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 Carlotta Bankai Training: Lust [PRIVATE - CLOSED]

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Carlotta Alflatt

Carlotta Alflatt

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PostSubject: Carlotta Bankai Training: Lust [PRIVATE - CLOSED]   Tue Apr 15, 2014 2:57 pm

(OOC: This training thread is a personal continuation of this thread http://bleacheoe.forumotion.com/t466-training-leads-to-fun-closed)

Just as Carlotta had drifted off to sleep, she was expecting happy dreams. But, like always, she was proven wrong. The minute she closed her eyes, she felt the sensation that she was falling. She opened her eyes to see that she was falling into her inner world, the hellish post-apocalyptic city scape that housed her insanity, as well as her other side, her zanpakuto spirit, Shikko.

She quickly righted her body before she landed on the ground. Surprisingly, Shikko was nowhere to be found. The streets were empty, well, as empty as streets littered with bloodied cars, rubble, and all kinds of trash could be. She started to walk around and call for him.

Mature Content:

He would slam his weapon down, erasing the visage of Kago from view. "But what I did to her is not important. What is, is what you did. Come. Follow me." Shikko would turn around and start to head towards the center of the city, the place that Carlotta had only seen once.

In the center of her hellish inner world, there lie a giant crater that stretched 5 miles across. In the center of this crater was a giant iron maiden, locked with 7 locks with some kind of lettering engraved in each lock. "W-W-Why are you taking me here S-S-S-Shikko?" Carlotta was scared. Shikko always scared her. He wouldn't speak and would just continue to walk them over to the iron maiden. More specifically he brought her over to one of the locks which had deteriorated to the point of almost being non existent.

"This is what I wanted you to see. You have done well to figure out how to unlock your bankai. However, this is just the first step." His voice held a hint of pride within, a rare treat since Shikko usually spoke in his rough and gravelly voice. "Now...BEGONE!" With that he would slam his hammer back down, ejecting Carlotta out of her inner world and back into the bed she currently shared with her lover Kamiko.

She awoke with her body covered in a new layer of sweat. She always woke up sweaty after a session in her inner world. Outside she could hear birds chirping and soft, early morning light creeping in through the windows. She looked down to her lover and smiled a little. It was just Shikko using one of his tricks. Of course Kamiko wasn't in Carlotta's inner world. The smile on Carlotta's face was quickly wiped away as she slowly started to drift back to sleep, cuddling up against her lover. It was too early to be up.


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Carlotta Bankai Training: Lust [PRIVATE - CLOSED]

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