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 Adele Heidis Quincy Cross WIP

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PostSubject: Adele Heidis Quincy Cross WIP   Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:00 pm

General information------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Steinschloss

Reiatsu Color: Blue



Steinschloss are Adeles weapons that originate from her quincy cross. Her quincy cross are the two red ribbons with the steel diamonds at the end. The steel diamonds are the quincy cross itself. They can summon her spirit weapon that doesn't manifest as a bow but as dual guns. The Steinschloss guns are two big white guns that have the basic appearance of a flintlock gun though they are white and the tip is squared and not round like normal flintlocks. The handles are coated with red rubber to give better grip. Over all the weapons are very big though lightweight since they are made out of Reishi. Adele can fire Heilig Pfeils out of her Steinschloss guns that act like normal Heilig Pfeil's. Her advantage are the dual wielded guns that make it easier for her to to fire Heilig Pfeils in a rapid fashion.


*Note that this release is only available to those who hold a B Rank.



Her Steinschloss guns remain but she grows black angel like wings that take on the form of butterfly wings curling out everywhere. They are manifested Reishi and glow in a bright light. They have manifested feathers and weaponesque appearing wings at the bottom, while those on the top are more angel like.

Ability: (what does your vollstandig do?)

Techs: (can only have up to 5 techs. Please use template below)

Preparation Time: (Put N/A if there is none)
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Adele Heidis Quincy Cross WIP

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