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 Quinn Kylan

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Quinn Kylan


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PostSubject: Quinn Kylan   Sat Apr 05, 2014 12:32 am


Name:(What is your name?) Quinn Kylan

Alias: (What names does your quincy go by?) Traitor(By other quncys.) Quinn, Ky, the missing one(by the few quincys that don't know about the killing of her Kin in her history.) The deceiver(Due to the eye trick and the amount of hair styles she has) The Vow-breaker.  

Age:(Tell us the age of your Quincy, they can only live to be a 1000 years of age at the most) 130

Visual Age: (what age does your quincy look?) 18 or so.

Gender:(Male, Female, Transgender, Other? O-o) Female

Reiatsu Color: (any color or mix of two colors. no rainbows please.) Blue, and black.

Affiliation: (Are you a rouge or a member of The Vandenreich) Lt level

Rank: (Rank within The Vandenreich. If rogue;Captain Class, Lieutenant Class, Officer Class) Lt level

Quincy Epithet:(if you are a Stern Ritter please give us the Letter given to you and what it stands for and how it describes you in battle. Blank if rogue or other.) Rouge


Appearance:(Give us a description of how you dress and look, a picture may be added to better help you.)

She stands at around 5'8  and 99 pounds. She's light, as she tends not to focus on muscles, as much as staying thin. It's a rather bad habit of hers. She also has C breasts, but... with those down, let's move on with more details.

Her normal skin is kind of smooth, although, not as smooth as most. Her skin is also not scarred, which is surpirsing considering her history. I know what you're thinking.

Her face itself is considered amazing looking by some, ugly by others. She has somewhat smoother skin, compared to the rest of her body. She has a small scar on her cheek from something that happened during her history.  Her nose is normal sized, not small or big compared to others. Her eyes are ones that might memorize some. They are a blue, just like her reitsu, although it's not from her reitsu. It's her natural eye color. Her ears... are elf ears. Yep, they're pointed just like elf ears. This is unique to her as far as she knows.

Her hair is blonde. It's blonde and long, measuring at about 2 feet down into her back. Since it's this long, it's often put into two ponytails held by two red ribbons which measure about '4 each. Her hair is thin, and is in an excess which is not good for battle.

This next paragraph is on how she often wears her hair. She has many styles in which she wears it, which is why this paragraph is being written. One of the ways, is her 2 pony tails as stated above, but she has... many ways she does her hair. One of which are actually using a ribbon, and tying it around her stomach so that her hair is tight to her back, so it doesn't get cut. Another is that she makes a really large pony tail rather then 2 pony tails. Another way she wears her hair, is she puts it in front of her shoulders rather then behind like it normally is. One way she rarely wears it in public, is when she wears the front of her hair over her eyes, and just let the back go down. She wears it like this when going to sleep, or in her private quarters when on break. I could go on, but this is getting long as is.

She has a trick though. She uses a few... touches to around her eyes with her fingers, and depending on where she touches she can change it to a wide variety of colors. The colors range from blue to red to green to black. It all depends on where she touches. She learned this trick from a friend. That's all about this trick. She can do this trick to anybody, even males.

Her legs are rather built, but not overly large. She trains them to be fast, not exactly strong. This doesn't mean that they aren't strong, but it means they aren't giant legs. Her thighs and calves are around the same size , and don't bulk out her legs an insane amount which is good. That is all on her legs, although, I should add that she has a weak spot on the back of her right calf. If you hit her there, her entire left leg buckles. Actually, if you touch her there, her left leg will buckle. This is due to something in her history.

Her clothes... she tends to wear a black vest over a white tank-top. She wears these as she can keep the red ribbon she has, which is a roll she tends to hold on to, and anything else she needs. She also tends to wear blue jeans. Unless training, in which she wears just the tank top, and a pair of tight pants. She, on rare occasions, wears the coat that she wore the day she left. It has... sentimental that come with it. She wears different things depending on the occasion.

Personality:(Give a description on how your character acts, remember everyone is not perfect.)

To quickly summarize her personality, she could be thought of as hard-headed and a stubborn person. This doesn't mean much as it's her upfront personality, and isn't what she truly is. Now onto her real personality(s).

Around Quincys, she tends to act innocent. Some quincys know what she did, some others don't. It makes her life easier when she.... 'sneaks' into the Vanderich. When she's inside of the Vanderich, She acts snarky when she gets next to people who know her and what she did. She also, when not acting innocent or Snarky, she acts as though she knows nothing and she's the lowest of low Quincy. While fighting Quincy, she attacks with a new ferocity nobody knows that she has, considering that she hates Quincy.

She also acts different around Shinigami. She doesn't hate them, she doesn't like them. She hasn't seen too many in her time, as she spent little time in the SS, for the year or so she stayed there. She tends not to stay in one place without reason, and other things. The idea to be friends with one is quite foreign to her, which is surprisingly rare considering that she should have met tons of squad 13(I think) members.

When around normal humans, she pretends to be normal. She's gotten good at it. She can fool most who don't notice her Reitsu, unless they see her weapon holder. She, in normal peoples opinions, seems hot-headed and unagreeable. Which is funny, since that's what she goes for. Her main issue with normal people, is that they are often afraid of death, rather than staring it in the face and saying, 'Not Today, Death my old friend.'  

She has a unique relationship with death. You'd think that she has a side on it, but she really doesn't. She's not afraid of death, yet, she knows death is one of the most powerful forces known to any of the race. In her words, 'Death can take anyones life, or un-life. It's not to be trifled with, be you the most powerful being that has life, or the weakest, Death is not to be toyed with. You are a fool or insane to test death and its power.' Then there's her being unafraid of Death, and he told the ultimante force this one day, 'I'm no longer afraid of you, you might be powerful, yet, you are kind.. kind and evil. Tell me this death, why do you wait? Why don't you just sweep the world and kill us all? I know why, you are no fool.' She could be called a fool herself, but she doesn't dare trifle with Death.

This isn't her only relationship that she shares. She shares one with life as well. She asks life a different question then she asks death, 'Life, why are you so cruel, you could make us all unkillable, yet you make us mortal. Tell me why. If you can’t tell me why, then answer this, do you fight an endless battle with Death? If so, is that why you don’t grant us endless life, you’re too busy fighting Death itself?’

Bounts… she doesn’t hate them, even though most of her race does. She doesn’t LIKE them, but she doesn’t hate them. They’ve been unable to really earn her respect, as they eat souls to keep living. She thinks they’re scared of death, rather then looking it in the face. Even though she’s sure they’ve faced Death once or twice, she still thinks that they shouldn’t like as long as they have.

She has her... what would be a good word for it? Her partnership? Maybe. Lover? Maybe. Who knows? It could be either at the end of the day. Her other person, Vex Hraesvelgr, is often the one who has her back. The best way to describe their relationship is with this song, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yE1hISsMso). They have each others backs, and will kick the others ass if the other did something wrong. Hell, the two could fight and be fighting an enemy at the same time. They're usually understanding of each other though.

In other words, she can be an actor, she can be a total ass, she can be anything she wants.


History:(Tell us about your character and his/hers rise to power as well as the events that went on in their life until now. Plot history required.)

She was born to two Quincys, making her a pure blood Quincy. This didn't really matter, as for her first 15 years her power didn't really show. Her parents knew it was bound to show up at some point, and they didn't want their daughter to have the life they did. They didn't like the Quincy life, and from the 15 years that they saw her grow up, they knew she wouldn't as well. They decided as parents, to seal her Quincy powers.

Her parents names were Lysandra and Louis. They had grown up doing the Quincy work, and it was really all they knew. They had a few connections, and had some money in their pockets that they could spend. They took this money to a scientist in the Vanderich, and they got two items that would lock her power.

A cross, and a wrist watch. Her bow was stored in her wrist watch, and her Reshi absorbsion was sealed in the wrist watch. They gave both as a gift to her, as soon as they made contact with her, they sealed her powers in each respective item.

Skip ahead to when she's 70, but still looks like she could be in college/Senior in high-school. She still had the cross and watch, she had cherished them. They were timeless relics to her. Her parents left her when she was 25~ to live a life of her own. She had been alone for around 40-50 years, and knew her way well. Then... IT happened. Something she doesn't like to remember.

She went to a high-school Gymnastics class, but on the way there, she was grabbed by two of the Seniors, mind you she was a 'senior' herself. The two girls were Yuko and Yashi. They would throw her in the locker room, and lock the room.

Yuko, the bigger of the girls, would push Quinn against the locker. She would then say, "You make all of US. Me and her are here to make you learn a lesson." Yashi could be heard opening a locker. Yuko would continue to harass her, untill Yashi came out with a roll of duct tape. These two had an idea that would, in their minds, stop her from coming to the school from fear. Yuko would tighten her grip, as she heard Yashi walk up.

"Yashi, what should we do with her?" Yuko would say in her surprisingly in the middle of the range voice.

"Dunno..." She'd say, then think, "I think I know exactly what to do, lay her on the bench in the middle of the lockers of mine and yours." Yuko would lift Quinn up, and carry her there, as Yashi would follow. Then Yashi would tell her, "Lay her back first, and make her stay like that." Yuko would do exactly as said, and would hold Quinns arms down, so that they bent down to the point where she couldn't get up if she tried." (Like, when you stretch really far, except her arms being held there.)

Yashi would move at a ok speed, and sit down. Quinns back was directly on the bench, so, Yashis next action was easy. Yashi would wrap 5 layers around Quinns gut to the Bench, securing her there. She had Yuko keep hold of her wrists. Her ankles didn't worry her. Quinn wasn't yelling for help, because she knew none was around. Class was started, and the locker rooms locked.

She was informed at the start why they we're doing this as well. It didn't scare her, it had happened before, but that was the only time it slightly scared her. She watched as Yashi looked about in her locker for things, and Quinn would remark, "This should be better planned, you know that. I mean, sure, you got the brawn in Yuko, but where's the brains?"

Yashi would turn around, and with a swift grab of the tape, glare at Quinn. She would then put the lead of the tape on Quinns cheek, and wrap it around her head and hair 5 times to shut her up. It worked well enough, that Quinn decided to shut up that is. She would break both the cross and then Watch, and give Quinn her basic powers. This ended as a gal named Kurishani Sali entered the locker room. Kurishani Sali was a Quincy, and came in because of the sudden increase in spiritual pressure. Kurishani quickly shooed the two girls away, Yuko with force. She cut out Quinn, take the tape off of her mouth/head, and got straight to the point.

"Look. I know your a Quincy. Just admit it." Kuri would say.

"Q-Quincy? What the hell is a Quincy?" Quinn would ask.

"As if you don't know!" Kuri would say, unaware that Quinn actually didn't know.

"What are they?" Quinn would ask, serious about this question.

"Are you serious? You don't know what you are?" Kuri would ask.

"I'm serious! What the hell is a Quincy?" Quinn would, rather loudly, ask.

After about 30 minutes of explaining, in detail about the Quincy and Vanderiech. Quinn decided it'd be worth it to go. She knew a ton anyway.

The two took the time to plan and go to Germany, to go to the actual head-quarters of the Vanderich. Quinn would enter it, and be given a Quincy bangle. She would be then guided to her Dorm. She questioned wiether or not the Quincy cross was really worth it. She didn't know at this time that for her, it wasn't needed.

Skip a few years, about 3-4. She gets her cross stolen in the middle of training, by a rival quincy. She'd turn and attempt to form her two Pistols. Most couldn't, but when she tried, it happened. She would fire a single bullet, aimed at the mans back. The bullet would hit spot on, and then man would fall. They looked at Quinn. Most quincy who trained for a 100 years couldn't do that, yet, she did it with ease. They'd take her to a private training room, and tell her to do it again. She did it again, and fired again. They knew she had more potential then most.

This private training would continue till she was around 80. Next, we skip to one day at lunch were she heard something she wasn't supposed to. Two lads were talking behind her.

"Hey. You think we could take him, the Emperor I mean." One of the boys said.

"Yeah. We could set traps and all. At least there's no-on-" They turned around to see Quinn.

"You heard this all." The boy who was talking first said.

"Yep." Quinn would say. The boys had names, Jayce and Shen. (League references ftw?)

Jayce would then say, "We can't even risk you knowing. You gotta die." Jayce would jump forward, and Quinn would roll over her table, and bring out her pistols.

"I'm sorry? Are you planning to kill me or kidnap me?" Quinn would ask, knowing the answer.

"We're gonna kill you. Later." Shen would say, sighing.

The two would run off. Then, we skip to when she was 90.

The two challenged her. She had no choice but to accept. She would simply walk to the arena when she was supposed to. Now onto the actual fight.

It would kick off with Shen charging her, and Jayce firing a small volley of arrows. This was annoying to her, having a 2v1 situation. She would summon her two pistols and fire at the Volley 5 times.  The volley was dense, which meant when the bullets hit, the Volley went everywhere. Then, right as the volley getting intercepted distracted Shen, she shot a bullet right past Shens head.

"You two have lost. It wasn't your fault Jayce, Shen was the one who got di-" An arrow was headed straight for her, the bastard had taken advantage of her. She would feel the arrow go through her shoulder.

"I.. guess I shouldn't go easy any longer huh?" She said, gripping her shoulder.

She would then run forward, and with the pain in her arm, fire 10 Arrows at Shen, and then dodge an arrow from, Jayce, and hit Jayce in the leg with an bullet, and then a kick to the jaw. This made Jayce fall back and stay on his back in pain. Shen then nailed her in the back of the head with a kick, quite nearly knocking her out if she hadn't heard him and put her arm up.

She was in danger, Shen was in close, and she couldn't do much against him in close range. She knew she had quite honestly lost at this point. Unless she could manage to get out of Shens range, which was damn near impossible unless she did what she did next.

She fired 3 quick bullets into the ground, which caused dust to fly up. She didn't get out of his range, she fired 1 more shot which caught him in the leg. She then got out of his range, and held her gun towards him until he gave in, she had won that day. Only that day however.

Skip to when shes 100. The incident happened. Shen and Jayce planned on killing her this day. They would move in, towards her room early in the morning before she woke up. They opened the door silently, and snuck in. Shen would swiftly move and get on top of her, planting his hand over her mouth, and lifting her out of bed.

"Look. We said we'd get rid of you. We're doing that right now." Shen would say. She would attempt to smartass back, but the handgag was working well. She was questioning summoning the Quincy bow of hers and attempting to kill the two, she figured it not worth it.

With that, they took her away, Shen was usually the one handling her. Let's account for some adventures they had, shall we?

A year or so after they left, they started trusting her. Wasn't a bad idea either. She helped them hunt in exchange for her life. She could have escaped at any point during this time, but she figured company was better then being lonely. Hell, once they trusted her to a point, they had a tiny bit of fun. They had went boating, of all things, and crashed their boat.

Anyhow, continue till she's 120. They decide she's not worth it anymore. When she wakes up, she sees Jayces bow pointed at her head. She sighs, and with haste, summons 1 of her pistols, and fires it, which hit Jayce into the shoulder, and she started to run. She ran, and she ran. She ran until her pistol disappeared, and fell forward.

She got onto her knee, and looked towards who would later become her partner. She then heard him do a mini-speech.

“You know, I have waited for this moment a long time. I would finally see your death as you made me witness a second death for my father. He fought for what he believed in, and I’m sure you did also. But I don’t care about your motives or why you really wanted to do that to him. I just know this. You must die here before anymore harm comes to people. You don’t deserve to live, not while people are fighting for what is right. You are a murderer. I am fulfilling this duty and will give your corpse to the Vandenreich!” Vex would say, and then fire right after he said the words.

She'd roll to the side, and summon one of her pistols, and fire back at the mans left leg. Vex would dodge it, and aim at her chest, firing repeatedly. She would fire back at the mans bullets, making the bullets collide with hers, even though she was getting tired, as she was tired before it starts. Vex fired the bullets, moving to the right a bit each time. He also fired repeatedly. She would keep returing the bullets, using some more of her energy to keep up with Vex going to the right. Vex would keep moving towards her, almost a jog. He wouldn't stop firing and she would keep up the fire, making sure her bullets hit his. She didn't see if he was planning anything or not, she was running on pure adrenaline.

Vex had went behind a tree. Yet, with her being as tired as she was, didn't notice him move behind a tree to the right of her. She would then summon her second pistol. She was sweating and still on her knee, even then her balance was wavering. Vex would come from trees next to her, and she would look and catch a glimpse of him before he retreated back as fast as he had come out.

"Who are you?" She would ask

Vex would move from behind the tree, and leaned against the tree.  “You know who I am. My name is Vex Hræsvelgr, and you beheaded my father in a church.”

She looked surprised at him. She hadn't visited a church, and she sure as hell hadn't beheaded anyone. What in the hell was this Vex guy talking about?

"What in the fuck are you talking about?" She said this, but then fell to her side, from exhaustion.

Vex would peer out from the side, and then slowly approach her. She was breathing hard, and fighting to stay awake. Her two pistols had dissolved.

"I-" She took a deep breath, "I am Quinn Kylan." She closed her eyes, and then put her hands to the ground, and pushed herself to her knee. She would then stagger up to standing, her legs shaking, and her right leg was a few centimeters in front of her left.

"I'm not dead yet." She would say.

Vex would seemingly eye her. She would make the two pistols come back, and she would stagger forward, not quite in a straight line, and point her right pistol at his head, and her left at his pistol. "Why did you attack me?" She would ask, in a voice that was seemingly full of judgement.

Vex would give a small smile, and raise his pistol to her head as well. “It was a misunderstanding. You aren’t the one I need to kill. And you are not going to kill me, so lower your weapons and I will lower mine. It’s as simple as that. Plus, you aren’t in any condition to be fighting me, now are you?” Vex held the gun perfectly to her head. Her grip shook as he said it.

"You're right, I'm in no condition to fight you, but that doesn't mean I won't." She said, pulling her left gun to be aimed at the mans forehead. "I guess you can say, I don't really trust you yet."

“I am sure you don’t trust me. In fact, I don’t trust you in the slightest. You’re holding two guns to my head, and I am holding one to yours. I am going to offer you two choices. One, you pull the trigger and I will pull mine. We both die. Or you lower your weapons and I promise not to kill you,” Vex would say, and offer.

She would put down her weapons, and manage to stay standing. Vex looked her over, and then said, "So, now that we have agreed to not kill each other, we are practically best friends," She heard him say, with at undertone of sarcasm, "But you still need rest. I will hold my word and will not kill you since you were polite enough to hold your end…Didn’t want it to get messy anyway. But, do you know of a place where we may be able to hide out? Even though I threatened to take your corpse to the Vandenreich, I can’t do that now, can I? You were with these two, so you must have had a place before the Gruesome Twosome,” Vex would finish.

She would laugh, and fall forward, and say, "Sadly, nope. I got kidnapped by those two bimbos a while ago. Been quite a few years."

She would get caught by Vex, and she would look up at Vex, who seemed to be thinking. She would have asked a question, but she passed out before she could, becoming limp in Vexs' arms. They had been fighting outside of Berlin, in which Vex took her to.

When she awoke, she was in a house, on the couch to be exact.  She heard quiet, quite faint, sounds of things being sorted  through. She was wondering what it was, so she summoned a pistol, and went to the door. She looked in and found the man she fought. "Why are you here?"

She saw him glance at her, and heard him say, “You don’t have to be rude to me. You should actually be thanking me on bended knee. I brought you to my humble home, kept my word by not killing you, and allowed you to rest on my couch. And as for what I am doing here, this is my room. You do not have a room. So really, I could ask, why are you still here? You’re alive, you have no reason to be here, so you can just go on your way,”  

She'd sigh, and say, "Like I'd know if you wanted to kidnap me, or allow me to rest!"

Then he'd turn his body towards her, his papers in hand, and become the snarkyest person alive... ever. “Well, I thought it was pretty obvious. A damsel in distress, falling into my arms and not killing me when she had the chance to send two bullets into my skull? I thought it was pretty romantic. You not killing me, me not killing you. A true love story. But, I would like to say you owe me. I did not kill you after all. You owe me your life. So, with your life, I wish you to fight alongside me. You seem capable enough and you’re evidently not built for sneaking around. You have been captured before whereas I have saved you by sneaking around for a while around your campsite. So, join me or leave. The door is right there,”

She would look at the door. Loner or have a companion? She had just met the man, and they both about killed each other the first time they saw each other. It was a hard choice, leave and be alone, possibly going back, or just staying with the dude. He had the looks of a serial killer in her humble opinion. She then said, "Look. I don't really have that much of a choice if I wish not to go insane."

She saw his face turn into that of a... she didn't have words for it, and then heard him say, “Alright, but…listen to me closely. We are not equals. We will work together until we are no longer in need of each other. I am chasing a woman who looks exactly like you, so don’t be surprised if I accidentally blow your head off or shoot a mirror. Mirrors can be pricey so we would be spending money if I ever see you in one. And one other thing; you will either refer to me as Hræsvelgr or Mr. Black. You got it? I will refer to you as ‘Girl I didn’t Kill’ or ‘Quinn’ so you are aware. Got it, Girl I didn’t kill?”

She'd lift the pistol she still held, and aim it right at his head. "We are equals, you got that? You'll call me by Quinn, and I call you Vex. I'm not taking any of your crap, and you better learn not to take mine. We will stand by each other, as we know we are equal in skill. You can't say i'm not, as I could match each shot you shot, as tired and near unconsious I was. Therefore, you may shut up." She wasn't exactly... the happiest person on the planet with Vex.

After hearing him laugh, and it sounding like a mad man,  “It seems I’ve struck a nerve. You see, if you were able to kill me you would’ve done it by now. You’re not going to kill me. You want to keep me alive in fear that you will end up alone, which is why you were about to take me up on my offer. I could do without you for all I care. I have done this on my own and can proceed without you. I saved your life and proceeded to not kill you while you were unconscious. Again, you owe me your life, we are not equals. You may continue the fantasy that we are equals, but we are in no way equals. Now, Girl who I didn’t kill, leave my home or take my offer,”

She would summon her other gun, and point it at his ribs, right under his heart. "You act as though you are superior, yet who's truly the better person? The one who didn't kill, or the one who's truly innocent?" She meant nothing with the sentence really, she was merely testing what he'd think.

“I am not acting as if I am superior, I simply am. I am the better man for holding my word whereas you threaten to go back on yours. I have provided nothing but kindness and an offer whereas you are holding guns to my head in attempts to make things better for one who is simply helpless without someone else by your side. You were working for the two Rogues without a problem and they threatened your life. I simply saved you and am providing you with an opportunity here. In fact, I am not even going to kill you, and you take arms against me when you did no such thing with them until they threatened you? Silly girl. If you’re going to kill me, pull that trigger and be alone knowing you killed the one who had shown you kindness. If you’re not, lower your weapons and either accept my offer or leave.” Vex would say, smile still on his face. She was getting real tired of his crap.

She lowered her weapons, but said, "I'm a perfect equal to you. Plus, I know exactly where to fire, EXACTLY where to injure you, so that you can't move very well.

"I could do the exact same if you believe you are equal to me. I know you think you are equal to me…but in reality, which is where we currently are, you are far beneath me and could serve as a useful tool. But, I will tell you what. If we do somehow manage to become equals,”  Vex would say, then continue, "You may address me as such. But until then, you will be staying on the couch. I, on the other hand, will be taking the master bedroom" Vex would start making his way around her, and towards the master room, "Oh, and until you are on equal ground with me, do well to know your place."

She just sighed, and laid on the bed that was in the room. She knew it was going to be a long... long while if she stayed, which she would.

After their confrontation and acceptance of becoming partners, Vex and Quinn had began cooperating as far as mutual partners would. Helping one another fight off any who would threaten them, gathering intel that would hopefully lead to the woman Vex was chasing, getting food orders wrong, and every now and again clashing heads to get points across. The two would constantly bicker, but that is what people do. For ten years they would continue to do this, and for the future, what would come next? Would Vex ever find the woman? Would he rejoin the Vandenreich at any point in time alongside his female companion? Would Vex ever treat her as an equal? Maybe not, but the future holds many surprises and the two will continue their partnership as long as they could.

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Quinn Kylan

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