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 Taraboro Kinko-Shinigami-Finished

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PostSubject: Taraboro Kinko-Shinigami-Finished   Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:55 am

(OOC: Gods, after long consideration, I WILL in fact make this character, along with Kratan. Hopefully i still have Third captain Squad.)


Name: Taraboro Kinko

Alias: Few refer to him by anything other than his name. It shuld, however, be noted that some called him "The Balanced One" due to his balanced combat style.

Age: Taraboro has been a captain for about Six Months, but in total, his Shinigami career has lasted for 450 years, which is quite young for a captain.

Visual Age: Taraboro has the appearance of man in his early Twenties.

Gender: Taraboro is a male.

Reiatsu Color: Taraboro's reiatsu color is metallic grey, something he himself is quite pleased about.

Affiliation: Taraboro is a proud member of the Gotei 13

Division:Taraboro is with the Third Division

Rank: Taraboro Kinko is the captain of the Third Division.



Taraboro considers himself to be exactly average in terms of his physical appearance. He is about Six feet tall, which can be described as the average height of someone his age (Or, someone at the age of 21 anyways.) and weighs about 190 lbs, a weight which personally, Tarabo himself is quite pleased with. In terms of his physical body, Taraboro is actually fairly muscular, a trait which his clothes tend to expose quite a bit. However, he is not bursting with muscles either. He is average. Not too muscular or strong, yet nowhere near skinny or frail.

His hair is yellow with a dark tint, which, from afar, may appear to be brown. It spikes up like needles, and is almost impossible to get it smooth. In general, his hair is quite messy and un-organized, one of the few things Taraboro dislikes about his appearance. As for his eyes, they are painted in green, dark green. His gaze can, admittedly, be quite unnerving sometimes, maybe even intimidating, though never on purpose.

His combat attire consists of of a black, sleeveless vest, leaving his shoulders and a large portion of his arms exposed. This was mainly worn by Taraboro during his Hakudo training, which he began long before becoming a captain, and still wears it to this very day. Along with this, he also wears two pads on his elbows, black with metal plating on them. This, as well as his vest were used for combat training, and Taraboro usually wears them underneath his other clothing.

His formal clothing, as well as the clothes he wears most often, include that of the traditional Shinigami robes, beneath the regular Captain Haori. He mainly wears regular black trousers covering his legs, and has developed a habit of walking around in bare-feet, saying he enjoys allowing air into his body.

Personality: Taraboro is calm, peaceful and with manners.He is very likable, at least to most people within the Gotei 13, treating everyone with respect, be it a captain, a Lieutenant, a seated officer or even his enemy for that matter. Though of course, they are still his enemies, and he still considers them so, he is not one to mock or disrespect opponents, whether they are stronger or weaker than him.

He rarely gets angry, especially during combat, believing that anger will shroud his thoughts. Therefore, he can easily laugh off insults thrown at him,. Furthermore, he won't even react to someone spilling a drink on him, or attacking him. However, he will react to someone attacking those close to him, his bond with them urging him to retaliate.

However, he always keeps his cool.

One of his downfalls, something even he himself has indeed admitted to, is that he is far too passive. This meaning that he hardly ever tries to change something, even if he does disagree, instead remaining loyal and following his every order. Though, some times, he may question you, he will not do anything drastic to change. But, deep down inside, he wants to change. He wants to voice his opinions, but has set his own shackles, restricting himself from doing so.



Why Become a Shinigami?:


A Shinigami At Last.:

Blue Moon War:

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PostSubject: Re: Taraboro Kinko-Shinigami-Finished   Sat Apr 26, 2014 11:37 am

Granted. 4,500.
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Taraboro Kinko-Shinigami-Finished

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