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 Kyroku Kokujin

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Kyroku Kokujin

Kyroku Kokujin

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PostSubject: Kyroku Kokujin   Kyroku Kokujin Icon_minitimeTue Feb 04, 2014 9:20 pm


Name: Kyroku Kokujin

Alias: The Expert of Reishi, Head of the Kokujin Noble House

Age: 534

Visual Age: late twenties


Reiatsu Color: Light Green

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Division: 12th

Rank: Captain


Kyroku Kokujin Cool_s10

Kyroku is a rather young looking man, despite his age, his features are very youthful and smooth in comparison to rougher looking shinigami. This gives him a very friendly look about him. Kyroku's build is very slim and well cut. Kyroku stands at 6 feet tall, not being too tall of a man but not being too short either with a slightly pale skin. Although he doesn't hold large muscle mass, he does keep his body in decent shape. His limbs are very thin but match his body type. His face is very straight, with high cheek bones. He has thin, pale lips and deep set, ice blue eyes. He likes to keep his brown hair semi-long and kept straight, however his hair is usually untidy if he has been working for many hours.

Kyroku wears a Sleeveless version of the Shinigami robes. Although were most would be ripped or torn off at the sleeves, Kyroku's has been expertly removed and a white, finely threaded rope encompassing the end to accent the uniform. Strapped to his body is a leather holster for vials, tubes and a small pocket with a folding over flap. The tubes and vial holders run up the right side of his chest with three separate holsters each able to hold up to 5 vials or tubes each. The pocket rests on his left pectoral muscle and generally holds anything larger than a vial but nothing over 3 inchs wide. Kyroku also wears a royal blue belt sash instead of the typical white. The color reflects his noble house color. Kyroku's haori acts as his lab coat, Being just a tab bit oversized to allow room to maneuver but not enough so the fabric gets in the way of any of his tasks. It is also somewhat thinner than the average haori. Its lightweight nature is due to Kyroku's request not "to be burdened by the thing" and helps when he enters battle.


The Man of the Mind

Kyroku, like all other division 12 captains before him, values intellect as his most prominent trait. Since his birth he has always been fascinated with how things work, not on a generalized level but on a more exact level that most scientists favor. He doesn't just see the world, he see it for what it really is; a mix and match of different formulas, equations, probability, and facts. To him, everything has purpose and meaning behind it and he finds the beauty in everything. His open way of thinking however hasn't earned him many favors in certain courts, but his noble blood makes up for it. Every problem brings new purpose to his life and he will hunt to the depths of hell, happily i might add, for its solution. Unlike one might think, once he completes said task, he could die happy. To just be able to uncover one singular truth in life would be enough for him. Thankfully, with each new task brings new meaning and he keeps pursuing the scientists dream of one day learning all their is to know. Despite him accepting he will not achieve such a goal.

The Forward Thinker

Kyroku has been known as a forward person. He has never been known to be shy or reserved. He speaks his mind whenever possible, but refrains from being offensive. If he is, he will ask forgiveness at once. His ideals are just as outspoken, which has gotten him in trouble quite often with central 46. He has a unique, and quite scientific reasoning, behind many things. Such as hollows being chaotic rather than evil and their treatment should be more towards a mental patient than a murderer. This trait has landed him to many academic findings however. His drive to look outside the box to uncover many of life's mysteries has made him one of the most distinguished members of the Shinigami. He typically asks the questions not many people dare ask and isn't afraid in the slightest to ask them. He finds everything plausible unless proven false.

The Gentleman

His noble upbringing manifested, Kyroku is the perfect image of a gentleman. He is always polite, always asks before he speaks out of turn, holds himself head high with a posture only those of prestige can effectively carry, and treats those he has just meet with chivalry regardless of race or creed. These traits have been in-bedded in his mind since he was a small child. To stray from them is a lost cause, as he would quickly return to them without any kind of hesitation. Kyroku only exhibits anger when his house is addressed badly or when someone tries to talk down about his experiments. This anger is often relinquished after a few moments where he acts like nothing ever happened. Kyroku is even polite to those he dislikes, although he tries his hardest not to show this fact. He believes hatred is the root of all evil and should be avoided at all costs. He has however been known to posses the family trait of having to one-up the other nobles houses. Participating in friendly, and usually secretive, competition with the other three houses in a bragging rights sort of behavior .He does believe strongly in duty and honor, which is what drives him as a shinigami.

A Man of Status

Despite being polite and kind, he is a man that expects results. Although he doesn't get angry at slacking off members, he does make an example out of them by issuing them new orders and has even been known to transfer them to an entirely new division. The majority of the day he leaves the gotei 13 aspect of Division 12 to his lieutenant, who is much more aggressive than he is, while Kyroku focuses on the Research and Development aspect of division 12 and his duty to teaching kido at the Spiritual Arts Academy. Like his role as a scientist, Kyroku is an effective teacher. He enjoys teaching just as much as he does learning and he has found it to be a strong point of his. Unlike most scientists, Kyroku is capable of explaining ideas in a generalized way as well as a scientific way. This has won him much favor within the Gotei as the director of Research and Development.

The Duelist

When it comes down to it, Kyroku will draw blades. If someone intends to harm others especially. He is quite confident in his power and can sometimes be overly confident, yet he doesn't let it go to his head. Like his work, he analyses every aspect of a fight. He takes in the surroundings, his opponent and their strengths, and his own disadvantages against said opponent. Throughout the fight, Kyroku constantly learns bit by bit how his opponent acts, then acts accordingly. His style of fighting relies heavily on skill rather than strength. Rarely will he ever kill someone though, unless its absolutely impossible to avoid. Thus his power suits him, as it is not too aggressive and allows him to deal damage at his own pace. He will however try to quickly incapacitate an opponent. He dislikes long drawn out fights, as the longer the fight goes on, the higher the probability that he might fall in combat. Death is something he would much rather avoid, some would say he is scared of it. He believes that fear is justified and everyone needs to hold the fear of death in their hearts or else they are nothing short of monsters.



Kyroku Kokujin came into this world as a nobleman to the grand Kokujin Family of Soul Society. Being born a soul and not a Human, Kyroku never experienced hardly any hardships as a child. He always had someone wait hand and foot on him, there was always a meal whenever he was hungry, and there was always a toy to play with. What was absent was his mother and father. Like many other cases with rich parents, the Kokujin's tossed the duty of raising young Kyroku off to his servants. Where many would develop some kind of mother and father issues, Kyroku wasn't the case. He was always a bright shining ball of joy, always smiling and always eager to learn. His rather close development with his family servants turned him into the gentleman that he is today. He treats those of lower class with the same kindness his servants offered him as a boy. Even as a child, Kyroku was fascinated with how the world worked. Instead of "why?" being his favorite question, it was "how?". His strong connection with Kido was apparent at a very young age. He was able to generate simple currents with kido to obtain things out of his reach when he was as young as 15 years old, the equivalent of a 4 year old in human years. His parents recognized such exceptional gifts and made plans for the future, investing heavily into both the Kido Corps and Research and Development. At the same time, they had tutors come and attempt to teach him kido, even at the young age that he was. By the time he was 35, about the age of a 10 year old, he was already able to cast basic level kido spells from both schools of the art.


Apart from learning Kido, Kyroku focused heavily on studies. He was given subject after subject with very little time to play or relax. Initially, he found this unfair and somewhat resented what his parents were doing. But after awhile, due to the appreciation of how much he was learning, he forgave and eventually thanked them. By the time he was 50 years old, he had learned all the traits of a nobleman, how to walk, talk, act, and participate in social events. Often he would attend parties and conferences between the other three noble houses, so such characteristics were required of him. In truth, these rare cases were the only times he ever left his own family grounds. He was forbidden to wonder off into the Seireitei. His parents claimed it was too risky for him and that he might get lost or worse. So whenever an event were to happen, Kyroku was always very excited. Despite being a shut in the majority of his life, he was rather social. He enjoyed laughing and talking with the other noblemen and their families. When he was 78 years old, roughly in his late teens in visual appearance, his father started to teach him the family business; financing different divisions of Soul Society. Effectively, they would loan money to each division and would change a reasonable fee at each quarter to make up the money with interest. The kokujins were the bankers of Soul Society. Being the richest of the three noble houses, they were directly responsible for keeping Soul Society funded. Being the Kokujin's only child, the duty would fall into Kyroku's hands once he came of age. So for the next 25 years, Kyroku studied finance in addition to kido and sciences. He was 103 years old and had yet to even touch a blade.


The next 150 years of his life were dedicated to Science. His family quickly understood his genius and inventive mind and supplied him with everything he needed to carry on with his development in such fields. Despite not being a member of the Gotei, Kyroku worked along with the research and development department. Although this was unofficial and keep off the record, Kyroku was responsible for many of the accomplishments and breakthroughs that went on within Division 12. by the time he was 180 he had his own massive lab build underneath the kokujin manor which he spent most of his time in. His primary focus was understanding and manipulating reishi on a molecular level. Most of what is written in the shinigami books on reishi and reiatsu was written by Kyroku himself. His most renown achievement however, the only one that was really revealed as his own, was the creation of the shinigami limiter and personal seals. It was he who found how to manipulate reishi in a way to not absorb or destroy it but simply "press it" in a way to suppress it without any adverse effects on the body. Although this had been done in the past, Kyroku's method was the one that was most universal, being able to adapt to anyone. When kyroku was 200 years old, his family finally decided it was time he joined the ranks of the Gotei 13, allowing him to join the shinigami academy.


The academy was a wonderful time for Kyroku. Never before had he been subjected to so many new faces before. He gladly introduced him to any and everyone he met, often being met with bewilderment because of his heritage. He was quite popular though, as many nobles are in such a public place. He had many friends but was somewhat distant at the same time as he was never allowed to bring anyone home or visit anyone either. He was still bound by his duties as a Kokujin, and would often assist his father in financial up-keeping whenever he was not studying for his next class. Kyroku received the highest marks in history in Kido on his entrance exam, so much so that he wasn't even required to take the class. His hoho exam was also met with rather high marks thanks to his understanding of reiatsu. But, as expected, his hakudo and zangetsu marks were terribly low. In fact, he had never actually picked up a bokken until the initial test. Hakudo however was even worse for him, it seems Kyroku would never be a fist fighter. So he focused almost entirely to hakudo and zanjetsu training and classes. Though he only studied hakudo to pass the final exam, He did take a liking to Zangetsu training. The skillful aspect of it however, not the powerful and destructive aspect of it many of his peers found in it. He wanted to use the blade to its upmost potential as an extension of himself rather than a tool to kill. This made zangetsu training all the more easier for him as time passed on. He had inherited some initial skill from his father and mother as it almost came natural to him. Over the course of 3 years, Kyroku managed to heighten his marks in hakudo and zanjetsu training enough to complete the teachings and pass on his exit exam. Upon his graduation, he was assigned as to the Kido Corps exactly how his parents had predicted. Often he would wonder if they had influenced his position, but would never ask them.

Kido Corps

Kyroku enjoyed the kido corps, despite its secretive nature. He developed quite a name for himself within the ranks as he was always eager to do any duty that needed to be preformed. He loved submerging himself in kido, almost as much as he did with science. He still practiced whenever he was off rounds and when he father didn't need him for the night. He would even keep sending his findings in for review into Division 12 and they were all widely accepted now since he was now a member of the Gotei. But the thing he focused the most on was his zanpakuto. Shortly after graduating, he obtained shikai and held his first conversation with Suzumushi. He loved talking with the spirit, often meditating far more than the regular shinigami would. After 30 years of developing his kido prowess, he started to focus only on improving his swordsmanship. more often then not, he was found sparring with a servant he hired specifically to spar with him in his families courtyard. He was allowed this little pleasure as long as he keep helping his father with the family business. In the kido corps, he moved up the ranks quick quickly. At the age of 308 years old he became the Vice Kido Chief of the Kido Corps and lieutenant of Division 5. As the Vice Chief, Kyroku got to witness many if not all of the Corps functions including the release on the seal of the Sokyoku for executions. Most assignments passed to the kido corps were carried out by him as his commander was usually too busy developing many new kido, which Kyroku was fine with. 5 years after his promotion to Lieutenant, he began to manifest his Zanpakuto and began his bankai training.


It took Kyroku 42 years to completely master his bankai in secret. He trained for it in the depths of his family manor, secluded from the rest of the world. He wished to keep his bankai a secret until he had fully mastered it. Suzumushi was a difficult zanpakuto to master to say the least. Instead of outright fighting one another, Suzumushi made Kyroku undergo certain trials. These trials affected his life heavily. The first was to go a entire year mute. The second, as soon as the first was over, was to go a year deaf. The third, following the same manner as before, was to go a year blind. Finally, Kyroku had to go a month deaf, blind, mute and numb. Suzumuchi claimed that these trails were to place him in his opponents place under suzumushi's abilities. After the 3 year and one month final trial, Suzumushi asked Kyroku a question. the question was this, " Now that you have suffered as your opponents have, do you feel you are worthy to inflect others with this torment?" Kyroku replied as thus, "No man born to feel, see or hear deserves to suffer these trials. I would not allow anyone to suffer them. Yet if they do fall prey to you Suzumushi, I vow to end their suffering as quickly as possible." Suzumushi grinned upon hearing the response. "Then you are my master. For I could never serve under a man who would have no care for what they are inflicting upon their enemies. As long as you hold this trait true, I will call you Master, Kyroku." With Suzumushi's words, Kyroku obtained his bankai. The remaining 39 years he worked on bankai was dedicated to its application and putting him in place of his opponents to learn how they would react under these new condition. But he always keep the vow he made to Suzumushi, to never inflict harm that was for pleasure. Only in times of dire need.


Once Kyroku had perfected his bankai, He finally released it to the public. Naturally, this propelled his popularity as the next Captain to be, as many lieutenants had yet to complete Bankai training. Even his own Captain was impressed with the knowledge and was somewhat revealed. Unknowingly, The Kido Corps Captain had been preparing to be promoted to The Kings Guard. Not as a member of Division 0, but as a Royal Advisory. With Kyroku's perfect timing of obtaining bankai, he was selected to take his Captains place. Within a year, Kyroku took the Captains Exam and was accepted as the Division 5 Captain, as well as the Kido Corps Commander. Being the lieutenant for such a long time, many division 5 members didn't have a hard time adjusting to the new chain in command. Naturally, Kyroku promoted the 3rd seat member to be his Lieutenant. During this period as Captain, Kyroku focused less on science and experimentation and focused on training the younger generation. He took it up a teaching position in the Spiritual Arts Academy that he would do while he had off time as a Captain. He did this because Kyroku had always been busy his entire life, that slowing down was foreign to him. During the mornings he would teach three classes at the Academy; Advanced Reishi Mechanics, Advanced Kido, and Advanced Hoho Training. He also gives two elective sermons throughout the year. The first being "The Origins of Incantations" and "An Introduction to Reiryoku Manipulation: A Guide to Inventions". The latter two being focused mainly on Division 12 and Kido Corps trainees interesting in furthering becoming skilled in their art. During his days as Division 5 Captain, Kyroku managed to kill more hollows in this rank than any other. He truly got to feel what it was like to slay them and he took pity on them. The most notable being a woman Arrancar, who had come to Soul Society to act revenge against the mans death. She was a member of the Espada, although Kyroku had no idea the number, and was quite powerful. It was against this arrancar that he used his bankai in battle for the first time. Due to Suzumushi's Power, the battle was over quickly. To Kyroku's surprise, her spirit was cleansed on the spot unlike the typical fading and regeneration that would normally occur. When the cleansing was complete, the woman was still unconscious. Kyroku took it upon himself to place her in a safe area of the rukongai before returning to his duties.
Many years later, he saw the woman again, one he could not forget with her long green hair. Seeing her join the academy, and be one of his students no less, filled Kyroku's heart with joy. In this time he truly understood what it means to be a shinigami. This moment of tranquility however was short lived for the man, as death loomed its ugly head.

Death of the Family

One particular winter in Soul Society was a rough one for the Kokujin Clan. Unknowingly to him, Kyroku's father and mother both feel extremely ill and were admitted into the division 4 medical center. Due to their status, everyone thought for sure that Kyroku knew of their admittance, which was not the case. Kyroku himself didn't find out until it was too late, being as old as their were, both his father and mother died in a weeks time. What they had contracted stills remains a mystery to this day. Nevertheless, Kyroku was heartbroken by his lose. He spend a good two weeks in mourning, hardly doing any work as Kido Corps Commander and even less as Captain of the 5th Division. Seeing this drop in productivity, he arranged for his dismissal as a Captain. At first the request was denied, but after a talk with the man and his "Concern for the kokujin house being without a leader" it was eventually accepted. Resigning from the Gotei was not easy for him, he loved his squad mates and his position and the satisfaction of purifying souls it granted him but he knew all of Seireitei needed him at his manor, working the finances of the Siereitei. Over the course of 100 years, Kyroku keep to his manor and rank of nobility. During this time though, he started to invent and study science again. His innovations greatly improved life in Soul Society and was nominated for many awards by Division 12. He still keep to teaching at the Academy, which he found just as much passion in as science. But he longed to be apart of the Gotei again.

Division 12

Kyroku's chance to rejoin the Gotei arose when a failed experiment killed the Division 12 captain in a rather controversial way. The man had been studying hollowfication and attempted it on himself. This being an extremely illegal test, it was carried out secretly by only the captain. When he turned hollow, the gotei was forced to cut him down. This left the Research and development team in shambles; one being without a Captain and two being associated with an abomination. Kyroku however, saw this as an opportunity to leave his house again and rejoin the gotei. Since it had been many years after his father and mothers deaths, he could finally let go of the place. Since he became the head of the family, he had started to teach a select few and highly trusted servants with the task of finances and felt that they were capable of handling it on their own while he ran his division. He submitted his ideas to the Central 46 and, seeing his logic, approved him as the new Division 12 Captain. Since he had already taken the Captains test, he was admitted without having to retake it. Being Division 12 was much different than division 5 and kido Corps, he still had two sections to govern over, but the Research and Development aspect of it almost consumed him. So, to manage his time better, he assigned his Lieutenant the major duties of running Division 12. This way he could focus more on the Research and Development center, along with his role as a teacher, and running the Family House. So instead of juggling 4 positions, he only did 3 most of the time. He still had final say over any division matters, but his second in command was the one who really ran the place. So Kyroku's life revolved around works of the mind once more, he had missed the feeling of creating and learning. But war would soon change everything. War and the events that followed would make Kyroku a key player in the days to come.

Blue Moon War

When the Primera Espada, Aion, attacked with the full force of his arrancar in what became known as the Blue Moon War Kyroku was doing research as normal. He joined the fight after the Captain of Division 3 was slain in battle. Kyroku had managed to cut down a few of the arrancar's forces, but had failed to engage in any of the Espada. Before he could fight anyone of importance, Aion and Xion were both fighting one another. Kyroku watched them both fight for what seemed like hours. When Xion won, Kyroku cheered him on in his own unique way. As the Arrancar retreated, Kyroku managed to cut down a few more fleeing for their lives. When they had all left, Kyroku himself acted as if nothing had happened. Yes he attended the funeral serviced of the 3 Captains who had fallen that day, as well as all the other shinigami that had, but he keep to his bright and shiny disposition the entire time. On the inside however he was slightly depressed. In the past 100 years he had seen more death than in his entire lifetime. Then the Tear appeared over Africa. This event fascinated Kyroku the most. He sent team after team to investigate it, and even visited the tear himself to gain some information over it. his life now seemed to revolve around it and whatever lurked within. It being a good curiosity or something more sinister had yet to be revealed...
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Kyroku Kokujin

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