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 Miyamoto Xion

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Miyamoto Xion  Satsu_11

Name: Miyamoto Xion

Alias: The Angel of Death

Age: 4120

Visual Age: 26

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Gold

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Division: 1st

Rank: Captain Commander


Appearance: The Shinigami known as Miyamoto Xion can described as " Ruggedly dashing". With his broad chin and high cheek bones many women before his wife had crushes on him for his good looks. Not a massive man by any means standing at 6' 3" he is rather tall and weighing in at a decent 217 lbs he has managed to pack on quite a bit of mass upon his rather scraggly frame.

His brown eyes give root an earthy calming feel when gazed into and his long free flowing locks give off a sense of both masculine freedom as well as feminine contempt. These locks span all the way down to the small of his back and are always kept in the best condition often being twisted at least once a week to keep their form.

He is one of the strongest Shinigami not only physically but reiatically as well. From a physical outlook he is not the person anyone should wish to have to contend with and he keeps his body in top physical form like a well maintained sword in order to keep it that way. He has very few weaknesses physically. One major weakness he does have thought lies in the fact that the stronger techniques of his Zanpakutou often leave him slightly open to attacks. On top of that he is also rather tall which can sometimes cause him trouble when fighting significantly smaller opponents. He can often overcome this slight weakness by using his superior size to overpower his opponent as well as out move his opponent via his superior physical agility.

Personality: A man so hurt that he chooses to not let anyone get close to him. The captain is a man who has only one passion. The only place his heart lies is with the Shinigami as well as the hope that one day this war will come to an end. When around others he can often seem cheerful or even happy however deep inside of his heart he is truly depressed. He still has not truly gotten over the loss of his comrades and in so can be rather sensitive at times. However, he does not let this get in the way of his duties and always stands at the ready to dispense justice where it is due. Do not let the sensitivity fool you, he is not a man anyone would wish to cross and he intends to back up the hype surrounding his abilities. Passionate, caring, and strong willed.

even thought he is a slight pushover by nature, he has a will and determination found in few. He is willing to lay down his life at any moment without hesitation. He is also a master of technique as well as a strategic genius. With this in mind he is quite the formidable opponent mentally for even the strongest of opponents. Even though he has great courage and mental determination he is also very delicate. He is capable of taking criticism to a point before he becomes upset. Also, because of the effects of the war on his emotional state he can be made depressed rather easily. He is also far to forgiving of things than others

He fights for many different reasons however, he fights mainly for the preservation of both shinigami and human life. He believes fighting is capable of teaching people lessons they could learn no other way. He also fights in the hopes that one day through his many advances to the shinigami as well as his leadership capabilities, he will be able to bring this conflict to a close allowing all sides time to heal.


History: The current captain commander of the Shinigami known as Miyamoto Xion, was born several millennia ago into the Miyamoto clan of soul society. A family unit of both prestige and pedigree, a birth into a family of such nobility by some could be seen as an honor. To Xion however, it meant a life of duty and responsibility. The privilege allotted to a member of the Miyamoto was vast and encumbering yet, it came at a price that was high indeed. A price that not just Xion, but anyone born to the Miyamoto would have to pay with their actions and deeds made in life.

At the time of his birth, the Miyamoto had not had a male child born into its ranks in over two generations. The boy’s birth brought much celebration and cheer. Alongside those jovial tidings came a clearly visible hope and destiny for the propagation of the Miyamoto lineage. The Miyamoto as a whole had been regarded as having not only an immense reiatsu but an immense intelligence as well. Many of the Miyamoto before Xion had become everything from once in generation tacticians to commander officers amongst the king’s legions of warriors. Much hope was placed on the back of the young child yet, his elders knew that if the boy was indeed a Miyamoto as his blood denoted then he would handle the pressure gracefully.

Born to Miyamoto Eiko and Menboku Kotetsu both shinigami held within the highest regard among the shinigami. Eiko was a shinigami who specialized in the healing arts and was renowned for her knowledge of diplomacy and the edict for a noble woman at court. The 17th head of the Miyamoto noble family; she broke noble women tradition by marrying a non- noble born shinigami. The initial outcry was harsh and she even risked losing her position in order to be with the young man. Luckily for her, the elders within the clan recognized the love she held for Kotetsu and after deliberating for two weeks allowed her to retain her position as well as her husband.

Menboku Kotetsu was born within rukongai district 11. Not a district known for violence or the horrors facing some of the higher numbered districts; yet, life was still difficult for anyone low born. He showed great promise from a young age and after training and working at his craft for many years eventually grew strong enough to be regarded as one of the strongest shinigami in all of Soul Society. It was when he was assigned to be Eiko’s bodyguard that their love affair flourished.

Eiko and Kotetsu used the influence of the Miyamoto family name to ensure the best was allotted for their newly born son. He had the best clothing, food, and education that they could find. While this meant Xion could be regarded as more worldly, then most children his age. This tutelage also served as a sheltering for the boy from many of the harsh realities and situations encountered by the children of Rukongai and not of the nobility. His friends were carefully selected for him and his excursions outside of the Miyamoto compound were kept under strict supervision.

It was not until he had reached his 1000th birthday that he was allowed to venture outside of the Miyamoto estate alone. It was during one of his many excursions into Rukongai that he learned of the concept of absolute death. Through his tutelage he did indeed learn of the fact that many of the denizens of Rukongai had at one time been humans that roamed the world of the living. Yet, having been born into the nobility of Soul Society he was far from having a perceived awareness of the concept of life, death, and spiritual rebirth in Soul Society.

He managed to befriend a young boy within Rukongai and slowly over time the two had become insuperable. He spent his many waking moments away from the compound with this same boy. As the years passed and the two grew closer he had begun to want for his friend to experience the same sort of life he experienced himself. Being the only child of his generation left Xion feeling truly alone and in turn this lead to him sneaking his friend into the compound with him. Everything was to go flawlessly or so he thought when he presented his friend before his parents and asked them adopt the other boy.

His parents outraged quickly apprehended the boy and took him to the most horrible district in all of Rukongai. Xion was completely stunned when his friend was punished for something he did and in turn came to learn of true consequences for his actions. Xion from that day on was no longer allowed to the compound unattended. His parents believed that the sentence was deep down but knew the boy would need to be shown the harsh reality that were consequences.

Xion was devastated by the loss of his friend. He couldn’t seem to grasp the reasons as to why his parents felt the need to ensure a swift death for his friend. He wouldn’t drink; he refused to eat. Deep down he knew he was responsible for what happened to his friend and in so, he focused his attention away from friends and other childhood pleasures. He had a new mission from then on he wanted to take over the clan. That way, he could ensure something like what happened would never happen again. He knew he would need power; not just any power, but a power so great it could be considered power overwhelming.
Many years had passed as the boy had begun to be trained by not only his father and mother, but by the elders of the clan themselves. As each year passed he grew stronger and stronger until his father felt he was ready to aid the king of souls in bringing about peace and a restoration to the cycle of souls which consecrated the balance of power within the world. Xion too felt he was ready and after having an intense sparring match with his father, was allowed to go and join the ranks of the Shinigami.

Xion was young, strong, and filled with hope for the future. He knew he would need to display his skills if he wished to gain any sort of reputation. Xion with his nameless zanpakutou, was sent out to be the guardian of Honshu Japan. The people were nice and Xion loved the crafts and other staples they created. It was during those times as a shinigami Watchmen that he learned of the beasts which terrorized the people of Japan. Some of the humans called them “Oni” while others called them “Gaikotsu”. These people had many names for them yet, Xion chose to simply call them “beasts”.

Xion was good at what he did. He was sure to destroy these beasts without mercy or volition using the bladed peacekeeper at his side to dispatch any who attacked the souls in the area. Xion knew that his zanpakutou held within it the power to confer great strength and passion. Somewhere deep down inside he knew he needed to get better with this weapon if he were to ever gain the recognition needed to become head of the Satsu nobility. As the days progressed and the years went by he began to grow stronger and stronger yet, he still felt that he just was not good enough to lead the clan. After much deliberation within himself he decided to seek out the strongest Shinigami he could find. By this time, his father and mother had ascended into the King’s dimension to become members of an elite force tasked with defending the king. Xion had heard rumors of a man so large and powerful that even the mightiest of beasts were no match for his strength.

Xion took up his zanpakutou and after requesting a leave of absence was granted it. He left his post to search out this man and after several months of tracking he eventually got an audience with the shinigami known as Tsuru Horen. The man was as large and powerful as the rumors led those who heard them to believe. It took Xion several weeks of coding and pleading before the man agreed to take him on as his pupil. Xion stuck to his new master like a shadow on a shoji screen. Everywhere his master went so did Xion. He had become so engrossed in his training that he was granted a relief from his post permanently. That way, he could devote his life to following his mentor.

After several years following his master, Xion had finally learned his blade’s name. The events that transpired which lead to the eventual discovery of the blade’s namesake were happenstance by nature. Xion had been sent on a routine patrol of his old post after receiving reports that souls were vanishing at an alarming rate. It was not hubris that led Xion to assume it was one of those beasts, but rather a keen sense of intuition that had been instilled in him by his mentor. Upon his arrival he was greeted by the largest beast he had ever seen. Xion without question engaged the beast, but was easily overpowered.

The beast was large with massive scales all over its gangly appendages. It was black with two beaming red eyes and a voice that sounded as if nails ground against a chalkboard when roaring. It appeared as though Xion was incapable of getting past the massive beast’s scale plating to connect with his zanpakutou. After several exchanges it appeared the beast was beginning to see a linkage in his strikes and managed to not only parry, but also strike Xion to the ground. Bleeding and glaring up just in time to see the massive beast saunter into a striking position above him; began to tear up and plead for more power. He thought of is mother and father and his clan and knew if he died then and there, so did their future.

Just as all hope seemed loss a miracle happened. As Xion closed his eyes to brace for the coming blow he heard the sweet sounds of a harp playing. The tune was light and pleasing to his ears, so much so he opened his eyes to see the beast’s massive arm coming in to finish him off, yet also frozen in the air above his head. “Why do you not acknowledge me…”The voice was that of a woman. Her tone was both sultry and commanding and it stirred his upmost attention instantly. Xion looked over at the direction the voice was coming from. He eyed a beautiful woman clad in golden armor. Her hair golden like the sun and her eyes were entrancing. He couldn’t affix his gaze away from her as she stopped playing the harp set out before her. “You wish for power and I wish to give it to you….this beast is your pray and you are its hunter…. Just as the birds of the sky pray upon the insects of the land or the fish of the sea, you are to pray upon these beasts….you have requested power and that I can give to you…you need only call upon me...Now, call forth my name!”

As he heard those words he snapped out of his trance just in time to dodge the coming blow. Xion threw himself from up off the ground and into a defensive stance with his blade out before him. “I am done running from you…for you are my power…” Xion then lunged at the beast as he slashed his sword down at its left shoulder. “Enbu!!!!!.....” His blade emitted a golden hue as it’s true form had begun to manifest. “ Ongakuoukja!” With those words a massive blast of photonic energy erupted from the blade and down onto the beast. After the impact was done and the clash had been finished, the dust settled. As the dust cleared all that could be seen was Xion holding a beautiful golden katana. It’s vibrant emissions illuminating the entire area. Xion had been blown away by the true form of his zanpakutou so much that he immediately reverted back to its sealed form and then preceded to release it again. It had taken him some time to fully grasp the actual abilities of his zanpakutou and for a good while had reveled in any moment to properly utilize it.

Xion returned to his master forever changed. He had learned of the name of zanpakutou, that very information in and of itself meant he could be trusted for bigger and better tasks. His master was impressed by his blade yet, he knew Xion still had much to learn if he was to become a true shinigami deserving of a post protecting the king’s will. In so, Tsuru forced Xion to go forth into the newly formed Rukongai and to not return until he had learned the “true personality “of his blade. Originally Xion was taken aback by his master’s strange request for him yet, he knew better then to question Tsuru.

During those uneasy times the king had become restless. He appeared to grow tired of the lack of management of the then current soul conversion system. The king of souls sent out a decree demanding the support of any shinigami who would aid him in his attempt to rectify the situation. Xion receiving this same decree was told by his master to continue working on the task he had been assigned prior and to pay no heed to the king’s request. Xion did as he was told just as he had always done and took no moment of hesitation to ignore the king.

Several months had passed and Xion had managed to start in district 1 which lied closest to the gates of the newly formed Seireitei. He would meditate every day and focus on the relationship between himself and his zanpakutou. As the weeks turns into months and the months into years, Xion had begun to learn more and more about his blade little by little. He learned that Ongakuouja had a strong propensity toward slaying the beasts. Xion also made note of his blade’s enjoyment in playing music not just for him but in general. After several years and having finally made his way to rukongai district 31, his blade had begun to talk about something called “Materialization”.

Ongakuouja had begun to come to this world when conversing with Xion. Xion could also feel the bond between the golden angel and himself was becoming stronger and stronger by the day. After much talk and rhetoric between the two, Ongakuouja came to Xion asking if he desired to learn the truest nature of her personality. Xion responded with a resounding yes and the blade requested that Xion best her in a competition of physical prowess. It took Xion over a year before he was able to defeat her in armed combat. Upon finally defeating her, she explained to Xion the true love and compassion she held for him and noted to the shinigami that he too would now how “golden wings” of his own. Xion had come a long, Xion had learned his Bankai.

After learning his Bankai, Xion continued his migration through the districts of Rukongai. Word had been sent for him to return by his master, to which Xion wrote down his then current location of district 63 for his remembrance. Upon arriving back in Seireitei, he was informed of the war that was going on and the fact the beasts were then given the name Hollows. Xion took this name immediately and upon displaying his bankai to his mentor was given a leadership position of a designated set of shinigami who were charged with the task of slaying as many hollows as they could find. At first the work was easy but as time and war raged on the missions would in turn get harder and harder.

As the years progressed the Shinigami had come to learn of many techniques and skills. Xion’s master had bestowed upon him the knowledge of many kido as well as the high speed movement technique known as Shyunpo. These tools are in part that which turned the tide of the war into the favor of the King’s forces. It also appeared that his master had gathered other shinigami who had mastered the Bankai and gave them leadership positions as well. Originally known as divisions, these divisions systematically restored balance to the soul system and predicated the highest level of honor for the king.

The collective army over time had come to be known as the Gotei 13. The Gotei 13 representing the 13 squads which his master had founded and assigned corresponding duties to. Xion, not only having bankai but also having mastered the art of shyunpo and killing, was charged with the task of leading the second squad. Most of the members within the squad at its formation were known for their speed and tact when dispatching opponents. Several of the members including Xion had also become proficient in the art of assassination which in turn lead the squad to become the calculating assassins the Gotei 13 needed to execute high priority targets who opposed the empowered king.

After the last sword had been sheathed and the initial sortie finished, the king’s totalitarian power had been solidified. Xion after having fought for the king for some time was now rewarded by a short era of peace. During that time his master had founded an academy for which the next generation of Shinigami could be brought up into. Xion was delighted by the existence of the academy so much that he took up a position as the head of the class selection department and became responsible for creating the entrance exam that the academy would use to decide where a shinigami was placed. Many strong shinigami have found their starts at that same academy therefore, Xion’s stead as an instructor was filled with many years of joy and passionate instruction.

After several years within the academia setting, Xion passed on the reigns to the new generation of instructors who came up through the very same academy. He returned back to his old post and after several years pushing papers and sending other shinigami out into the field he noticed a small amount of intolerance and unrest within the shingami ranks. After doing some digging and prodding Xion managed to uncover a massive conspiracy to overthrow the king. Xion as well as a few of his most loyal followers went about systematically slaughtering any who opposed the king.

When peace had once again been restored, Xion had decided to create a special internal punishment force to not only act as a counter measure to any terrorist activity, but to also serve as a form of scare tactic to keep the new recruits in line with the ideals the Gotei 13 were founded upon. This force modeled after the Gotei 13’s squad based structure was given the authority to act outside the normal bounds of the Gotei 13 as an internal based fighting force that could weed out dissenters from the inside. Called the Onmitsukido, this force garnered the same stealthy tactics used by those same Japanese farmers Xion took note of during his time as a patroller.

The onmitsukido had come to be known for not only their swift actions on the battlefield but also for their diplomacy off the battlefield. Many members were not only cunning but also educated by Xion himself in the art of negotiation. Anytime a major internal crisis would happen amongst the shinigami, the Onmitsukido were called in as a non-partisan entity with the Soul Societies best interest at heart when making all decisions. Over the years the Onmitsukido had also developed their own ways of fighting as well as some special techniques taught to the leaders of each division within the Gundaichou. Originally, most ninja within the Onmitsukido were given specialized training and therefore weren’t members of the Gotei 13. However, as  Xion’s special task force had grown in popularity and rapport with the Gotei 13, a transitional program was created for members of the Onmitsukido to become Gotei 13 shinigami and vice versa. This program worked very well with many ninja going on to become valued members within the Gotei 13.

Many crimes within Soul Society were punishable by death. However, for lesser crimes no system had been put in place to help reform those who broke the law. Within this in mind Xion went to work with his third gundaichou to create a special prison. This prison would aid in the reformation as well as rehabilitation of shinigami who have committed lesser severe crimes with the hopes that one day they will be able to rejoin normal society. This prison headed originally by Xion himself and then handed over to the third gundaichou, came to be known as the maggots nest. This prison would serve as the holding cell for many of the deserters and otherwise wrong doers among the shinigami ranks.

With the criminals of Soul Society now being taken care of by the Onmitsukido’s third gundaichou. Xion was left with time to pursue interests of his own. From the previous set of conflicts not that long ago, he wanted to create techniques that could allow for not only the extermination of the initial target but also any witnesses. After many months of careful study and practice, Xion had managed to create a technique that would allow for the user to move at almost Shyunpo levels speeds and have a strength almost comparable to bankai without releasing one’s blade. This technique came to be known as Shunko, for the loud crack of thunder that was heard when the technique first activated and the subsequent flash of light as the person moved.

Shortly after having devised the technique known as Shunko, Xion was charged with the task of finding the strongest Shinigami to lead the 11th squad. After several weeks of testing many of the then current shinigami, those that were strong were already captains. This in turn led Xion to pursue a rumor about a man whose strength rivaled that of a Captain’s yet they were not formally trained to be a shinigami. Xion intrigued by this rumor went into Rukongai to seek out this person. Starting back in the district he left off from he moved forward. After reaching the end, he worked his back down and it was not until he reached Rukongai district 1 just outside the gate that he found this man. Originally the man would not come along yet after a small scuffle in which Xion used Shunko to knock the man through a house. The blow much to the surprise of Xion didn’t hurt the man yet, it did manage to get him to agree to come along.

The man Xion found was known amongst the locals of Rukongai as the Kenpachi. The man’s strength was exceptional indeed and so it was decided that the strongest shinigami outside the captain commander would be given the title Kenpachi as well as leadership of squad 11. Xion took this man under his wing as his first personal apprentice. The relationship between the two blossomed over time and as the man began to be recognized as the true captain of squad 11 the two had become best friends. Even though Xion had lost his first best friend years ago, he felt a strange familiar energy coming from the man. It was so overpowering to him, that often when speaking with his friend he would often see the image of his old childhood friend staring back at him from behind the 11th squad captain.

It did not take long for the other captain’s positions to be filled. With the shinigami ranks fully filled out, Xion felt that it was time for him to begin assisting the science division with their experiments to bring Soul Society into a more modern age. Xion was a part of the team given the task of the analyzing the composition of the human soul through the bounts created in previous experiments. Xion and the other scientists worked tirelessly for many months going over experiment after experiment. After a while they thought their work would be for not. All seemed lost and the project was to be scrapped after deducing that the bounts actually disrupted the soul cycle.

One by one Xion and the other scientists began to exterminate the Bounts. Xion utilized the Onmitsukido to eradicate their very existence from soul society itself. While many of the bounts met there end this way, some shinigami did not support the extermination and worked to help the few remaining bounts get to earth where they could be free from slaughter. Xion worked tirelessly to locate all of these supports of the bount liberation movement, and while some were caught and either imprisoned or killed, many managed to escape the blade of the maggots nest.

Soul Society then went through another slight period of calm. The bounts for the most part were no more, the hollows were kept in line, and the shinigami were flourishing. During this time the Miyamoto clan made the decision to pass on leadership of the clan to the new generation so Xion’s mother could focus on her duties protecting the king. In so, Xion was given full leadership over the Miyamoto clan to which he gladly accepted. The clan at that time had become quite large and had many different members. Xion knew that some of the rigid policies that his mother enforced were outdated and archaic. Just as he promised himself years ago, Xion’s first task was to allow members of the clan to adopt people into the clan if they felt their lives could better the clan as a whole. Through the indoctrination of this rule many lives were not only changed but Xion would find his current pupil via an adoption into the clan.

All seemed well for the shinigami and for Xion in particular until the onmitsukido had begun to hear rumor about a shinigami who when enraged could don a mask like a hollow. Xion immediately took swift action and after locating this Shinigami brought him into custody. After a quick analyzation of the reiatsu composition of the shinigami, it was determined that their reiatsu had been tainted by hollow reiatsu and that they would need to be exterminated incase the disease spread. Without question Xion executed the shinigami by use of a special assassination technique he often used on targets protected by many guards. Xion was hopeful in the outlook that they exterminated the disease before it was able to spread and in so, did not let his personal feelings on the matter cloud his judgment with regret or guilt over the matter.

After the slaying of the infected shinigami, Xion went back to his experiments with the science division. Now that the bounts had been fully analyzed, the scientists were ready to begin work on a project that could help bolster the ranks of the shinigami. Unlike with the bounts, the scientists used the reishi molecules of a plus and not of a shinigami when working and in so, the product rendered would be more controllable with less likely hood of destroying the soul cycle. After many years at work and countless experiments, the scientists had created what are referred to as mod-souls.

Mod-souls were a shining beacon of success from the beginning. They were loyal and effective in the field and could often be put into situations that normal shinigami could not be put into for fear of their death. Thanks to the creation of mod-souls, the shinigami were then able to also focus on combat procedures and implementing proper rules of engagement when dealing with hollows and other hostile forces when out on the battlefield. The only problem witnessed by Xion was the fact that the mod-souls by design would never reach any level of strength then that of a low seated officer and in the cases of harder missions, normal higher seated shinigami would still have to be dispatched to go handle the situation.

For some strange reason, more and more infected shinigami had begun to appear. This was alarming to all the captains at the time, but no one more then Xion himself. He personally dispatched the previous infected shinigami with his own hands and knew there should have been no way any other person could have been infected. This puzzled him and in turn led him to feel guilty for having possibly not slayed the first infected shinigami before they spread their foul disease to other shinigami. Xion then took to the task of personally destroying the infected shinigami.

For the process of exterminating the infected, Xion instituted a rule that if an infected shinigami were to be found, then they were contain them in the deepest part of the maggots nest until Xion could go and personally see to their slaughter. This phenomena appeared to happen once every fifty years or so and Xion each and every single time killed them personally. After killing the infected he would then use haien to vaporize their remains so nothing was left for the virus to propagate from. Xion didn’t know where this virus was coming from and in turn worked alongside the science division to attempt to locate the source; this was much to Xion’s dismay, to no avail.

Several years went by in the blink of an eye. Xion had become very comfortable with his squad and with the way of life he was leading at that time. After some time, Xion’s actions had earned him a position amongst the ranks of the finest Shinigami. Xion had been promoted to squad 0. Xion loved his time in Squad 0 yet after 1000 years he grew to miss the Shinigami. After much deliberation he chose to step down from his position in squad 0 and become the second Captain Commander of the Shinigami upon the retirement of his former mentor from the position.
Now, many years have passed since he became Captain Commander. In that time he has seen many Shinigami come and go and even managed to slay the former Primera themself.
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