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 The Fourth Impact

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PostSubject: The Fourth Impact    Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:41 pm

Segunda Etapa-------------------------------------------------

Appearance: He retains most of the same image as his normal Ressureccion but with one major difference. He becomes almost red in appearance. Much more beast like then machine. His hallow grows bigger, and big circle red eyes appear right where his visor use to be and he gains an almost, malicious yet in some way, godlike presence on the battlefield. He is almost completely crazy and his conscious is just barely holding on.


Video (looks like this but less damaged and arm still intact.)

Ability: His power is the same as his original in a sense, except augmented to unbelievable levels, He is able to block attack all the way up to a Hadou #92 and can block physical attacks that could easily destroy mountains with no scratch, can protect against a shunko single bone (which would be far stronger then a normal double bone I would believe). He is able to create shapes and objects outside of his normal shield. Creating huge blocks and walls that can be thrown at an opponent, almost as fast as a sonido, but not quite there. So much of his life essence is used in the shield that it can only be destroyed once and still be repaired, but it takes 8 posts for it to be repaired. When in his segunda etapa he doesn't feel the huge toll the repairing of his field costs, but as soon as he is out of this form, he will easily be knocked out cold for at least 10 posts and quite possibly coughing up blood.

Like stated on my normal Ress, I shall do it later

Preparation Time: (Put N/A if there is none)
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Soul King

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PostSubject: Re: The Fourth Impact    Wed Mar 06, 2013 12:29 am

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The Fourth Impact

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