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 Vaaine Guildenn [wip]

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PostSubject: Vaaine Guildenn [wip]   Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:38 pm

Graphics:LatinDoge Original BG(s):CPKallday of PlatinumHearts

Song:Voices Artist(s):Crown the Empire

Content By:Vaaine Word Count:N/A

Template By:LatinDoge


Seven-Hundred Eighty-Two

Visual Age:
Late Teens




Learn of his qualities

Reiatsu Color:

Similarly to many other Elementally-affiliated beings, as opposed to a definite colour, Vaaine's reiatsu takes on the characteristics of lightning; however, generally his reiatsu shines a vibrant light blue, similar to most Quincy, with a white outlining glow to it.


Vaaine has adhered to a number of names, most of which were given unto him by others. One of his most recent titles refer to his electromagnetic abilities is "Blitzking", a pun cleverly devised in regards to a german plan created in a past war among humans nearly a hundred years back一in which Vaaine participated. Furthermore, it references his abilities directly, as "Blitz" is German for "lightning".

A name he has been called in the past was "Bloodlust's Denizen", which he reluctantly donned after his return from Antarctica, a land infested with Hollows. He had in fact resided in Antarctica for 30 years, the longevity of him dwelling there no doubt attributed by his extremist personality. The name refers to him living in a land in which hollows would certainly attempt to consume him day after day, year after year. The fact that he returned一and much more powerful than ever, one might note一would define the primary word "Bloodlust" in this title, as his successful journey implied the killing of innumerable hollows.

Quincy Epithet: Vaaine rank is at first a seemingly modest letter: X. X, being one of the last letters, is also one used rarely in a majority of words. In a way, Vaaine's style of battle as well as personality references a sort of "rarity"; battle-wise, it would be rarer for Vaaine to go into Vollstandig. In a way, his pride partially attributes, though the man fails to naturally be too immodest in general.

Personality-wise, his direct input into several situations without being asked一or concerning him一is a rarity. Vaaine is a generally quiet person, though seemingly menacing, and a classic villain一at first.

One of the main references to rarity of both X and the Blitzking is Vaaine's appearance. A number of physical traits appear in the man's visage, all which possess qualities standing out from a majority of people in general, regardless of race.

A final tribute to the correlation between X, its rarity, and Vaaine himself, is his usage in battle as a sort of finale. Vaaine is rarely used by the Emperor in light-hearted situations. Vaaine's usage is a rare occurrence in itself, and he is usually the last-resort type of character, chosen at the end to complete a task that others have failed to accomplish.

The last aspect of the letter 'X' that corresponds with the "Bloodlust Denizen" is its placement in the alphabet: the 24th letter. In the Greek alphabet, the 24th and final letter is "Omega", popularly known as "the last" or "the end"; this is precisely what Vaaine is. He is considered Omega in terms of a mission, as in the last person to be sent for a mission, and the end of the mission's longevity. His appearance generally means what he was sent to do, will be done.

Gaze Upon the Lightning King

Vaaine's appearance strays far from his true age. Despite living more than half of a millennium, he retains a youthful appearance, somewhere between 17 and 21一the younger ages being chosen primarily. His features are made up of an odd number of qualities, most of which are rarely seen in anybody一quite a bit of these features can be noticed immediately, and others might take a bit more time.

One of the more subtle qualities is his skin tone. Vaaine possesses Nordic Ancestry, so it's no doubt his skin would be quite pale, but his own seems to go beyond that. In fact, if it weren't for the entirety of his body having an even skin-tone, one might go so far as to say he looked unhealthy.

Speaking of unhealthy, such is often said about his proportions. Despite standing at a towering 6'4 ft, his height proving superiority to a number of people, but not by much, the frame of his body is thin, and his limbs and waist match up一his weight further reflects his skinny body-shape at a low 120lbs. Do note that Vaaine isn't anorexic or anything, but rather, he simply possesses a relatively high metabolism. If one were to remove his clothing, his thin shape would further prove his skinny body as his ribs are easily visible, along with his collar bone and a number of other skeletal pieces.

His hair is another item which seems to differ from the majority of most all populous. Its colour stands out as a plain white, accompanied by nearly shoulder-length. Its silky feeling drops over his face, the bangs swaying in front of him indiscriminately and rather long, reaching over his chin sometimes. The majority of the strands flow downward in bunched-up locks of hair.

In contrast to his white hair are a pair of vibrant red eyes, in which some people claim to believe that they glow. Whether or not this is true一as Vaaine himself doesn't really know, considering he looks through them as opposed to at them一its bloody crimson hue certainly stands out from the rest of his pale-coloured features.

The clothing choice of Vaaine flares outward on occasion. His favored jacket matches his own body quite well, having a furry lining around the hood, its base colours beings gray and white. Between the hood and his neck is a collar, devised most probably for fashion and convenience, depending on what purpose collars present一really though, besides looking proper and the style of it, what are the purposes of collars?

Underneath his collar is a black band that stretches around Vaaine's neck. Looking subtle, the real reason for wearing such a punk-rock sort of accessory is out of necessity; while most Quincies wear there crosses as necklaces, Vaaine would rather have it tightly fastened around his neck, and without an actual cross. Vaaine has developed his skills so that he no longer depends on his Cross, but the comfort of nostalgia keeps him from putting it away.


Know his Humanity

Fade into his past


Birth of a Demon

1262, a boy was born to a small family within a Germanic Tribe, west of the Prussian Kingdom. The boy was to be out-casted almost immediately, his vibrant scarlet eyes and pale white hair deeming his "cursed", or even a "demon". Upon the imminent abandoning, the village of this tribe was suddenly terrorized by fearsome monsters. Some people attempted to fight the monsters, to no avail; others failed to even perceive these beasts.

The creatures overran the tribesman, causing them to flee their resting grounds. The infant was left alone, his parents failing to take him with them. It was only himself and these "beasts". The fleeing tribe stopped in their tracks, as behind them an initial spark, followed by an intense explosion occurred where their homes were. Upon return, they would find nothing but the burnt ground and a baby boy, making not even the slightest sound.

The people were frozen in place. Most couldn't comprehend what had happened, but what was clear and apparent was that the child was alone, not a single monster in-sight.

"Demon!" A man cried out, shocked and frozen in fear. In their own language, he had proclaimed the child to be a demon, explaining how it survived; only a demon can kill another demon.

The tribesman attempted to kill the child, before it could sprout into a full-fledged human killing machine. Their efforts were futile. The child was unharmed with everything they threw at it; spears would be repelled, a sword's blade would transfer electricity to the person wielding it, effectively killing them. No matter what they attempted, they failed to even touch the child.

As the people left, determined to never return, the boy was yet again lonesome; as throughout his whole lifespan so far would dictate normal, he hadn't even made a peep.

A Name

A day had passed before a hunter from a different tribe had arrived at what was once the resting grounds of an entire populous, though small in number. What he had found was a single infant, simply sitting atop a charred ground, staring directly at him with a gazing pair of red eyes. The man was at first taken aback from its appearance, but his thoughts quickly transitioned to questioning what a bare baby was doing here.

The man arrived at his own tribes resting grounds, accompanied by a child with plain white hair and a pale skin-tone. Naturally, he was interrogated in regards to the infant he had brought with him, but after explaining briefly what he had seen, the man was brought before the tribal elder in regards to whether he would be allowed to keep the child or not.

The man stood before the elder, the child being carried in his arms. In asking the elder for permission to adopt the child, the reply was one that would affect the entirety of the tribe here-forth.

"This child. I can feel it. His power, his potential; I can not even fathom the heights this one will reach. He holds greater strength than anyone else in this tribe, in ten-fold at lowest."

The end result presented a new member of the tribe. The man had given the child a name; this name would be known throughout the ages, their letters carved into the stone tablets that presented the world's great legends; this name would soon be spoken in fear and reverence: Vaaine Guildenn.


Vaaine was raised within the confines of the tribe's resting grounds, which tend to be relocated on occasion. he was frequently visited by a number of people, including those of high positions within the tribe, such as the elder. He was both told and aware of his capabilities, and discovered that he wasn't the only one with such talents in his tribe. There were a number of other people with extraordinary talents, though none such as his own. Vaaine was told that he was special, far more powerful than anyone else with special abilities, even the adults一all at a mere age of five, no less.

His life was one not of comfort, but rather arduous trials in which he would have to surpass一this would occur all throughout his lifetime, and his childhood years were some of the hardest. Him being told he was special made him proud, but Vaaine was a quiet boy in nature. His lack of sociability would bid no aid when he was bullied by other children, some out of jealousy and their own lack of special treatment such as his, others out of curiosity for what he would do in reply. It was no secret that Vaaine had possessed powers far more potent than his fellow tribesman. His reluctance to use it however一despite posing no real problem in his own or other people's lifestyles一would bore much curiosity in others; however, a time where he would have no choice but to use these powers would soon come, whether he liked it or not.

A day came, much like any other; children were picking on him, showing off their abilities in front of him, as if taunting Vaaine like he had no powers himself. They were soon knocked off their high horse when a large hole in the sky appeared.

The select few within the tribes who possessed powers potent enough to manifest in not only spiritual eye-sight, but tangible abilities, were generally tasked with fending off the creatures that would frequently attack. These beings would even take the offensive and hunt for the creatures.

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PostSubject: Re: Vaaine Guildenn [wip]   Thu May 01, 2014 8:17 pm

This application has gone over 1 week without a reply or edit. If you are keeping this character, please respond saying you are still working on the application. Failure to post a reply within 3 days will result in the deletion of this topic and the rank associated with this character revoked.
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PostSubject: Re: Vaaine Guildenn [wip]   Fri May 02, 2014 12:44 pm

Still workin' on 'im. Just taking a little bit of time, since I've doing a LOT of RP stuff lately everywhere; he should be completed by next weekend


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Vaaine Guildenn [wip]

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