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 Darsha Ai Sovereign (Finished.)

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Darsha Ai Sovereign

Darsha Ai Sovereign

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Darsha Ai Sovereign (Finished.) Empty
PostSubject: Darsha Ai Sovereign (Finished.)   Darsha Ai Sovereign (Finished.) Icon_minitimeThu Apr 03, 2014 5:03 pm


Name:Darsha Ai Sovereign

Alias: The WildChild


Visual Age: 12

Gender: Male

Reiatsu Color: Orange and black

Hollow Hole Location:waist

Affiliation: Espada

Rank: Octova

Aspect of Death: Pride


Appearance:Darsha is arrancar who's hair is orange, and who's skin is tanned. He stands about Five foot Two Inches and is covered in cloth giving no physical sight of his body as far as another seeing him goes. Within the cloth his hands, forearms, and elbows are wrapped in some cloth his body under the cloth is dressed in the normal white coat with long slacked pants. He has on his feet some slippers to which he takes delight in wiggling his toes in.

His fragment is rather unique, rather than having a fragment of a broken off piece of his mask he was able to retain the full mask itself to which is placed at an angle on the top of his head exposing some of his orange hair. The mask in general is similar to that of a Trojan Helmet, the only uniqueness is that a mask can be pulled down from the helmet similar to that of a roman's helmet. The mask has in total five mouths all with sharply fined teeth. The top of this helmet comes equipped with only four feathers that bare the same white color as the helmet. The eye holes are placed in the mask, but shroud his eyes from everyone. His body type in general is muscular for his age appearance having a well counted amount of muscles to compensate for.

Personality: Darsha is an all out wildchild taking everything he says and does as fun. Nothing is more exciting than everything, and everything is what Darsha is out to achieve just that. Taking a sample out of every bit of life, death, and rebirth is something Darsha wants to experience; and if people have to pass away in this manner then it's something that has to happen. He loves to pester people for no good reason finding it to be a great joke for passing the time. He finds thrill in other peoples anger, and will do nothing more than pester if pestering is all it takes. Darsha also likes 'free rides' so to speak as most will find him sitting on someone's head; or someone's shoulder. He whines alot if something is impossibly boring; or if he just feels like whining to annoy people. He is very much a kid; but as far as his needs go he lives up to wanting to achieve those needs all on his own.

He is a very talkative person too he will talk to any and every one; even the enemy just to have conversation. He is very bold as well not fearing to approach an enemy and poke around at their attire and arsenal with curiosity, amazement, and joy. Darsha has a short attention span as well as he will instantly change the subject if something catches his eye; or just stare off into the distance with wonder in his mind. Darsha is also active and through his activeness he has with him a hyperness too always wanting to move and do stuff. Tired is not in his dictionary as it is keep pushing until death; but Darsha is also very proud and what he does and takes offense when someone intervene's; or hurts him when he is attempting all the feats he wants. He is very prideful over his allies as well certainly taking their backs over others if need be.

Darsha is also witty he loves to plan things out and be a step ahead of others. This makes for more fun to keep him from getting bored or wanting to go do something that is less fun. He can be impatient as well wanting something to happen now and not later. Despite his age he is rather harsh as he will call out someone's flaws quickly without thinking it all the way through. Being sneaky is as well another one of his traits as he likes to run off from peoples sight to do things. Unpredictability is what makes him quite dangerous as he always is doing something no one expects him to do just to get some more fun out of the day. Darsha can be seen as thoughtless as well being more of the jump first ask questions later type of plan which can potentially get him into alot of trouble.


History: Born in year MXIV to British Royalty Darsha was a young lad whose imagination and need to do things constantly was often time lead into danger and excitement. This often lead Darsha back to the quarters of his parents with a thwapping, and a firm talking to; but that never stopped Darsha from repeating the process. Despite his royal status that never stopped Darsha from being wild and making a mockery of his parents. Didn't stop other boys from beating him up either. On his tenth birthday he had been broughten home by the authorities for beating up three boys. As far as the witnesses went they attempted to stop him from going to speak to a woman. In his rage and anger and prideful nature he struck the boys and fought them until they bled profusely.

On his eleventh birthday he fell very ill and was bed ridden. Unable to move; or have the strength to attempt his everyday feats he felt different; but he was still excited. Managing to sit up and do things from his bed was something of an amazement to his parents, the doctor and servant's. He was able to stay strong for a year; and during the end of his year his parents told him that "You will not be able to do all the things you did before." Pride took hold of Darsha's heart, feeling as if this were the ultimate form of punishment, another way to keep him from what he loved to do. He died that very next day; but when he died he did not ascend; but descended; and with a blood curdling roar he landed in a strange land surrounded by deserts. As far as the eye could see there were nothing but deserts..

Darsha of whom was a tad unconcious awoke with a laugh incoherently binded with a roar and began to run rampent towards a spot of forests. It was there that Darsha began his feast continually eating without reason though it was not something he enjoyed doing. Often time Darsha was curious and snuck around to places both forbidden and non. Had his fair share of killings even those of Fellow Arrancar which he unknowingly knew what they were. Much like an animal of the world however..He toyed with his prey.. He let them run, let them think they were safe, even vanished for a bit..But like a reoccuring nightmare he was always right there; and when he was there they were not, this was the first signs of intelligence according to what he was.

When he transformed he found himself curious more than ever to explore. He felt something greater in himself; though undefined, and unannounced he was beckoned to keep feasting. So he did; and amazing his thoughts never changed about what he wanted to do. After a few hundred years of idolly sitting by; and toying with people he stood and placed his hands on the bottom of his mask, and began to push upward. When he removed his mask from his head he took in a deep breath. It was like being born again... Darsha's body changed to it's original form.. Aside from the hole in his waist..He placed the now mask on his head; and began to look around for some cloth's..When all was said and done he placed on himself the cloth which seemed to cover his body.

During his time as an arrancar Darsha constantly circled the deserts, forests, human world to discover all sorts of new things. Though he never stayed for long he always loved to take in the sights and watch from afar at what people were doing. Often just appearing behind them and watching quietly he was fascinated with what he saw, however making blowing up someone; and then making his way half way around the globe was something that he always loved to do to keep people on their toes.

In the Menos forest he was often seen from tree to tree fiddling around with the Hollows that inhabited it. Hide and seek was the name of the game and quite often he was never found. Usually he snuck around to the back of one of them and got a free ride to which his laughing gave him away before hopping away. Darsha was never sorry for what he did to humans, to hollows it was just his nature.

Along the deserts he ran constantly never taking the opportunity to stop; or think about where he was going. To Darsha this was like a roller coaster ride and he was enjoying every up, down, and loop it had to offer. Having never really stopped to meet someone he figured he would never have to deal with the weight of knowing others. He didn't want to either to him people held him back from what he prided himself in doing; and that was being a little shit.

Adventurous and out to explore this brand new world he found himself full of excitement and laughter. Day and night he made his way across the great desert's that seemed endless until he came upon Someone who resembled him..This man told him tha the was unique entirely as he hadn't sealed his ress yet; however sealing it was optional if he ever chose. Darsha looked at the man before change the subject almost instantaneously. This man offered him a spot among the ranks he came to call the Espada. Darsha was only interested in exploring what the world had to offer. The man had no objections. Darsha accepted; and had the number Eight put onto his neck. The only thing left was to explore the world without restraint; or rules. Everything else was still and will still be irrelevant.
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PostSubject: Re: Darsha Ai Sovereign (Finished.)   Darsha Ai Sovereign (Finished.) Icon_minitimeFri Apr 04, 2014 1:24 am

Granted. 3500.
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Darsha Ai Sovereign (Finished.)

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