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 Utsukushi Doku (WIP)

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PostSubject: Utsukushi Doku (WIP)   Utsukushi Doku (WIP) Icon_minitimeThu May 08, 2014 11:23 pm

General information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Utsukushi Doku
English Translation: Beautiful Posion

Family: Reiastu/Water


Inner World:
The moon has risen just above the horizon of the landscape. As it shines down a sparkling glow of metallic sliver color. Being a crescent like shape it seemed to hang, or rather dangle from the sky itself.
It were almost as if the moon had been hanging off the edge of a nearby cloud. Other clouds begin a shaded grayish color as well. The ground that laid beneath the sky were a bit shocking to say the least. Vegetation that possessed jagged edges had been grow across the lands surface. Trees, flowers, and even the grass were formed from finely fabricated glass. Being a abysmal black the glass were fairly noticeable given the time of day.

White crows, and ravens flocked the ground in search of prey. Seemingly the land were quite empty. Nothing hand been left expect the glass that covered all in it's formulated casing. The river that flowed around where the spirit stood stayed still. Movement had seemed to cease. Time had been paused, and left alone. Atop this river seemed to be roses of scarlet that bloomed in large spirals as well. They however lacked the jagged edges, and weren't made of glass. Black feathers would also rain down from the skin, and gently float to the ground. Once they had landed the grounds surface would do nothing, but ripple for a fee moments.

Trinity is 4'6 feet tall from the feet up without shoes on. With them she gains a extra in h to her height making her 4'7. The child's skin is a lighter form of brown pigment. Almost a darkened orange if you will.(Killer Bee's color) The child possesses slender bodily figure that allows her to seem slim, and agile. When honestly she really wasn't. The child's hair were a raven black that simmered vividly throughout any light that dawned onto it. Nit being tied in any way shape, or form the girls hair freely cascaded down her back stopping just under the shoulder blades. The tips of the females hair were dyed a violet purple color as well. The girls face resembled that of an infants to some degree. Well that is if you compared her cheeks to an infants,which they did happen to resemble. So you could only vision them as being plumb, and Round in that manner. Her facial features were quite awe inspiring l, but the girls eyes were her star attraction you could say. Because of her clans Kekkai Genkai they had developed another shape entirely. The pupils of her eyes would take upon the shape of a triforce symbol. It glew in a azure pigment as well.

The females outfits usually lacked coverage. However that would be highly looked upon by the many village elders that are always watching. So she has chosen to wear a gothic skirt of sorts. It acted as if it were a dress, and possessed the ordinary features. It stopped around 2 inches above her knees allowing the ruffles it had to be seen. The dress itself were a raven black with grey trims. She wore a grey rose within her hair as well. This rose had no odd giving other than the tri force symbol in the center of all it's petals.


Despite Utsukushi Doku being over 1000 years old she still behaves like a child. From sticking out her tongue to crying for no apparent reason. Usually being a very upbeat person Doku is never seen without a smile. Even when the time to be serious comes she simply can't bring herself to do so. It really is against her natural will to actually be plugged by anything except happiness. Sometimes her happiness will be ruined by something she calls the "gloomy days". While this is going on Doku will sulk for some time. Happiness will fade, and sorrow shall replace it. Years will fall from her eyes, and the mood will change altogether. At this point she will act as a young adult. Not really wanting to bothered she will no longer respond to Doku, and shall enforce the calling of the name Do-Senpai.

Do-Senpai happens to be the name she told Dusk to call her on his first visit in the inner world. After refusing she poured for some time, and refused to give him access to the world again. Being called Doku or her full name annoys the girl to se extent as well. If she actually hears this name she may enter the gloomy state, or at least seal half her power as punishment. Just like her counterpart she thinks of hollows as living beings of beauty. Turkey works of art. This philosophy originally came with her visit with him, and that is where she accepted him.

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Appearance: The blade itself is about 4ft long in length. It's width is about that of 5 inches. Splitting the blade down the middle is a painted streak of white pigment. On the sides of it would be a abysmal black color on both sides surrounding that of the white. The weapons hilt is shaped in that of a tri force symbol. A emerald gem that took the shape of a wolf were in the center of the tri force symbol as well. It's sheath is about half it's blades size, and is crafted from a transparent crystal as well. The hilt itself is crafted from the wood of a cherry blossom tree, but the blade were created from a vividly displayed pink crystal like alloy.


*camouflage: The Blade is tucked into the sleeve of the wielders cloak. Once revealed it would be tucked into a sheath as well.
*Note that this release is only available to those who possess the augment "Shikai".

release phrase: Beauty is Chaos,Now Unravel Doku.

A large, elegant looking scythe.The shaft of this weapon extends outwards to about the length of it's holders arms. Being a vividly portrayed aqua green color you could easily tell why it is consider a blossom. Written across the blade would be a few poems that have been passed down throughout the family the weapon belongs too. Having few words, and phrases such as "Oblivion never dies" If you traveled further up the hilt you'd notice that a strange rose like orb had been there the orb had been surrounded by a abysmal black assortment of petals as well. They seemed to have contained it as well.

Not to far off from that would be the actual blade of this weapon. It were a pink pigment that gave off a slight gleam if directed toward the sun. In fact it would seem that the blade had fragments of a scarlet in it as well. Wave like formations were scattered across the blades edge as well.

Unlike other Scythes this one had been quite different. The scythe had been parted just bit toward the end of it's shaft. From there it is able to lengthen itself through the use of a chain made of Reiastu. This chain were a vividly portrayed sliver color that shone brightly throughout every aspect of the day. The chain allows the one wielding ut to swing the weapon around in a new style of attack. The chain extends by around 6 1/2 inches for prominent use.This all done at the press of a single button located just at the center of the weapons shaft. This button releases the chain,and causes it to instantly retract if held for a short period of time(4 seconds top depending on the situation.).

Ability: While in it's released state the weapon is able to channel Reiastu through the water it creates. This water will have the same properties as a direct attack from the Reiastu as well. By using the Reiastu the user is able form different constructs of water, and inflict a paralyzing effect upon the target if context is made. In reality the Reiastu is actually being poured over the water in the form of a coat instead of having it completely infused with the water. Once the Scythe in question is slashed it will send a blast of Reiastu toward the target as well. If that is the desire at least.

Techs: ( may only have up to 7 techs unless a tech pack has been purchased. please use template below.)

Preparation Time: (Put N/A if there is none)

*Note that this release is only available to those who possess the augment "Bankai".

Appearance: (a detailed description of what the bankai looks like, an image is optional)

Character Change: (how does your character change due to this release if any.)

Ability: (what does your bankai do)

Techs: (may only have up to 5 techs unless a tech pack has been purchased. please use template below)

Preparation Time: (Put N/A if there is none)
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Utsukushi Doku (WIP)

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