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 Xion's Zanpakutou

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PostSubject: Xion's Zanpakutou   Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:02 pm

General information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Ongakuouja ( Music King)

Family: Sound and light


Inner World: The inner world of Ongakuouja is that of a light based bliss. When first arriving one appears outside of the large golden walls of a massive city. Until the blade's name is learned the massive golden gates to the city are locked and one is only capable of looking yet not being able to tread any further. The massive sits aloft massive cloud like objects which seem to keep the city stable and without movement. The world does have a sun however the gold that comprises the city itself shines so bright it can appear as if a second smaller sun can be seen from the horizon. The city itself is quite large and to the the naked eye can appear as if it extends for an eternity in all directions.

The inside of the city contains massive golden fixtures and buildings. It is perpetual sunlight at all times within the city and the sweet sounds of classic style music can be heard coming from the city center. Their can be seen no other people other then Ongakuouja herself and the wielder who has been invited into her domain. The buildings are stark and large and from all directions one is incapable of seeing over the large golden walls which not only give the city protection but also give the city a feeling of seclusion from the rest of the cloudy world around the city.

Even thought the city has no other apparent denezins over the course of the wielder's life the city itself has been known to change. The city originally was dark and black placed filled with perpetual night. This was until the wielder learned to cull his inner sadness and focus enough to reach out for the means to accomplish there goals. This in turn caused the city to shift from a rusting and dank state of delapedation to a state of inviting sunlight and stucco arch deco styling and fountains and surfaces of gold, ivory, and marble. In the city center can be seen a massive infinity pool with a large golden piano along the pools right bank side.

Originally the music being played was that of a depressing blend of funeral organ ensembles and silence. However, since the wielder psychological metamorphasis the sweet sounds of harps as well as classical style music can be heard. Xion has been known to appear within the city to witness Ongakuouja gracing her fingers upon the keys of that piano as Xion sits next to her to spend time with his peacekeeper.

Appearance: The spirit known as Ongakuouja is both sexy and secretive. When first eyed by the wielder she can be very creative in ways to appeal to the user. She chooses to appear as that of a young golden armor clad maiden in sleek golden armored pumps. Her hair is long and blonde and her eyes shine forth with a fiery golden glow. She stands at roughly 6' 0" tall and looks to weigh less then 140LBS.

Personality: Her personality can best be described as ravenous and rewarding. Originally she will request that the user pay homage to her often requesting at least one hour of their time daily so she may get to know the wielder and vice versa. After a short while she will then challenge the wielder often not allowing herself to be wielded by a weakling. Should the user win this contest of will and determination then she will gladly bestow upon them her name.

Once the wielder is ready to bring her to their realm she will require them first to show her a measure of their " faith" in her. She often will force them to fight a powerful adversary without the aid of their shikai but rather the aid of her sealed form alone. Should the user pass this test then she will come to the wielder's world to engage in the requirements for them to obtain her ultimate honor.

Once the Bankai has been mastered she will then see the wielder as an equal. No longer will she regard them as child or one who requires teaching. She will also allow the user free range of her truest strengths no allowed during any other point in their blade and wielder dynamic.

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Appearance: The sealed form of Ongakuoujka is that of a longer then normal wakizashi. The guard itself is comprised of a simple round form placed neatly above the deep red threadings which line the hilt's core. The core of the hilt is comprised of a white pearl like material which allows for the wielder to have a sense of both grip and security when grasping it's length. The blade is long and the tsuba is deep and rich along the blade edge.

The sheath of this blade is long and smooth and feels as if it were made of a thicker grade balsa wood then normally used in most Japanese style housing fixtures such as soji screens. The sheath has a glossy red finish to it and has no defining details other then the words Ongaku in traditional hiragana along the underside of the blade two inches beneath the hand guard.

In this form the blade is normally stored at the wielder's side to ensure for easy access thereby allowing for the use of batoujutsu style swordplay. The sword's long red thread tails also allow for the blade to be strapped to the back of the wielder as to keep the sword's main form out of the site of those in stance before the wielder.

This form is also the form most seen at the side of Ongakuouja when visiting the world she inhabits. She has been seen having is astrewn her left hip along the tails of the sheath to waft in the wind or get swept up should she go swimming in the pool within the city center.

Type: Katana

*camouflage: None


release phrase: Enbu! (Waltz!)

Appearance: Ongakuouja's release form is a site to be seen. When then blade's true name along with the proper command are said the blade springs to life. The guard of the blade extends outward into a visible circle of energy which encompasses the entire width of the guard. The blade itself become a glowing blade made of a strange red energy which is bright and will cast a colored shadow upon those near it. The inner threadings around the hilt transform to not only red as they were in the sealed from but now a black as well.

The runes comprising the light circumference around the sword guard are different and each one is capable of condensing sound waves. The sheath of the sword will no longer be present when the blade enters into it's shikai.
Ability: (what does the shiaki do. be descriptive as possible.)


Preparation Time: (Put N/A if there is none)


Appearance: (a detailed description of what the bankai looks like, an image is optional)

Character Change: (how does your character change due to this release if any.)

Ability: (what does your bankai do)

Techs: (may only have up to 5 techs unless a tech pack has been purchased. please use template below)

Preparation Time: (Put N/A if there is none)

* Note that this release is only available to shinigami who possess the augment "Saishukeitai".

Appearance: (a detailed description of what the fusion looks like, an image is optional)

Ability: (what does your fusion do?)

Technique: (can only have 3 techs unless a tech pack has been purchased. Please use template below)

Preparation Time: (Put N/A if there is none)

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PostSubject: Re: Xion's Zanpakutou   Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:28 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Xion's Zanpakutou   Fri Feb 07, 2014 2:03 pm

You need to fill out this page buddy. I dont have a copy anywhere
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PostSubject: Re: Xion's Zanpakutou   

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Xion's Zanpakutou

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