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 Reconciliation of the Past [Private; Gabriel Zeil; CLOSED]

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Gabriel Zeil

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PostSubject: Re: Reconciliation of the Past [Private; Gabriel Zeil; CLOSED]   Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:11 pm

Gabriel's grin would fall to a smile, but not out of any negative feelings. This was the smile of pride, of respect, and most of all, the smile of a man who had finally broken the shackles restraining him. Although he could feel the power and damage that could be done by the massive attacks, he had already coated himself in reiatsu to lessen the damage to himself. Although there were a few cuts on his chest and legs, the coating with held most of the destructive force from his body.

Putting his zanpakuto in it's sheathe, Gabriel would pour just a bit more into his cero, his smile holding as he put his hands in the pockets of his pants. There was no need for them to continue, they had made their point to all of Los Nochas and far beyond. He would actually bow for Fera, his smile growing ever so slightly as he felt the power from their attacks reach a point near detonation. His words would speak forth even after he vanished with a Sonido to his palace, where he might feel the shock even from there.
"I am glad to call you my ally, Fera, the Segunda Espada..."

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PostSubject: Re: Reconciliation of the Past [Private; Gabriel Zeil; CLOSED]   Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:27 pm

When the last bit of active Reiatsu vanished, Fera's body moved forward as if a gigantic force had just been lifted from him. Taking a few steps and falling into the sand, onto his knees, he refused to tend to his wounds immediately. The pain was a good one. It was a fight not even the Blue Moon War was able to offer him. Magnificent. Huffing, resting his fist in the sand, he could feel blood starting to drip from his wounds. His right arm starting to bleed oceans as Fera let his tense body relax, there was a sense of complete satisfaction that strangely enough coexisted with his desire to surpass the heights he had just witnessed. His fangs showing, Fera turned his head, moving his ears around. The low-frequency boom left behind by the still rippling dimensional tear was clear, soothing, calming. It was just overpowered by Zeil's almost silent voice. It was a new feeling that Fera felt. Reminiscent of the past, yet completely new. He had the feeling that he did not need to speak to Zeil. He was usually a very talkative one when out of battle. And despite the fact that the atmosphere of war had not settled, Fera's gut told him that there were no more words needed towards this man. Simply lowering his head a bit, whilst still growling as the Primera walked past him, the day would come to an end. Fera would walk back to Las Noches into his chambers and let everyone he passed by see the wounds he carried around with a prideful chest.



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Reconciliation of the Past [Private; Gabriel Zeil; CLOSED]

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