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 Joseff Johnson (FIN)

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Joseff Johnson

Joseff Johnson

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PostSubject: Joseff Johnson (FIN)   Joseff Johnson (FIN) Icon_minitimeThu Apr 10, 2014 4:50 am


Name:Joseff Johnson

Oso Grande
Hambrón Superior
Princess, either by itself or in front of any of the above names.
(He hates his nicknames. Only someone who didn't know him or wanted to aggravate him would call him these.)

Age: 143

Visual Age: 17

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Pale Blue

Hollow Hole Location: Middle of chest

Affiliation: Las Noches

Rank: Decimo Espada

Aspect of Death: Wrath


Joseff Johnson (FIN) Raitoindeepthought
Joseff’s appearance isn’t particularly remarkable. He has short brown hair and matching brown eyes. While he isn’t short, standing at 5’10, he is still dwarfed by many of the arrancar within Las Noches. With a youthful face and a lightly muscled build, he isn’t the most visually intimidating Espada either. Much to his chagrin, not even a lone hair will grow on his face. His mask fragment covers his forehead and two spikes run from the back of this crest through half of his hair. Many have referred to his mask fragment as a tiara. There are only small differences that distinguish his outfit from other arrancar outfits. He wears a tight sleeveless shirt that reveals a thin ring of skin between the shirt and his obi and an open white longcoat over this. Covered by his shirt, his hollow hole rests in between his shoulder blades. Likewise, his #10 tattoo between his left shoulder and his neck is also covered by his shirt.

Personality: Joseff is very vengeful and has a short temper. He has learned to choose his battles, but he is still willing to fight outside of his own weight class. Anyone who has witnessed him fight knows of his signature battle cry: "Ra". It's a habit he picked up as an Adjuchas. He is also energetic, hating to have down time. The exception to this is when enjoying his sole vice: apples. Joseff has strong views and is very stubborn. He does not believe in attacking unprovoked. He hates those who act very smug or obnoxious. He also condemns theft and lechery. He is noticeably more lenient towards women and will even refuse to fight them. He doesn't prefer to hang around other arrancar or even Las Noches. He regularly goes on trips to the Human World despite the risk even when he has a fresh supply of apples.





Joseff Johnson
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PostSubject: Re: Joseff Johnson (FIN)   Joseff Johnson (FIN) Icon_minitimeSat Apr 19, 2014 9:28 am

Granted. 3,500.
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Joseff Johnson (FIN)

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