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 La Defensa Final

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PostSubject: La Defensa Final   Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:47 am

General information--------------------------------------------------

Name: La Última Defensa

Representation: ???

Family: Unknown

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------

Appearance: His weapon takes the shape as a two pronged spear which is around 9 feet in length, it is a grey colour and has a sort of twisting section starting from the joining part between the prongs down to the end of the weapon which is in a spike like shape which can also be used to thrust into a rib cage. The prongs are not only for stabbing, they can also give moderate size cuts, but they are far more deadly as a stabbing weapon. The weapon, being as big as it is, is usually carried on Siegals back in a diagonal angle.
Image 1
Image 2


Innate Ability: Seigals ability consists of a huge invisible wall between him ands his enemies. Or to be more specific, a dome. His ability takes the form of a sort of bubble that cant be seen. The shield can only be seen when hit with something or making contact with something other then Seigal himself. The wall cant be sensed through reiatsu sensing or any reiatsu absorbing techniques for it is not made out of reiatsu. The field is a manifestation of his own life force. It has the ability to block kido of quite explosive strength (#70 and below) while also blocking most physical attacks with relative ease but can crumble to attacks (like kenpachi two handed kendo attack). Because it is a part of his very own life source it is almost always active, only reason why it wouldn't be active is if he were to disactivate it himself, and as soon as he no longer is concentrating it to off it will activate itself. the shield takes on a repeated hexagon like shape with an orange colouration. It is malleable and can be changed into different shapes extending out around 10 feet from Seigals own body, walls, and even bandages. Because the shield is made out of his very own life essence, if destroyed it can take a lot out of him, stamina wise and can even cause wounds to open and he has to take 3 posts to rebuild the field before he can use it again.
Image 1
Seizure Time
Type: Lance/Spear

Release Phrase: Desciende, La Última Defensa

Appearance: Siegal is covered by a dark blue armor with yellow stripes in certain parts of his body. The head has a red visor where you can catch a small glimpse of Siegals eyes if you look close, He has a sort of two pointed horn protruding from the forehead as well as a halo which constantly hovers over his head. This halo is actually a part of his ability, as it is made out of his own life force like the shields, and can be used in the same way, extending out and what not. His fingers are slightly longer then normal and he has a long protruding chin. looks about the same as the pictures below. He still holds the same spear as before, and you can search above for that description in sealed state.


Ability: In this new state of power, his original ability grows to an enormous level, able to stop attacks of a much higher caliber then previously. His shields are able to block even a Gran Rey Cero in its track(but just barely). It is able to block almost every single melee attack thrown at it, only crumbling to something slightly stronger the single bone. Of course, his defense can also be a weakness. He cannot use any long range projectiles while using his power, so instead he needs to create a hole or deactivate it entirely to allow for any solid projectiles to be launched. He is able to extend his field up too 30 feet around him and others and still can create numerous shapes and forms from it, even enhancing his physical attacks. The shield can be activated and deactivated a little slower then a C-class speed technique, but its form changing and extending is only about half that speed. If broken the shield usually takes a total of 5 posts to regenerate and can cause humongous strain on Siegals own body, for his life force itself is being taken out to repair it, so if his shield were to broken more then 4 times while in his ressureccion, he would no longer have enough of his own life force to recreate it and barely enough left to keep fighting.

Techs: (only a total of 7 techs allowed. Please use template below)
Ill complete this at a later time.
Preparation Time: (Put N/A if there is none)
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PostSubject: Re: La Defensa Final   Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:39 pm

everything seems good, Approved.
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La Defensa Final

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