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 Vex Hræsvelgr [Fin]

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Vex Hræsvelgr


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PostSubject: Vex Hræsvelgr [Fin]   Sun May 04, 2014 10:05 pm


Name: Vex Hræsvelgr

Alias: Corpse Swallower (Hræsvelgr), Mr. Black

Age: 324

Visual Age: 29

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Silver and Crimson

Affiliation: Rogue

Rank: Lieutenant Class

Quincy Epithet: N/A




Silver Tongued: Vex Hræsvelgr, a charming young man with a soothing voice. Vex has adapted the art of speech and has been able to use his words to sway others to his side in almost any debate. He listens to their reactions of the words he speaks and adjusts his tone and twists his words to make almost any foe a friendly companion, which allows him to worm his way out of almost any sticky situation.

Analytical: Scanning his opponent was made a habit when studying people around him became the norm. Judging their posture, their eyes, their tone of voice…this would allow Vex to almost read his opponents like an open book. Vex would also scan his surroundings upon entering a field, looking for an escape plan and ways to utilize the field to his advantage if a conflict were to erupt.

Rebel: Although his silver tongue skills would allow him to almost blend in with almost any society, Vex takes it upon himself to rebel against any high power. He would always find faults with their motives and disagree when it comes to having to end other people’s lives to achieve personal gain. Hypocrisy is made when he is determined to end any rule at any means necessary.

Snarky: Vex has been known to be rude and/or sarcastic at times. His attitude can seem a little pretentious and self-absorbed, but he does indeed mean well. His remarks and quick wit usually leave him speaking in manners that demean the one that he is speaking to, as to attempt to give him an edge in a psychological sense. To break down his opponent as much as he could mentally and to leave a bit of humor as to leave them unguarded will give Vex the edge in many situations as being Snarky has effects on people that can either enrage them or cause them to lose confidence in themselves.



A Time of War and Training:

A Killer on Holy Ground:

The Fight Rages On...:

Finding a Home:

A Rogue:

The Hunt:

Making the move:

Confrontation and Interrogation:

A Rogue Decision:

The Offer:

The Deal and Partnership:


"Why can't we just be reasonable?"
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PostSubject: Re: Vex Hræsvelgr [Fin]   Mon May 05, 2014 8:54 pm

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Vex Hræsvelgr [Fin]

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