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 Gilgamesh (Done)

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PostSubject: Gilgamesh (Done)   Gilgamesh (Done) Icon_minitimeWed Apr 30, 2014 12:25 am



Alias: The Hero King. The Last Sumerian


Visual Age: No visual Age.

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Silver

Hollow Hole Location:Lower Abdomen

Affiliation: Personal Guard

Rank: Vasto Lorde

Aspect of Death: Pride


Appearance:Gilgamesh in vasto form is that of a winged beast almost resembled to be something of a vampiric like monster in truth. He has two wings which seem to have unique feathering; and overlap one another all the way up to his back where spikes protrude from his shoulder blade on either side. His shoulders are spiked with three hooked shapes  on either side of the shoulder. Where his abs would be are well defined with black lining and in the middle of his abdomen is a yellow light that goes down to the hollow hole located in the lower part of his abdomen. His legs are covered in armor on the top and bottom; On the top the 'plating' as it could be called reveals a bit of his thigh as well as where his leg connects to his pelvic bone. The lower part of his legs have a sharp spike that covers the knee's and part of the lower thigh on the calf has a small spike that rises up just a little; to which are connected to his claws which range in the fours involving one on the back of his foot where his heel would be; and three in the front on both feet. He has two tails which are used for a variety of things as well. Connected to the wings have more spikes on them, approximately three that are connected to the wings. His neck is covered by plating that lap just slightly over one another; and his head is shaped almost like that of a starfish; or fan. Two spikes protrude from the jaw line; and stretch out just enough to meet equally and connect to one another five inches from his mouth. Behind his head seem to be more spikes which can be considered his hair. Most unique about him is the markings which cover all over his body though no one knows what they mean they make him stand out from all other Hollow in Las Noches.
Vasto Form:

Personality: Gilgamesh also known as the Hero King is known for his belittling nature. True to his words he looks at those not equal to him as common filth and dogs; even going as far as calling them mongrel's. In life and in Death he made those whom looked upon his face paid as this was another show of his belittling nature. In truth he is as arrogant as they come letting the legacy and lineage of what he has done get to his head; this allows him to never take a fight truly seriously; but should he take it seriously he shows a focus and a sense of dedication to finish such things more than most others. To his allies he is loyal and dedicated to them seeing them as 'true heroes.' for what they have done for the community in the afterlife; or how they carried themselves.  In his vasto form he doesn't speak to anyone but his ally, friend, and master; and will often times ignore the person, or persons.

When it comes to showing an emotion such as kindness; or mercy Gilgamesh in both his human and hollow life has shown nothing but ruthlessness having killed many people; even those in the innocent; though he never showed in sense of guilt; or mercy towards them.  Another one of Gilgamesh's biggest traits is that he is thoughtless. Having never given a thought towards anyone; or anything's feelings if they are not a true hero in his eyes he has no time to hear someone's plead; or cares to think about them as his word is over that of the lower class. Ontop of that he is an unkind being as it is compared to his belittling ways which can automatically cause thos around him to hate him almost instantly if he should ever speak such atrocious and hateful words. He is a wise man however; and will humour those whom approach him with questions; though they may be irrelevant and silly he will hold up a bit of conversation if it is the right person that is. His cunning nature allows him to follow through things with the pursuit of a wolf attempting to befriend a sheep. If the sheep gets too close  then it is lights out for the sheep.

Gilgamesh can be a tad aggressive with his words even if there is someone around and he is speaking about them. He doesn't care much for their reaction and though they may take action you will not see him flare his arrogant temper though it may be there and broad on his sleeve. Perhaps one of the bravest men in life and the afterlife. Gilgamesh fears no man, woman, or being and will take them on without even the slightest hint of the emotion whilst still carrying his belittling ways despite their strength. Even in the most dangerous of situation he has shown to be calm in it and taking it as nothing more than a little joke even if the lower half may want to kill him he doesn't see it that way. Gilgamesh has an adaptable way and can cope with almost everyone in an attempt understand what they have and haven't gone through. The only problem is the way he see's people which interacts with this trait of his.


History: The stories of the Sumerian King have been told since the days of old. His epic has been documented into the pages of history; but what hasn't been documented was his success in finding a means to live for forever. Through the life span of his earlier years he ruled the kingdom of Sumeria for years and years during Twenty Five Hundred B.C at the end of his life after the death of his dear friend and his meeting with a sage he had found a means to immortality. Which was discovered in Egypt a means to revival through a certain book that was said to attain magical properties on a spiritual sabbatical. After which coincidentally he died for unknown reasons.
When he was ressurrected for a second time during the year DCCCXCII he was born as a child again; and acted like a baby, child, and adult. In his child form he knew very well whom he was; and acted as he did in the days of his older self. Gilgamesh was a belittling royal boy whom was greatly hated amongst the society he resided in. Those he saw as heathens, mongrels, and dog's were disregarded and quickly dealt with if the time called for it; or if it was forced. Even towards the adults he looked at them as only lowly peasants that could do nomore for him than serve a purpose as a stepping stone towards what he was attempting to achieve again. Kings and Queens as well were looked as nothing more than vermin whom hadn't earned their spot among that of true hero's.

As he grew he continued his ways and even began his conquest to rule again having again and again within his mind experienced that of his past life in Sumeria his training, his treasury of weapons, and all other things and began to kill Kings and Queens both in the town he was reborn in, and in neighboring kingdoms. He hadn't a need to stop from obtaining what was truly his. Word had gotten to the other kingdoms of this boy from a small kingdom in germany beginning his killing spree across the land. Those of royalty were outraged, and sent mercenary upon mercenary to deal with this boy; but their efforts were in vein as each one was put to rest across the battle field. On each grave were the words "Vermin" "Dog" "Mongrel" "Peasant" put on them as they were not true enough hero's to have even gotten Gilgamesh' attention.

The Kings and Queen's were outraged at what this boy did and often times sent out letters which read "Stranger from the distant land, I am King Belefor rumors of your actions against other kingdoms have proven to catch my attention I wish to meet with you and attempt to apply you to my services." When Gilgamesh read this he killed the messenger and sent him back on horse back with the letter attached to his back reading, "Mongrel King, feel fortunate enough that I am replying to you as you are not even worth the mention to anyone. True Hero's that deserve my attention have done what was needed by the gods and have earned their position through their blessings. Number your days for I am coming for you; and I will not spare your life, dog." When the king had read this he was more frightened than outraged; yet outraged beyond anything else he had felt. No one within his kingdom dared defy him; nor outside the kingdom neither; and for one person to go and say this to him showed nothing more than how prideful this boy was. So prideful that he wouldn't bow to that of something higher than himself. Velefor was all together furious. Gilgamesh on the other hand of whom had now gathered a couple of troops nearing in the thousands preached to them of the Sumerian pantheon and what they promise to those who abide his word, brought him women; even their own wives; and died for him. He promised them a spot in a paradise fit for kings. To them he was in-fact a god himself; and to Gilgamesh they were seen as nothing more than dog's; but loyal dogs nonetheless.

When he had finally reached the kingdom in which Velefor ruled there was an army waiting for him to which Gilgamesh looked on fearlessly. Over the span of years he had roamed up until this point he had gathered an army numbering in the tens of thousands. Gilgamesh looked back to his men and began to speak "Men of Sumeria. Look before me; and see that I am your symbol of Victory! Before us stands nothing but dogs! We are of the Divine! The gods watch over us and ensure our victory! Men..Spare not one soldier, Spare not one child, nor one woman! Raze this Kingdom and turn it to Ash!" All of that which seemed silence was met with a roar of soldiers. As if thunder rumbled across the skies it was met in the same manner with their roars; and eagerness to kill all of Velefor's men. Velefor on the other hand caught sound of the word 'Sumeria' his mind began to run as to how there was a Sumerian was still alive, to Velefor's knowledge the sumerian's vanished a long time ago without a trace in the world. Suddenly he was interested to see who this person was as he had claimed himself to be a Sumerian.

The war emerged and Gilgamesh was the first into battle, lopping off heads as his blade sliced cleanly through the necks of his foe's. Like a foul plague they began to sweep through the kingdom's ranks making their way towards the gate. When they began to break open the gate doors Gilgamesh came in swinging at the speed and stamina of someone on a spirtual sabbatical. All of his lives Gilgamesh knew that was something more than what was on this plain of life; and his prowess and ways showed it. As he made his way towards the towering kingdom his men began to light the kingdom on fire. Heading into the night the kingdom was razed everything was on fire. Women and children were being cut down; even men whom didn't partake in this war were being slaughtered. Gilgamesh had gotten into the tower and began to kill the soldiers guarding it, all the way up towards the main quarters of the king and queen. He had seen the Queen first and didn't hesitate to kill her though she pleaded "Please allow mercy upon my fragile and helpless form! I beg of you!" To which Gilgamesh approached with his sword drawn and replied, "Mongrel Queen. Your words fall upon deaf ears. Feel honored you have been killed by me as you are not even worthy of that, dog." with one swing her head was lopped off and she hit the floor lifeless. Gilgamesh moved higher up to find the king dressed in his armor and ready for battle. Gilgamesh moved in silently and met his blade with the king's their blades dancing in spark and sturdiness.

As the night progressed, as each blade was swung, as the fire approached even towards the tower they fought on. Gilgamesh had no words for the mongrel king; and Velefor gave no words for this boy. Gilgamesh gave Velefor a swift kick and caused him to hit the post of a bed hard before charging in. Gilgamesh then suffered a major blow which caused him to drop in a pool of his own blood. As Velefor stood he asked him "What is your name boy!?" in a furious tone as he placed the blade at his neck. Gilgamesh in the last spurt of his life smiled; and raised himself grabbing the blade and stabbing himself in the neck with it as he fell lifeless. Velefor though victorious over the Sumerian king quickly fell after that to Gilgamesh' soldiers, thus ending both of their lives.

Gilgamesh descended downward towards what appeared to be sand. This was different from last time he had just woken up last time; but this time he had taken a different path. When he awoke, he awoke silently and began to travel through the sands in search of what he felt to be food to cure what was an insatiable hunger. Throughout the forests he began to kill off monsters of whom he believed them to be spawn of Nergal Sumerian god of the underworld. When he had killed them unintentionally he began to devour them; and he began to fill strength swell inside of his body as he ate. Never had he felt so lowly before in his life, never did he suffer from such a need before. Like before he had seen these creatures as nothing more than dogs and vermin. Even those whom seemed to tower above this unknown land were nothing more than a meal to him. Over the span of years he had existed hear he had taken a unique turn as he had went from being on all fours to standing upright on two legs. He was still hungry was the problem; but it wasn't for food. After discovering what eating these things did he had a hunger for power.

During his life in the unknown place he had taken witness to the war though he didn't quite partake in it he did watch for a while. Having sensed multiple reiatsu pressure's. Some were above what he was capable of putting out; though he showed no sign of envy or fear he simply watched on as explosions took place here and there. The dancing of blades when they clashed happening most of all. This was the first time in a long time that Gilgamesh stopped to just take in the sights despite his hunger beckoning him to eat more and more.

Shortly after the war he witnessed what he would come to know as his first shinigami. When he encountered this shinigami he attempted at lunging at him; but missed only for the shinigami to attempt to strike back. He had never seen anyone move that quickly; but then again he had just as much speed as the young fellow did. He caught the blade to the shinigami's surprise; and in another move covered the mans mouth and slowly crushed his jaw. As the man dropped to the ground he began to devour him. This was his first taste of shinigami blood; and with that, kept on hunting for the power he so desired.

Upon seeing a unique one he attempted at killing this one; but was quickly denied and killed. Gilgamesh had never seen anyone match him tit for tat and though he had seen the rest as lowly things he saw this man as a true hero; and in his mercy had spared Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh didn't stop his eating however. Between these two beings, the one whom spared him; and himself they were killing off all of these beasts it seemed, even to the point where it would seem like they were going extinct; and even though that was the thought that ran through the head of Gilgamesh for some reason he always saw more than what he killed.

He had witnessed even these beasts had taken on a human form. They had skin flesh and blood; and some sort of fragment; though each one he encountered had a different part in a different place; though Gilgamesh killed them all it was interesting to see how they would turn out each time. He felt himself nearing what he always felt to be the spiritual sabbatical. Where one could ascend beyond that of a human; even beyond that of this lowly creature he assumed in form. His body seemed to get bigger; his hands seemed to turn more into claws his feet seemed to take on that of a more predator form. When all was said and done and it seemed like nothing was left in the world to kill over the years he did his killing. There was a few more before him in an attempt to defy him; when they lashed out at him they were cut down almost instantaneously; and devoured. Then again he began to evolve. He began to sprout wings where there was none. He grew two tails and markings from his sumerian home began to dress and show proudly on his armor like skin.

Gilgamesh' Reiatsu was unique in it's own manner. As he walked along the sands one day he stumbled upon the corpse of a dragon hollow. The dragon hollow was at least twenty feet in height; and fifty feet in length and as wide as any Menos Grande in Las Noches. Gilgamesh walked inside of it and slowly his silver reiatsu manifested itself and began to attach to the dragon's corpse; giving it life where there was none; and connecting himself to it. Like a parasite it began to control that which wasn't living and sealed up the the corpses wounds. With a roar Gilgamesh took off into the air and whilst flying saw the man whom spared his life and allowed him to get this far. Before this man he landed; and before him he bowed his head offering his service to him as he was a true hero to whom he would serve until  his dying day.
Image of the Dragon he inhabited:
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PostSubject: Re: Gilgamesh (Done)   Gilgamesh (Done) Icon_minitimeFri May 02, 2014 8:25 pm

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Gilgamesh (Done)

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