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 idea in progress

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PostSubject: idea in progress   Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:38 pm

Song:Monster (Remix) - Artist:UntzBeats
Tags: #Application #IIP #Kururai


Name:Kururai Osamerukami

Alias:The Wicked ; The Serpent ; Lord of Betrayal ; Unholy Thief ; Player of Souls ; Violet Violence ; Scarlet Behemoth (will elaborate)


Visual Age: Late-Teens (will elaborate)

Gender: Unknown (will elaborate)

Reiatsu Color: Purple

Ex-Division:Multiple (2nd, 13th, 12th)

Affiliation: Kyoshinja

Rank: Shingikai Baransu




Cunning - Throughout the entirety of Kururai's longevity, there have been countless people he's successfully deceived. As the first listed, it certainly is his most prominent trait. The majority of events in his life has resulted from his deceitful manner, thus earning him many nicknames, such as "The Serpent"--although that epithet might also be due to his Zanpakuto, and how his Bankai presents three ethereal Dragons, or winged serpents--.

Subtle - His social skills are renown, as he


Carefree -

Serious (explains when he's serious, usually not serious)


Immature (can be mature at ties to, however)






Soul King-
Gabriel Zeil-
Takomoshi Furigami-
Tengen Ichigama-



(I need to read Xion and Vai'el's history first :|)

Arrival of a Prodigy

Part 1 chapter 1: It was such a long time ago, preceding countless events, lives and deaths. In the open blue sky over a broken civilization, wrought with strife and grief, a single child floated over. The soft clouds that splattered the atmosphere all stayed weary of the sun, as it shined over the ruins that were once revered with greatness; and the boy... this child, simply stood there, atop such a height, not a single point of knowledge allowed him to understand why he could do so. Emptiness filled his mind, as blank thoughts wreaked havoc. All he could clearly perceive was a chain that protruded from his chest, falling into nothingness. It appeared broken, as it only extended a few feet downward, exceeding his own height but still stopping. Around him resonated the voices of hunger; beasts stared in his direction, as if a blissful state could simply be grasped in one's hand and swallowed whole.

These beasts, holes placed directly in their chests' with intricate masks donned upon their visage stared upon the child, carefully approaching him. It seemed as if an eternity had passed before their ascent towards his direction had completed. In an instant, several of the beasts swiftfully lunged towards him with overwhelming speed. The boy simply stood there, not wary of the situation. Neither fear nor triumph had ran through, as his emotion seemed to be lost in a wide array of darkness.

a young boy died and became a wandering soul after death. Saw Shinigami battle hollows, as
the hollows were attracted to him. Talked with shinigami, follows them along. they're reluctant to take him, but his reiatsu attracted more hollows than the average soul. Though rude and unmannered, it made the job of finding hollows easier, as they came.

Part 1 chapter 2: Time was spent with shinigami on this mission. He became fascinated with their abilities and tried to understand the complexity of some of the odd spells they used. continues following them throughout the duration of the mission (as this way they can take him up to Soul Society along with them).

Part 1 Chapter 3: at one point a hollow got close enough to attack the boy. The shinigami tried to save him, adversely regretting their decision to let him stay with them. Boy, out of fear, puts up his hands and says similar words as the other shinigami. Boy unintentionally casted a kido and killed the hollow.

Part 1 chapter 4: the shinigami marveled at the learning curve the boy possessed. While continuing the mission, some would stay near him and talk about the shinigami and what they do. Others talked to him about the kido spells, trying to see if he could learn any more.

Part 1 final chapter: after they complete this mission, they enter Soul society. He continues to stay with the shinigami, even following the group to a favorite spot of theirs to hang out. Eventually, one of the shinigami decide to adopt him.

Christening of a Genius

Part 2 chapter 1: boy hangs out with shinigami parent and other shinigami frequently. These shinigami are lower level; nothing on a noble level. average peons, per se. Anyways, boy hangs out and learns about shinigami. They train him. He learns incredibly fast and enjoys laerning from them.

Part 2 chapter 2: boy trains continuously, catching up to the other shinigami. becomes acquainted with other people, besides just the shinigami he learned from.

Part 2 chapter 3: eventually, boy catches up to his father. he duels in swordsmanship, kido and hakudo, beating his father in all three. Father asks if his boy wants to become a shinigami. well... course he does!

Part 2 chapter 4: afther takes boy to see the Soul King. Father says that the boy would be a great addition, already surpassing a shinigami only a dozen or so years after learning the arts. Boy, before the Soul King, pleads to beocme a shinigami. Boy is given a test.

Part 2 Chapter 5: since the boy supposedly beat his father, who's already a shinigami, at a relatively young age, boy must come back in a few years and beat a number of other shinigami, all who are at a level higher than his father.

Part 2 Chapter 6: boy trains mroe and more, harder than ever before, and comes back a few years later to receive his test. The boy surpasses not only these shinigami, but the expectations of everyone else by a wide
margin. He subdues all of his opponents, one after the other, almost purely through speed and precise kido. Boy literally doesn't even touch his opponents.

Part 2 final chapter: boy is deemed worthy of becoming an official shinigami. Boy goes through all the customs and whatnot to join.blah blah more detail into how it goes (gotta find that out first :|)

Level Up

Part 3 Chapter 1: Couple years go by, boy does good work and strengthens and grows in power and mind immensely. As he is about to go on a mission, he hears a voice.

Part 3 Chapter 2: Throughout the mission, the voice pops up here and there a bunch of time. after boy finishes the mission with his teammates, he tells them about the voice. They laugh at him and tell him he'll be fine, it's a part of growing up as a shinigami (boy is rather young for a shinigami, both in appearance and real age, so most of his teammates on these missions are older than him in appearance and by a couple hundred years or so)

Part 3 Chapter 3: as the weeks go by, the voice pops up more and more. Boy even hold conversations with the voice, though he fears he's going crazy. His father reassures him that it's nothing to worry about. Voice starts conversation sometimes, but never introduces itself. Boy doesn't think it's important that the voice didn't introduce itself because it's in his mind, so he believes its name isn't something that would exist.

part 3 Chapter 4: Eventually, the boy went on a solo mission. Going into the human world, he had gone to eradicate the beasts in a location terrorized by them. On the way there, boy converses with the voice. voice says that going there alone is a bad idea. boy ignored the voice cause it's a freaking voice.

Part 3 Chapter 5: finally arriving, a few beasts present themselves. boy kills them off extremely quickly and easily. suddenly, a horde of beasts come after him, and a huge pointy nosed beast joins the attack. fending off the beasts, the huge one begins consuming the beasts itself. A large beam is shot at the boy. longstory short the voice tells him its name. Boy disregards it because its a voice, but boy gets cornered. the voice insists the boy calls upon the voices name.

Part 3 chapter 6: boy calls upon the voice. In turn, his blade glows. From his blade, another is created, glowing turquoise. The boy calls upon its power, and in turn, the voice responds and grants him the needed power. The giant beast is defeated.

Part 3 final chapter: boy comes back. tells father about how the voice had a name and granted him poewr. His father explains that it was called a "shikai". father marvels at the second blade, and tells the boy that dual swords are a rarity amongst shinigami

Meeting a Master and his Upgrade

Part 4 Chapter 1: boy is called upon his father. Father says that now that the boy has attained a shikai, some formal training might be in order. 'course, boy argues that the father can train him; father argues that the boy has surpassed his father in every way imaginable.

Part 4 chapter 2: boy searches for the person who can train him. Turns out the person is a legendary shinigami: Tsuren Horen. Boy tells Shinigami that his father said he can train him. Tsuren refuses. Boy inquires why, to no avail. Boy goes back and tells his father Tsuren refused. Father tells him to keep on asking and present to him something which would make the boy seem worthy of being taught.

Part 4 Chapter 3: Boy does so. every time he asks Tsuren to teach him, he brings with him a new move, greater and more powerful than the last. Each time, Tsuren refuses. eventually, Boy gets angry that Tsuren would refuse each time, despite the boy thinking he was worthy.

Part 4 Chapter 4: Boy vents to the voice within him, apparently called the Zanpakuto's spirit, which is his blade. The voice says that it can give the boy an unimaginably more powerful ability, far surpassing any he can possibly do.

Part 4 Chapter 5: Boy desires the power the voice has told him. In doing so, the voice says that the boy must strengthen his control of his powers to intense lengths. Boy does so, constantly training for 4 years. The boy no longer goes to the master within this time frame.

Part 4 Chapter 6: eventually, the voice says the boy has had enough training. The voice manifests itself, and tells the boy that if he can beat it, the voice will grant the boy the power. The boy and voice battle for 14 days straight, his control and manifestation of the voice never wavering.

Part 4 Final chapter: The boy reports to the master that he has something that will surely make the master see him as worthy. He approaches the master and calls out "bankai". Three dragons manifest around the boy, each different in shape. The Master agrees.

Hueco Mundo

Part 5 Chapter 1: The master opens the senkaimon. Tells the boy to go through it. there he will meet the beasts that he usually combats, but stronger and more plentiful. In three years time, the senkaimon will open again for the boy to go through. If the boy misses the senkaimon, he will forever remain there.

Part 5 Chapter 2: The boy goes through the senkaimon. As usual, he has to run before the protector within it gets to him. When he reaches the other side, the Senkaimon closes. He finds himself in a forest with giant beasts with large noses on their masks.

Part 5 Chapter 3: Three years later, the senkaimon opens again. The boy cuts through the beasts like they were butter, casually walking through the forest filled with the giants with ease. When he arrives at the scene of the senkaimon, he is confronted by what seems to be a beast, but its size was far smaller, despite the sheer power
emanating from it being far larger than the bigger beasts. While fighting it, he realised the surroundings were similar to his inner world. After fighting the small beast and barely defeating it, he awoke back in the Forest of Menos, the Senkaimon Gone

Part 5 Chapter 4: he can hear another voice, different from the one before. it explains what just happened; apparently, the boy fainted right before reaching the senkaimon. In his inner world, he fought what would be called a "hollow", which are the same beasts he had been constantly fighting. As it would appear, he had what was called a "vizard" strain, contracted from another Shinigami in Soul Society, unknown to him. The vizard strain within him developed, and eventually the hollow within was formed. Long story short, nigguh was trapped

Part 5 Chapter 5: He is forced to stay within the Forest of Menos for 200 years longer. he develops over-whelming strength and new techiques, one of which is expanding space within folds if his own reiryoku, in which he can store numerous objects and even hide himself within it. Furthermore, he had developed numerous items as well, one of which he would later call the "Keikaigi", a product that ties together two realms, thus allowing travel through dimensions; this is the same object that allows the boy to escape the Forest of Menos.

Part 5 Final Chapter: Boy finally comes back to Soul Society without a Senkaimon. He returns before the master, a whole new level of control over his reiryoku--including control over his inner-hollows reiryoku, and the ability to supress it. Doing so will weaken the overall state of the boy's reiatsu, but the new proportions of it still seem immense. He hides the hollow's changing reiatsu due to shinigami aiming to fight these beasts, despite the boy having to withhold one.

Forming of the Gotei and Kido Corps

Part 6 chapter 1: several more years passed as Kururai would complete missions with relative ease. During this lifetime, the apprentice of the Master Kururai once desired to be trained by approached him. The power this apprentice withheld was far from simply an apprentices level, but he was still indeed trained by a true master. The approach was in regards to Kururai being chosen to lead a group of Shinigami. Kururai, finding interest in this accepted

Part 6 Chapter 2: as the years passed by, the group Kururai had led began to be known as the Fifth Division, as Kururai was the fifth person to be approached to be a leader. The total amount of groups numbered 13.

Part 6 Chapter 3: Several hundreds of years passed as Kururai withheld the position of Captain. Eventually, he decided to expand the Gotei when Horen ascended from the ranks of the gotei and into a new division: The Royal Guard. The creation of the Royal Guard inspired Kururai to create his own new branch: The Kido Corps.

Part 6 final Chapter: shortly after the creation of the kido corps (couple hundred years or so), Kururai resigned from his position of Captain of the Fifth. He started his own Royal Family, adopting several children he thought to have shown promise. As the years passed, his family expanded, turning into a large and renown family: one of the Five Noble Clans.

Age Strikes

Part 7 Chapter 1: Kururai's longevity surpassed many others, his father having soon died during the establishment of Kururai's own family. This hit the man hard, and depression struck. Eventually, Kururai worried about his own life, and what he has accomplished and experienced. He began to grow less mature and curious of the realms around him.

Part 7 Chapter 2: As his life progressed, Kururai began performing things far out of the norm, and quite far from what he should do. For one, during the events of the purge, Kururai had aided several

"Let me tell you something, Vai'el. I made my name here in Soul Society. I forged it, as if it were a piece of hot metal from the embers of Triumph and Tragedy. That place flows through my veins like my very blood. So, to answer to your invitation: Yes; I won't leave the Gotei for a group of Tainted Shinigami--except yours. In which case, I'll be joining you."

一 Kururai Osamerukami

Original Background By:[THEFROST] and CPKallday of PlatinumHearts


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PostSubject: Re: idea in progress   Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:59 pm

Nice good start, just gotta expound on things
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idea in progress

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