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 Takezō [FIN]

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Shinmen Takezō

Shinmen Takezō

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PostSubject: Takezō [FIN]   Takezō  [FIN] Icon_minitimeTue Feb 04, 2014 7:03 pm


       Name: Shinmen Takezō

       Alias: Kenpachi, The Bokken Blade

       Age: 429

       Visual Age: 29

       Gender: Male

       Reiatsu Color: Orange

       Affiliation: The Gotei 13

       Division: Jūichibantai, 11th

       Rank: Captain

       Appearance: Takezō's hair is wild and uncontrolled. Its dark strands pulled back into a ponytail to keep it out of his face in battle. Those that have come out of the styling he has not put back, nor does he mess with those that could not fit letting them dance madly around his head. The effect giving him a some what intimidating look, specially when paired with his eyes, dark brown eyes. Eyes of a man that would kill if able, at any opportunity. His facial hair, he tries to keep trimmed around his mouth and bare upon his cheeks. Feint scars litter his body, each one depicting where his combative skills had failed him.

Takezō wears the traditional shiganami outfit however he leaves out the white undergarments and his belt is black instead of the traditional white. There are times though a bit rare that Shinmen Takezō goes with out his typical shinigami attire completely. At theses times you can find the Lieutenant garbed in an outfit reserved for the executive militia of the Onmitsukidō. His wardrobe would be taken a step further as crushed charcoal would also be smeared upon the portion of his face that would not be hidden by the face mask and head cover utilized by the stealth force. Clad in all black Takezō would indeed look like the standard ninja. This is the appearance he takes when faced with assassination jobs or those that deal specifically in stealth as the clothing bathes him in anonymity.

Over all Takezō is a some what tall muscular man. Standing straight he measures in at a hundred and seventy-five centimeters, five foot nine inches, just slightly above the typical norm. Weighing in at a mere seventy-six kilograms or one hundred and sixty-eight pounds, he is a man who values speed over strength. The lithe muscular structure was honed from countless sparing matches, training only the muscles necessary for him to fight with. He might not have the most dashing looks around but he isn't the worst out there. Even with the scars as they mare his flesh reveals his battle riddled life and how he has overcome countless odds and battles to reach his position.

Though it is fairly unheard of for him to have any need for one, due to his duties, Takezō's gigai looks just like him physically. Most likely due to the fact that when the gigai is hosted by a Shinigami, it assumes the appearance of its host. As such Takezō typically dresses his gigai in typical modern day wear, a pair of skateboard shoes, jeans, and a t-shirt. The jeans are typically shades of dark blue to black, while his t-shirts also tend to be of the darker shades of color. Atypically this color is black and has an image of a stickman in white doing some kind of activity, like skateboarding. His under garments however are neither boxers nor briefs, due to him being more of a traditionalist he wears a fundoshi.
       Personality: Takezō is a proud user and master of his Zanpakuto. In battle it typically is his first thing to utilize however he would hardly ever go to shikai unless he absolutely needs to, knowing the drain it puts on his body. Do to having been part of the eleventh division, he tends to want to fight one on one in a duel like competition. In combat he focuses on speed and skill to defeat and dispatch his opposition because of this he deems speaking, especially monolog-ing or speech giving in the middle of combat, great times to reward his opposition with a death intending attack for his opponents crimes.

Out side of combat Takezō might be seen as forgetful, or simple as he tries to make himself an example to fallow within his division. The truth of the matter however that such things are indeed a stunt used so that he can show mercy when it is needed by feigning his typical absentmindedness. Against those that betray, abandon, or perform the taboo's of the soul society however are worse then scum in his eyes. A plague to be eradicated. As a noble he portrays what is expected of him, a subtle emotionless calm, allowing him to maintain a thought process with a clear mind.

Over all he aims to make the Soul Society better as a whole. Utilizing his off times to help train those that are working to better themselves, file paperwork, or take some time to himself to sit under a willow tree by a ponds edge just to drink tea, relax, and clear his mind.


   Sure there could be chocolate milk, orange juice, or even cool aid at the top of this list of likes however tea tops out all of those. Be it sweet, strong, hot, or cold it is tea that he likes and will pick before any other choice beverage.
   Takezō enjoys that good ol' sturdy stability. It caries the strength that one can put their trust in be it person, being, or thing.
   Another one of Takezō favorites is simply the thrill of that final stroke, the release of the pent up pressure through out the challenge is just pure ecstasy and a reminder that he is still alive.
   Pleasing and teasing the woman body, what can he say he likes women.
   That being said it is challenges both physical and mental that appease Takezō's need to prove himself, its one of the reasons he enjoys fighting so much. Training, if battle is imposable and death can not or should not be caused then sparing is Takezō's go to for that little bit of excitement he can get.
   In terms of weather Takezō prefers overcast days, the clouds obscuring the sun casting a nice bland shade. Such days are not to bright, not to dark, and their temperature is typically quite mellow as well, all in all, perfect.
   To finish this list of likes lets go with the sweet yet tart taste of the Granny Smith apple, the clash of flavorings wonderful on the tongue.


   Though he is a happy drunk, Takezō is incredibly light weight and absolutely detests the ability alcohol has on his ability to think logically.
   Disorganization leads to losing things easily and really makes a mess out of paperwork. It degrades the trustworthiness of the disorganized party as they cant be totally sure if they have what they claim to have within the mess that it might be in.
   The lack of order that those that bend the rules and laws utilize. Rules are not meant to be loop holed or twisted to ones own amusement.
   Takezō dislikes those that talk unnecessary during combat. Talking distracts the mind out of putting complete focus within a fight. It is a distraction and a waist of energy that leaves to many openings for Takezō to exploit. It degrades his kill.
   That moment that for some reason, his fighting gets called off and he has to break away from engaging his target, depriving him of finishing his opponent off.
   Vizard's are one of Takezō's absolute hates, not dislike, hates. Just by being alive they have broken Shinigami law, they have betrayed their brethren, and they have escaped judgement all of which only makes Takezō more then willing to hunt one down to execute the traitor.
   Arrancar fallow close being the mirrored form of the hollow version of a Visard.
   Rap and techno music. To him rap is just crap and techno is just no.
   Lastly Takezō dislikes girls that show to much cleavage, its tacky and untasteful to him as a whole, making it a turn off for the Lieutenant.

  Motivations: Having reached the rank of lieutenant he is unwilling to let himself stagnate so that over time others would have an easier time dealing with him, thus he sees two things. The first is to challenge himself daily. Through his first challenge his second one can be accomplished and that is to become better then he was the day before. After all how can one stagnate if they continue to grow. This is not a selfish struggle for power even though it might appear so, in fact Takezō does it for the sake of those that serve under him. How else are they to look up to him or to put faith in him to protect them if he does not strive to be better. True he does kill, and true he does it with out remorse, but he does it for the greater good.

  Fears: Being part of the Jūichibantai, Shinmen Takezō is not afraid of the more common fears like death. Being a dealer of death himself, he has become numb to what death could mean for himself. In a way this has made him afraid to become emotionally attached so that he could continue to stay numb. It is the fear of loss. The same fear that drives him to protect those around him and even more so those that do end up getting to close for his comfort. Takezō fears relationships because of what it could mean if that bond was exposed and utilized against him. It is this in itself that causes him to be something of a player, after all he does like women but cant make that emotional bond to keep hold of a relationship and drives him to be a better "lover".

  Special Characteristics: Having seen so much combat and have watched as friends and foes alike have died his eyes have taken on a dead gaze that only seem to liven when Takezō is in high spirits or when fighting a skilled opponent. It is through these eyes that those he thinks about can see and feel what he thinks or plans on doing to them when he is lost in one of his daydreams. Not as an onlooker but as if the daydream/vision was their own.


       History: The cycle of transmigration, all those that are go through it and thus from ashes to ashes those that once was alive are reborn. This is how souls are born into the soul society, washed clean of their past memories to make way for the new. Thus Shinmen Musashi-no-Kami Fujiwara no Genshin would be reborn into the Soul Society as Shinmen Takezō.

His place of rebirth would be Zaraki. It was a place of chaos and destruction one that forced Takezō to fight to survive. That struggle gave him power, power that within this world brought on more challenges. for though he had over sixty years in life, his rebirth into this realm made him nothing but a child.

With over a hundred years of struggling Takezō would be recruited into the Shinigami Academy. The transition was new and unique as it pulled him out of the blood made muck that had dominated his life. Still it would tamper his more aggressive side as he learned to control it a new. Zanjutsu and Hakuda were the two courses that Shinmen Takezō marked exceedingly well in and by the time he was finished with the academy those high marks would place him into the Eleventh division.

The melee combat division was as mush apart of him as he was of it. Joining as an unranked officer he would work his way up aiming for the top, armed with his Asauchi sword. The division was bliss for him though it was a bit unruly with challenges for spars happening daily as those within honed their skills against each other. Still Takezō was not satisfied to stay within the the low tier that he was placed within.

He spent his days sparing and when he was not he was meditating upon his Asauchi willing it to connect with him so that the two could rise to greater lengths. This meditating aided him as he became more fluent with his blade allowing him to become a seated officer. Still Takezō would not give up his endeavor of challenging himself. Years would roll by and Takezō's Asauchi would transform into that of a bokken blade.

Chitatsume, the cheetah claw revealed itself in mid combat between Takezō and a menos that had already taken out the rest of the squad that the Seated officer had been deployed with. Chitatsume and Takezō had talked frequently within the past hundred and fifty years but it was seeing how Takezō had the strength to hold his own against the menos keeping it at bay though just barely that caused the prideful weapon to intervene. Seemingly pulling the blade apart as a orange spiritual aura seems to envelopes the blade. The sound of a sword being drawn could be heard as the wooden blade of the sealed form swells into that of a sheath as it is pulled back revealing the metal blade beneath. The wooden blade turns black seeming to burn under the heat of the spiritual aura as it becomes the sheath for the released Chitatsume. Black cord seems form under the hand that holds tight to the sheath as the blade in the right hand gains a double ring tsuba made out of what appears to be iron. The wooden handle changes as well as black cloth wrap it securing the weapon for its wielders grip.

With Chitatsume drawn Takezō would look stunned at the fine blade for a moment as he retain it's sheath in his left hand using it to help defend himself as Shinmen Takezō instinctively fallowed the blades instruction on the blades ability. To bring out the most from Chitatsume it seemed he needed to go faster to strike harder against the giants iron skin. Taking a deep breath in Takezō would ready himself and put all his focus into his flash stepping skills as he channeled it into a lunge. Sword point first he would pierce the menos' flesh as he crashed into it's mask and thus allowing him to purify its soul as he spun tearing his blade through the beast.

Unlocking his Shikai was an amazing feat and even though the blade was part of the Melee-type that the eleventh division was known for he understood that its strength was in the quick an precise moment of its initial attack. It was an assassins tool and thus knowing that Takezō changed divisions. For him it meant a transfer into the second division. Focused more on assassinations and enforcing the law Takezō would soon realize that almost everyone out classed him in the Flash stepping department as well.

Though he had Lieutenant capabilities he was still a seated officer as he played catch up to those who had focused on the fast movements that he was just getting accustomed to. Years of training would allow him to rise slowly within the ranks of the seated officers and through the years he would master his shikai as well. It becoming a part of him as any other capable of taking down opposition quickly or to stand alone in combat.

Being part of the Second division granted him knowledge that others were not privy of out side its ranks. The Second division where both the policing force of the thirteen divisions as well as its assassinating force. There were those that had to be held for the safety of the peace and those were kept hidden from society, devoid of weapons and guarded by those with mastery of the hakuda arts. He found such things interesting but nothing more kept his attention then his strive to become a captain. Sure he most likely had ways of dispatching the current Kenpachi but he under stood his blades tendency and that need to not just cut on its first stroke but its need to kill. He was an assassin now, no longer a fighter.

His drive however would force him into the that of the Lieutenants position as he aimed to try and attain Bankai. A task that seems to have put him at a dead end of his capabilities for the mean time. Having to deal with the captain of old would became quite a pain from time to time but it pushed him to become stronger still as he put his focus on Chitatsume. For years he faced the blade aiming to unlock both his and its true potential as a melee zanpakuto that drew its power though Miyamoto's own. It would be into the later part of this time that squirmishes between the Hallows and the Shinigami would truly start to break out and caught off guard the Captain of the Nibantai would parish leaving the captains seat open. Enraged at his own inabilities to protect even his captain Takezō would face Chitatsume in combat risking everything as he put his whole being on the line to achieve bankai. The struggle was long in Miyamoto's mind but it had been one that had lasted since he had achieved shikai. His body would be ripped and torn from the intensity of the blades will against the lad. In the end however, Chitatsume would yield and take its final form.

"Rip to Shreds, Akunaki Chitatsume."

Those few words would unleash his potentual. A blast of orange Spiritual energy ripped away from Takezō. The force of the blast tearing at his clothes as it pushes everything away from him, even though this blast does no damage, like a rush of violent gale force wind. Even the ground beneath Takezō's feet compacts. In the midst of the blast the sheath in Takezō's left hand seemed to peel away to reveal the Katana that  matched the one in his right hand. The cloths that ripped away from his shoulders and body are replaced with the hide of a cheetah. The head of which rests upon Takezō's right shoulder like a shoulder pad. The arms of the hide cross Takezō's chest from right hip to left shoulder and seem to be tied together. A hole for his head through the hides left shoulder makes sure the garb stays securely paced as the skins lower half is wrapped and stitched like a bottom of a shirt. It is after this that the blinding orange glow of the spiritual aura seems to fade as the spiritual power is re-harnessed into the bankai form.

As soon as he had the chance he would contact the Captain commander, the Captain of division Tenth, and the Captain of division Eight to be his judges for his Captain Proficiency Test. Passing quickly Takezō, age three hundred and forty-six, would pick up the role that his old captain had not as the Nibantai captain but that of the eleventh. There was just one problem, The Eleventh Division was not unocupied. It might have been a ruse to have forced Takezō to back down but he was not the kind of man who would. Faced against Ongaku Hakushi the current kenpachi, Shinmen would not back down. He knew his old Captains abilities, how his weapon ate at others, corroded their spirits. Still Takezō would fight the man in front of the rest of his division. It was a battle of blades for captaincy and the title of Kenpachi. There was one problem though Onguku's Zanpakuto focused more on his Hakudo skills to bash in and beat down his opponent and thus though the Captain indeed had age and experience over the up and comer, Shinmen Takezō. He underestimated the boys skill with his zanpakuto, the speed he gained with the Nibantai, the ability to assassinate with the blade, that was what had separated the two and in the end titles shifted and those that fell would be no more.

As skirmishes flourished, Takezō found himself on the front lines more and more harnessing the power and learning the techniques that his Bankai contained. Things seemed to settle down with no true consequences as the years rolled past until it seemed all was calm. The peace that had drifted across the land created the opening for the tragedy that was the Blue Moon War. Takezō battled against the siege on the front lines leading his division that though they were highly skilled just did not have the speed or fluidity like Takezō had gotten while in the second division. As a result many men from his division fell causing the Septima Espada to take it as a point of interest. Telling his men to pull back Takezō would face the Espada on his own. The battle between the two was short lived with the final act being Takezō deactivating his Bankai to shikai allowing him to get the drop on the overconfidence of his opponent and kill him with the same technique he used against the menos he had attained shikai against.

The increase in confidence of his men helped turn the tide of the battle and push the shinigami to victory though even that seemed short lived with the events that had occurred five months after.


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Takezō [FIN]

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