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 Remembrance [Ask to join]

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PostSubject: Remembrance [Ask to join]   Remembrance [Ask to join] Icon_minitimeFri Apr 11, 2014 12:07 am

A hundred and one years had passed and it still only felt like yesterday. Dameon had left the others behind and was heading the gates now at a casual pace having made up for lost time. This was the day a hundred and one years ago that his beloved Allison had been murdered right before his eyes. It was something he never could forget no matter how hard to he tried to move on. They had been married over two hundred years and never once had their love wavered. It was the one day out of the year he put his ring back on his finger and the first time he had done so as a captain. It felt odd that he had become a captain, the very thing that had taken her life. His normal demeanor as a wise and emotionless leader faltered as his eyes bended to show his sorrow. He would try to mask and hide it with fake smiles and carefully chosen words, but those that knew him would know it was a façade. Still it was beyond his control, three hundred and sixty four days of the year he held his emotions in check and only on one day would he let it come crashing out.

The gate opened for him and he left continuing out of it at his normal pace. He didn’t have to go too far outside the gates to make it to the town he had spent centuries in. Allison and him had built it up from scratch establishing a community without crime and people that loved and cared for one another. They would all watch him and his loyalty to her every year that he came to visit her. It was like clockwork every year and they knew it. Those from the village would leave their flowers and return to their homes knowing that her husband would arrive to pay respects. A few minutes of walking and he had arrived the flowers lying around a large tree that had been planted in her honor of all that she had done for the town. The flowers laid around the tree like a blanket comforting the tree with only one open slit where one could walk up to pay respects. A plaque lay engraved on the ground with her name on it along with ‘beloved wife and true friend of the people’.

Nobody knew but Dameon that he constantly honored her memory. Dameon like any other had a last name but a fond memory of his beloved kept him from using it. Even on her memorial plaque there was no last name. When they were engaged and they discussed last name changes Allison mentioned not changing anything out of fear of ruining something good. Dameon found it silly but her logic was ‘In a time of nobility last names brought people down and established those that believed they were better than someone else,’ her solution to this was for them to not use their last names ever again. Dameon kept this promise he had made to her and even after her passing made sure her last name was hidden. As a captain and having tenure as a prodigy of a shinigami he had been offered nobility plenty of times, each time he turned it down for their beliefs. He approached the large tree and the plaque as the others in the village became quiet and went inside. Dameon read the plaque and kneeled down on both of his knees took out a perfectly cut white lily and placed it right in front of the plaque.

“I brought you your favorite flower again, it seems like they are getting harder to find without you growing them,” he said softly as he cleared his throat and his eyes became weaker and slowly filled with water.

“It’s getting harder every year. I have no idea what to do any more. I finally got revenge for your death and nothing feels any better. I know you’d scold me for having done what I have done to get this far…but I…I’m not the man I was when you were here,” he said as tears poured from his eyes no matter how hard he tried to hold them back.

“I am just hoping with all the bad I have done to accomplish my goal that I can start to make a difference. I want to change this place into one of peace and equality like you wanted. I just don’t know where to start. You would know…you always did. I love you baby and I miss you so much. Please watch over me and see all the good I will do in the years to come. I will join you in time baby but keep me safe until then,” he said as tears continued to pour from his eyes. He took a few seconds to calmly breathe in and out before he wiped away the tears on the shoulder of his haori. He kissed his fingers softly and touched them to the plaque before standing up. Breathing in and out slowly to regain his composure that he needed to have when going back to Seireitei.
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Remembrance [Ask to join]

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