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 Aoi Hirae - Taicho no Kyubantai

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Aoi Hirae

Aoi Hirae

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PostSubject: Aoi Hirae - Taicho no Kyubantai   Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:43 am


Name:Aoi Hirae

Alias:Blue, Exorcist, Spellblade

Age: 760 odd years

Visual Age: Early 20's

Gender: Female

Reiatsu Color: Mixture of Dark blue, ghostly blue and hints of Dark purple.

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Division: Kyubantai

Rank: Taicho no Kyubantai



Aoi had always been a small girl since birth. Her parents were worried about her small stature fearing that she was born a under the normal weight category. Her shockingly pale complex made her look like some sickly child it was only her wide curious eyes that proved otherwise. Aoi grew up to be healthy and strong nonetheless. In her pre-teen years her size was notably smaller, falling short a whole head to her peers. But as she grew Aoi caught up to the heights of other girls, though her slender figure was still something that made her stand out.

At a younger age of her pre-teens and academy years her blue-black hair was kept short at shoulder length with bangs cut just above her eyes. Aoi was not ones conventional pretty faced girl. In fact her feminine features such as her chest and waist were nothing like a girls. Mundane some said, her hair cut making her look like a boy. Yet Aoi was not an ugly girl either nor was she your average girl.

Perhaps a flower that blossomed at different seasons or disregard for physical appearance. As she grew older, the bandages on her face disappeared over time. More and more she started to look like a lady. Her Blue-black with the ever slight curl grew out. Aoi Ditched the bangs, letting her hair grow to the mid point of her back, kept predominately in a single ponytail. Applying soft shades of lipstick and minding the condition of her skin.

The transformation over the years were rather surprising. Most of her childhood friends would not believe her if she claimed to be Aoi. Her chest grew considerable amounts, firm, round and bigger than most women of her race. Her skin taking a healthier warm glow. Her eyes were what changed the most, they weren't so wide eyed any more but held instead a certain warmth or even light in them. Aoi's appearance in terms of beauty had a simple beach city appeal about her. Simple and not too much.

Aoi's Shinigami uniform is different from most. Though she wears the standard Gi and Hakama, her sleeves are cut mid way down her forearm. Her bottoms instead of the traditional outward bell cut ends above her ankles. Aoi never held the position of the lieutenant as she jumped straight from 3rd to the position of Captain. Aoi seldom wears her Haori, notably one of the shorter captains she often seen without her White Robe. Her Hoari takes the standard design, marked with her division insignia on the back and tailed at the bottom with black diamonds. If any different would be that her Haori tail reached mid way down her thighs with her sleeves cut around the mid point of her forearms.

Her Shinigami uniform is not always the clothes she wears. On days off she walks around in her pajamas hidden safely away in her office. Good warm weather calls for Camisoles (tank tops for women) and short jeans and flip flops. Aoi prefers the simple clothings dressing for the occasion appropriately.

Usually he flawless face is seen with a small or day dreaming blank state but aggravation brings a scarier and lethal side of her. It is said it is not good to see her bad side as it may very well be the last face one ever sees.

Personality:Aoi's personality has seen many changed over the course of her life. Nothing defining existed in her child years. As all children were she was vibrant and curious. If anything Aoi was a sweet little child, her life's mottos were sharing is caring. On the playground Aoi acted as both the elder sister and ring leader. Naturally she felt the need to protect her little comrades against bugs and bullies.

During the Academy years Aoi was not so different. She was still kind, sharing what she could and always taking care of those around her. This naturally brought many people around her, becoming a key and popular individual. On a personal level Aoi was a disciplined and diligent individual. Everyday was a chance to improve herself, seeing to both her mind and body.

Her diligence allowed Aoi to out do and outshine the so called naturally talented and prodigies. Scoring very high and within the top 10 of her academy graduation year. Signing up to the 11th division her attitude changed slightly. She gained a more headstrong attitude and was not afraid of challenges. However as depression set in Aoi became Stagnant, neglecting her training and even not eating. However as she slowly recovered she over came her identity crisis and turned out to be both a smart and headstrong girl.

To accurately describe Aoi would be difficult. As a girl she has many different sides. She has a tolerance for those who are an absolute annoyance or a plague to society. Kindness is not on both sides of the coin, Aoi though usually found in an accepting and forgiving state can also flip a complete 180 degrees.

Those who smile more often are said to be one of the scariest when they are angry. Aoi despite being a gentle type girl is still a warrior, a former member of the 11th division and by birth a Shinigami. Some are undeserving of Mercy but at the tip of a edged blade. Some have whispered that Aoi holds nothing back when carrying out an angered justice.

Aoi has never had too much experience with the opposite sex in terms of intimacy. Meeting anyone on any other occasion is fun but any intimacy from either gender comes across as strange for her, shy if you will. She does not quite know how to react and has often seen to act in a rather hostile way at times.

Aoi still today is the hard working type, never neglecting her training even as a captain. She will always see to her paperwork, duties as a captain, her training of the Sword and Kidou. It was what caused her to be one of the best among the Gotei 13 there was no guarantee that she would remain as such.

As previously explained Aoi is a very open minded and has a general acceptance to many things. However this does not mean she has the appropriate reaction or answer to every situation. She too will be surprised at things she has never seen or heard of. As explained before Intimacy might cause her to become flustered and even clumsy.

Yet even her loveable clumsiness comes to an end. Pre-dominantly in battle Aoi is the type never to under estimate her opponents. She is cold and calculative, keeping a clam and keen mind to out play opponents. This key feature of her as proven her to be the winner even against opponents leaps stronger than her. By nature she is a tactician and a leader employing the full potential and ability of those around her.

Aoi has a great liking for the simpler things in life. Some peace and quiet is time well spent in her books. But sometimes company of others is needed as well. Spending time with good people brings a warm feeling to her heart, building bonds is important. Aoi is self conscious of what she eats, trying not to over eat and ruin her figure. This may be a bit typical for a girl but when alone Aoi will out eat even the biggest of men in the Gotei 13.

Aoi avoids the creepy perverted type. Not really understanding their subtle hints and preferring to stay away from the odd cultured. This includes exhibitionists, alcoholic drunks, perverts in general and those awkward people who say strange things in their own silence. Aoi also has a disliking for her mother's raging impulses resembling her father in terms of temper.  



Aoi Hirae was born to a middle class family within Soul Society. She was born a small child, however not small enough to be of any worry. A brief history is required before we continue on. Aoi's parents were both Spiritual Beings by birth, the mother was a dedicated shinigami, famous for her brute strength and predominant member of the 11th division. Her father however was not quiet the same. He was part of the Kido corps members and not necessarily having his interested aligned with Gotei 13.

The union of two such people was comedic yet fateful from the very beginning. The 11th division has always harboured a dislike or even phobia against those who used kido, belittling and even disregarding them as true Shinigami. As a response to such discrimination it was only natural that those who excelled and preferred Kido to hate the 11th division. They were mindless brute who enjoyed the maximum amount of gore and blood in a fight. They preferred the scholar route, perfecting their spells and minimizing damage where possible.

Despite such hatred toward each other Aoi's father, Hirazaki Hirae found beauty in the brutish ways of Aoi's mother, Orehana Kenjuro. Their personalities clashed on every turn, Orehana was hot-tempered, quick to violence and thicker than a a mountain. Hirazaki was always calm, easy going and was one of the sharpest minds. Regardless it was these two people who found love and gave birth to Aoi Hirae. Born within the walls of Gotei 13 Aoi was privileged compared to those born in the bowels of the Rukongai.

This also meant that she would always be exposed to the works of the Shinigami. Naturally she would take upon the road of the Shinigami but which one? At a young age she did not know it but she had always had a challenge. Her father promoted the development of the mind while her mother was intent on the promotion of her body. At a young age Aoi had always faced a sort of Identity Crisis.

She found both joy in the Kido arts and the strength that came with wielding a sword. In her earlier ears even before joining the academy, Hirazaki had his hopes up. Aoi displayed a moderate talent for the kido arts, being able to form little ball of lights to light up the night or even small platforms to help her reach places she could not. Orehana however was saddened by the small body frame that her baby girl had, her arms were too slender to punch a man's lights out, nor strong enough to wield a small bokken.

However much to the pleasure of the later, Aoi began to grow, catching up to the girls her age. Aoi joined the academy at the appropriate age, showing a keen mind in theory and using her fellow students and shinigami candidates effectively in a team. Aoi displayed a trait that was non-existent in both her parents, she displayed leadership not through shear strength or autonomy but rather through appreciation and earnest love for her peers.

Yet Aoi was not a prodigy, she was not the best or even second best in her different classes but rather scored above average. Taking her positions in the 7th or around 5th in her academy classes. What was surprising to both her parents was that she was placed 2nd in her Academy class for Zanjutsu. Neither had expected her to excel in the field. However Aoi had was a diligent and smart individual, inherent from her parents. As she sparred with her many opponents she gradually understood that her own force was the sole factor in the clash of blades. The opponent's themselves could serve as her weapon. Countering.

Her strength was not something amazing but her stature and build had forced Aoi to seek other means. The result was the precise control of her blade and the use of her opponents. Her father's calm mind and observant eye had allowed her to pursue a career quite contrary to he trait. Upon graduation Aoi was immediately picked up by the 11th division. Regardless of physically strong she was she had talent with the blade. The mother was very pleased, her very own daughter would follow in her footsteps. Hirazaki was saddened but regardless Aoi was his daughter and he supported her decision.

Hailed as excellent swordsman she was not however on par with those with experience and real training. The first few months were gruelling, they were seasoned fighters with many years of experience. She was bruised, she was punished she was educated. As the years grew Aoi became stronger, adopting many different styles and learning which had a superiority over another. Counter swordmanship was not the only answer and in some cases the incorrect. It was the 11th division that taught Aoi how to really fight with the blade and Aoi earnestly enjoyed the finer arts that were hidden in the blade.

Her gradual climb among the ranks was foreseeable. Her personality drew her peers to her, the kindness and interests she held often broke the long train of gruelling training. Aoi had adopted the ways and doctrine of the division, increasing her mastery of the blade and neglecting the arts of Kido. On missions and duties the brains of her father helped Aoi and her brutes to effectively complete the objective. Evenly as a lowly seated officer with 2 digits, many of the officers from other divisions praised her uniqueness. "Finally some brains to that Division." She was a greatly appreciated asset, friend, student, teacher and member of the Gotei 13.

Many in her division were curious on Aoi's growth, they watched her improve year by year, slowly climbing her way up the ranks. Another amazing feat and anticipated event was Aoi's Zanpakuto. She had yet to release the initial form, claiming that though she tried very hard the Zanpakuto had yet to reveal even a sliver of itself. Her stagnant advancement was what halted Aoi's promotion in becoming a higher seated officer. She remained at the 27th seat for many years. The attention on Aoi gradually subsided, she was forgotten for a long time by much younger Shinigami, who were claimed to be the next generation prodigies to shoulder the Gotei 13 in the years to come.

Aoi's mother tried very hard to improve Aoi and discover her Zanpakuto but failed. Aoi was disheartened, she began to lose a bit of light and glow about her, many of her peers growing further and further away from her. It was only her mission team and friends that remained with her. For years she would live like such completing minor hollow purges and seeing to patrolling the streets of the world.

It was on such a mission that Aoi's life would drastically change for both the worst and for the best. Her team had been pinned down by multiple hollows. Headquarters had reported a single hollow but intelligence had failed to find out that this particular hollow was only a few steps away from morphing into a degenerate Menos Grande. The burial of the hollow proved difficult, many were heavily injured with their attacks proving ineffective. Aoi in a desperate measure to save a team mate from death had unknowingly used a Binding arts to put the hollow down. Though the mission had been successful, with no deaths her team mates saw her with different eyes.

Aoi had used a Kido, a shame to the division and direct offence to which the division stood for. They began to ostracise her, shunning her and outwardly mocking her for her weakness. Her teammates requested transfers to different teams even the girl she had saved saw with hatred. Some even called for a demotion while others called for a complete removal from the 11th division. Orehana was disheartened defending her daughter but at the same time disgusted that she had used a kidou spell.

Pressure from her peers caused Aoi to take a leave of absence. Her request was approved and would temporarily be relieved of her duties as a Shinigami. Yet all knew, she would not return to the 11th division ever again. Aoi was over come with grief, spending much of her days simply in her room, her eyes now completely void of the light. It was her father Hirazaki that comforted her. Day by day, Aoi began to become active again, her free time allowing her to truly bond with her father. As a member of the Kidou Corps Hirazaki was not always so busy, rather leaving on long term missions to see to the barrier defence of Seireitei, Rukongai or to close the rips in the human world.

Aoi was exposed once again to the Kido arts. She would go on the missions with her father, though not an active shinigami Aoi was still a Shinigami. The excuse was that she would protect the kidou corps but really her father just wanted his little girl to be happy again. Ever so often Aoi would help with the incantations, unknowingly learning the Kidou arts. "Why not practise the Kidou Arts? The blade is not the only way" He would tell her. Time for Aoi to become an active Shinigami came.

Still stagnant and unmotivated Aoi applied as a seated officer of the 9th division. Here she saw to paper work, Seldom going on missions into the real world. The 9th division however was more accepting, they did not care for what she had been. They loved her and cared for her. Inviting her to outings. Slowly Aoi came back out of her slump, picking up the sword once again but this time she could not slowly rely on her blade, she did not have to.

Hirazaki and Aoi spent many afternoons together developing and improving her Kido skills. Although it had taken her few years to be considered battle ready it had at the very least brought her out of the slump. Soon Aoi began to take on more demanding missions seeing to the private investigations as barrier and defence teams. The escorting of important personal and the occasional purging of hollows within Seireitei.

Aoi finally over came her identity crisis accepting both her love for the Blade and Kidou arts. She no longer cared for what 11th division members thought of her. It was in fact this very decision that had brought Aoi to a new step in her life. Her Zanpakuto would speak to her, Self Acceptance was important and the Denial of kido had caused her Zanpakuto to become reclusive and shut in.

With a new found motivation Aoi began to retrain with a zeal. She pushed herself harder than before, pushing to the very limit. The years of neglect came back to bite her in the back. She could not go past a few sword swings without breaking a sweat. The years of denial and rejection caused the Zanpakuto spirit to punish her. They worked hard together, teaching Aoi new tricks, the employment of Kidou with Zanjutsu. It was a deadly combination that Aoi had never realized. The union of spell and blade gave birth to something greater. The union of Hirazaki and Orehana had brought about Aoi Hirae.

In due time the Zanpakuto deemed Aoi worthy, Aoi deeming the Zanpakuto apart of her. Her Shikai as well as the new found arts of Kidou excelled Aoi further in her career than before. It only took around 3 years for her to become a Single digit officer both in officer competence and battle prowess. Oddly enough not even some of the single digit officers from the 11th division could best her. She was formerly a high double digit officer but now with both her Shikai and the addition of Kidou arts she definitely had the upper hand.

Her career would slow down at the rank of 3rd seat. Being one of the key members of the 9th division and having greater responsibilities than ever before. She commanded many and had their respect. Her ability to organize and mobilize teams for defence earned her a good reputation among the higher ups and for a close to half a century she would remain as such.

Aoi's Bankai came earlier than she had expected, some lived the rest of their lives without even hearing a glimpse of it. The spirit of her Zanpakuto felt that Aoi's diligence and dedication was worthy enough to have a peek of its powers.For Aoi however it came sooner than expected but the mastery of such took longer than any other. A 100 years it took her. Each Year the Spirit of the zanpakuto would manifest into something else. Her zanpakuto was a strange being, it held no single form but in fact was populated with a diverse range of strange beings that taught and tested many things.

For a 100 years Aoi remained disciplined, never rushing or taking the short cut. Where effort was needed Aoi did so, where endurance was needed she persevered. At the end of a 100 Years Aoi was well versed with Her Zanpakuto in it's final true form. However she chose not to show it, she was only a 3rd seat and she felt that she would reserve her Bankai for an occasion that needed it. As time passed people would have retired, disappeared or even simply died. Around the mid-length of her life the opportunity had come. At the time of the Division Captains removal from office due to insanity being taken away to the maggot's nest. The Lieutenant was unfit for office, the man though was a smart was frail of body and short of his Bankai. In fact the man was soon to be retired due to his terminal sickness death taking him early. Both the Captains position and the Lieutenants position was open.

Naturally she was more than capable of succeeding the position of 2nd seat but the Captain's seat was reserved for those who had mastered their Bankai. Perhaps it was time, after 150 years and many centuries of experience perhaps it was time for Aoi to step up. "Let me take upon the title Captain Commander, here is my Bankai." Though many had set their eyes on the position in the end it was only Aoi who had a Bankai. Maybe another could have qualified better in terms of leadership but Aoi met the key requirements of a Bankai. From the recommendations of many Captains and her division members Aoi ascended to the Division Captain. Blessed with the white robe that signified both her position and a testimony to her strength.

As the Captain Aoi changed and reformed many things in the division. Promoting her division members to verse themselves in both the blade and kidou ways. Often she would send groups of them to the 5th or 11th division to learn a few things. They were the defence and relief division, a sturdy platform for which the Shinigami of Soul Soceity needed to carry out their duties. The 9th divison formed teams and special duties in case of wars. During her years she made them conduct many drills and procedures in the events of war or even natural disaster. To Secure not only their division but key division such as the 12th, 4th, 3rd, 6th and any divisions that were strategic.

Many questioned the possibility of war or natural disaster but praised Aoi for her readiness and ability to foresee possible events. The 9th division though never truly tested grew strong both in bonds with one another and individual strength. Those around Aoi, grew to rely on one another as well become a pillar for those around them. For many centuries Aoi's life was such, sealing and putting up protective barriers and seeing to lots of paperwork. She however never neglected her own training. Never again would she let herself become a slave to stagnancy.

The many centuries to follow were not eventful. Aoi remained as strong as ever and her division ready as always. It was this type of readiness that minimized the damages from the initial attack. The attack and siege upon Soul Society to be known as the Blue Moon Wars. An attack was not foreseen the masses of Arrancar pouring into Soul Society in their thousands. If one thing the Gotei 13 were prepared however. Immediately the division teams were scrambled to secure the key locations.

They manned the walls and provided safe passage for the 4th division members to go in and out of the hotzones to treat the injured. Where fresh troops were needed Aoi co-ordinated the relief. Many fell on the field of duty but the readiness at least avoided chaos. Everyone in her division knew the precise job they needed to do. Centuries of drills and practises made the 9th division as effective as possible.

The war waned, the walls of Gotei 13 never fully breached. The Arrancar were devastated, leaving countless dead in the invasion. The Gotei 13 too had suffered their losses, a share of captains as well as the masses of foot soldiers that were lost due to the strange appearance of a Hollow King.

The war was in no way magnificent.  A memory that probably many wanted to forget but Aoi it was carved into her memories. The death tolls as well as the fierce powers displayed by the Race Leaders. Aoi herself had participated in fights when defending the walls, never having the pleasure of going up against an Espada. It was a shame but Aoi remained disciplined despite the many chances, her role was to see to the defence and such she did successfully.

When the war was won and the Arrancar running away with their tails between their legs, Aoi remained behind. Many chased after the Arrancar taking the war to the very doorsteps of Las Noches. Aoi however remained behind, she saw to the sealing of the rips and to re-fortifying the defences. She would have her fair share of revenge upon her fallen division members.

6 months have passed since the incident. Aoi's time occupied with re-rostering the patrols and defence relief. Gathering and burying the 9th division members who fell during the war and delivering the news to their respective families. Time will heal, Aoi remains strong, training hard to defend the realm of Soul Society.

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Granted. 4,500.
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Aoi Hirae - Taicho no Kyubantai

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