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 Jin [Done]

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Jin Akeyama


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PostSubject: Jin [Done]   Sat May 10, 2014 8:25 pm


Name: Jin Akeyama

Alias: N/A (Will Earn In Character.)

Age: 1,250

Visual Age: late twenties or early thirties

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: smoke/ fog white

Affiliation: The Gotei 13

Division: 3rd Division

Rank: Captain



Jin Akeyama is a rather well built male that has developed every single muscle and scar during his 1,250 years of life, though as a human many people would remember him as a simple man with a rather skinny body image with mostly muscle though was a rather weak man during his living days. Though that truly doesn’t matter for he would not remember his old image anyway, his body would be 6’4 and weigh in at 230 pounds of pure muscle now, Through rigorous training and running around the soul society he would have built a body that many have grown to know through the century, he would have a rather stunning ripped body that many women would drool over.

In addition, his muscles all around would be rather toned as his individual sections would pop out as though they were marble carved strategically by a stone mason to represent the body of a warrior.  His six pack would be that was formed by a man who knows that a strong core meant the start of a well-built athlete and combatant to protect against hand to hand combat attacks, while his jaw screamed that of a true man always wanting the best for his followers and will take a thousand punches to his own before letting them getting scratched. His legs spoke a story of his speed and his ability to swiftly react on his feet to get out of danger or cause it for others, and finally his arms the well detailed biceps, triceps, and wrist screaming of his great hand to hand combat skills and swordsmanship  that he has developed over many years of combat and training to reach the rank that he is standing on at this very moment.

Furthermore, he wraps his hands up down to his knuckles up and till only a few inches off his elbow on both sides with a white wrap. He also continues this notion by wrapping from his waist up until his second row of his abdomen,  other than that he doesn’t truly were an undershirt while he wears his captain uniform. Just like every other captain he wears the standard uniform with minus an undershirt he wears  simply because he doesn’t like the feel of the black shirt that many other shinigami have to and chose to wear he prefers to simply let the captain jacket flow down his body as the silk rubs against it as he walks. That is only accompanied by the standard issue black more rough silk hakama that go all the way down to his ankles and then stop and for footwear he wears bamboo shoes that have one leather strap that splits twin his big toe and goes down until half way down his foot and goes own and then reconnects into the shoes at the body split into the left and right side.

Moreover, when he is walking around the human world, he finds himself wearing their casual clothes and trying to fit in so that he does not stick out as a sour thumb if he is ever visiting or investigating something that he felt was seemingly troubling everyone. He wears a white lightweight shirt that hangs off his body in a manner that lets him still feel as though he is not wearing a shirt and can easily be removed if need is for whatever reason he may find. Furthermore, he finds himself wearing black pants and black and white shoes that he got while he was they're the first time he ever came back to the soul society while this is his usual attire if he would be staying for more than a day or two he has a rather grand amount of clothes that he has stored in a wood cabin that he built while he was there seeing as he started to return more frequently than he would have expected with a different array of colors and options for him to test out finding his own style as a human once more. So with this his look would be just about completed though his body would be a different matter for the twelve scars that are scattered around his body the first six on his torso and the other six around his lower body. In closing, his jet black hair is pulled into a ponytail at the scalp held together with a red wrap and one strand landing in front of his face.


Jin is a man that came from a royal family, so he has a rather serious demeanor and while among those who don’t know him well he is very serious, mature and carries himself to be a rather respectful and understanding man. Always giving straight forward answers and trying to focus only on the task at hand and how to handle it in the most mature way.


Though when around he is around unknown people or enemies he is rather serious his demeanor change to a mellow laid back person while around his friends and family though this is a rather rare occasion, at least for the family part when he is seen with his friends he is constantly joking and being sarcastic always finding a way to try and just relax and let life float by without doing too much extra work or putting forth reason to be hated by many or even liked by all…


In addition, even though he is a captain he is rather known to the position and likes to show respect to those who he feels deserve it or that the captain commander finds to be worth of the position he is in, also he tries to respect those below them if he sees they are putting forth an effort for once he was in the same position as they and doesn’t like to simply dog those for he has finally succeeded.


Furthermore, though he can be respectful and serious he would much rather be mellow and sarcastic, this is because he would rather people hate him for himself than to love him for someone he truly isn’t. So when he finds someone that is rather close to him or under him to ask a silly question or point out they obvious expect to receive a rather sarcastic remark as he holds the most serious face to make you question your actions… Or rather simply get you in trouble for trying to do anything so idiotic or not doing something so self-explanatory to begin with.


Moreover, though he is a caring man though carefree at times and truly not caring about every detail in your life he is preserved to be an asshole, though he truly isn’t but may be to those of a weak hearted and minded nature for he is going to be rather blunt with you no matter who you are that is in his nature, and many people find blunt people to be rather mean and in a word an asshole.


While he is all of the above in one sense, or another it is all, but together to form a rather blunt person and will not hold back the truth from anyone, he feels that if no one else is going to blunt he will take the role and share his opinion or statements without hesitation though many can find this disrespectful he feels it is necessary for beating around the bush in some cases can be life or death, and he would rather save a life or fight for one then see someone die for his tongue was tied trying to find the wording to be nice.


Jin has a rather carefree personality at times not truly caring what anyone thinks of him or how people believe he acts for truly he already knows what he is about and how he is and how he was raised, so with that he lives his life as carefree as he can only do what he has to and truly only caring about a very select few that cross his path. Though this is his true nature, he does not get to show it much for truly many people in the society know him.


He is not simply known for his abilities during battle but also his intellect and contributions to the soul society though they are not anything that can be truly named unless truly researching what makes what work, he did not do anything drastic that would be noticed simply by entering the society there are minor things he has done as helping build things and putting them in the places the captain commander ordered.

-Calm Minded:

Finally, jin is a calm minded individual always thinking his plans, even though many believe he is hot headed  he truly isn’t simply knows how to argue and knows when he wants to prove a point, he never truly likes to yell unless joking for he feels those who have nothing to say is when you raise your voice. However, there are moments were he can slip and go into battle purely with not plan but through the battle he will always develop something planning his next moves with the most precision and trying not to be rash.


Therefore, Jin is truly a simple man with a somewhat complex personality but can easily be figured out by his friends through enemies in battle will most likely few him to be hot headed swordsmen simply to do the deed that many people may not feel like doing. While he truly doesn’t show the enemy emotion he simply likes to act and respond to their actions to be respectful if they are and tries to always have a great battle while he can so not to spoil the moment and truly being a sportsmen that can be respected.


Even though he is no squad 11 captain he does rather enjoy battle not truly seeking it but when it comes around he will not shy from it but rather enjoy it and push his body to the limit. That is where the scars that cover his he sees them as the trophy’s for the battles that he was in and the things he learned from them as many of them are from his experience in the “Blue Moon War” and some training that he did with the previous captains who died in the war not truly remembering it.


As a man would awake from the darkness that seemed to consume him,the man known as Jin Akeyama would be born  nearly a millennium ago into one of the royal families that now walked among the people in the soul society.  This family was recognized not for truly one pure thing but how they were all well rounded and were born to fill nearly whatever roll was needed, to some of this is a rather great blessing while to others is an inescapable curse.  To Jin it was a cure that followed him no matter where he went they expected great things out of him, and if he even fell slightly short of these expectations there was training, studying, and foodless nights to comfort him instead of a warm hug from his mother or a strong pat on the back from his father.  That was the price any male born into the Akeyama family had to pay, and it was not just their actions but also their demeanor, so truly it was nearly impossible for him ever to make friends or rest from a young age.
At the time of his birth, the Akeyama Clan had rather low hopes for the child it was because unlike the other children born from this clan built to be strong and well-rounded from birth he was weak looking and skinny. Alongside that were feelings of pure dissatisfaction and lack of love shown for the man; he would truly not live a life of praise and success but one of struggle and distress. He knew that he would have to train and study every morning and night only to be looked down upon even further, he knew he would have to step up eventually, or he would be banished from the family ground never to be spoken of or to again… That was his motivation and the thing that eventually drove him to great success and power.

His Mother and Father both were highly respected people in the community, his mother Jan Akeyama being an outstanding scientist, and his father Gal Akeyama being one the strongest fighters in his day and who trained some of the trainees from the academy that he felt was worthy of his sword style but everyone he had picked failed.  Indeed that would only add to the disappointment both of them felt in their son that he had to work so hard for something they were both so naturally gifted with.  These two would have met long ago on the battlefield in a crusade to destroy a wave of hollows that had seen fit attack the living world. They were both renowned nobles and after surviving the war would come back to the soul society and be betrothed to each other after their families saw the love that was in their eyes.

Jan and Gal would train him with no mercy from the very young age of only 250 to try and establish his skills with the sword and mind to a level that would astonish those after he was allowed to leave the Akeyama Clan walls, he would have no social life for many years and would only know training and studying.  Though that would change around his 375 birthday when his mother finally grew tired of her failing son and would examine his body to wonder what was going on with him, it would be a shocking turn out that his body was not taking in the reiatsu that he needed as a child, and that was what he lacked all these years. So that would drive her to expel a large amount of her own into the child, however, what she did not expect that was he was a golden child among their clans and his reiatsu level would be off the charts, and he would consume all of hers. However, this would cause the boy's mind and body to reach a level his father and mother could not have thought was possible.

After many months, his mother would die no matter what top notch healer came to try and restore her lost spiritual pressure it was pointless her body would grow weaker and weaker as though she gave not only her reiatsu to the boy but also her potential, talent, life energy, youth, everything… It seemed all to have flown into him as he would watch his mother die slowly the boy grew more and more furious wanting nothing but to train and study to achieve her expectations before her passing would come. However, his father was not focused on the success that his now fully healthy and normal son would have but rather blame the boy for his beloveds’ condition and eventual passing. He would train the boy as though he was some reject science experiment not giving him any breaks or water from dawn until dusk, at that time was when his father would give the boy one hour to do what he needed this would include making his own meals, doing his laundry, and bathing himself.  If he would come the next hour smelling of anything other than his mother’s preferred scent of cherry blossoms he would be worked even harder, his father would tell the kitchen staff never to prepare the young boy any meals for he had to learn everything his mother did for his father felt ‘Sense you embody her potential and reatsu which gave you life, you should live it in regard to your mother.’

He would be allowed, however, to go out into the Rukongai district simply to see the shape of which if his father’s expectations were not met he would end up staying for the rest of his life as an outcast, he would look in awe at the horrible situation that many of these souls would live and want to help them. However, as he was now he couldn’t help himself let alone them. So with that motivation on top of his wanting to feel the truly love that a father could give he would finally come to a resolve strong enough to meet the demands of his father. He would only use his hour to make a simple bowl of rice and two slices of meat, while he would wash his fair in his mother’s shampoo that his father would continue to buy even after she would have passed., with that he would be back on track with his father and slowly but surely his heart would warm up to the boy as their training and social moments would become less of hatred and damnation, but more toward acceptance and his father realized that even if his loved wife would pass his wonderful son would have been health and he would do the same if he had to for his son.

Though a tragedy would strike a few months after their father son relationship would finally becoming strong, his mother could finally call the two men in the room Jin now being 500 years old this would be the first death he would experience. Though it neither was horrifying nor demented it would leave an imprint that he would never want to see his loved ones fall in such a manner once again. As his mother would wither away in his father’s arms the last thing he would see is a passionate kiss between the two and his first ever moment of true acceptance from his mother as for when she would slowly fall into the darkness of death she would whisper  “Jin… I have always…. Loved you……” with that she would pass away and her funeral would proceed the next week on the hour of her passing.

His father and himself would morn in the only way they seemed to know how and would train as the boy’s body would start to now look truly like a warriors from his diet and his father’s training it would be at this time were he would be reaching the time he would leave to do his own thing that his father would teach him the family sword technique. He would wrap the boy’s hands and would instruct him to hold the sword with the blade facing away from him and in an upward angle.  This would be the last thing he would say to the boy before he would take his own fighting stance,

“This shall be your final test my son come at me with the passion to kill and the will to do so for your society..”

After these words would float off his tongue and strike the boys ears he wouldn’t truly know what to do… he would only question the logic behind the statement, wondering if his father truly just asked the boy to come at him with the intent to kill? His mind would be racing and he would feel something sharp come across his stomach, not deep enough to cause massive damage but rather to cause a scar, with this the man would have his first scar from battle and would gain two more through the vicious testament his father would try and make him learn… However, as the battle would rage on for many decades as his father would push him to his limits and then knock him out leaving someone to heal him and let him rest of the cold sandy floor that every night during that time he would think was his grave.

This act was not out of hatred but love for if his first life he took was his fathers as per ritual in this family he would be hardened enough to kill anyone that the soul king or captain commander would feel fit to be exterminated no matter what relationship they shared for nothing was stronger than a father and son bond.  So after three decades the man would finally arise his eyes now having a cold sensation in them as his reiatsu would come out a foggy white his father would be in shock, his son would be of a high prestige in the family for those with the white fog would be known as some of the strongest warriors. Therefore, his father would smile and come at the man never releasing his shikia or bankai for slowly after the birth of his son his reiatsu would be fading, their battle would rage on for days giving and taking blows and finally toward the end after jin had received two blows to the legs on his thighs that would prevent another step from being taken he would take the family stance learning it through this battle and would await his father’s next attack.  

In that very moment his father would be stunned to see the success he had built the boy to have he would have developed an outstanding body and would look to be a true warrior in the last moments his father would see him, with this he would charge the decisive moment would come as he son would step slightly to the side making the cuts on his leg bleed quite viciously and his blade would slice through his father cutting him in half… As the wind would blow the would both stand there but at the moment Jin would collapse so would his father, as his eyes would fade into darkness he could feel their warm liquid bloods mix where they lay. The medic only curing his wounds he would question why he was put through this hell. As weeks would go by before he would awake he would shoot up asking many questions as to where his father was.  However, they would be met with an invitation to his funeral and the knowledge that this happened to everyone in the family the only way to leave was to vanquish those who brought you into it. He would sit in shock crying over the death of his father and would take a century leaving the palace simply to collect him and find who he truly is and was he truly a ruthless killer or a man raised to do a duty?

These questions however, would be answered through time as he would realize his parents truly did love him and unlike what he thought they would have kept him at birth while the elders told them to get rid of the weakling who they thought would stain their name forever. So with this he would pack his things after returning and leave for the academy to try and become a member of The Gotei 13 the organization that once molded his father into the man he was, he would over time get over the death of his father and accept there was no way around it and see realize the passion his father had for he smiled and laughed through their combat though at the time he didn’t know why and during the century he was gone he blamed himself and would train only to embody his fathers and mothers memory. However, that would change as he would be in the academy though he would be known for his respectful and serious demeanor the few friend he would make during his time there would now him as the mellow man many see today.

He would be known through the academy during his time there as the Golden child excelling in everything he did or tried to do for now he was nearly 750 years old and felt it was time to get with the program, with this he would be known through the academy as someone who was destined for greatness even among the teachers and staff. He would be a popular student that many would flock to for advice and tutoring however, he would always politely decline for truly he was only interested in forming his path to success at that time and would wonder how he would feel once he achieved his goal. Furthermore, it seemed as the days went by his sword style would be more and more greatly admired for many would wonder why he would be skilled with such weird yet beautiful style of combat.

As with the blade his father gave him for his 250 birthday he would do the same with the one loaned to him by the academy always sleeping with it and carrying it were ever he went to try and infuse his soul with it and truly become one with his weapon. Though his speed, swordsmanship, and reiatsu where what stood out he was still well known for his ability to fight in close combat situations so that he never had to purely rely on one combat method he would always have a plan of action and execute it to his best ability.  After many years in the academy he would graduate top of his class and have the highest regards by the academy he would be placed in the third division for truly he was well rounded but didn’t truly have any specific skills to be placed in any other place but the eleventh division.

Therefore, for he would become the new third seat for his marks in the academy and his standing as a noblemen would place him rather high in the organization, with this he would be proud and after graduation he would go to visit his parents graves and put cherry blossom petals across them and say a light prayer and sit and speak with them for a while. It was rather rare to see the man actually visiting the graves for he still doesn’t like to think back on those times for even know he has a slight lingering feeling that if he was just born stronger this never would have happened.  He would after that immediately report to his squad as ordered and would meet the lieutenant and captain of the new place he would call home, though there division truly didn’t have many or technically any duties around the soul society he always found himself trying to help other division or doing something to keep him from becoming bored.

His captain Jennifer Akytzu was his first love interest that he would find himself dating shortly after joining the division; it was something about her that drew him in closer than anyone other than his mother could. Her long flowing pink hair that would flow behind her as she would walk around the squad always making sure everyone was happy and cheerful for she hated to see anyone sad and would rather be seen with a fake smile than a true frown. Her personality was cute and energetic though it collided with his more times than not they made it work and would slowly start to fall in love. As time flew by there would be a tragedy that would strike the soul society and is first victim that Jin knew about would be their lieutenant … He would see the blood riddled corpse and scream; this would release a heavy spiritual pressure that seemed to be as thick as fog. As he would slowly walk step after step the floor would crack and his anger would rise, at this moment would be the peak of his current potential sending him imminently near captain level dangerously close.  He would walk through the society as battles would rage on and slowly slice down hollow after hollow trying to find the one that did this to his higher up… He would be furious and his face would show it however, his beloved Jen would stop him from his onslaught and he would gather his emotions once more for at that moment he truly wasn’t himself.  He was only set on killing and or maiming anything that got in his path and the only thing that could smack him out of it was his beloved.  

As the battles would rage on he would see many blades and abilities keeping track of the difference types of cero’s and even Shinigami abilities just in case one day they would go rouge, or they defected, he was back to planning for the future, and he thought after the war if his love would survive he would marry her but then toward the end of the war something tragic would happen. He would watch as one of the enemy espada would drive his blade into her chest and she would fall crashing to the ground in front of him as he would kick her off, the man would be enraged to a point of no return and would launch himself at the espada but would be stopped by one of the captains for it was the primera espada as he stood he wouldn’t have lived and his fight would be for not. However, he did reach a new level of potential from seeing two of the people he cared about most would send him to a level of focus and dedication to become stronger so he would never have to watch that again. However, after the battle between the captain commander and the primera espada would end the war would be over, and the funeral for the third divisions loss would be held a month after they would start the recovery efforts.

Though after the funeral the new Captain commander Xion would come up to him asking if he was willing to take the spot for the woman he was underneath and in love with for he saw his skills, power, and achievements and would offer him the job. However, he would respectfully decline for he felt he needed to grieve and gain power during this time he would spend most of it training and doing Jinzen to connect further with his weapon gaining three more scars one on his back and two on his right arm, as well as during the war he would have receive the remaining three that he would have on his body that were on his one on his top left shoulder, and two on his left arm on the back side of it. However, when the man would return with his uniform top gone and only his pants with a white sash and his bamboo shoes he would walk into Xion office asking for the position he had once declined for he was ready to step up and lead his division. So with that Jin would know work for his division for three months and would finally think it was time to talk to other people once more letting people in once more and hope this time it would not go as horribly as the last so his new life would start once more and he would start by throwing on his captain uniform and stroll around the soul society wonder what type of captains were still in place and wondering truly what if anything did he miss but first he would pay his respects to his old friend and lover.
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Jin Akeyama


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Jin [Done]

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