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 Fallen King [Done]

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PostSubject: Fallen King [Done]   Fallen King [Done] Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2014 5:27 pm


Name: Anthony Kratesu

Alias: "Brink" or "Fallen King"

Age: 1300
Visual Age: 18

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Lightning Blue and white

Affiliation: The Shataiki

Rank: Revenants


Fallen King [Done] Daiki_zps1ed3f047
Anthony Kratesu is a well-built male standing at six foot four inches and weighing in at about one hundred and eighty-seven pounds. That is mostly muscle seeing, as this man is a former star basketball player from his high school and middle school career. He has a build about him that just screams for that of someone who belongs on a basketball court or at least playing anytime he can. It is well toned and slender so that not to weigh him down no matter what he is doing whether it is fighting or simply playing basketball.

His skin is a milk chocolate shade that makes a woman weak in their knees, as they would scan this man over. He complements his ebony splendor with a unique natural dark blue hair, which no one ever believes to be true even when he shows people his baby pictures. It being short and parted to the left side captures everyone’s eyes at first glance and usually is stuck in their head never to be forgotten even after many years seeing as not many people have this natural beauty. His dark blue eyes that seem to pierce into the soul of the people he talks to though he has a slight natural squint they still only further compliment his hair and skin.

Another thing that pops out to people is outstanding health though some might say this is not a part of your appearance he proves it his by keeping his hair perfectly cut his skin flawless and clear from dirt, crow’s feet, and even pimples. His nails always trimmed though this is moreover for they can through off his shoot while he plays ball. All this ties together the appearance that so many grow to either hate or love but all for the same reason. Whether it is jealous that they do not look like him or love for they love the way, he looks but in his opinion haters are going to hate might as well have a perfect white smile to greet their snarling and menacing faces.

. Anthony is a very mellow person never truly seeking to fight or cause unneeded chaos for truly he hates doing anything other than enjoying his life and at war  he feels you can never truly enjoy yourself unless you seek to bring this world to a spiral of chaos and destruction. However, this is simply his thought on it he truly just seeks to relax and enjoy life, which for him is playing basketball, looking at the sky, and talking to his friends when time permits.

. Anthony has an instinctive loyalty trait that he does not seem to know where it came from, however; it helps him keep his nose out of things he wishes not to get involved in and as well keep his head from rolling on the floor for being in simple terms not being loyal. Whether it is a basketball team or his clan. He treats any team or group he is in with the same loyalty as if he was serving his clan or country simply because that how he believes it should be.

Showing his talent
. Anthony loves to show off his talents and his abilities which sometimes contradicts his mellow lifestyle he tries to uphold, but this part of him always seems to overcome his mellow nature in the heat of the moment. Whether it is his combat skills or his basketball skills, he always gives any opponent or enemy one hundred percent of his attention and ability. He never lacks in battle, spars, or friendly completion. It could be a simple foot race, and Anthony gives it his all focusing only on what is ahead of him and trying to beat his own person best and standards.

Hot headed
. Even though he tries to stay mellow, ignorant people or those who chose to make dumb decisions that can end up affecting everyone is something he will not tolerate and his punishments are those that seem to be off the edge of sanity, For simply talking out of turn in front of him, can have your mouth sliced further open to having a scar remind you that you should never talk out of turn in front of him for it is simply disrespectful.

. Anthony is still carefree, hates doing any responsibility, and does not like to do much other then play his childhood fun past time playing basketball. He feels this is the only time he feels like his old self and can truly talk to anyway otherwise he will simply ignore you or attack you. That is how his life has changed in what seems the small amount of time he has been alive.

. There is one thing about Anthony that will never change and that is his undying love for music but to be specific he is in love with trap music putting it in his ears whenever he truly need to focus or when he finds something that he is going to give his full attention to. He always has his headphones in, depending on his mood will depend on the song this obsession, however, sometimes gets in the way during battle because he blasts it so loud in his ears that he barely can hear his surroundings at times while it is playing.


Brith Arc

Creation of the Fallen King

Anthony was one of the very rare bounto born from an actual human couple with his father and mother being bounto's. With that, the man would start his journey down the long road that would lead him to being the respected man that he is today. His parents did not truly try and conceive the boy though they would not send him somewhere else for they felt it was important that he knew his roots and what he truly was, for he was not a normal human and shouldn’t attempt to act as such otherwise he may have killed many of the so called “friends” he would meet to sustain the life he was given.  At a very young age, his parents would begin training him to be an independent bount that would be capable of surviving on his own if the time ever would arise.  They would travel the world as rouge bounto’s for some time as they did not like to stay in one place for too long for what he did not know, though he would assume through his life they were being chased by something or someone. He truly didn’t care what it was, but he would get tired of the constant killing to survive and all the travel simply to survive… He would at a very young age of only thirteen want to strive and be more powerful than his parents so that he would never have to run as the cowards he felt they were. Though, on the outside, he looked to be   mellow and calm at night he would go out and while honing his abilities at a very tender age, absorbing the souls of other beings. It was his favorite past time, since it meant he was getting stronger. However, by day he would learn the way of the world from his parents learning to dress and act quite normal so not to be seen as a threat. While he would not learn much English until later in life seeing as his family moved constantly he would know many different languages, French, german, Japanese, Spanish, these were the once as he grew up he would keep in his mind and still be able to understand and use.

He felt as though a day by day he would grow more to be a complete independent soul and with this he would slowly plot to see the demise of his parents so that he could then travel the world as he saw fit. He would think of the times and would wonder what truly he could do to his parents and seeing as their only weakness was him he would use that to his advantage. Though he would wait until his first on hundred years of life to execute his plan so by then he would be able to use his doll more effectively, and he would have at least a general understanding of combat on every level. However, before he was able to execute his plan he would have to become rather well trained in the art of attacking with his doll. Over the last eighty seven years that he would have in his first century of life he would train day in and out with his father to practice control with his doll. He would choice him over his mother for truly it was his father’s specialty and he would have an easier and better learning experience with him. He found it rather fun that his parents would truly be the ones that would teach him the necessary skills to carry out his idea. From his mother he would learn practical skills like hand to hand combat and also how to move in a silent yet swift manner, he would personally ask to be taught this was after he was able to think of the idea he wished to attack his parents with. For at night he would plot against his parents learning their unique sleeping schedule and their nightly habits so that he would be able to assassinate both of them before they would be able to stop him. He would rather do it this way for he knew if they were at their peak he stood no chance against them, he would spend great deals of time plotting it out in his head and practicing at night to what seemed the things he learned that day. Though truly he would be practicing so that he wouldn’t hesitate the moment he would have to truly execute his attack.  So with this he would attack at night when his father would be asleep using his doll to get his first ever self-race kill he would destroy his father’s skull and while in the other room he would slash his mother’s throat as she would dose of will on watch for whatever they were scared of even though he was sure it was not real. With that, he would finally gain his freedom from always being on the run. However, this would be his first kill against someone that actually somewhat mattered to him, it truly didn’t matter if he found them to be cowards it would leave a deep emotional scar on the man and would draw out a side of slight insanity letting him become more ruthless as the years would move.

Moreover, on the issue of his emotional scarring it wouldn’t be because he had killed his parents though no one was able to simply do that and not feel a shred of guilt for doing so, but rather that he felt he took the cowards way out and felt more like them at that very moment then ever truly in his life. This was the moment he realized he didn’t have true strength or skill but rather was like his parents only doing what he needed to survive and nothing more and nothing less.  He would go into a deep depression wondering if he would never find out his own true personality and way of attacking and being.  This would last for another century he would travel across the world to try and find himself and on his travels would train with many people around the world and would join the Russian army around this time nothing would be happening but later it would be the army that his first war would happen and he would meet his first friend sacha, not through the army but rather just hanging around in Russia when he would have some leave.

Traveling Arc

The Birth of Two Friendships

After he would claim his things from the home in Europe that he would be staying in that, he found important, which would only be the clothes he needed and his doll he would set out to travel all of Europe of the time being so that he would not have to find money to travel around the seas and other things he found to be truly tedious. For many centuries the man would roam around the world and would participate in many of the wars, he would use this to give him the needed souls to survive and try and find his true purpose. With that, he would find himself growing rather strong in a short time but one many he would meet would prove he had yet to even touch the base of the power he had. This man would be known as Zanmato; this would turn out to be one of the friends that he would still know to this day. However, the next time they would meet would be the time he would be invited in The Shataiki as one of his personal guards for he had the power to fill the role and they would be friends for many centuries upon their second meeting. Though this part of his life was rather important, he did not remember much of it for truly it all was a flash of moving and trying to survive and increase his power.

While the man would travel over the world training and meeting new people he would visit Europe to ty and clear his head for truly for his race he was rather young,  he would be training with many people from all types of fighting styles from boxing, kick boxing, wrestling, and  other forms of fighting. With this he would find his first friend Zanmato, he would find him during his travels and it seemed that he man would be traveling as well… though he would seem many years older than him visual and mental. They would travel together for many months before brink would leave to his next destination wonder what life held for him, though he would get his information so that he could keep in touch. Through his time with the man they would train and talk about times of the past, while talking one night he would accidently let it slip that he was a bounto… though to his surprise the man would also be of the same race, this would come as a shocker for he thought that their race was actually extinct or at least there were very few left. After finding this out he would start to question what truly was going on and would travel the world trying to find even more bounto though he wouldn’t have much luck until his second meeting with him.

Moreover, after five hundred more years he would meet many different people and keep in contact with his friend Zanmato, he would be invited to join The Shataiki though he wouldn’t accept of the bat for truly he didn’t have want a low position though he would truly wanted to join so he would want to challenge the previous owner of the position he was offered… after a long and drawn out battle his doll and himself would be the ones standing and the other once torn to piece as he would show him no mercy. He would however, not walk away unharmed having a few deep cuts and some broken and bruised ribs he would through this act earn his rank among the shataiki members and also the respect of some of the fellow Revenants.

In addition to meeting a man named Zanmato who would later become his leader he would meet another one of the friends he would know to this day and have a rather close relationship with and that would be a man known as sacha or his title “The Russian”.  He would find these two men to be one of the only friends he would truly have or at least for now, though he was not looking for friends and didn’t truly care to have them. He had his own ways of enjoying himself and the game of basketball he learned during his later eight hundred years of life. Though that would not matter for truly his life would simply start to get started after the second meeting of him and Zanmato where he would finally find a home once more that he would not despise.

Furthermore, before he truly would be recruited into the group he would be part of the russain military and would be around this time that he would meet Sacha for he would be on the hunt for some souls to fill his belly and he would come across the man who at the time looked to be in his late teens, this would be a man just around his age and he would strike a conversation with him, though he was truly on the hunt for souls he felt as though this wasn’t truly a man to fight but to befriend. For everyone has that one person they meet in life and would try to befriend for they felt a connection that would last a life time. That would be what he felt from the man they would only have brief discussion the first few times, however when the fifth or sixth time came along the man would let him come on his hunt for souls with this their friendship would slowly start to increase over time. However, it would be cut short for during this time would be when the cold war would happen and he would be drafted to fight on the front lines so with this he would lose contact with the man until his later date when he would join the Shataiki ranks and he would not yet try and talk to the man again however, that all would change in due time. So with this he would have his two friends Sacha and Zanmato now finally all in one place he would wonder if all three of them would be able to become a well forged team that would be nearly impossible to stop though this would have to wait until they could form an even greater bond as now allies and friends…

Current Arc

Finally At Peace

Now that he was recruited into the Shataiki Ranks he would find himself surrounded by people of his same nature or at least many that would be able to understand him. Among these men and woman would be his longtime friend Zanmato the now leader of the organization and his friend Sacha a fellow Revenants leader. With this his life would start to unfold, and his walls that he spent many years building would slowly start to fall and allow his old personality to shine through. Though he would have to keep his ruthless nature for when the time another war of any type would break out he did not do so for evil or power reason, but rather to protect the people he was finally becoming fond of for even with his great age he would finally be finding a place to call home and truly collect an album of stories to conform to his history. So with that his journey would begin, and his life would bring a very promising and hopefully bright future.

Finally, to truly understand Brink or the fallen king you would have to understand that his love of basketball actually came from a time when he was in japan once more after the death of his parents. At this time he wouldn’t however, hide in the shadows but truly enroll into a school and this would be the place where he learned to love the sport known as basketball. Seeing as he was a rather tall enrollment into his first ever middle school he would instantly recruited by the team to at least come to practice, though at first he would decline the offer for truly he was simply here to get an education he felt as though this would be one way to further his social skills and so he would go to watch the team practice. Instantly as he would watch the players go they're hardest up and down the court in a pick-up game simply to see everyone’s skills as the senior of the team would watch he would set down his bag and walk over to them. He would ask them to teach him in private about this “sport” for truly he had not heard of it or even played it and seeing as he was one of the tallest among the group one of them would agree to train him or at least see what he had, though it wouldn’t take long for the man to understand the game and grasp the concept and with this it would be the first activity that he would use the skills he learned from his mother outside of combat. He would use his swift reflexes and fast speed to get past his opponents in a rather easy fashion and with his great leg strength he would spring high into the air and shot a mid- ranged two pointer that always seemed to find its mark.

In addition, he would have gotten his nickname while playing basketball in japan for he would stay there until his last year of high school of he would be so drawn in with his love for the game that he almost forgot his true mission and purpose for being there, he would truly find out who he was like as a person in these years or at least personality wise for it would be some of the most emotional moments in his life besides the three wars that he was in. However, those affected him in a much deeper way causing his hatred for killing slowly fade and he would feel he learned a deeper understanding of the world and how it truly would work from being in them. Though it was only three he would finally realize that many people were simply selfish and felt that life was live or die, he found this to be a rather simply way of thinking and would leave the army after twenty years to find what he thought would be a better way or at least more in depth so he would start to travel once more.

Furthermore, back to him being known as the “Fallen King” this nickname would be given to him in his days of playing basketball and would come from him losing he last game of his senior year to their rivals by one point for truly he had been out classed by the next generation of people that trained to truly be masters of basketball and not like him someone who simply looked as though he knew the game. That however would carry over into many different things around the world that he would play at least game wise always slowly finding his way to the top only to lose to someone with true skill in the area. Though with every game and lose he would grow more learning that you can’t always win and that you should always strive to be the best in whatever you try to do so with that he would develop a loyal side to things.

So that is truly the history those far of Anthony Kratesu a man that would still be finding his way even in his late age and would be known for his ability to adapt and his view on life. He would truly have become more of his own person but still was learning what it meant to have true power and how to use it…

To Be Continued…

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Fallen King [Done]

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