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 Ongaku's Zanpakuto

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PostSubject: Ongaku's Zanpakuto    Sat Mar 02, 2013 7:11 pm

The Kenpachi is far from your average shinigami, let alone shinigami captain ... despite holding a leader position among the Gotei; he has done so without obtaining the bankai form of his zanpakuto. One would think that he would be at an disadvantage, but the following techniques and the sheer power of his reiatsu says otherwise. The fighting style he came to love was totally changed when he attained his shikai, the essence of his soul obviously disagreeing with the way he should fight. With that said, he utilizes most of his fighting styles and dispatches most of his foes while sealed. Despite mastering his shikai, he chooses not to use it unless he deems it necessary ... for 'personal' reasons; but once released his power increases exponentially ...

Throughout the many centuries in which Roddo lived his life, he has come across many fighting styles, quick, slow, powerful, weak, but they all had something above the other. After adapting to such styles, Roddo combined them into what he calls RAT. Its technical structure was influenced by conventional martial arts and fighting systems and sports, but its fundamental concept has always been that of what a complete martial art needs to incorporate ... learning in all areas of combat or what he calls "Whatever works". "Technical knowledge, strategy and creativity, open-mindedness, persistence and determination, martial arts skill and superior fitness."

One would say Roddo was a master in his very own fighting style, but Roddo would say that his style is only about 65% complete ... for he knew that there were many more techniques in which he hasn't encountered that could be incorporated into his own. Each and every aspect of his fighting style (Outside of shikai) revolves around defeating his foes as quickly as possible without drawing any type of weapon. By utilizing his speed, stealth, and the strength of his reiatsu he designed a fighting style under 'RAT' in which he named 'Sutekh's Konpaku'. Despite the 11th division's history of bloodthirsty brutes, this style was created to dispose of his foes as swiftly as possible and without traces.

Under Sutekh Konpaku; there currently lies 4 sets of skills that make this fighting style whole:

The 1st 'Joutei Reiki'{God's Aura} (AKA "The Glow") This is the foundation of the fighting style and active throughout the use of the others, this is what makes it as effective as it is and is the first skill that Roddo developed. Upon use, a golden aura envelopes everything inch of Roddo's being ... it's movement and behavior is that of a wild flame. That is only upon activation though, as the reiatsu settles it becomes transparent ... practically invisible to the eye but noticeable upon touch. Upon touch it can become extremely cold or hot, depending on the situation. The aura is the result of Roddo manipulating his reiatsu's strength on the outside of his body and condensing it around him, this aura becomes the basis of both his offensive and defensive capabilities. This not only allows him to touch bladed/blunt/spiked weapons bared handed but it also allows him to defend against reiatsu based abilities as well, his offensive abiltiies surrounding around sharpening his aura/attacks to that of a shikai leveled zanpakuto. The proximity of this aura extends 1 inch outward from his body, with that said ... to pierce or bypass it the opposing str or reiatsu str needs to be at least 25% more than Roddo's own Reiatsu str. This aura prevents any and all ailments from coming within an inch of his body unless he decides otherwise or if the opposition is stronger. As time and training progressed with his skill; Ongaku has gained the ability to manipulate the aura to further lengths ... allowing him to -TEMPORARILY- extend his reach to defend or attack with up to a 3 feet extension from his body in any shape he sees fit.

The 2nd 'Meimei-te' {Invisible Hands} - Being a master of hand to hand combat, and seemingly unmatchable when it came to agility/nimbleness/speed. Jino knew that he was to develop something that only he could accomplish without help, thus he invented Meimei-te.This fighting style is one of the main reasons he received the nickname ' the blade', arms/hands strike faster than the -UNTRAINED- eye could follow (Imagine hand speed that matches that of a hohou's Utsusemi) ... sometimes leaving cuts and gashes on his opponent even if he missed due to sheer speed alone. This skill is most commonly used with punches and on the offensive but can be used with any parts of his body and for defensive maneuvers as well. The time it takes someone to throw 5 punches, Roddo could easily have thrown 50. Each visible punch being between that of 1-10 actual punches. A punch can very well be thrown without the opponent noticing even the slightest of movements. The secret behind this skill is that the first punch/attack is always the fastest, near impossible to dodge for most but as the rest of the punches/attacks are thrown they become slower. The first punch/attack is thrown at 300% of Roddo's spd, second punch at 250%, third at 200% and the speed continues to degrade by 20% for each attack after if used in quick succession of each other.

By the time a visible attack is seen by the average opponent; many attacks would have already succeeded. If the attacks in the same area succeed it would seem as though Ongaku punched that area extremely hard; instead of multiple times. The only way for a lesser opponent to figure out the multitude of attacks is if he hits different spots simultaneously or if they were told.

To see & react in even the slightest to these punches the foe/ally needs to match atleast 80% of the skills spd. That's only the minimum, as one would need to atleast equal the speed to be able to dodge narrowly and 10% more to overtake it completely.(The max amountable to be thrown increases by 50 with each lvl of release.) The str of the attack comes from an avg between that of Roddo's speed and his reiatsu str, the dmg from a series of punch will seem like it came from one attack but the dmg will stack depending on how many punches landed.(5 punches landed = the dmg 5 punches would do)

The 3rd Subashikoi-kankaku {Nimble-Sense} - Roddo has seemingly unreal natural senses, which puts off the illusion of him actually being a psychic to some opponents. He believes that one that is not in control over 100% of his body, is not in control at all. Despite his weight, he can easily be seen doing flips, roundhouses, great leaps, back bends, splits, and whatever else is necessary to extend his life. His reflexes are at a level to where even if he is caught by surprise, his ability to dodge would seem like he saw the attack coming in slow motion. At close combat he is a complete beast, his smell, hearing, sight, and etc. Not only are they enhanced, but he can cut them off on demand as a precaution to those who threaten such. Such abilities make up for his lack of shunpo mastery, he can easily be seen leaping great distances and naturally running faster than any known spiritual being.

While using this skill; Roddo is virtually weightless and moves at 2x his normal spd ... among other things. Each movement he makes in this mode is seemingly replicated, it would be common for his opponent or allies to see multiple limbs/bodies/etc as he moves. A simple sidestep can produce multiple copies of Roddo, a simple arm movement could visually produce a few arms, seemingly solid but very much non-existent. All traces of sound that a normal person would make are literally erased while this skill is active; as well as pressure or any foot prints one would leave ... he becomes a true ghost in his surroundings ... allowing him to dispose of his foes quickly and without sound..(Despite the amount of speed he retains, his level of shunpo is simply above average for a captain, but his natural running speed can match that of a VC's shunpo {Picture Flash type movement}. The speed he doesn't have in his feet, he has in his arms/hands/reflexes/etc.)

The 4th Torihazushi {Removal} - This is the 4th and final skill that was developed within Sutekh's Konpaku fighting style, it's an augmentation of Joutei Reiki .. the 1st. Upon activation, a nearly invisible steam will begin to seep from Roddo's body and encompass the area. By manipulating the aura that encompasses his body (speeding it up or slowing it down) he can control that atmosphere within a 50 yards (or less) radius around him, by being able to make it extremely hot/extremely cold as well as removing ailments like smoke/clouds/moisture/debris as well as increasing or decreasing the 'DRAG'/friction in the air from within his area of control. The main purpose behind this skill and what makes it effective is it's ability to make both Roddo and all those within his radius to rely solely on their natural fighting ability, meaning they won't be able to use any form of hohou or any form of reiatsu that can be removed from the body ... any reiatsu that is already active is also affected (ie, no reiatsu abilities that can be shot out from the body or summoned for any reason). In the same sense, no form of reiatsu/reishi can penetrate the area from outside his influence ... any form of attack or defense in that sense will dissipate as soon as it hits the atmosphere.

Drawback: -Classified-

General information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Furui Joufu (Ancient Warrior)

Family: Earth


Inner World: The only thing that would accurately describe Ongaku's inner world would be 'remains', the remains of evidence of what once was the platform of an ancient stage. A stage where thousands if not millions have fallen, though it may only be his inner world ... a replica of what used to be an arena ... it is very real to the Kenpachi. Crumbling stairs, the walls no longer visible and the seat ... well ... what seats? These were now simply ruins, underground paths and doorways were now a thing of the past.

Age has definitely took it's toll on this place, a place where thousands upon thousands of civilians and political figures stood and watched ... even wagered on the lives of gladiators. Gladiators was the essence that kept a place like this alive, fighting and killing was their passion ... and their passion is what became the world's entertainment. With the absence of such, this place became meaningless ... or so it would seem. Grass grew where blood stained sand used to reside, flowers bloomed where the heads used to roll and where the fingers were buried. The odd thing was, it was in the middle of nowhere. Outside of the crumbling excuse of a stage stood nothing by high and low dunes of ongoing sand ... this was Hakushi's inner world.


Furui has 2 forms, her incomplete form being that of shikai ... in this form Furui manifests himself as a bound mummy. A beautiful crown of delicate gold adorns her head, in his withered hands are powerful symbols of office, but the rest of her is covered in bandages, her arms bound to his chest. Two holes are in the face are where the eyes are, and when she speaks, his voice is like that of a very old man whose throat is coated with thousands of years of dust.

Then comes her complete/reborn form, she adorns her fighting garb ... equipped with her signature weapon. That being of a long spear front, but wide enough to be mistaken for a sword ... the back of the weapon being that of a scythe type blade.

Personality: Furui is an ancient warrior, she's a fighter of knowledge and instinct. She speaks in complete confidence no matter what she says, and completely matches Ongaku's personality. With them being the same you would think they would make the perfect bond, but before their bond strengthened they were constantly bumping heads.

Soul Connection: (how does the manifestation reflect your character)

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Appearance:One would think that a man of such a stature would have some sort of hulking weapon that weighs over a ton but that couldn't be the farthest from the truth, in it's sealed form Furui Joufu takes on the shape of 2 knuckle knives. They're usually placed at his waist side, thighs or on his lower back. The knuckles knives are sharp and jagged where the knuckles usually reside and the edge of the blade curves passed the wrist, his sealed zanpakuto fits perfectly with his hand to hand fighting style but even he preferred not to draw them unless he needs to.

Type: Knuckle Knives

*camouflage: Nothing ...

*Note that this release is only available to those who hold a D Rank.

release phrase: "Gensui, Furui Joufu..."

Appearance: Both knuckle knives gain a decayed appearance. The blade rusts profusely, gaining nicks in the edge and sometimes even small holes in the side. The edge cracks and crumbles a bit, and the hand guard itself wears to tatters with a long cloth resembling mummy wrap hanging from it. However, this is deceiving because it's malleability isn't affected.

Even though the knives seem to continue to decay mid-fight no size is lost from them and can be re-added to form the original whenever the captain wills it, the dust/sand that forms from the decaying zanpakuto slowly flows and spreads around the surrounding area.

The sand/dust flowing from the zan is concentrated using Ongaku's reiatsu, making the sands within a 10 yard radius of him stronger in turn making it very difficult to fight him close-range, they constantly circle around his being (Both mid-air and on the ground) unless he triggers it to stop.

In addition to doing whatever the sealed form does (which admittedly is mostly putting holes or chopping up enemies), it infects any wound it makes with 'decay'. Upon activation a layer about a inch thick of decay/sand/dust covers Ongaku's body, but takes on an appearance of his usual clothing, skin and accessories from the band that ties his hair to the soles of his foot-wear ... providing him with a bit of defense and surprising the most observant foe with the ability his zan holds. The user can selectively will what decays and what doesn't, and the rate that it happens up to a point. The decay depends on the surface area of the cut and the decayed volume, so a small nick does less decay than a large, deep cut. This 'decay' feature can even affect inanimate objects or parts of the environment - perhaps more so than flesh. With every clash of blades, the opponent's sword will, too, begin to decay. However, unlike Ongaku's blade, the other weapon will not so easily recover from the decaying effect.

With 10 blows to the -exact- same spot, the opponent's Zanpakuto will likely shatter at that point, as the rust/sand would shoot directly through the weapon. Each hit that is exchanged, the opponents zan will slowly rust and corrode, as so; it's abilities would slowly weaken overtime.(I understand when I mention shattering ones zanpakuto it may seem like a big deal, but imagine also how hard it would be to hit the same exact spot 10 times. I mean, Soifon's zan ... 2 times = instant death and how many people has she fought and instantly killed? Not to mention how long it took ...)

Having high spiritual energy should be able to help resist the effects of the decay for a limited amount of time, at the cost of using up said energy or reiatsu to counter it. Any reishi or reiatsu formed or that lays within an object in which is decayed by the dust strengthens the destructive power of it's attacks. Ongaku can not only fully manipulate the objects of the sand/dust, but he can add the decaying remnants to his own power. This power/energy is stored within his being.

If weak enough, these said sand/rust/decaying molecules can absorb said energy/reiatsu/reishi from a discharged ability once it impacts the sands. (Cero, kidou, elements, etc) Once the remnants of these said objects, or enemies of the sorts are dissolved into the sands, Ongaku's power increases based on how strong the opponent was. With this alone, he constantly proves that experience leads to strength on the battle field.

The sand can be fully manipulated to any means by controlling his own reiatsu, from temperature to composition as long as it revolves are the mineral itself. (ie, I can't turn my sand into water, fire, stone, etc etc)


((Note: The overall ability of my zan is to decay whatever it touches, above are examples of how it affects different things. Beings with stronger reiatsu can slow or even stop the decaying affects on them or their zanpakuto if there is a drastic gap of reiatsu strength present. The larger the gap in power the more or less the person needs to exert to keep the affects at bay. Also, this decay affect cannot completely destroy someone zan {at least not without their permission}. The decayed affect on an opponents zan would slowly return itself back to normal outside of battle, the more extensive the damage the longer it would take to return to normal. Also note that considering it's ability to 'decay'/absorb reiatsu, any absorbing, sealing, stopping, changing of the sand by a foe that involves the use of reiatsu/reishi will be practically negated.

Each post something is absorbed, or constantly decayed Ongaku's reiatsu increases by 5%.

1 post = 100 cubic ft/3.7 yards radius of sand
2 post = 200 cubic ft/7.4 yards radius
3 post = 400 cubic ft/14.8 yards radius
4 post = 800
5 post = 1600
6 post = 3200

As the time passes(each post) the amount doubles ... each ability requires a certain amount of sand to be present before it can actually be used.))

In this form, the sand/dust can be freely manipulated by his mind with bare minimum effort. From an abrasive wind that simply corrodes a target, to a concentrated, rapidly moving band that can slice just like a razor, to anything in-between. Whatever comes into contact with Ongaku's transformed arms/hands/ligaments/hair/clothes and any other un-named extremities will slowly lose its life force/ spirit energy / Reiatsu and decay (if it is an inanimate object or plant). For example if he were to touch his hand against a wall the wood would slowly turn black, and crumble to ash and then to nothingness.

The process is slow but once touched there is no reserving it. However, this decay will not spread throughout an object unless continual contact is made. If a person is touched by his hands or arms, the point of contact will contract boils. If the contact is more then a couple seconds the person will start to get burns and if it is held for over a few seconds their skin will be practically gone. The boils remain after the initial contact and irritation will continue until they are cured, however the boils will not progress past that stage unless further contact is made. Slight burns are made on initial contact as well but while they are extremely painful (Decaying skin can't possible feel good) the initial sting slowly fades away if contact isn't continually made.

Along with the full and total manipulation of said "decay" or "Sand" (Composition, temperature, shape, etc), he can form limitless types objects with it as long as his reiatsu permits it. In shikai the objects formed would still retain it's 'Decay-like' form, but once in Bankai he can actually manifest the said 'object' returning it to it's original form. (Ex: If he were to manipulate the sand or rust into a sword while in shikai, it would look like the dust but while in bankai it would look like a real sword.) When Ongaku releases, his current power rank increases by 1 level.


Mira-Kagami (Mirror-Mirror)
Description: (Part 1) Roddo surrounds himself in a cylinder (or Dome) of his sand and begins to bind the sand minerals around him together, simultaneously heating them and changing there composition. Once the composition changes it would seem as though he completely disappeared from existence, even traces of his reiatsu would be gone. Upon further investigation though; one with analyzing skills will notice that the cylinder became a mirror type substance ... reflecting visual perception around all sides but still retaining the 'softness' of sand. This 'dome' is literally impenetrable, both by physical and reiatsu based abilities. Physical attacks will reflect dmg done to it back onto it's attacker at the point of impact simultaneously, (ie If you look into a mirror you see your reflection, any part of their reflection they hit ... that's where they will be dmg'd) reiatsu based abilities will be simply absorbed into the 'mirror' ... the reiatsu used to form the attack will be added to Ongaku's reiatsu pool/pressure.

(Part 2) Once the mirror is released (2 posts) or broken and Roddo emerges from it; every action he takes is literally the opposite of what his opponent perceives. If they see him coming from the right and striking from the right, he's actually coming from the left ... if they see a jumping strike coming from above it's actually a low strike coming from below, etc etc. That also means that if the opponent see's him coming from the front, he's actually coming up from behind. No form of reiatsu sensing or 'natural' senses will help change the fact that they 'feel' him coming from the direction they first perceived. Once 'broken' the sand will pick up and circle again, but this time it will shortly settle and Ongaku's "True self" will be revealed.

Preparation Time: A full post forming the dome

Duration: Dome lasts 2 posts, mirror effects last until Roddo is "broken" or hit.

Cooldown: Once per fight

(Part 1) While in this dome Roddo cannot attack or summon any reiatsu based abilities, the dome can only be held up for a maximum of 2 posts. In order to destroy the dome from the outside there has to be overwhelming pressure, 2x that of Roddo's reiatsu strength.

(Part 2) Eventhough it would be very difficult to figure out the trick behind this ability, a person with very high ranking sensing could very well sense something is wrong but only when an attack is imminent. This ability can be dispelled if Ongaku is 'broken' 3 times, each successful strike causing him to shatter as though he was glass ... then his true self will be revealed.

Name: Onzon (Preserve)

Description: With this, shreds of Ongaku's clothes tend to fall around his surroundings and combine with the sand. It could be from any inanimate objects or spiritual beings, once initiated these things can be formed in mummy wrap and freely manipulated by Ongaku's mind to not only use on himself but to restrain him opponents as well. These wraps are very difficult to break even by a zanpakuto wielded by an equal lvl opponent, making it nearly impossible by those in which a gap of power is present. Another ability of such technique is the fact that these bands act as a medical-aid to the captain as well. These "Wraps" decay the edges and inside of certain wounds, stopping it from bleeding ... after such has taken place they create an "armor" of decay around the area making it difficult to pierce that area again.

Preparation Time: 2 Posts

Duration: N/A

Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Sogekihei (Sniper)

Description: Out of the various weapons that Ongaku can form from his sand, the projectile ones are definitely the most dangerous. Whether it be an bow & arrow, a gun, a javelin, shurikens, the potential that each of them hold are near equal. Forming these weapons or just using the form of it's ammunition allows Roddo to fire a shot over 2 miles in regards to distance at amazing speeds (Bala speeds). Said ammo is designed to pierce skin/muscle and lodge itself within the body, causing the opponent to feel the affects of the shikai ability from the inside. As soon as the ability is activated; sand shoots up in the air and becomes like a think mist. Ongaku becomes camouflaged by his sand ... making it near impossible for him to be seen or even sensed by reiatsu means (whether by natural means or mechanical means).

Preparation Time: N/A

Duration: Explained Below

Cooldown: 3 posts


If Ongaku moves more than a 20 yards radius from his original position, the veil covering him is removed. After 5 shots have been fired, the camouflage is dropped and he loses the ability to use this technique for 3 posts and loses the ability to form anything using his sand for 1 post (Outside of normal manipulation, he can still move it around but he can't form weapons/objects of any kind).

Name: Tenmei (Karma/Destiny)

Description: With this ability; once an opposing force impacts any part of the sands it's force is decayed/absorbed; retained and diverted into a lesser energy or force to be used against the original user. Once the energy is diverted and used against the original user, the effects of said attack will be as if Ongaku was the one being hit. (For example if someone's rei str/kidou equaled my Rei str fired a cero, 50% of it would hit me/be blocked/dodged, but if it hits my sand too i'll be able to fire the other 50% back at my opponent) Once said reiatsu/energy is decayed/absorbed and diverted, the energy becomes Ongaku's and the said energy is no longer in control of it's original user or can't be to any extent afterwards.


Tier 1 = My Rei Str vs Their Rei Str = My Rei Str 200% theirs (More than 2 ranks below)
Tier 2 = My Rei Str vs Their Rei Str = My Rei Str 50% theirs (Rank Below)
Tier 3 = My Rei Str vs Their Rei Str = Our Rei Str Equal (Same Rank)
Tier 4 = My Rei Str vs Their Rei Str = Their Rei Str stronger than mine (Ranks above)

Tier 1: 100% Decayed/Diverted
Tier 2: 65% Decayed/Diverted
Tier 3: 50% Decayed/Diverted
Tier 4: 35% Decayed/Diverted

Note: If said kidou is a restraint, the initial contact would be decayed and slowly decayed more after being restrained. (If strong enough to withhold prior to impact)

The energy retained can only be used in the same fashion in which it was received, meaning the reiatsu based attacks can only be used as reiatsu based attacks being returned. The energy can be immediately returned to the user upon impact with the sands, or retained for a delayed return. (ie, If a cero is decayed and diverted, it can only be sent back the same way. I can't turn a cero into a different attack)


Normal hits(melee): In regards to normal melee, with each impact a portion will be absorbed and returned with the next normal melee attack that comes from Ongaku. If hit multiple times before he unloads an attack, the percentage diverted back to the attacker stacks. (Up to 500%) Ongaku is REQUIRED to take the hit AND the consequences that comes with it in order for the ability to succeed.

Tier 1 = Stronger (My Rei Str vs Their Off) = Their Off 1 rank higher
Tier 2 = On Par (My Rei Str vs Their Off) = Equal Rank
Tier 3 = Moderate (My Rei Str vs Their Off) = Their Off 1 rank lower
Tier 4 = Weak (My Rei Str vs Their Off) = Their Off 2 ranks lower

Tier 1: Each normal hit adds 15% potency to the next melee attack if used within the time limit.

Tier 2: Each normal hit adds 25% potency to the next melee attack if used within the time limit.

Tier 3: Each normal hit adds 35% potency to the next melee attack if used within the time limit.

Tier 4: Each normal hit adds 50% potency to the next melee attack if used within the time limit.

(The percentages of both reiatsu and melee attacks are the % of the attack that will be absorbed by the sand and transferred back to the opponent if Ongaku chooses to do so.)

Preparation Time: N/A (Passive)

Duration: N/A (Passive)

Cooldown: N/A (Passive)

Drawback: No matter if it's a reiatsu based attack or a melee based attack there is a time limit in which the energy/force that was diverted can be used, if not used within that specific time then the ability can't be used. Considering the sand is the secret behind the ability, it must be present during the process of returning said force back to the user. (Reiatsu only). The energy/force retained must be used within 3 minutes(or 3 posts). This ability can only be used to divert reiatsu attacks 10 times in shikai and 20 times in bankai. More than one attack can be consumed{Won't count against max amount} if used in immediate succession of each other, (if person was spamming reiatsu based attacks or melee. After 10 times, it takes a 2 post cool-down before the ability can be used again.

Name:"Furui Genkou" (Ancient Copy)

Description: With this ability, using the sand Ongaku can form an embodiment of previous fighters in which he defeated. If no other fighters were defeated he can form copies of himself from the sand, each figure can withstand 10 hits from any certain attack. Upon impact the attacks burst through as through knocking through a sand castle and the damaged area reforms immediately. The strength of these beings depend on the amount of sand, how many things have been decayed previously and how much reiatsu was used to form them. When attacking, a punch would be like a punch from Ongaku and if a weapon is present it would be like any other zanpakuto damage. Considering the amount of sand present from his bankai, these entities form almost instantly and only use a slight amount of reiatsu.

Preparation Time: N/A

Duration: Until destroyed

Cooldown: 6 posts

Drawback: Weakness: Ongaku can only create 1 copy of himself that keeps the same skill set as him, anything passed that and the clones lose 1 rank in each skill for every clone afterward. Max of 3

Name: Sekiei (Quartz)

Description:This technique allows Roddo to change the hardness of his sand, which allows him to deflect, repel, or stop many ailments. Using this technique allows him to separate his sand from moisture (water) or and repel other elemental properties. This in turn will also stop his sand from being simply blown away, for only he can control the trajectory. (Quartz is a mineral that's hard enough to scratch glass, the only thing harder is diamond(Topaz, corundum). Water and wind would technically just bounce off of it, it's like hitting a glass window with a breeze or water. As far as fire goes, it'll be hard to penetrate but it's possible with extended amount of time because it does heat up. (Quartz melting point is 4200 degrees F)

Preparation Time: N/A

Duration: N/A

Cooldown: Ongaku can only change the composition of his sand once every 5 posts

Drawback: With the hardened composition, the weight of said particles increases exponentially ... causing the speed at which Ongaku can move his sands to drop by 25%.

*Note that this release is only available to those who hold a B- Rank.

Appearance: (a detailed description of what the bankai looks like, an image is optional)

*Character Change: (how does your character change due to this release)

Ability: (what does your bankai do)

Techs: (may only have up to 5 techs. please use template below)

Preparation Time: (Put N/A if there is none)

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Ongaku's Zanpakuto

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