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 Rem Matsu [WiP]

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Rem Matsu

Rem Matsu

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PostSubject: Rem Matsu [WiP]   Fri Apr 25, 2014 4:10 am


Name: Remington Matsu

Alias: Rem

Age: 1152

Visual Age: 21

Gender: Male

Reiatsu color: Light Blue

Ex-Division: 2nd Court Guard

Affiliation: Member of the Kyoshinja

Rank: Captain class


Appearance:Rem stands at 5 feet 8 inches wearing a  button up t-shirt, loose jeans, sport shoes with thin metal plating along front and bottom of shoes, glasses, with a wrist blade guard holding his Zanpakuto on right arm. His semi-long hair partially covering glasses, as well as a large  curved scar along right tricep flowing up to shoulder.

Personality: Rem is always chaotic and in disarray, he likes to voice opinions even when they won't be heard. Rem carries a eerie feel around him while he talks and thinks about any gloomy subjects. He loves to fight even though he isn't very good at long drawn-out battles. If Rem becomes enraged, he will go on a frenzy fighting and destroying anything in his path.


History: Remington Matsu has been serving with the Kyoshinja for 475 years after being a rogue from turning into a Vizard while serving under the 2nd court guard squad.Force out and hunted Rem spent most of his time training and walking around the human world watching the humans live their life.

Rem protects those who unable to see the dangers around them, as well as anyone who causes his friends harm. He traveled far in his pursuit against the hollows and other dangers of the world, while he is still amazed by how different every part of this world is to him. Rem has been honing his skills for whenever and wherever problems may amass themselves and he will kill those who wish him or his friends harm with his skills and knowledge from many years in both the court guards and his time training as a Vizard.
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Rem Matsu [WiP]

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