, razor sharp claws, and strength alone make him a formidable opponent to foes and allies alike.

Rho is technically naked, loves to go without clothes on or small articles of clothing that couldn't even be considered as such. His lengthy hair is usually hangin down over his face, the white and black color of his thick strands seeming to glow from the red hue of his animalistic eyes.

EXTRA: Rho's body is extremely dense, making his weight completely unfathomable. Despite his appearance, the King's body weight is currently over a ton. This alone let him surprise even the most aware foes and allies, despite that fact; he's extremely light on his feet. Using his innate abilities and reiatsu manipulation to walking about quietly and support his weight as though he were a feather until he come dropping down full speed on top of an enemy.

Sabaika "The Magnum" Rho 44922add-4308-4b2b-8398-552419e59ab0_zps44086ee3

Personality: Disrespectful, rude, crude, annoying, exuberant, obnoxious and any other negative aspect that I forgot to mention. Roddo is indeed a "Problem child", he doesn't take shit from anyone and refuses to give respect where it isn't due. Known for having a few quiet spells, but that quickly goes away in the presence of ignorance. His snarls and growls is the only warning you would probably receive before he blows your house down. Rho believes he is above everybody, and isn't afraid to force his opinion on someone or something regardless of his position.

Sabaika is a very intelligent being, he shows a no tolerance attitude for people who run at the mouth a lot about things they no nothing about. He is not into tedious work, and you will find that he gets bored easily .... if it isn't training, fighting, or computer research he usually isn't interested (Besides the females of course). Sabaika demands respect from everybody, don't expect him to show favor toward you if you don't give him any reason to.

He is very patient when he wants to be, this helps him think on the spot and to stay calm but don't let this fool you as he is also known for a few surprises every now and then. Don't expect Rho to open up very much, he only responds in a friendly manner to thos he considers closest of his friends. Those who he holds dearest to his heart see a total different side of than anyone else.

To them he's very loving, nurturing, and they always feel comfortable around him; even in his angriest of times. Very few can calm him down once he enters a state of raw rage, among those few are his comrades who don't hesitate to let him know when he's wrong. He is known among his friends to be the best at what he does while keeping a very stubborn and serious attitude. Very few have pushed him too far without feeling the consequences of his anger.

Rho is known for jokes every now and then but doesn't get to carried away. He seems to always take a natural teacher/leader position to those around him, usually being the eldest it's as though he always has the insight those around him are looking for. No matter the situation or the conditions of his life; Rho has never stopped caring or helping people, though you may have to get past his outer shell of sorts ...

Trust? Rho has never truly known the real definition behind the word because of how many times he's seen his enemies or his comrades sell out each other. He feels as though every instance of loyalty has a pre-nuptual agreement, and for the right price ... such an relationship can and will be broken with the promise of ones benefit as the wager. "A father will kill his son for the promise to have the world at his whim", With that said he tends to keep a very close eye on those around him, their tendencies, their activities, etc etc.

Sarcasm, attitude, smart remarks, these all come natural to him when encountered by 'dumb-wittedness' or just utter ignorance. He always has an opinion or the right words to say in a situation, for those times he doesn't ... you might wanna duck an cover.  

Innate Ability:

Sakkyoku-Hensen - Rho has an unique ability to change the composition of his entire body instantly (inside and out) at will or at reflex. There is no restriction to what texture he can change into, though he hasn't discovered a way to actually change his physical form (Meaning if his composition changes to fire his fur changes colors and effects things upon touch, but he won't actually be able to take the form of fire.). Whether it be ice, fire, earth, steel, air, water, sand, plastic, glass and any known or composition's unknown to his knowledge that he can gain by touch is what is at his hands to use.

None of these forms can be used to dispel attacks related to said composition, but the change can be noticed upon contact (For example: if ice ... can cause frost bite upon touch but can't shoot ice bolts, if fire it can burn upon touch but can't shoot fireballs and etc). Variations of said compositions can be used by his body at any time and on any body part, meaning his right foot can be extremely hot and his left could be the exact opposite. Upon reflex, his body can adapt instantly upon contact to any surface without it breaking his skin ... if he uses touch to makes his composition change; his body becomes as dense or even denser than the object. Each composition shows a change in his outer appearance as far as color, but his skin can very well change color and not composition.



The Musical Piece Called Death:  

Born in early japan, feuding and clans and bloodshed were all too often put forth in front of the eyes of children. The screams and cries of the children's fathers and brothers was the tune to so many young boy's ears. Of course, there were those who took this rage; this life of blood and pain and turned it into something of their own fashion. In such times, there were several spiritual children that at a young age were realized to have a feat like no other; the sensing and awareness of spiritual beings. These demons were hunted amongst the bloodshed. One side of the war wanted control of these beings; the other wanted their demise.

Seeing how people with the sensing ability were so valuable, both sides wanted them. One such young boy was taken during the night raids, and his name was Rho. This young boy knew not of what was happening, only that the home he once knew, now lay in ash behind him. His family in his mind, dead. All he had forward was a life of servitude should he reveal that he did indeed have these spiritual sensations. In time, he would find that life wasn't about to become any more pleasant of a sonata than it already was..

The Growth Of A Demon:  

Rho loathed his new life, it ended up his spiritual ability was the highest the men had ever seen. Demons, spirits, apparitions, and his former family. All of these figures had come to him in the years that came after his abduction. They became stronger than ever after his mothers passing. Soon he wanted to seek a higher strength. He didn't want this life, and began training to join the ranks of those whom took him from his former life of solitude and silent night raids. Oh how his revenge would come, and they themselves would teach the very demon that would bring them to the depths of hell itself!

It began with simple wooden swords, kendo sticks if you will. Tools that merely beat an opponent to submission, but that wasn't what he wanted. He wanted them all to beg for his forgiveness, he wanted them at his feet kneeling, and by his very life he would have the head of the leading officer in their ranks. Even if it meant he would die in the process, the time would come that they got what they deserved. As time went forward, his skills grew and the wooden sword was soon failing to help him. He pushed on and on, knowing that he had reached his peak in knowledge.

Even Demons Can Fall To The Depths:

The blood swept the floor like water in a river ... Of course it lacked the flow, and was much more dark and stayed in place leaking only slightly outwards. The sword came back from the man and was grasped in one fully grown Rho. A young man in his own right was now aiming to take down whom he believed was the figurehead of this side of the war. He usually was in the farthest room at the back of the compound, safe and under guard. After some sneaking around, and nearly an hour of searching, he came upon the room from a distance. Swiftly and silently, the two guards were taken down with a quick and silent power. Opening the sliding doors, Rho entered to bring an end to not only this man's life, but possibly the entirety of this makeshift war; well he was wrong.

The room further ahead opened, and behind the doors were several bowman. Each fired their arrows into the torso of the man. Falling to his knees, he knew it was his time; of course, not without bringing someone to hell with him. Using the last ounce of strength he had, the sword was tossed from his hand and aimed at the man. Falling back, darkness came quick and silence even swifter. He didn't know if the man died, and so he soon awoke, standing above what looked to be upon closer inspection, a horrible grave. It was simple, and with a bit of digging around, came to be his own. So he became what he had been able to see this entire time ... a spirit


You can only wander for so long before you lose yourself and eventually the wandering of Rho lost his perception of reality and soon lost himself. A mild form of psychosis set in before he finally converted to what one would call a Hollow. He now had a greater power, but a lingering psychosis that urged him to kill relentlessly. Of course, he killed within reason. Those of his own kind were killed as well. Hey if he was gonna stay alive it meant survival of the fittest didn't it? He remained in the shadows however, only killing when a chance arose he could kill the being with the least effort possible but this didn't mean he back down from a challenge. His favorite battles would be those where he actually took damage, or when the odds were highly stacked against him. One evening after a small feast on a weak hollow, he came across a far stronger hollow. Despite the confidence and the challenge in which he sought, this hollow's energy made his stomach turn. Of course, this one had mildly human appearance and it seemed he was a bit smarter too, immediately knowing that he was watching, and immediately came before him.

The pressure alone was enough to send the being a tremble right to his core. Without a word the hollow struck him down, though the damage was minimal ... the force alone was enough to send him flying. Ya see, from the beginning Rho always was a hassle to get rid of ... for it seemed that it took ALOT to actually make him feel pain. Hell, even when he felt pain he loved it for it was a rare delicacy. Falling flat on his back he quickly rose up to find himself in a wasteland, endless sands flowed, and he was stuck among other things. Rising to his feet, he immediately struck back toward the hollow, grasping him around the neck as he took punishing blows to his gut. Rho began to chew away at the hollows face, his enemies screams and howls increasing as he gets deeper and deeper into the muscle ... each howl bringing a more powerful desperate shot to his gut.

There he was, his fangs and outer extremities of his jaw bloodied to hell and back. The neck that he was grasped was no long apparent as nothing above the hollows shoulders was visible. He winced a bit as the bruises from the punishing blows he took to his gut became visible, but such nonsense wouldn't stop him from finishing what he started. As he licked his chops and finished his meal, he began to feel different ... he stomach turned and his head began to pound as his reiatsu spiked to new levels ... this was the beginning of his evolution.

A New Power Rises!:  

In this new land, he felt stronger, yet he still seemed weaked compare to some. There were plenty of different presences around and some were weaker some were stronger. This led to his will to feast freely on those that were weaker, his hunger seemed to grow more and more he feasted on the weak. That's when he realized that he wouldn't be satisfied till he returned to his previous mind state ... his hunger wouldn't be satisfied till he went after the big fish. In time, his power grew and he could feel that his being itself was evolving and changing again. His mind was becoming clearer as well, less and less psychotic of a tendency was turning into a peaceful and tranquil mind. The hollows and fellow beings he did consume and come across were usually rabid and stupid. He liked how he was evolving beyond them and above the power he had as a human, yes ... somehow as he began to grow he started to see blotches of his human past life. How much would be realized he wasn't sure. This strength, this ability; this was the most excitable he had been since being so near to his victory in life over the man who ruined him.

Of course, evolution can only carry you so far, or is there no limit? You evolve beyond your own limits and push yourself and your ability even if it kills you. If power was obtained in death in life, then he was gonna ... die in death? No, he was going to push himself to the brink of self destruction against more powerful opponents, and become stronger. Become a presence like the being that sent him here as fodder for the other beings in this wasteland.

Evolution Is Limited Only By Ability:  Things weren't going to happen so fast anymore. It was taking time to find reasonably strong opponents. Ones that weren't weak, but he had a chance to win against ones that weren't going to obliterate him. The battles that seemed to push him to the brink of death were rare, considering his ability to take extreme amounts of damage, but those that did get to him that point seemed to not only make him evolve ... but toughen him even more.  He had finally reached what seemed to be his peak, he was an adjuchas ... but was that really it? No, it wasn't ... being in the shadows for so long had deprived him of knowledge of what was going on in his own world.

As he made his way into the light he became aware of a war currently being fought, even being in the vicinity he caught word of something called vastrolorde ... it seemed to be the REAL peak of what a hollow was. Without actually being apart of the war, for centuries he began to feed more and more until finally he began to give up. The path in which he had taken had led him to nowhere, how exactly did the other hollows do it? A desperate move caused him to actually take a closer look at these said "lords", in a fight to the death ... he watched as one of the known desert warlords was defeated. The opposing Vastrolorde simply kicked em to the side and left the area, scurrying down to the scene like a rat that eyed some long forgotten cheddar. He began to feast on the lord, as he licked his chops ... almost instantly his bones began to ache and the pounding headache returned. Rho knew exactly what this was, the pain brought joy to his heart as his bone began to pop out of place and grow new one where they weren't before.

When the painful transformation was over, Rho was a new hollow ... he could feel the reiatsu pulsing through his very being; through each step it was like he could feel another hollow falling with his presence.The feeling of such an ascension is not something most hollows have felt, and was once something he desired. As he raveled in his power he decided to take a trip to the real world, upon his journey he seemingly "tripped" into the war the was unraveling before his eyes. This was Rho's entrance into the spiritual war, he actually loved it. He was often seen on the front lines striking the opposing force down, and could even be seen striking his own down that came to rescue from what they thought was trouble. As the ending of every big battle came, he would no longer be seen on the battlefield ... thought to be dead at least a dozen times. Obviously that wasn't the case ...

Over the next several decades he honed and formed his strength. The process itself was mysterious, but he figured that there had to be something more ... something more fulfilling than even reaching his "Lord" stage. In his search for an answer he ran into a another being, another hollow that the ones known as 'arrancar' looked up to. The strength of the hollows involved were indeed near his strength or below ... but something about them were "different". Some how through the centuries he had come into power even greater than some arrancars, but seeing as though he rivals even their strength he questioned what it would be like to become one ... but not just yet.

Throughout the centuries there was only 1 being that he kept in touch with, the only being that understood him and his ways, only one being that shared the length of time in the godforsaken place they called home. Aion, a literal pain in the ass but the only pain in the ass that Rho would tolerate. He had ruled over all the hollows for as long as he could remember, but the one thing that he couldn't accomplish was to recruit Sabaika under his wing. They had a mutual respect for each other that was rare among his race, especially between the renown king and unknown nomad. They didn't get in each other's way but on the same day every year Aion would seek him out and try to convince him to join him to help him rule the vast kingdom of hollows, goes without saying that every year Rho would refuse.

Bewildering Notions:

The environment among the sand had began to feel ominous, many of the lower level hollow that Rho got a kick out of messing with seemed to have disappeared ... and many of the evolved hollows would be seen migrating toward the center of Los Noches. In reality, it was indeed odd but the last person to be concerned would be this Vasto. That was until Aion himself left within the confines of his palace and beckoned him personally, he always had a unique way of doing it ... fully releasing his reiatsu into the air. This made all the "unnecessary" scurry away or even die in most cases if they got close enough, what made this visit odd was the fact that the Hollow King came 6 months earlier than normal. Sabaika was quick to chuck it up as him being senile in his 'old' age but once the conversation began he realized it was much more.

"If I wasn't concerned with the ongoing charades of my own realm, why would I care about any others? They pose no threat to me ..." would be the only response that the King would receive as he extended his hand in the normal recruit fashion, but this time instead of an ensuing joke the King's eyes filled with dismay and anger. A smirk quickly formed across Aion's face before he spoke; "Take care of my children for me ..." he suddenly disappeared without warning. Of course it had to be a joke, he himself knew just how much Rho cared about everything around him ... he just ... didn't. Something about the visit rubbed the hollow the wrong way, so he decided to keep a close on the activities of his fellow hollows.

Within the ensuing days; Sabaika's curiosity had grown exponentially, eventually leading him to Soul Society during the beginning of the Blue Moon War. Using his unique abilities he played in the background of the war, completely undetected and ridding himself of those who came close enough to threaten his cover ... even those of his own race. It seemed as though he had nothing to worry about as he watched Aion dispose of Soul Society's finest, before coming to the decision to flee back to his home realm he attention focused on the shinigami that would become the greatest threat to the Hollow King.

The real battle had began and Rho was perfectly fine with not being apart of it, as hours went by and he watched from afar he knew what the outcome would be, at that moment he finally realized what the last words he received from Hollow King meant. The hollow had seen enough and was well aware what this would mean, turning his back on the battle well before the final blow he made his way back to Hueco Mundo. There he sat upon a large mound of white sand, mulling over what he had seen but quickly realized that it didn't mean anything. That was until Soul Society's forces began to invade upon Hueco Mundo, hordes of shinigami poured in and chased down the hollow that were retreating after the King's inevitable death.

Death's Convocation:

Over the next 6 months Rho had replayed the images over and over in his head, his race being wiped out and withered to the status of the lesser throughout the spiritual realms. Since the death of the King the hollow hierarchy was left in shambles, the population seemingly eating at itself as the structure and respect they once held for themselves was lost. The evolved hollows went their separate way, hiding among the lesser beings and trying to develop systems of their own but that would all soon change.

Today was the day, the day that Sabaika Rho subconsciously anticipated every year of his life over the last few Millennia. This was the anniversary of the day that he usually met with Aion, and this would be the day that he would accept the proposal that he denied countless times. Making his way from the outskirts of Hueco Mundo he would release his reiatsu in the same fashion as the previous King would when he came to beckon him, those who could withstand it seemed to follow and those that couldn't simply understood the notion. What was left of the battle scarred Los Noches seemed to welcome his presence, and as his sat upon the throne ... so did the rest of the realm. Sabaika Rho, the new King Of the Hollows ...