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 The Kaguya Zanpakuto

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Jojo Kaguya

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Jojo Kaguya

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PostSubject: The Kaguya Zanpakuto   Fri Mar 01, 2013 10:18 pm

General information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Azami [Thistle]

Family: Plant


Inner World: image

Appearance: A spirit named Azami who is a goddess looking being. The clothing on Azami is that of vines and their leaves that cover up the breast of Azami minimally, while trailing up from her gut to then spread into two directions two and a half inches from her naval where the two small vines go to her back where they will then ravel together and join her leg vines at the base of her tail bone. The vines are green as are the tattoos that run out and away from the edges of her eyes as they spread down her cheekbones in swirling ink paths that end up connecting to the base of her neck to the back. Her legs turn green and can spread into twenty completely different vines. Each vine is green and they all have a slick texture about themselves. The vines can combine to become an exquisite fable of legs that can change color to the person's will. Therefore, if Azami wills it her legs can be grey, white, green, black, etc. The spirit is ideally six feet tall though with the vines as they are it is hard to tell as at most times she is at level height with Jojo.

Personality: Azami herself is a brutal and unforgiving teacher. She will do what it takes to push Jojo until she breaks under the pressure. Her intentions originally meant for the teaching the ways of assassination but when Jojo starts to have nightmares of her past, she must harden on Jojo with a freezing and unforgiving attitude no matter what it takes. This reflects by Azami instantaneously going to Jojo’s dream world then intruding in to get her to think of training instead of the nightmare. Azami hates it when her mistress is like this, so confused with nightmares, that she will do what it takes to bring her out of the night of dreams and into the ice world of the Zanpakuto. Kind at times, unforgiving in others, Azami only wishes for the best for the girl she is put together with in the world of Shinigami and their swords.

Soul Connection: The actual appearance of this soul is the very same as her arrancar ressureccion when Jojo was an arrancar. She has no memories of being an actual arrancar so she can not make the connection, where as the soul herself knows full well the past and this is the connection that is made.

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Appearance: The sealed form of Jojo’s Zanpakuto is that of a souba katana. This katana is sheathed in a black sheath with a red ribbon acts as a sash that wraps around Jojo’s body allowing it to be positioned on her back. The sword attached is kept nicely but the most abnormal of it is the way her Zanpakuto’s hilt is shaded and shaped. With a completely white clothed hilt that extends to two golden blades the hilt guard is shaped like a rapier’s from the medieval era. The blade is a Souba Katana which means it has two katana edges extending parallel to each other with half an inch in between the blades while both face the same direction. The blade’s length is fifty-seven inches in length and the hilt is seven inches in length to be held on hand or double handed. The blade edge is very sharp. The sword looks worn as though it has seen many battles while the scabbard, rather its camouflage is that it becomes a jade shard necklace. This Zanpakuto is about eight pounds total.

Type: Souba Katana

camouflage: Jade Shard necklace


release phrase: Burūmu: Shisuru [Bloom: Azami]

Appearance: The released form of such a fine blade are five thousand seeds that fly about and around Jojo. These seeds all are able to cut much like a blade as they act very much like thistles. There is no blade attached to the hilt anymore as Jojo has relinquished it upon stating her zanpakuto’s name. With that said the hilt merely remains in Jojo’s hands while the seeds themselves follow her hilt’s and hand movements in any way possible. Each seed is an inch in diameter while hundreds of stingers lay about the seeds that each one is valuable to the right cause to where they are able to cut and stab much like any other blade can, however all of them must follow Jojo’s command as an ideal unit.

Ability: The ability of this sword in its released phase is merely the spread of five thousand seeds that all are properly adjustable to being called small blades. These seeds are all able to become a nightmare to one not prepared for battle. The seeds follow the commands given by Jojo without dull recourse as they actively fly about within a range of six hundred meters. They cannot go past that range while also they seem to not enter the one meter radius around Jojo while in all ideal circumstances they may enter in upon command however it is ideal that they do not due to the harm they can bring to their wielder.


Name: Shielding Might
Description: The seeds converge around Jojo and whoever she is with and as they converge, each will emit a reiatsu signature and the signature will block attacks of equal power to the user at the time of use. For every preparation time the power is stacked. One preparation and the defense is one rank stronger, two preparation and the defense is two ranks stronger and so on and so forth.
Preparation Time: Optional - Read Description
Duration: 3 max at any given time.
Cooldown: 2

Name: Bombard Haven
Description: The seed will each blow up, each explosion releasing a reiatsu draining pollen that can easily be avoided though it can not tell friend from foe it can not harm the user. This bombardment covers a radius of ten meters around the initial point of attack. The pollen drains reiatsu at a steady rate depending on how long one is in there. Starting at five percent and increasing by a doubler effect where for every post you are in there it doubles. Five becomes ten, ten becomes twenty and so on. For every rank higher than the user the percent is halved.
Preparation Time: n/a
Duration: Instant - Pollen goes away after four posts
Cooldown: 2

Name: Vineyard's Grave
Description: The seeds can plant themselves and grow a forest of vines, each one able to trample someone/something to death, however this is unlikely and so they are only used as a diversion. However if they are to plant themselves on an ally the ally will be healed of all minor wounds, critical wounds will be halved, though still critical unless one third of all seeds Jojo has at her disposal drop into the body, then the critical becomes completely healed. However if this technique is to touch someone unfriendly they will be slowly drained of their reiatsu at the same rate as Bombard Haven for up to three posts. The seeds can do one more thing where they can all hit the ground and become separate vine blades able to be pulled up and used as spears/swords by Jojo. To utilize this technique Jojo must stab her hilt into the ground and wait one post.
Preparation Time: 1
Duration: 5 max
Cooldown: 5

Name: Rooted Sleight
Description: In all capabilities of the blade of seeds known as Azami, Jojo may use this blade to stab into her thigh, the blade being made out of her seeds during the release as it woudl shutter and woudl then in staple into her blood work system of the healing process. Nonfatal wounds will be healed instantaneously to the stab aside from the stab wound, as well as this the very feel of the prognosis of the fatal wounds take a post extra to heal while poisons, depending on their strengths of fatal or nonfatal will follow the same as the wound prognosis. May be used on others aside from just Jojo.
Preparation Time: N/A
Duration: In Description
Cooldown: May only be used in one post.

Bankai : WIP-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Release Phrase: Eden no Azami

Act of Activation: Stabbing the blade end of the bladeless hilt into her heart.

Appearance: In bankai, all the seeds or a white reiatsu film covers Jojo as if to make her into the meat of a seed. With that as it is Jojo brings out and fleshes the form of an entirely different spectrum as her body becomes covered in vines that covers minimally while creating a web work all of a different spectrum. The vines are thin and green and cover the body of Jojo while the weapon itself does the rest of the work. Her hair becomes all enticed into different braids as well while keeping full effect of all other consistencies. Upon activation three great red wood trees appear surrounding Jojo from behind, left and right. These shower down seeds from the top of the branches and down, de-materializing, to their very roots. These seeds area all the same as in shikai, only now the multitude of them are numerous times more than in Shikai, making the amount countless in nature.

Character Change: In a manner of other things, her appearance liken to that of her zanpakuto’s spirit while her personality goes cold. She will regard most with a sign of convicted resentment, she does not socialize much with those she knows. There are no exceptions to this as she regards all beings as a potential target and those performing hostile actions will in full swing become that which she will purge if necessary, blood thirsty and cold are the changes to her persona.

Ability: The seeds retain their performance with added speeds that help that of her own mind while these are the speed in tenfold to that of her Shikai. These seeds all turn a grey color from their original green and keep it together as they now can be manipulated by hands, hilt, and eye contact for full performance. The safe range spectrum around Jojo remains the same but so do the dangers. The more they cut at something the more a stinging sensation fills much like how someone would grip an actual thistle as well. These blades, they can now progressively perform themselves to even release a spore through the air. It is a healing agent for allies and enemies alike however to those that are not shinigami (meaning viazard, fullbringers, quincy, hollow, etc), this spore takes twice as long to heal than it does for shinigami. One post being for minor wounds and three for criticial, poisons are considered as minor if non-fatal and critical if fatal (if you are not a shinigami then it is double the base number). This spore must be breathed in.


Name: Hell’s Bombardment
Description: Following the same mechanics as Bombard Haven in Jojo’s Shikai form, she performs this with the same mechanics where the doubler effect doubles the percentage drain for every post that passes. However this technique is many times more powerful. The percentage drains start at ten, each one draining from ten to twenty to forty percent and so on and so forth. These percentages are much more however the remaining left over in an opponent cannot be lower than ten percent as this technique is not meant to kill but rather to prohibit opponents. The pollen provided still cannot discern friend from foe while still not harming the user. The radius of the bombardment is like before, being ten meters. This pollen is a contact type pollen, so it does not need to be breathed in.
Preparation Time: n/a
Duration: Instant - Pollen goes away after four posts
Cooldown: 2

Name: Greenhouse Effect
Description: The might and strength of this technique are equal to which she prepares the technique. At starting level all seeds she has can burrow into the ground, birthing gigantic vineyard trees, each one creating a vine jungle similar to the inner world of the zanpakuto Azami. The technique creates trees but truthfully these are transporters for the falling pollen that can drain twice as much as any other technique in Jojo's arsenal. Draining half of the opponent's reiatsu at the cost of healing all wounds per post. The opponent would go from 100% to 50% to 25% to 12.5% to 6.25% etc. The opponent would never truly lose all their reiatsu however they would grow too weak to truly perform anything out of the lack of reiatsu while being completely healed. This pollen is also a contact type pollen, so it does not need to be breathed in.
Preparation Time: 0 - 4
Duration: 4
Cooldown: once per thread, unless preparation of 4 posts are used, then a cooldown of 4 may be used.

Name: Pasture of Eden
Description: The pasture of eden allows all of the seeds to become rows of trees surrounding herself and the opponent, these rows create oak trees, each one luminescent to having glowing grey leaves and stale brown bark. Though the mere multitude may appear quite menacing and completely out of control, it is actually used to appear as a more stable and more refined version of offensive strikes. Though she can summon the blades anywhere, she primarily summons them to her palm, creating a single sword akin to the sealed style of her zanpakuto. It only takes a few strikes of a pasture of eden blade to wear out an opponent of equal rank, refer to the listings below, and not to mention very few know of this technique due to Jojo rarely using it. This skill traps her in a closed space with her opponent, allowing room for manoeuvrability however escape appears to be futile, while in all actuality it is merely quite painful. The pain being that of equivelent to a well balanced cero from an adjuncha class hollow (Approx. Lv 88 Hadou) due to having to breake through the tree line. Each blade is of equal level allowing for the stricken unawareness to seem more pressing as it is more refined than the unmarketable bankai.
  • 4 strikes for equal rank
  • -1 strike for every rank lower
  • +1 strike for every rank higher

Preparation: N/A
Duration: 8
Cooldown: Can be performed only once per thread

Name: Bridge of Eden
Description: The Bridge of Eden allows for all the seeds of Jojo's bankai to converge into a single blade, glowing purple with the mere glow of the seeds combining power. By condensing the blade itself, this allows the shear strength of the sword to climb to new heights, mainly by drastically increasing the cutting ability. The hilt is that of a regular katana, however taking the idea of a souba katana, and then perverting it to where the blades become actual limbs of a tree make the blade appear less deadly than it truly is. However, the limbs of the tree are intertwined like two snakes along a pole. While this technique is activated, all the vines along Jojo's body glow a purple hue and her spiritual pressure sky rockets to intensifying levels to where those of her own rank would statically recoil from the surprising amounts of pressure, those a rank lower than Jojo can significantly find themselves unable to move at all. With a single blow of the sword, most find their bodies completely agitated, their zanpakuto normally in shambles and if they have not been able to use an appropriate defence the shear power of the blade can "potentially" kill a person. Whether or not this blade can perform consecutive hits is unknown.
Preparation: N/a
Duration: One confirmed hit
Cooldown: Can be performed only once per thread, and per every OOC 2 weeks.

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PostSubject: Re: The Kaguya Zanpakuto   Fri Mar 01, 2013 10:49 pm

Approved, Enjoy your zanny-ban (Doesn't mean its banned.)
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The Kaguya Zanpakuto

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