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 On The Hunt

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PostSubject: On The Hunt   Fri Apr 18, 2014 3:24 pm

The arrow was set loose, the resounding boom of thunder echoing throughout the alley ways. Almost at the exact moment of release, the nearly ivory haired Dutchman vanished; completely out of his preys sight. One flash of green, a second, and a third. His Hirenkyaku allowed him to move in quick, rapid bursts from one building to the next, his steps so light they landed without sound. At each landing point, he loosed another arrow until he had managed to fire from five different locations from all around his target. He could see the look of fear plastered on the Shinigami recruits face. He could nearly taste the sweat that beaded upon his forehead and within his palms as he grasped his powerless sword.

The spray of crimson, and splat of liquid thicker than water brought a grin to the Netherlanders face; an expression rarely shown.

As silently as before, he landed within the alley; his tattered shirt doing little to hide his impeccable torso. His stride was wide, his gait large. His muscles rippled as silently as his foot steps, his sleek form making him appear as a lazy jungle cat approaching its dying prey. He stopped before the near motionless body, tip of his booted foot kicking the head aside; causing the Shinigami's fading eyes to widen in pain. He bent at the knees, hands eagerly searching for something within the strange clothing it wore. It. He couldn't see the being as a gender; none of them truly held any sort of significant existence so why waste time with placing them with a gender?

The smirk upon his face vanished as his hands had stopped moving. They had found what he was in search of. His teeth clenched shut, grinding against one another in annoyance. He bit back a swear as his hands retreated from the black robes, revealing sleek black flip phone with a gaping hole through the mass of it. " Worthless. " He dropped the phone without a care; even the weight of the small phone felt like a ton under the heaving chest of the Shinigami. " Do you know what happens when a Spirit is killed? " He questioned in his monotone voice; that voice which was void of all emotion. As he listened to the blood gurgling, he removed a pack of cigarettes as to light one. " Nothing. " He waved the match from side to side, putting the flame out before it had a chance to grow further down the paper stick. " Absolutely nothing happens. You cease to exist. Your wretched... " As he spoke he dropped the smoldering hot coal of the match upon the Shinigami's forehead, watching the muscles below contort in pain. " Miserable existence comes to an end. It's a blessing, truly. You ruin the balance of things. Human, Hollow, Shinigami. Why need there be three? " His booted foot rose once more, planting upon the individuals chin as he pivoted the head upon its tip. " Human is enough. We don't need the likes of you; for anything. " His decidedly Dutch accent bore a glint of anger and hatred as he ennuciated the word anything. " Just accept death when it comes. I don't want to hunt you down for failing. " He kicked off from the mans chin, hearing the sickening crack of bone and deathbed wail.

How he hated them. All of them.
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On The Hunt

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